Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Confession of a Sarawak Report editor a mighty blow for Clare Brown and her Malaysian marionettes

“The video confession also implicates several Opposition leaders who conspired with Claire Brown and Sarawak Report in the malicious plot.
“This disclosure needs to be fully investigated. ” -  Rahman Dahlan: I've seen video confession of person involved in plot to topple Najib 

The police report on a mission ... 

... A mission to Criminalize  Najib Razak and 1MDB

Evidence of tampering, fabrication and conspiracy by Sarawak Report
Rahman Dahlan::"I've seen video of confession"
Clare Brown, the owner of Sarawak Report, was this close to bringing Malaysia to its knees. When she got Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to seemingly fight side by side with her against the PM of Malaysia, especially, she was seen to be this close, But then Ramadan came and it hasn't been a good month for her. 

First, there was the arrest of Xavier Justo by the Thai police, uncovering a conspiracy of tampered emails and doctored documents to extort a former partner of 1MDB, the main subject of Tun M's wrath used expertly by Clare to discredit PM Najib Razak. 

Then, there was the expose on the clandestine meeting she held in Singapore with her marionettes, who range from Opposition politicians to a tycoon who owns a regional business publication based in Kuala Lumpur. It is just a matter of time before the Thai - or maybe even the Singapore authorities - can confirm that report, which will reinforce the conspiracy theory between Clare/SR and some big and familiar Malaysian names who would benefit - not just politically but financially - if Najib and 1MDB fall. 

And now, a killer blow, surely: a brewing scandal involving her own Editor at the Sarawak Report who's had enough of the lies, fabrication, and conspiracy. The Editor is going public with what he knows and has been witness of. 

I wrote after the arrest of Justo that SR's reputation is in tatters. It seems that it is now hanging by the noose around its owner's exposed neck.


  1. IT.Scheiss11:42 pm

    It would be great if you can provide a link to the original video confession referred to.

  2. Simpai je !

    Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Bathin.

  3. Anonymous2:38 am

    Boss IT.Scheiss ...
    I'm not sure whether this is what you're looking for ... Take note, this is only part1. How many parts are there? Your guess is as good as mine ...

  4. Anonymous6:22 am

    Way to go Lester.

    Ramesh Rao Krishna Naidu - u r my macha lah!

    Ramaloo Naidu

  5. Probably another "wayang"

  6. steadyaku47 comment of the above footage:

    Here are some of the things I recall hearing from the above YouTube clip:

    I said...he said...they said....payment made under my brother-in-law's account not under my job is this and my job is that...everything paid for by BMF....I met Anwar, you meet Anwar, they met there and everywhere....Latino friend.....Clare said this and Clare said that....Tony Pua said this and Tony Pua said that....

    Not one shred of evidence that has been documented and supported by a credible and independent source. to support what he said .......not one iota of information than was substantiated by any believable data or fact. Zilch! Parrots sometimes makes more sense and possibly a monkey randomly playing on a keyboard can come up with more intelligent and believable "data".

    Will you believe me if I tell you that "I know that Najib had an affair in Port Dickson?" If you are a rational person you will not believe me unless I present facts and credible witness to the said incident...and not only one witness but according to some Muftis...FOUR INDEPENDENT WITNESS!

    Money paid into some one's else account? Hell...we are told that the money trail from within 1MDB shows that money was deposited into Najib Razak's account.....and he still denies that he has ever taken money for his personal use! So are we expected to believe that money deposited into this guy's brother in law's account was for him?

    And there is that mention of the "Latino Guy" with Anwar. Why? Is he alluding to the possibility that Anwar was fooling around with that Latino guy in London?

    I will keep my mind open for "further revelations" from this guy...but for now all I have heard are the "you say, I say hearsay" type of comments from someone who has yet to provide evidence that he is who he says he is.

    Come on lah....give me something to work on! And to think that some bloggers are prepared to put this on their blog and call it a credible confession? Huh!

  7. IT.Scheiss10:46 pm

    EV Lee,

    It is the same video which Rocky posted in hs subsequent post.

  8. Check the revelations on Clare Rewcastle's credibility here. Great stuff.

  9. This is a must read. Good stuff where Clare Rewcastle's credibility is torn to shreds. Check it out -