Monday, February 09, 2015

Najib didn't sanction MSM attack on Daim, insider reveals

Sympathizers at work? For two days in a row, the Barking Magpie lashed out, threatening to do more than just bark. 

First, in Nothing Malay about the Malay Mail, the blogger hit out at the rumored ascension of a friend of a former Press advisor to ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. That advisor has never had anything good to say about Prime Minister Najib Razak and Najib knows of it.

Then, in a harshly-prosed Media Prima and NST, What a Fiasco, he called for the generals in the Umno-friendly media conglomorate to be sacked for allowing its editors to quote Opposition leaders, including Anwar Ibrahim, to attack UMNO veteran Daim Zainuddin last month.

Najib, according to Barking Magpie, did not sanction the attack on Daim nor the provision of airtime for Anwar to do launch that attack.
"... Media Prima's TV3 giving airtime highlighting opposition leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim claims to have evidence to bring down former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin on abuse of power, gives the impression it was sanction by the Prime Minister Najib Razak when it was utterly untrue and wrong. 
"Why the TV3 airtime was given to Anwar was beyond my comprehension, but it happened under Johan Jaafar's watch. Media sentinel such as Johan should have known better the opposition would grab the opportunity to spin the story."
The attack on Daim stopped as abruptly and mysteriously as it started after pro-UMNO bloggers questioned TV3's motives. Tokoh Wartawan Negara AKJ, in one posting, said the attack on Daim using Anwar suggested that "Anwar sympathisers" still ruled the mainstream media or media arus perdana (MAP).
"Daripada tindak-tanduk MAP menggunakan Anwar sebagai jurucakap timbullah gambaran bahawa Anwar masih mempunyai simpatisan (simpathizers) di kalangan eksekutif, pengarang dan wartawan MAP." - A. Kadir Jasin: PM-Anwar: Burung sebulu terbang beregu, Jan 22
As for the article on Malay Mail, which mentioned me in passing, I shall not comment publicly on the matter of the ascencion of the so-called anti-Najib element in the Malay Mail. Suffice to say I don't see why - if I'm a director of the Malay Mail - I must put up with the presence (let alone the ascension) of anyone in the Malay Mail who's an ally of my mortal enemy, assuming I had one in the first place.


  1. Anonymous8:35 pm

    If indeed Najib didn't sanction those attacks, it further reaffirms that this guy is a real BLURRR!!!

  2. Anonymous12:35 am

    Bullshit and you know that very well

  3. Anonymous2:44 am

    well najib did not sanction the attack on tun daim?


    whats the prove?

    until the editors at media prima are sacked, dont bluff by saying najib is not involved.

    until the heads roll, nobody will believe the PM is clean.

    so please prove. and dont bullshit us

  4. d damage has been done. pm najib has 2 identify d culprit/culprits n quickly serve a severe reprimand even sacking.

    its public knowledge that he is being cornered n his hold on authority seems 2 b slipping away gradually. if he doesn't make amends fast,than his days r definitely numbered. he must 'catch d bull by d horn' n demonstrate 2 d world that he is in charge.

    d perception that is developing amongst d public now is that he is d least qualified 2 lead d nation n if left unchecked it may remain that way indefinitely.

    so dato sri najib sir, d ball is in yr court.

  5. Anonymous7:14 am

    To Quote Barking Magpie is akin to spreading horse manure onto your site!!

  6. charleskiwi8:06 am

    The tails are slowly now coming out of the bags but they were already being known and seen for a long long time. Lets just watch how much more and how much longer it would take for all to be revealed !

  7. Anonymous6:18 pm

    To quote Barking Magpie is akin to spreading bird manure onto your site!

  8. Tah hape hape tah charleskiwi ni cakap...