Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sultan of Johor

"Every PM has made his mistakes." - Tuanku Yem in Give Najib A Chance, Says Sultan Johor, MMO 27 Dec 2015

AsH called from Leicester, enquiring as to why I hadn't been blogging as regularly of late, if I was alright or been struck by brain damage after growing yet another year older. "Tired, Miss Hamid," I told my former teacher. Oh, I sounded like Annie of the Life of Annie fame, I thought, but the truth is everyone who hasn't gone mad ought to be tired of the politics that have dogged the nation and bogged all of us down for the whole of 2015. The message from the Sultan Johor - for the nation to be fair to Najib Razak as they have been with previous Prime Ministers - is, therefore, refreshing for a change. Just what the nation's tired soul and spirit need. Or, rather, just what a tired older blogger needs to put up another posting. 

Tomorrow or next year the Sultan will say something I may totally disagree with, but that's for another day. For now, I am interested in the response of only one man - Dr Mahathir Mohamad - to the Sultan's call. 

Give Najib a chance, says Johor Sultan 
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should get the same chance his predecessors were given to rectify any mistakes, said Johor Sultan Tuanku Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.
He said although the prime minister has come under criticism, it was time that the nation “move on”, although he also stressed that there are still issues that the Najib administration must address and explain. 
“I must say every prime minister has made his mistakes… I know the prime minister has come under much criticism but I say give him a chance. 
“The year has come to an end, and we must move on… there are issues that still need to be tackled, that need to convince the people, that need answers, but I must say they also need closure,” the Sultan said in an interview with the Sunday Star
He also dismissed claims that he was not in favour of Najib, saying that as the Johor Sultan, he does not favour anyone as it was his duty to stay out of politics. 
Claims that the Johor royal house was unhappy with Putrajaya emerged after Najib dismissed his deputy, former Johor mentri besar Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, from the Cabinet in July. 
The two fell out purportedly over the former’s handling of the 1 Malaysia Development Bhd. 
The Johor ruler revealed that Muhyiddin did express his unhappiness when the two met following the latter’s dismissal, but said the meeting was not in anyway political. 
“I listen and keep it to myself. I have also met up with the prime minister and avoid speaking to him about politics. 
“Let the politician handle politics. I am above politics,” he said.  


  1. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Maybe the sultan was talking about that former PM you toppled for some spurious reasons, Pak Lah.

    1. Anonymous12:46 am

      Hahahahaha...good one la anon 10:17!

  2. Anonymous6:46 am

    Well, there are "mistakes" and mistakes.

    Some honest mistakes are made with no malice. Others are far from honest.

    Anything done to save your own backside does not qualify as a "mistake", in any dictionary.

    Take your pick:

    a) The legal cases slapped against critical media and political opponents, while others enjoy immunity;

    b) The sacking of the former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to prevent someone being charged;

    c) The illegal transfer of MACC officials to the PM’s Department and then the re-transfer;

    d) The elevation of the PAC members to the cabinet, delaying PAC investigations;

    e) The purge of dissenting Umno members from the party ranks,

    f) The jailing of whistle-blowers by abusing security laws like s124 and SOSMA;

    g) The removal of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin from his post;

    h) The banning of local publications (causing loss of livelihood to innocent journalists), yet not a shred of evidence that the facts published are false;

    i) The sabotage, arrests and intimidation of BNM, SB, MACC and AGC personnel to disrupt investigations;

    j) The numerous lies that have been floated to the public about the "donation" and 1MDB.

    k) The complete non-delivery and flip-flopping on virtually every promise made in the 2013 BN manifesto.

    Why is it that Dr M should be the "one man' to respond?

    He's merely speaking up for the people.

    30 million of us. (31% Malays and 23% overall approve of Najib, so do the Maths.)

    The rest of us can't speak up, you see - goons, Sedition Act, s.124, SOSMA, PAA, etc etc etc - you know, all those lovely things that mediocre dictators use when they sense the gravy train slipping away. Is RockyBru going to speak up for the rakyat against these abuses? Hmmmm...

    So, thank you, Dr M.

    (Say "thank you" to Dr M, Rocky. Dr M was nice to you too, no? Or have you conveniently forgotten that?)

  3. Anonymous7:24 am

    Rocky I know your tiredness comes from that Haji conscience.

    Go on - return that 'cash is king' payment.

    You will feel a lot more energised with a clear and free conscience.

  4. Anonymous7:25 am

    His son makes a LOT more sense.

  5. Anonymous8:13 am

    Hehehe...siapa dulu yg tarik kekebalan raja-raja Melayu? boleh ulas sikit?

  6. Anonymous9:20 am

    What about people who aren't interested in mahathir or najib but just want to know why the hell the country is falling to pieces?

    I mean, you have Bank Negara trying to prosecute 1MDB twice and the a-g sweeps it under the carpet - TWICE. Are Bank Negara stupid? Or is the a-g there "for a reason", seeing as he came in on 24 hours notice. We ain't dumb lah jibby.

    Where is the 1.83 billion of our public money?

    Who is accountable?

    The botak indian guy says "sorry, spent it", just smiles, and we are just supposed to eat ****?

    Sounds like a bad deal to me.

    Who is accountable?

  7. Anonymous9:37 am

    Please be more specific, Tuanku - WHICH MISTAKE.......????
    * 1MDB..........???
    * Rm2.67 & Rm42 million Money laundering into Najib's account.....???
    * Mismanagement of the economi......??????
    * Implimentation of GST....?????
    * Penghapusan subsidry...............??????
    * OTHERS.....(please state more specific)

  8. Anonymous11:00 am

    Give a chance? To be fair with najib?

    Tell the rakyat dato rocks, how many chance najib need? He even worse than pak lah, worse ever PM we had, the proof? The rakyat is suffering! being oppressed! but najib the stupid, master of blurrrrr on earth do we get such leader by the name of najib?

    His scandal is way back when he was the MB of pahang. So many garbage and rubbish on his shoulder.

    Anyway the sultan is above politics!

  9. Anonymous11:59 am

    I read the interview on that newspaper. As usual, the newspaper is quick to capitalize on issues. They just asked the right questions. It's like feeding chicken to a hungry crocodile, the crocodile would jump at the sight of the chicken.

    For years I have been observing Malays from all walks of life, higher up there, or the bottom ones. When the matter concerns them, they just keep quiet. But if it concerns other people, they make the most noise.

    Same with contracts and approvals, if government approves their application of thousands of housing units and land reclamation, then it is fine and dandy. Fair and square, so they say. If government gives contract to others, then they cry for scrutiny.

  10. Anonymous4:00 pm

    mahathir will say...yea give chance to also 1st timer murderer..rapist..thieves robbers corrupt/bribery...afterall everybody makes mistake yeah...boleh land..semua garu belakang I..I garu belakang you

  11. Anonymous4:36 pm

  12. Anonymous5:10 pm

    hoii rocky

    why don't you pair up with rpk in attacking Tun Dr M

    after all both are in the same list of payroll

  13. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Rocky..why last time you and your gang never give Pak Lah a chance? you trying to lobby everyone to give your boss a chance...can please answer or spin out some kind of

  14. Anonymous8:45 am

    Have to see if the mistake is intentional(cheating) or non intentional.

  15. Anonymous9:59 am

    He is above politics ...also.. a very good and succesful businessman.

  16. Geng Mamak11:49 am

    It should be two including Pak Lah. Why do you seem excited with this one ? Weren't you expecting it during Pak Lah's time ? Oh wait a minute, HRH was not a Sultan yet at that time ..... yeah ?

  17. Capcha12:53 pm

    Tuanku also said nice things about Singapore.

    Now,why did you leave out those remarks?

    Hitting too close to home?

  18. Nobody with the right frame of mind would think that HRH Sultan of Johore would say negative thing about the federal gomen. Much less to a back-stabbing media, own by MCA. Wonder how many MCA members voted for BN, last GE13?

  19. Ok but return the RM2.6 billion to the rakyat first la...

  20. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Now let us talk abut the bidding for the purchase of TRX.

  21. Anonymous7:50 am

    isnt this sultan who change working days from mon-friday to sun - thursday and take out GST so that he will not follow current PM?

  22. We have updated our blog on the Sultan this morning. We have no gripe with any ruler or individual asking that the PM be given a chance. But a chance to do what?

  23. Anonymous11:07 am

    Its good for the Sultan to remind us abt the frailty of human beings and that includes slander and was directed to PM Tun and all of us. Tq dato for the post

    Org muo