Tuesday, February 10, 2015

End of the Anwar-Saiful saga

Final update, 6.45pm
How Anwar plans to spend his time in prison.  In possibly his last interview with the BBC for quite a while, convicted Anwar Ibrahim says he would re-read the classics and revisit Shakespeare while in prison. He also quotes the "battle" between the ex-Prime Minister (Tun N) and the present Prime Minister to prove that his struggles have created cracks in the ruling BN coalition. And at the end of the interview, he highlights his conviction that "you cannot underestimate the wisdom of the masses". 

How true. How true.

[pls note, the interview was done before today's verdict by the Federal Court]

Updated at noon 10/2/2015: Anwar IS guilty!

Screenshot: The Star was first with the news ...

Original article 
Kalah kita! Whichever way the Federal Court decides, whether former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim goes to jail for sodomising a man or whether that man - his ex-aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan - fails to get the justice he says he deserves, it would put a welcomed end to a prolonged court case that has teased, tormented and in the end trounced us as as a society.  

And whether Anwar is a free man or not after the judgement is delivered, there will be no winners in this case. Justice will be done but we will all end up losers. 
But still, Alhamdulillah, the end is near. 

Lepas ni, tolong lah, Jangan Buat Lagi.

Pictures at the Palace of Justice taken from a Whatsapp chatroom.


  1. charleskiwi12:42 pm

    Sorry to say that there will be no more foreign trips for coffee boy .
    I hope there will be someone really dedicated to bring services to all the people of Malaysia. Please remember no one is indispensable and all the Malaysians must thank Umno for inspiring more truly dedicated people to come out to serve the people. The jailing of AI is not the end of what is to come in fact it is an occasion for more to come !

  2. Anonymous1:12 pm

    We MUST destroy UMNO!!! Totally disgusted.

  3. /// the end is near. ///

    Better don't say that, especially in a sodomy case. Whose rear end are you talking about? ;)

  4. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Either we stop this sodomizing Father of Realpolitik or we are all going down the drain of Sodom and Gomorrah with his trash culture.

  5. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I hope we can put all this BEHIND us now.

  6. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Its all Politics and best actor wins.

  7. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Good riddance to Bang Non Al Juburi and to all PELIWAT. Now, the nation can move on - for better or for worse....

  8. Anonymous11:51 pm

    The end is near for the Ultrakiasu DAPig and the Fakatat gang .
    PasPisPussy have just woke up .... they are ridding out the rats . The Sifu rat have been cornered by the AlMighty .

    It is time for the unsung masses to show their face .

    We are all DUKE .

  9. Anonymous3:10 am

    Umno jugak yg kena.
    bodoh piang.....

  10. Anonymous1:29 pm

    You really don't attract a quality readership, do you Latuk : )

    Still, once the cheque's in, who cares?

    I respect your practicality.

  11. My favourite - the rear of the Real Admiral is the vice of the Vice Admiral.

  12. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Anon 1.12. Disgusted? Just because a homosexual and a wife cheater, a blatant liar goes to jail? You must be a lunatic.

  13. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Puppet Master are looking for a new puppet.Rafizi ramli looks very tempting and this guy is bodoh tak bolih di ajar....pandai tak bolih di ikut.

  14. Anonymous12:10 am

    Sleepless night in sg buloh.............