Thursday, April 09, 2015

#SantaiWithIGP: Go, "Twitter Khalid", Go!

Crooks not welcomed!

OUR top cop, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, is shaping up to be quite a force, in real life as well as in cyberspace. His invitation to Netizens to chill with him over Malaysians' favourite drink teh tarik while discussing the state of crime, of course, is not only unprecedented, it's super cool.  
Crooks and detractors, who include some politicians who tried to use the Parliament to sack him, won't have kind words for him. Not needed. I'm quite sure the people appreciate what the IGP is trying to do. The social media is a powerful tool. It can bring the people together to fight crooks and make a community more vigilant against crime. Ask the TTDI folks, who have been connected to their local police chief and are the better for it.

Netizens abuzz over #SantaiWithIGP event by Awani here.


  1. Anonymous12:10 pm

    He is a real cool dude . Keep it up IGP .
    You r connecting to the ground .
    The folks appreciate the gesture .


  2. Anonymous7:08 pm

    This is simply stupid. Why not he invites the kongsi, secret societies, triads and the rest as well? Buat hari keluarga ramai2. There is a reason why it is unprecedented, and that reason is because it is so stupid. Najib did this once with the football screening and so on, see where it got him? I guarantee that there will be banners of I LOVE IGP. this is a moronic move by moronic people. And a has been "journalist" calls it super cool. Bro you dont know half of what cool means

    1. Anonymous8:45 am

      Do reflect it on yourself bro . Being a moron that is.

      The IGP gesture is to get first hand info with the rakyat . At the same time share info on the enforcement agency activities . It is as simple as that .

      If you want a spin , how about that Ultrakiasu DAPig LKS using DIYANA Doll as a bait to attract Haruan Melayu .

      Another one , the Ultrakiasu DAPig calling calling civil servant kucing kurap !!!

      This good one , Mat Sabutoh @ Mr Normah calling those police officer who died for the country as British stooges .

      There are many more bro ...but being a moron yourself makes others piut .

      Ain't no Charlie .