Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lester Melanyi's Confession Part 1

The confession above is NOT a hoax. It's real. Lester Leef anak Albert Melanyi, the Editor of Sarawak Report. has confessed to his sins. He's had enough. And he's telling all.  
The sequel's coming but let's celebrate the Hari Raya first. Here's wishing you, my Dear Readers, Selamat Hari Lebaran, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. 
p.s. The Statutory Declaration on Najib's AmBank account that you got fed with earlier yesterday was a hoax, apparently.


  1. Anonymous2:53 am

    It is only a confession though! If we take this confession as the gospel truth,then we should take the late PI Bala's SD as even holier than the truth.

  2. Anonymous3:58 am

    planned plus sequel, how come you are in the know about all this?

  3. Anonymous4:42 am

    what an idiot! LOL

  4. It.Scheiss5:23 am

    Thanks Bro,

    We must be careful what we read and see on the Internet since it can have been designed to manipulate us to unwittingly serve a political agenda by making us believe that we are serving the interests of our country and our people.

    That said of course, Tun Mahathir has also been seen together with Clair Brown and i find it rather unprincipled of him to be associating with parties which he would have most probably distanced himself from a year or so ago and also a party which is believed to be indirectly financed by the likes of George Soros.

    I look forward to the second part of this confession.

    That said of course, is Malaysia completely free of the ill effects of 1MDB, even if these accusations of hanky panky are refuted. I mean, even if it is just a matter of mismanagement and bad decisions, how seriously do the consequences of that still affect us economically?

  5. Anonymous5:44 am

    Dahlan mungkin seorang intelektual dari Sabah yang mempunyai kalibar besar untuk kepimpinan masa depan tetapi jika beliau menyangka bahawa pembersihan 1MDB akan memulihkan imej Najib terutama menerusi video maka itu adalah perhetongan yang salah,keyakinan yang menolak realiti sebenar di akar umbi

    Ini adalah oleh kerana Najib tidak sekadarkan 1MDB tetapi Najib adalah bayang-bayang penghapusan ISA yang menimbulkan berbagai masalah dalam keretakan hubungan kaum sekarang dan kegagalan kawalan keatas media internet.

    Najib adalah flip flop Akta Hasutan, Najib adalah ketidak setabilan ekonomi, Najib adalah kejatuhan ringgit , Najib adalah GST, Najib adalah harga minyak,Najib adalah Lahad Datu, Najib adalah Obama, Najib adalah Rosmah.

  6. Anonymous5:44 am

    Wah you always get the inside scoop bro, you got powerful network lah

  7. lufang5:51 am

    Sikalang susah mau pecaya ,maa aa . Ini hali lain cekap ,lain hali lain cekap lor rr .

  8. Anonymous8:29 am

    He could be paid by Najib himself lahhh.....

  9. Anonymous10:40 am

    Tuan Rocky dah check betul2 ke..?? Bekas editor Sarawak Report atau Sarawak Tribune?? Cara bercakap pun gagap2 tu. Pernah siarkan kartun menghina Allah pulak. Double check please..... Nanti 1 Malaysia Di Bodohkan

  10. Anonymous11:55 am

    Not being rude and all but this guy looks under duress in the video. Maybe he wasn't but he does look really sick the way he blabs on, he is actually incoherent, not in the right state to make such "monumental" piece.

    I don't think he is under influence (eg. drunk tuak excessively) but it looks like he is missing his pills. The way he conducts himself, or rather not, it looks like he is having a schizophrenic episode. Or, at the very least, under severe strain (real or imagined) or is in a depressive state or some kind of mental illness.

    Strange the room cannot be brighter, has the guy a problem with stronger light? Even if one can pick those signs above, poor guy is not in a normal state. I won't be surprised if he is put under the spotlight, he comes apart. Or comes a normal day for him, he recants, points his finger at the very opposite bunch of clowns...

    I won't be triumphalist about what he says, I should be very careful. A decent person would first send him to the doctor, get medication for him. Then he would not ask the poor guy to say anything. But in Malaysia... any old monkey can run the country..!


  12. Anonymous1:55 pm

    I've since read the poor sod's suffered a stroke, have left comment at Newcastle Brown's site. I am taking back 2% of what I wrote but it still stands Melanie is hardly in the state to be in the highly questionable video. Those who made the video ought to know better, it is not unlike what those in PKR did to that private dick fella Balla, hastened him to his other hell! Should have waited for Melanie to be in a less doddering, fidgeting state before attempting to score in such a half-assed manner.Melanie is hardly coherent, half his head is probably not getting oxygen! If the "scoop" hastens Melanie to hell, the clowns using him would be guilty of that. Shame on you sick sinister perverts! Only in Malaysia!

  13. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Ha...ha...ini semua tipula Rocky..go read SR rebuttal...

  14. Hi, commentators, I am waiting for the rest of the video before making a comment but please note as I have watched the video twice that he says in the beginning he is talking that way because he has suffered a mild stroke 3 months ago - which if anyone has had stroke victims in their family (or themselves) can see is the case, so please keep that in mind and focus on the purpoted facts/fiction.

    ZakiahSaffiya, good link

  15. While everyone is talking hot about Sarawak Report, check this out -