Friday, April 10, 2015

Tun vs PM: The morning after

"Now, was that so difficult?" - Tun Dr M to Najib Razak after the PM had answered all his  questions and accusations, from Altantuya to 1MDB, last night

Najib asnwers Tun M, with host Hamdan Ahmir, last night

Dream on. Some of us must surely wish the above scene had actually taken place because we want the two men we love and admire - and so that all of us in this land of plentyful - can live happily ever after. But the truth is, like the blogger Annie said before the interview hosted by Hamdan Ahmir on TV3 at 10pm last night, Dr M is probably going to keep up his assault to oust Najib as Umno president and PM. Hamdan implied the same, too. This land of plentiful is also plenty of fools. "Dr M did not want answers, he wanted blood," someone declared on the social media.

Personally, I thought Najib did quite well to cover all the issues in the hour that he had. His answers were easy to digest. Some of the responses and questions were a little too general at times, but the important thing to me is that he appeared calm and collected, if still a tad sad over the tragic passing of JJ and two aides, and he asnwered Hamdan's questions without having to submit to the host's provocation to run his critics down, least of all Dr Mahathir whom the PM repeatedly said he (still) respected. 

For the first time, Najib told us some of the things he and Tun talked about when they met: Tun wanted him to revive the "crooked bridge" (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ditched the bridge because "rakyat Johor did not want the bridge" and went on to lose the Premiership in 2009) and wanted the Government to stop BR1M. [Najib says disagreed wtih Dr M over BR1M, crooked bridge] Najib clearly wanted viewers to see him as a PM who is in control and not obliged to any individual but to the whole nation and his party.

My main fear before last night was that if Najib appeared on TV to "take on" the Tun, he'd make the same mess Pak Lah did in 2006. Well, I'm glad that was unfounded. In fact, as in many instances, Tun M's criticisms had brought about the best so far in Najib. The interview last night, if you'd watched it, was off-the-cuff: Najib wasn't reading from some prepared text. And he spoke as he normally does when he speaks in English or in everyday life, NOT the Najib full of the theaterics of the rostrum you endure during Umno general assemblies and other Bahasa Melayu gatherings.

I won't provide links to the interview last night, you know where to find it. But one more thing: it's amazing how many people actually believe that the so-called spat between Tun and Najib is staged (or "drama"), that the idea of Mahathir's open "attack" on PM is actually to get Najib to come out and checkmate the Opposition. As many people want to believe or actually believe that Dr M's only intention is really and sincerely to compel the PM to speak out and now that Najib has spoken out, it's Mission Accomplished.

Dream on.


  1. Reading the transcript of his interview, I felt that PM did a good job of explaining the issues at hand. Even the one about BR1M where it was a social safety net.
    However as mentioned, they're out looking for blood, not answers.

  2. I no longer believe Najib is capable as PM anymore...To me.. his replied to DrM questions were too general..without supporting facts even ignored some questions..

    His has brought us too many bad things..too many mismanagements..His is as bad as Paklah

    Last election I voted for BN, I already guessing not to vote anybody in the next election...simply because I have no loved with opposition and this is forever as long as DAP is there & now lost hope in Najib.

    Seems that BN going to loose another 2 wife & mine..Does BN care..No..certainly not..that for damn sure even hundred thousand vote swing they do not care...

  3. Anonymous10:35 am

    The interview was well-orchestrated and answers rehearsed in advance..notice the twiddling thumbs, indicating boredom.
    Najib should do a live interview with a group of panelists. Then we can see the true character of the man.


  4. Anonymous10:40 am

    Najib is saying that because he refused to proceed with the crooked bridge thus Mahathir is attacking him?Excuse me, Tun is asking who ordered the killing of Atlantuya?Najib should have instructed IGP to investigate this matter. And in case IGP cannot find it in Twitter, Sirul has pointed out exactly which file he can look into.Americk Sidhu has prepared a list of straight forward questions that IGP can start probing. If the investigation does not points to Najib, not only his name will be cleared, his image will be the highest and he will put to shame whether its Tun or his political opponents. But why Najib don't want to clear his name?

  5. All we want is stronger Umno. Damn, if they fail to do that. No more "palestinian refugees camp" in their own land !

    Yes, true bro, Dream On.

    Reality is that they be themselves. Fantasy is that to be a hero or dead hero in the reality world show...

    Thanks to Zahid that made POTA / POCA possible for the reality of "so-called Malaysian heroes" ... he..he..

  6. Anonymous12:25 pm

    ramai yang tak tahu perancangan mahathir mengenai jambatan bengkok.
    tujuannya utk menyelamatkan negara dari terus diambilalih oleh singapura.
    tapi semuanya telah terlewat.
    sedikit demi sedikit tanah johor dah jatuh ke tangan warga asing.

  7. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Najib himself let all the issues drag on for weeks.

    He only has himself to blame.

  8. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Hello, it is prerecorded interviewed. Can have many take? . Are you all delusional ?. Mahathir has already up the ante, either mahathir drop dead first or najib gets the boot. There is a finale this fight, no middle road. Exciting times ahead. They will be a lot tidbits to be expose, real drama about to be unfold. Someone will fall and it is between mahathir and najib. Mahathit is like a Rottweiler, once he has it teeth on the victim, it is not going to let go.

  9. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Cliche punye jawaban fr avg. NR.
    If u know the ISO audit process or KPI assessment, u need to provide clear evidences and traceability.

  10. Dear Dato Rocky.
    I don't think anybody would be dreaming-on anything.

    On the 1MDB debacle, it seems to me the Finance Minister is trying to deflect responsibility. Wonder when the Auditor-General and PAC complete their report. Then some poor 'black-sheep' would be subjected to a protracted court proceedings. Of-course with police reports, Sumpah laknat, SD, appeals until the highest court in the land. etc. Just like PI Bala, and then at last, the Court's verdict.

    Then something comes to surface. Lawyers, abound in PR, would grab the opportunity to be in limelight. You know la, Lawyers, they can defend robbers and their victims alike, blaming the police for not doing enough in crime prevention. Attention-seekers like Mahfuz will also jump into the hogpen.

    Just like Altantuya, 1MDB will not come to closure as long as Najib is at the helm. It will surface now and then, especially in the midst of GE.

    If all government transaction were done according to the correct procedures, Najib would not have been on TV3. Altantuya would even be alive today, if the Armed Forces were to deal with the French directly for the submarines. Cut cost too.

  11. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Unlike LKY, Dr M revels in destabilising our country. He should go quietly when he can before his already regretabble legacy is tarnished further.

    We should all give PM Najib our full support. Enough of politicking, we need leaders to build Malaysia into what we could be. So much $$, time and resources have been squandered under Dr M. He should compare himself to LKY before attacking Pal Lah, and now Najib.

    1. Anonymous12:29 am

      Hello, LKY did not resigned!!! He was appointed Minister mentor lah, senior minister lah.... U ingat dia tidor ke? He still put in his hand in the jar.... Dont be so naive la!! Final straw was electing his son to be the PM. Dont talk cock la u!!!!

  12. Anonymous4:22 pm

    I did not expecting a "shallow" comment will be coming from a person like you Dato. Did Najib really answered the questions post to him by Tun ? NO - he did not and many of us knew that he has failed to answer matters pertaining to 1MDB and Atlantuya's murder case.

  13. Anonymous4:32 pm

    "Dream on"?

    Surely you meant to write "Game on", but hesitated.....

    It is edifying to see an ex-PM lambasting a sitting PM in the name of good governance (which is a sorely misused term in Malaysia).

    It seems that Najib is made of sterner stuff than Pak Lah. Perhaps it is the Indonesian blood in the former's ancestry. Pak Lah, if you recall, caved in without a fight after being roasted by an ex-PM.

    Which is good for a few cheap laughs, but what is serious is the upending of the democratic process whereby the people vote in free and fair elections to select the politicians who will represent them in the parliamentary institutions.

    What is the good of having an elected PM if he can be turfed out of office by an ex-PM for all sorts of reasons?

    This is parliamentary democracy and the will of the electorate?

    This also is not the US where the Constitution allows for the impeachment of a sitting US President. There is no such provision in the Malaysian Constitution.

  14. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Why cant Najib answer clearly saying i did not give any instruction to anybody to kill Altantuya?

    Why cant he answer regards Jh Low?? Just tell whether Jh Low is involved in MDB?

    Whats so difficult abt that?

  15. Anonymous9:55 pm

    The PM's speech is so lacklustre, mediocre and uninspiring.

    Dato Seri why are you so nervously twiddling your thumbs when you speak? Nervous ke?
    Najib says he makes all the decisions. Ok. So can he give us the itinerary for that airplane ride to Indianapolis? Was that your decision entirely?
    Then when it comes to BRIM Najib tai chi pula. He says it was NOT his decision but the decision of the Jawatankuasa Fiskal pula. Dont believe me? Listen carefully at minute 12:22 on the video.

    The BRIM is like Islam Hadhari. Some idiot thought it up, the PM blurted it out and it became policy. Then after that it became an ego thing. They dont know how to pull it back, just like Badawi did not know how to drop the Islam Hadhari bullshit. Sampai dia kena tendang keluar, Badawi was singing the Islam Hadhari song. Now nobody gives a sh*t about Badawi or Islam Hadhari. The same thing will happen to Najib and BRIM.

    SPAD said taxi fares should go up. The Cabinet then said no. SPAD said we are not morons (words to that effect). SPAD will not make such decisions unless someone higher (ie YOU) had given the ok. Then the taxi drivers said 'Go to hell. We are raising the taxi fares'. The taxi fares have one up. My question is very simple Dato : 'What was the final decision and who made the decision?' That is all I want to know. Was it you, SPAD, the Cabinet, the taxi drivers? Or who? Who is running the country?

    The PM shows total buffoon ignorance about how people live their daily lives. He says (about the GST) if you dont like one shop, then just go to another shop "sebab ada banyak kedai dan sebagai pengguna kita ada banyak pilihan". Well tell that to the housewife or ibu tunggal mother living in a tiny apartment near that 25 year old supermarket in Brickfields.

    About Altantuya, I think Najib sengaja buat bodoh. No one accused him of killing Altantuya. I am fully convinced that Najib had nothing to do with Altantuya at all. The question Dr Mahathir asked is 'Who gave the Policeman the instructions to kill Altantuya?' Itu saja. Dr Mahathir was very, very precise.

    the question is 'Who gave the Policeman the instructions to kill Altantuya?' A simple question. Hang sumpah kat masjid ke, hang main guli atas ikan paus ke, itu semua kami tak peduli.

    If you dont want to answer this question, fine. That is your right. But this question has to be answered. Altantuya is dead. Sirul has been sentenced to death. By the way, you are the Prime Minister? Yes or no? You are the Head of the Government? Yes or no? If the head of gomen is not interested in finding the answer, then who is running the country?

    Yes Altantuya died in 2006?? But Sirul made this allegation only now in 2015. He did not say anything about this in 2006. And now in 2015 you are the head of gomen. It HAS BECOME your responsibility - whether you like it or not.

    As for 1MDB the PM exhibits total ignorance about business, fiduciary liability, gomen guarantees, letters of support etc. He says 1MDB's paid up capital is only RM1 million compared to PNB for example whose paid up was in the hundreds of millions.

    Who ask you to give PNB so much capital? Buat macam 1MDB lah. Let the paid up capital remain at RM2 (dua Ringgit sahaja) then pump in 10 beliyon, 20 beliyon through gomen guarantees. Sama juga. It is still capital. Dalam bahasa Melayu it is called modal.
    Arent we all getting tired of all this crap.

  16. Anonymous10:02 pm

    How I dream the interviewer is Tun rather than Hamdan , then only got UMMMP!

  17. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Long live umno.Long live Bn.Long live democracy.Long live malaysia.

  18. Anonymous1:34 am

    @ 10:22 pm

    Mabuk ke? Nah......

    Long live umno.Long live Bn = Long dead democracy.Long dead malaysia.

  19. charleskiwi9:10 am

    This half breed is supposed to have 'retired' but it clearly shows that he has not. Far from it he is revealing what he is trying to rule Malaysia from behind the scene. First he thought he found in AB a puppet to do what he wanted and for just a little while he behaved like a retired man. Over 90% of Malaysians believed he had 'retired' and came out almost in full force and over 90% of the Malaysians voted for AB. A true reflection of the feeling of this half bred's 'retirement' and when AB did react to what the half breed wishes and desires.
    And when he began to confirm to the voters he really did not retire, their feelings were then reflected in the following GE that AB was standing for. AB lost very badly, in fact so badly that that were used to have AB shown to the exit doors by the half breed as the main reason why there is a need for Najib to be the PM. Again a further proof of what this half breed really is, he wouldn't have allowed anyone one to have even expressed any dissatisfaction during his tenure at his PM or else they would have ended up in prison under ISA.

    Now it is revealed that he tried to have Najib built the crooked bridge and when Najib did not follow his instructions he again started to attack Najib in the many shambles of the administration is in. Also no one even has the audacity to tell him to build something that the idea did not come from the half breed. He was the lord of all he surveyed but is anyone else like AB and Najib is allowed to decide on their own what is they wanted. This half breed is still thinking and trying to decide what should be done to the country. This half breed has his time, in fact for 22 years, to unilaterally decide what he wanted and no one is or allowed to come up with any alternative. And yet he says he was not dictator, he is even trying to rule the country in his 'retirement' .

    Again he started to started to attack Najib in every possible negative corner Najib has come with. No doubt Najib deserves every bit of it but the half breed did all that for his own personal agenda.
    Here the repugnant half breed not only shows what an ingrate he is for without Najib's last minute support for, he wouldn't have got elected as the president of Umno Baru and thus as PM of Malaysia. Whatever it is both of them are from Umno so no one should be surprised of both their reactions. You only expect snakes from snakes and nothing else, period.
    It is now every body's knowledge how the half breed reacts towards that and also what the consequences were to AB are public's knowledge. What finally I have got to say is whatever right or wrong Najib is doing please remember he is doing them as president of Umno and with the blessing of all the schmucks from Umno. Even they may be superficial as alleged by Daim but they just want to remain as ministers which is the prerogative of Najib, unfortunately.
    Finally please remember the half breed had his time, in fact 22 years of it, and he should just step aside and let his chosen successor does his job in the way he thinks best !

  20. Anonymous9:27 am

    A lame duck can't be forced to crow like a cock. It has to be rehearsed.

  21. Anonymous11:46 am

    dream on, Najib got many "supporters" call jemuan....1MDB is a failure...just say it...dont be so ego..

  22. Calm n collected apa nya interview najib...
    It was rakaman remember...drama semua ni..

  23. Anonymous7:35 pm

    the crooked bridge is about opening your waterway; and that will present your country with economic, strategic, and other significant choices.

    it will also help the marine environment there recover too.

    and what was wrong with that?

    it is your neighbour that was steadfast in refusing you that choice. that was why the bridge had to be crooked.

    talk about being a good neighbour.

    it had to be crooked out of necessity. not by choice.

    tun was being practical. it will also be a testament to your neighbourly relations.

  24. Anonymous8:09 pm

    InnsyAllah 10.22pm. Dgn izinNya.2x

  25. Anonymous8:40 pm

    in an unrelated issue
    EPF may be increasing the age to take back epf savings from 55 to 60

    This is not good.

    Can you help to stop this.


  26. Anonymous12:59 am

    Better let CNN be the interviewer.

    It's worth paying them for the credibility to the world.

    Even recalcitrant Mamakutty should be interviewed.

  27. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Rocky I am glad that you've preserved your job and salary.

  28. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Sokong bawa rebah...soooo many issue for the PM to face GE 14

  29. Anonymous6:39 pm

    DS Najib feels he is answerable to party and to voters who democratically elected him. As such he feels he doesn't have to respond to one person.

    First its a basic right of a member whether of a party or country to be heard. If the proper channels have failed him, its his prerogative to be heard using other means.

    And what makes DS Najib think Dr M is alone demanding answers.

    Jawab saje le.
    And kalau in an exam, DS Najib would have gotten a miserable 50% for not fully answering questions.

    Further the idea of democracy is oftentimes overrated.
    Classic case : USA. Almost every American President elected is a war president. 50% of Americans probably like the idea of a buoyant American war industry that is also the biggest US employer. But 80 % of the world thinks this deranged superpower mentality - sucks.
    Anyway, its good that open dialogue tempers democracy. Its not very 'open' when your answers are disingenuous.

  30. Anonymous10:27 am


    Your big boss Mahathir said WHEN BN looses, PAC will uncover cover-ups and charge one or 20 Umno leaders.

    Mahathir himself will lead the list of politicians who will be charged for cover-ups. We pray he lives long enough for that.

    I wonder now, going back to his statement on PAC, did Mahathir not know that the PM is bringing in PAC to investigate 1MDB, which is said to be the PM's big cover-up?

    Going by the Kutty's own logic, Najib wouldn't want the PAC anywhere near 1MDB if he has anything to hide. Right?

    Are you digesting this? So Kutttylogic means Najib does not fear PAC, right?

    That's right! It is your boss Mahathir who fears the PAC! No wonder he desperately wants to get rid of Najib.

  31. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Mahathir himself has warned UMNO that they will be in jail for grand theft and more if they lose the Elections. The elections commission will also be losing sleep if UMNO loses because they will have to be accountable for the disgraceful gerrymander under their watch.

    Even more painful than handcuffs and leg irons for UMNO people, will be the loss of their mistresses, second and third wives, big cars and homes and even their "Yang Berbahagia" titles. Even minor functionaries will find themselves being mocked with things like "PJK" stands for "pinjam jangan kira" or (depending on their body shape) as "perut jalan kedepan".

    Only Najib can save UMNO. He has to use POTA to put that Indian into detention now. His 'budak budak' can make up something and he can have his own 'Operasi Potong Lalang'. Then the country and UMNO can carry on with their curi buta ways. Hidup Najib!

  32. Hoi Charlekiwi.

    It's not only about that crooked bridge, you dumb-ass.

    Pak Lah was ousted mainly because he ruled by consultants and cronies in '4th. floor', led by his SIL. He once sold MV Agusta for just RM5 ringgit to Gevi SpA. (Proton bought it at RM350 million in 2004). Gevi SpA then sold Agusta, the following year, to Harley-Davidson at RM355 million.
    You agree with that sleepy Pak Lah?

    You also agree with Najib's 1MDB?

  33. Anonymous3:04 pm

    #Anon 7:35 pm

    You conveniently omitted the following:

    1. The Johor Palace didn't exactly endorse the idea of a "crooked bridge".

    2. The Attorney-General then issued an opinion that proceeding arbitrarily with a "crooked bridge" could fall foul of international law.

    3. The Singapore Government had registered the Causeway as an international link between two sovereign nations, as such, both nations had to agree on any development or replacement of the Causeway.

    Maybe Dr Mahathir doesn't think much of international law.

    That's his way of refusing to accept legal realities!