Thursday, August 07, 2014

Big Cat's 1 millionth

Big Cat
Still purring ... Like many of us tired and tested bloggers, Big Cat has slowed down quite a bit (with fewer than 20 postings so far in 2014) but she remains on my radar and blogroll. 
The JB-based blogger is still ahead on the political happenings in Johor today (Making a Difference, 6/8/2014: "... Instead of having all that annoying rah-rah moments with big "I love PM" rallies, or huge 2-day job fairs that address just a small segment of the intended target, the money is better put to use in creating a lot of goodwill through low-key social programmes with participation from NGOs which are not the usual Umno-related ones) as she was before the last general election when she alerted us, for instance,  about Revolusi Cina in Johor (Where to, Hafiz? 19/3/2013).
Am happy to report that Big Cat's blog has achieved the still-magical 1 million unique visitors' mark. No mean feat in this age when blogs are considered by some as "yesterday". Congratulations, Big Cat, looking forward to more scoops on Johor ... 
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