Monday, April 13, 2015

Covering up those who cover up

I can't blame Malaysiakini for going to town with this stuff Dr Mahathir Mohamad purportedly said during a closed-door* meeting with bloggers at his office in KL last Friday ...

"If (Najib Razak) doesn't go now, the Public Accounts Committee and others will be investigating the matter for the next two or three years and come GE, if he is still around, we will lose. I think there will be a lot of trouble for everyone. And those who cover up, they will have to pay the price." - Dr Mahthir Mohamad 
Veteran journalist and former Cabinet Minsiter Zam says Dr Mahathir, too, will be charged and maybe even jailed if the Opposition wins the next general election. In his latest posting Bukan sahaja Najib tetapi Mahathir juga akan ditangkap jika Pembangkang menang Zam said jailed Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will be released.

If Pakatan wins, all hell will break lose. We will witness vindictive politics by those who see themselves as vindicated. Even Zam will go in even though he doesn't cover up. The ISA will be brought back (or a more draconian law enacted) and like in Singapore, political foes are enemies of the state and will be charged, bankrupted or/and imprisoned for long periods of time.

I'm just a blogger and I don't cover up so I shouldn't fear if Pakatan rules and BN loses. But I do fear. I fear for children's future. For their sake, I wish BN would continue to rule this country. I wish the coalition can heal itself, improve its quality of leadership and governance, and charge its own people who cover up. 

Pakatan's politics have proved in such a short time to be disruptive, counter-productive and potentially destructive. BN, on the other hand, has the track record and the experience to govern. 

But I don't want the BN to continue to govern so that "those who cover up" can get away scot free. 

So Prime Minister Najib Razak, please order the Public Accounts Committe to investigate not just the 1MDB (where you have been implicated for cover up and wrongdoing, read PM orders AG and PAC to verify 1MDB accounts) but also other possible and suspected cover ups by incumbent BN leaders.

Otherwise, the people will perceive you as covering up for those who cover up.

* As a blogger, I've initiated and attended many closed-door meetings with our top leaders, including Anwar Ibrahim. These meetings are meant for "backgrounder", to help the bloggers understand better where these leaders are coming from where issues of the day are concerned. Rarely has any of these meetings been covered so extensively as last Friday's. 
See h e r e for all the clippings from the meeting with Dr M. Annie, who did not attend the meeting, arranged these clippings nice, by issues, in Dr M's latest videos. Please use your discretion.


  1. MrAngry2:35 pm

    Nobody has seemed to answer what the white elephant in the room is doing.

    It is almost certain Malaysia's government, from the start to where we are now, has amassed a collection of skeletons in it's wardrobe which would make 3rd world dictators and warlords proud.

    I'm more concerned if Malaysians are ready to witness the airing of dirty laundry of this country. Can people accept it? Who will rise from the ashes? Are Malaysians even concerned who the victor is?

    I'm a proud supporter of being a devil's advocate to improve this country and one point has to be shared - it's not about taking sides.

    Tun Dr. M is a respectable man for standing up for what he believes, but this is unbashfully a situation of the pot calling the kettle black, is it not?

    But what does Tun M want to achieve here? Truly, the word on the street is Datuk Seri Najib is the man for the job. Who are his successors?

    The elephant in the room has been is this whole facade done for a financial gain for Tun M? If history speaks, it would say many things Tun M did to protect the Malaysian people and the things he did that were for the financial benefit of this nation. Are there more pieces to this puzzle that are being left out? Is Tun M playing the age card in hopes that Najib himself would not respond so as to offend him? I believe Najib himself still highly respects Tun M. Is this to prove to everyone that by removing Najib, his power still holds absolute? I guess we would never know. More concerning, is if - touch wood, Tun M passes away (He is, admittedly, aging) - who is going to carry on his fight?

    This is a situation that is escalating to burn alot of bridges and divide Malaysians. Even in the elite bloggersphere in Malaysia, lines are already being drawn and chalk is coming off the shelf. What have we been reduced too?

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    1. I have read the original posting by Zam, and yours is a very naughty posting! Typically, and unfortunately, as journalist (retired or fired or died?), “your MO is just about selling newspapers, but not the news!” Pls be more responsible in your reporting. You should be telling tell the truth like you had claimed in your posting. Talk the talk, and walk the walk.

    2. You would think that intimidating Tun with persecution and prosecution would deter him from speaking up on behalf of the Rakyat? Come on already! All his adversaries have been beating their chests about it since he was in office, but all have come to naught. I know where you are coming from; but really, you must think that we are a bunch of idiots, do not you? Your posting is embarrassing, to say the least!

    3. What is Tun’s motive in raising those questions to DSN? So he could return as PM? I do not think so (as he resigned on his own accord). So Mukhriz could become PM? You know it would not happen; ours is a Westminster-type democracy and not US-type of democracy (where any eligible person could challenge the Incumbent for presidency). Could it because he wants to protect his cronies, which cannot be too (as his cronies are also UMNO cronies!). So Tun could protect his purported billions of ringgits as well as that of his children’s that he had amassed from the Country whilst the PM? If that were the case, if I were Tun, I would rather keep my mouth shuts, for fear that you or DSN/UMNO/BN wants some! So, what could be the other motives? So he could have the Crooked Bridge named after him once Pak Lah or DSN completes it? If we could remember well (if we had not become senile yet like how DSN’s supporters are calling him!), he did not even want his name used for KLIA instead of its current name, which would have been more prestigious than the Crooked Bridge. There could be scores if not hundreds and thousands other possibilities, but honestly, I believe there were none except that he loves his country very much. The Country that he had helped moulded into a ‘first world class Islamic country,’ which only accolade that I think is the one that he wants to be remembered. I guess we shall have to let history judge him since we Malaysians do not know how to judge him even.

    Have you read H20’s press statement? This posting sounds just like his press statement; it is lacking substance, hollow, and just full of bullshit, clearly.

  3. Anonymous2:53 pm

    It's pure Karma based on what he has done during the 22 years in power.

    As a man ages, the brain has a funny way of creating fears and hallucinations on his past wrongs .

    Why should the PM fear all these hidden shadows if he did not do the bad things Mamakutty did?

    Mamakutty now trying to pull every corrupted crook to be his ally including those who close one eye to all the wrong doings in front of their eyes.
    How cunning when he sees suddenly he is the Emperor without clothes on.

    Soon, he maybe in Tanjung Rambutan instead of Sg Buloh.

    Maybe PM should meet PR now to cut a deal to destroy Mamakutty and all his Mahathirists. His dynasty which benefits no one except his family and cronies need to be destroyed once and for all.
    When Mamakutty is gone, Malaysia can then move forward with better slogans instead of harping on Ketuanan Melayu and demi Agama, Bangsa Dan Tanah Air.
    Wanna bet, Mamakutty might even join PAS just to spite UMNO?

    1. Anonymous8:15 pm

      Being spiteful and vindictive, aren't we?

    2. Anonymous5:50 pm

      This writer is either a racist chinese pig or an pariah indian or a non muslim malay gay!

  4. Anonymous4:28 pm

    If many will be charged if BN loses, then let Najib continues as PM until PRU14.

  5. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Com'on Locky

    Were you not the one who backed Najjo for PM v Dopey. What was the payback??? Datoship?? Choice to various jobs?? MONEY???

    Come on!! Now you cry out... " I am ONLY a BLOGGER!!" Your man is being crucified and would probably be given the arse and here you are hedging your bet.

    Hello!! You may fool the kampung folks, but spare the rest of us.

    Maybe an investigation may not be out of order on you.. Spare us the line should you wish to trot out ... "Go ahead I have nothing to hide." Ahh!! that infamous line used by crooks.

  6. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Hi Bro,
    I don't think what Dr M said means liked what you been thinking off,its other way round , he treat them liked they were crooked..hehehe so they needs to put Najib done.

  7. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Said Abraham Lincoln:
    "You are ambitious, which, within reasonable bounds, does good rather than harm."
    - 1863; Letter to Joseph Hooker

    Najib's personal ambitions have exceeded good common sense and thus has now brought harm to the rakyat and himself.

  8. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Look at all those with skeletons in the cupboard, all supporting your boss - Ku Nan, Zahid, Ahmad Maslan, Ismail Sabri. ......all with misdeeds to fill several cupboards.

    But you need not worry, you are just a post paid blogger.

  9. What Zam stipulated is correct. Mahathir's attack on Najib to step down as PM is not so much for the love of the country or the Malays, but more for saving himself and his siblings/cronies. As a cunning politician he is very aware of the mounting distrust and enmity among the rakyat towards the ruling BN government under Najib. The faltering economy, the spending spree by Rosmah, the billions disappearing through 1MDC and other GLCs, not to mention the deeply biting gst all point to Najib as an incompetent leader which will result in the expulsion of Umno/BN from Putrajaya.As Mahathir envisaged, a PR federal government is a dreaded and a nightmare for BN keaders including himself. By removing Najib, Mahathir is hoping (against all hope) the support for umno/BN will be revived as he is safe.

  10. Anonymous11:46 pm

    "But I do fear. I fear for children's future. For their sake, I wish BN would continue to rule this country. I wish the coalition can keep pumping warm gushes of financial semen and taxpayer money up the anuses of tired old hacks who have sold their souls. Think of the children, OH WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!"

    I think I have something in my eye...

  11. Anonymous12:28 am

    Well , it sound pretty loud that Ayahanda Tun wanted BN to lose . Whatever the explanation given by Agib Ngor and the executives , it just get worst for Ayahanda Tun .

    So folks , we just have to bare with it until Ayahanda Tun mellowed down .
    It's like our father battering down on our ears for something that it is only known to him .

    Anyway folks , if the rakyat wanted to change the gomen , so be it .
    The new gomen may want to dig on everything , so be it . Pretty sure the PasPisPussy gomen are also interested in pushing the HUDUD to the extreme . Aljubori unfortunately or fortunately will not be able to run away , will he ?

    Gees... someone is playing Sicilian defence !


  12. Anonymous1:01 am

    If you take ALL the money from mamakutty's children, think how many low cost houses you can build for the poor!!!!!

    This is what we have to do to save this nation.

    Take all their money, their houses, take their BMWs, take evrything. Lelong them and return the money to the people!!!!!

  13. Anonymous8:11 am

    Problem with Najib is He thinks he OBAMA or President of the UNITED STATE of Malaysia.He governs like USA President. He did not see himself as PM of Malaysia. That why there a first lady and so on an so on. Worst to many DASAR and PERLAKSANAAN and ACROYM. He lost touch with UMNO GROUNDs. Too rely on ADVISOR of FOREIGN consultant . That what I see and forgive me if Im wrong. This what I feel. MRT SS14 Subang. I wish DR M is wrong! Jaya and after Batu Tiga tol seems stagnant for many months. Why it is so???

  14. charleskiwi8:21 am

    Between the devil and the deep blue sea that is just like choosing between the turncoat Najib and the repugnant and the avaricious Mahathir. But I would rather die by drowning instead of being burned alive by the half breed. A very agonising
    and torturous way to go especially to a sure place to meet the half breed.
    Why is this repugnant and avaricious half breed taking so many years before he begins to ask for answers for the many questions he is asking ? Also has he ever asked why more than two thousand people die in the custody of the police all these years ? The last place for these people or any body to get killed ?

    Is it because he is unaware of the deaths or is it because questioning these deaths will not win him any more support in his desire to bring down Najib ?
    The truth is he is just harvesting what he has planted during his 22 years tenure as PM. He has bred a generation of tongkat dependent of Umno scums plus teaching them how to be corrupted and most of all how to get away without being caught. He is now just trying to intimidate them when he says many will be indicted if BN was to loose in the next GE.

    May be Najib should now probe into how and where the Asia richest man got the wealth from and where it is now being stacked up. Najib should begin looking into his frequent visits to London, even at his dying age, merely as a transit point to the source of his eventual final destination somewhere in Europe
    Now everyone knows why Allah is keeping alive for so long just to allow him the time to witness what is going to happen to him and the ill gotten wealth ultimately !

  15. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Bila harga minyak merundum penyamun penyamun mula menyalahi orang lain.

  16. Anonymous10:34 pm

    I have purposely tested you by commenting negatively on najib. Now I know which side you are with. Kalau diberi amanah dia kianat, berjanji dia mungkiri berkata dusta.....bro golongan apakah ini. Your ustaz kat spore tak ajar..??

  17. Anonymous7:44 am

    since small we were taught ' berani kerana benar , takut kerana salah ' so be it or to add further , you know what you did few last summers , so 'tepok dada tanya selera or ' siapa makan cili dia yang rasa pedas " , or you want more ' siapa harap kan pagar , pagar makan padi '....just for refreshment.....