Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sarawak Report's reputation in tatters following arrest of rogue Petro Saudi ex employee

Latest: Mr Tan Tuan Tat, (right), a politician formerly with the DAP, is lodging a police report in Serdan against the Edge for alleged defamation against 1MDB (something about publishing fabricated documents, I was made to understand). For the uninitiated, it is not excessive to make police reports in Malaysia. The ongoing 1MDB drama unfolded after one such police report lodged by an Umno branch leader, Khairuddin Abu Hassan last December.

Updated: A couple of reports from Bangkok about Mr Justo's relationship with his former employer Petro Saudi, something about him getting a RM15 million handshake and denying blackmailetc. Many Anonymous comments to this posting - some I've published, many are too emotional to see print even here in this "free" comment box of mine - defending Mr Justo and Sarawak Report, none using his/her real name. Well, it's a free country but please take extremely personal/stupid comments elsewhere, thank you. 
For certain, most of us in the right mind who are following the 1MDB issue won't think that the arrest has vindicated anyone in 1MDB but it does mean that our suspicions of utter malice against the 1MDB and a politically-motivated agenda to unsettle the Malaysian government is not unfounded, after all. PM Najib should push for the Auditor General to finish his report that would assist the PAC to hasten its ongoing information, notwithstaind the significant development in Bangkok. The arrest should help bring out the whole truth. Kan ke berani kerana benar? 

Additional reading on the arrest and what it means, by some familiar names and familiar Anons:

 Melayu Mudah Lupa by Seademon, pen name for Capt Rahmat bin ex-IGP Hanif 

The Agenda of deceit by the blogging ceo Zakhir Mohamad
Of liar, senility dementia and morons!! by Barking Magpie

Original Posting

Rewcastle Brown's deep throat?
The Rakyat Post has details on the sensational arrest of a former Petro Saudi employee who's believed to be behind an attempt to blackmail the company and the source of  Sarawak Report's politically-motivated expose targeted at Malaysia's 1MDB.


Justo had allegedly attempted to blackmail and extort PetroSaudi for as much as 2.5 million Swiss francs (RM10 million) two years. 
The report stated after the blackmail, various emails and documents appeared on a politically-motivated blog Sarawak Report, sparking a wave of allegations against 1MDB. 

It has now been learnt that some of the emails and documents published on the blog were found to be tampered with, bringing into question the veracity of these allegations.

Read the whole TRP's entire article H E R E.

End of the road for Savior Andre Justo and, possibly, the Sarawak Report

Mr Justo's arrest could not have come at a more divine time. Malaysia's Auditor-General has completed an audit on the 1MDB and the country's bipartisan Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is conducting its own investigation after it was called in by Prime Minister Najib Razak himself following weeks of relentless attacks on 1MDB and his Administration by the Opposition, the Sarawak Report (and publications that have pledged allegiance to it) and ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and supporters. 

I have always been suspicious of the Sarawak Report and I've made it public (even before its self-claimed "exclusives" on 1MDB, when it was trying in vain to bring down former Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud; hence, the portal's name). You can read my official view of Clare Rewcastle Brown's portal via my March 2 posting When the Sarawak Report champions the cause for 1MDB, or anything at all for that matter ...

Some politically-motivated people will desperately come to the defence of Sarawak Report. I say, let them. I have a feeling that we (or the Thais, rather) are about to blow their cover with the arrest of the Swiss. 

Hasta la vista baby. In court, that is, Mr Justo (and, hopefully, Ms Brown, too!)

“We are relieved that Mr Justo will now face justice through the courts. We have been the victims of a regrettable crime that has unfortunately been politicised in Malaysia,” a PetroSaudi spokesperson said. 

“We are happy to finally set the record straight and we apologise to the Malaysian people for the harm that one of our unscrupulous ex-employees has caused to them,” he said. 


  1. Anonymous4:49 am

    that is bizarre of you.. why in tatters? the fact that we want to know was there mismanagement of funds that can cause malaysian tax payers to foot the bill? bro untuk rakyat malaysia yg susah kami nak tau lah adakah duit ni semo dicuri dari rakyat malaysia ke apa? dia dapat blackmail coz 1mdb is doing something funny.. seriously it is really hard to vote bn next general election? we want to know where is the money and why are we overpaying for assets and why are we selling our asset cheaply? omg seriously dude worst spin ever

    1. Anonymous7:53 am

      If this Justo guy sees an opportunity to make some money albeit dirty money,fine. We the rakyat are more interested to get the long awaited answers to 1MDB OK? Stop spinning and changing topics. Man I used to look up to you Rocky. Maybe Rocky doesn't suit you anymore

    2. Anonymous8:04 am

      Answers are given if you care to read it and not clouded by your awe of Tun M. There are FAQ and many press releases from 1MDB website and there are FAQs from DSN blog. If that's not enough there are many online defenders on FB (LSS and AA). So there's no reason to say that answers are not given.

      Do not let your dislike/prejudice/hatred/ of someone make you acting unfairly.

    3. Anonymous9:31 am

      Great! But I want to know wtf happened to our 'Units'. Are you paid in 'Units' too, Rocky?

  2. Anonymous5:55 am

    Now it is quite clear the pro najib spinners are trumpeting the fact that E.mails and documents were tampered with and that the allegations against 1MDB by mahathir and those thinking alike are now in how dense were their thoughts...sound like nazri commented on WSJ...pity them.

    The facts were/are:

    1. 1MDB BOUGHT POWER PLANTS HIGHER THAN THEIR VALUE...not denied but unashamedlt declared its future value...what kind of reason is this?

    2. 1MDB HAD OWED RM42 BILLION..what a figure the rakyat has to bear with



    It is a pity that pro najib spinners love fantasy than reality and falsity rather than the truth.....

  3. Anonymous6:09 am

    Saudara Rocky Bru..rakyat bertanya berdasarkan figure yg diberi oleh 1MDB dan Arul Kanda..kenyataan DSN sendiri di Kenapa Insvesment yg besar selama 6 tahun tidak membawa pulangan..sampaikan untuk membayar faedah pun perlu meminta pada Ananda dan menjual aset pada THP. Ini yang rakyat nak tau..kemana perginya cash RM27B? Simple aje dan rasanya tak perlu untuk tunggu audit dan pac..just tunjuk detail figure yg dibelanjakan..logic atau tidak..

  4. Anonymous6:48 am

    This is just like the Wikileaks guy. Just because he had done this wrong does not mean that the letters and emails were inaccurate. The information could be true just like wikileaks. The AG and PAC should still get to the bottom of all those allegations.

  5. Anonymous7:00 am

    Blackmailing your ex-employer is a crime, period. The item you used to do it, is something else Dato'....

  6. Anonymous7:23 am

    Cut the crap rocky. AG will only submit an interim report and PAC plak holiday raya. That IT guy can only extort if there's a lot to hide. Stop trying to spin this. And where's your post on Mara's latest debacle?

  7. Iya lorr..... Because his former employer doing hanky panky business, obviously he can blackmail the latter. If were PSI and 1MDB carry out business accordingly, will he dare to blackmail? I don't think so.... Too many 'secret operative' he knows on PSI and 1MDB.

  8. Anonymous8:31 am

    This justo guy ada treat tabunghaji dan tnb juga kah?

  9. Anonymous8:54 am

    Even if true that he blackmail, what is there to blackmail if there's nothing wrong with 1MBD in the first place? It's not logical.

  10. Anonymous9:18 am

    Kalau tak buat salah, cam mane nak blackmail?

    Kalau saya, saya akan sue je NYT, SR, The Edge dan sebagainya. Jaga maruah. Ni tidak...kalau dah tahu the info has been tampered with more the reason to sue.

    Tak boleh pakai la your reasoning.

  11. Anonymous9:22 am

    I dont understand your logic...this does not negate the fact that there is a money trail to Petro Saudi, the Jho Lo company based in Hong Kong (cant remember the name) etc. this does not negate all of the money that were paid/given to companies without any PULANGAN modal...even 1MDB confirmed the money trail. Our question is what happened to all that money? Some are in assets while other pi bayar fee perkhidmatan? So, for me, this does not negate anything. I still want answers and until today, there are still no satisfactory answers given.

  12. Anonymous9:23 am

    Ramai yang dah lompat mcm gembira tetapi adakah hutang 42B itu tidak benar? Adakah beli aset tenaga pada overpriced tidak benar? Adakah kerajaan kehilangan wang kerana memindahkan asetnya kpd 1MDB pada harga celah gigi akibat drpd 1MDB kepunyaannya tidak benar?

  13. Anonymous9:26 am

    Bro Rocky,

    So what kalau justo kena tahan?!..adakah dgn penahanan justo, jho low secara automatisnya menjadi suci bersih?
    Bro Rocky, orang biasa seperti saya yg tak faham pada mulanya PUN sudah semakin yang 1MDB ada dan BANYAK perkara yang tak kena..
    Budaya meletak jawatan secara terhormat harus bermula di negara ini...mempertahankan pemimpin yang corrupt bukan tindakan terpuji..ini saya katakan secara general ya...cheers bro

  14. Anonymous9:39 am

    Yalah. It doesn't matter who leaks the information or in what way. That means there is something substantial to leak and something fishy for the powers that be to hide. It doesn't matter if the exact figures plus or minus one billion, it's still billions. My God I still haven't got over the 250 million of NFC fame.. It seems like peanuts now

  15. Anonymous10:15 am

    Don't be to happy as yet Dato as the "attempting to blackmail and extort" surely with some very good reasons behind. He may backfire on you and all Najib other supporters.

  16. Anonymous10:18 am

    wow, this one so fast you try to tarnish the accusers as untrustworthy?

    more details are now coming out:
    "The Bangkok Post has quoted Thai police as saying that Xavier Andre Justo, 49, an ex-employee of PetroSaudi International was paid RM15 million to leave the company, allegedly for misbehaviour, and has denied “blackmailing” it for an additional RM10 million...."

    Yet not a word from you about the latest Mara's Australia condo scandal!

    DO YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT THE COUNTRY? dont just apple polishing all the time la.

  17. Anonymous10:21 am

    Kesian Rocky

    Terkial kial nak spin untuk kangkung. Tulisan makin berterabor.

    Saperti Julian Paul Assange dan Edward Joseph "Ed" Snowden, Savior Andre Justo hanya memaklumkan segala salah laku majikan mereka.

  18. JohorMali11:33 am

    Bro Bru,
    TMI today reported, "Swiss IT exec paid to leave PetroSaudi, denies 1MDB blackmail, say Thai cops"
    I searched high and low for that piece of assertion but to no avail.

  19. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Why in tatters? In fact, this is the prove that the emails, communications, documents that have been exposed by SR are genuine...because SR get it from the the right source...PetroSaudi internal source...

  20. Anonymous12:21 pm

    "However, I now have in my possession some three million e-mails detailing this crime, in which PSI was an engaged party," Brown said.

    "PSI have now effectively acknowledged that this material from their servers is authentic, by accusing this former employee of having stolen it, she noted."

    "They have described him as an ‘IT worker’, but in fact he was a senior director of the company," she said."

    "Previously, PetroSaudi International had claimed the e-mails were 'forged', were 'hacked' and now that 'stolen' emails were 'tampered with', she noted."

    The BIG question is , why Najib do not bring this matter to court?

  21. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Could you at least for this Ramadhan month , on the side of Rakyat??

    The fact that 1mdb has made,infact will make further damage to our country you not even try to discuss in here....

    What are you Rocky??, i know you are in payroll... but please at least have a symphaties to our country....

    You can choose your words and play with that, but you knew that 1mdb is in a very huge mess.... save your country not your boss


  22. Anonymous1:38 pm

    This arrest proved only 1 thing, that the evident by Sarawak Report and so on are genuine.


  23. Anonymous1:41 pm

    the gelojoh who pre empt will now find reason to spin hahahah.including rafizi and tun
    why cant they just wait for investigation

  24. Suddenly your comments section is full of keyboard warriors defending the extorter! I tell you it is not just the Sarawak Report's reputation that in tatters but also Tony Pua's, The Edge's and of course that old man!

  25. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Interesting. This 1mdb issue is enlightening. Everyone seems to have an opinion, right or wrong. There are quite a few who do not seem to understand the issue and yet still have plenty to say. There are some who is on Najib's side because he is the PM ans some on Tun's side because well he's the Tun, while not knowing what 1MDB is all about.

    This arrest has deflect the issue somewhat and for the Najib supporters, it seemed to have vindicated him. However, to those who understand and follow the issue closely, this arrest is a non event. It does not explain the actual amount that 1MDB begged or borrowed or the amount that seemed to have poofed into thin air. The PM as the Finance Minister and Chairman of the advisory board of 1MDB should not need to wait for AG or PAC to explain exactly what is going on.

  26. Anonymous2:10 pm

    I have said the same thing before...SR using stolen emails and documents and then tampered them. My letter was published in FMT and Claire herself attacked me in the article's comment section. However when I put that she fabricated the stolen documents she simply stopped arguing and disappeared. Anyone even using even a little bit of common sense would know that these emails were stolen and tampered with.

    It is also interesting to see some media including the supposedly BN-friendly one saying Justo was arrested for leaking info and this makes him a whistle-blower. In fact he was arrested for blackmail.

    That SR came out to demand Justo's release is a blunder on their part as it shows that indeed he (Justo) is the source of SR's articles.

    BTW the UK police is also investigating the case and soon SR too will be in trouble for fabrication.

  27. Wow ... spinning in the month of Ramadhan. Amazing. PR team hard at work. And not a single word from Najib. The guy is only good in managing UMNO politics.

    Bottomline is 1mdb cannot pay its own loans despite its ability to borrow 42 billion. That's just pure incompetence - ridiculous amount of overleveraging. Najib should be forced to resign simply because of this.

    Secondly, if we can find any wrongdoings, he should go to jail. If not, he should stay retired.

    Never trust the Arabs. The amount of daylight corruptions in Saudi is mindboggling. The guy who controls PetroSaudi is a army pilot, son of the late king I think. Report says the guy got paid 15 million ringgit to leave the job. Things that make you goes hmmm.

  28. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Hahaha, Latuk Locky, on the contrary, the reports have been vindicated. So they caught the whistleblower, which showed that the emails were genuine. All 1MDB can say is that the "truth will prevail". They could not show how the emails were tampered with.

    There will be more revelations after this, and I am sure you and the rest of the BN crowd will say that the documents are fake or were tampered with. That's all you can afford to say. I hope that the canary keeps on singing.....


  29. Anonymous5:10 pm

    My oh my, it seems you, a voice, zakhir/13M ringgit and barking magpie are the supposedly senior x journo who have been on ajibgor payroll trying to justify themselves....

    It aint over till the fat lady sings... You guys are grasping at straws now...

    You guys days are numbered....

  30. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Thumbs up 5:55 a.m.

    The 1MDB bullshit (and Mara and FGV and TH and others) are not as simplistic as some pretend.

    Racking up 42 bil debt on a mere 1 mil seed capital?

    Pure genius.

    Our Finance Minister (I) is da man.

  31. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Great Balls of Fire!

  32. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Rocky you and your pro-Najib camp appear to be absolutely stressed out ... why, you guys seem to be in euphoria over the capture of merely one shoddy character in the disastrous 1MDB JV with Petro Saudi. All the rakyat's questions remain unanswered despite the Swiss blackmailer's handiwork for a few million dollars. We want to know where the thousands of millions have gone including the roles of fatty Jho Low and Ah Jib Gor. You see Datuk, we owe hundreds of millions of dollars alone in interests on borrowed money for the pseudo sovereign wealth fund.

  33. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Cause and effect. So this will be the evidence that 1 MDB is free from fraud and irregularities? We have to swith off our common sense before joining you as a pro najib die hard supporter.

  34. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Someone farted on the roadside....this prove that ALL ALLEGATIONS on 1MDB is not true,42 BILLIONS did not vanish, CAYMAN ISLAND Cash is Cash not Units, Powertek is bought very cheap, below market price, Tabung Haji already sold TRX land, money is not kickback by Genting to 1YRIM election fund, Arul Kanda did not lie, MOF did not lie, Najib show up in Something2Show, because someone farted on the roadside..because someone farted on the roadside....thanks

    Roadside farter...

  35. Anonymous5:14 am

    Sorry, the old man is sick.

  36. Anonymous8:46 am

    3 mio emails. He was arrested yesterday and we have already determined that they have been tampered with ???? This is pathetic. Money was stolen. You kn ow it, I know it everyone knows it. The fact that stolen money is now used to pay you to try to whitewash this is pitiful. Thus is the tip of the iceberg. In next days more comes out Mara etc. When najib is in jail , the chips will start falling. Then the real investigations start and everyone guilty will fall. Without exceptions. The people been victims of greedy pirates for to long . Time has come , the people will get their dues and all crooks in jail.

  37. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Common lah rocky! So now 1MDB is clean as a weasel according to najib's paid bloggers? Get real will you.

  38. IT.Scheiss9:06 am

    Calvin Sankaran wrote in his comment above:-

    "In fact he was arrested for blackmail."

    It would be interesting to know whether Justo committed the blackmail from Thai soil and whether Thailand has laws which allow it to detain people who commit blackmail or cybercrime from within Thailand.

    There are those who say that the Thai police have "no jurisdiction" over crimes committed outside Thailand and allege that the Thai police "had no grounds" to arrest him and the answer to my question will settle that.

    And yes. Claire Rewcastle-Brown "put her foot in it" (as they say in England) for demanding Justo's release.

    It's also curious as to why Sarawak Report is getting so involved in an issue not directly related to Sarawak but to Malaysia as a whole.

  39. I thot PGI is government body rupa rupa private investigation firm hired by Petrosaudi.

    If you have original documents why you need third party to verify documents was tempered.

    I am dumb , need some clarification.