Thursday, December 08, 2011

La, they lodged a police report against a blogger

Big Cat's posting dated Nov 14 A Little Warning to IRDA has driven the Iskandar  Regional Development Authority silly, silly enough to lodge a police report. 

I say it's silly because, firstly, the blogger made it quite clear that he meant well. So the comments (125 as the time I write this, 102 when the Federal Commissioner with IRDA lodged that report on Nov 26) touched some raw nerves but so what? If they had badmouthed the Sultan of Johor, by all means lodge as many reports as you like; otherwise, best to regard them comments as poison pen letters.

And, secondly, when you decide to do a Rais Yatim on bloggers, you end up getting a lot more people reading the article and wondering why you are so afraid of shadows. In the end, you make things worse for yourself and your organisation.

Them PR people should have told you: There are many ways to skin a cat, pardon the pun.

Wasting the cops' time: The report lodged with the Danga Bay police, JB


  1. Anonymous12:49 am

    what a farce!

    so, we cant comment on them? govt GLCs and agencies are untouchable?


    and they claimed to the among the perfects!

  2. Anonymous12:53 am

    Berani buat berani tanggong

    Too much hatred fueled by pro-UMNO paid cyber assassins & pro-PR anti-establishment

    We are tired of you guys

  3. Bedul9:09 am

    Rocky, when is Najib getting rid of this Rais fella.
    After the UMNO general assembly, he cooly advised UMNO leaders to quit from contesting, if they are no longer wanted.
    Wah, so nonchalant as though it's not directed at him.
    Haha, didn't Najib's call for having winnabe candidates meant this dinosaur and people of his era must go.
    I was laughing so loud seeing him with his camera at the PAU. Yeah, capturing the moments of his last days there.
    Maybe he wants to go, but the queen control wife who thinks and act like she is second lady, said no.
    Shamelesslah the wife. Always wanted to be in with Rosmah when it should be Puan Sri Norainee.
    And since when may I ask that in Angkaspuri function, the wife also stands side by side giving plaques or whatever to winners of competitions or other functions.
    Meluatlah tengok orang tua berpimpin tangan naik pentas.
    Reminds me of pengantin tua yang baru like Din Merican and his new dentist wife.

  4. this is what i call a taste of your own medicine bro.

  5. Salam Datuk,

    You may recall me seeking an alternative, as a foil to the rabid TMI and Malysiakini opposition propagandists, to accomodate fellow bloggers.

    Your initiative, The Mole, fits that alternative to a glove.

    We seek to correct weaknesses and enhance the Govt strengths.

    This latest episode clearly shows efforts are unappreciated.

    While we seek to engage cyber battles, these scamps in the midsts, will be cause to ultimately lose the war.

  6. Kenapa pulak takut. Kalau awak tulis sesuatu tentang orang lain, orang itu berhak menjawab balik dengan cara apa yang dia fikirkan patut. Berani buat berani tanggung. Barulah ada tanggung jawab. Ini nak main hentam orang aja dengan anggapan orang yang dikenakan itu diam membisu. Adil ke ?

  7. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Once again bloggers get sensitive about being 'persecuted' for posting scurrilous comments about another party. If bloggers are brave enough to post something for all to see, then I think they should be brave enough to suffer the consequences, if any.Why should an aggrieved party not resort to the law when they feel their reputation has been harmed? Why should the aggrieved just sit back and take all manner of abuse, accusations, innuendoes thrown at them with a smile on their face? If bloggers think it's within their rights to post anything, then it is well within the rights of the aggrieved to do anything legal to counter that. Let the law decide if it's a waste of time.

    Freedom of speech doesn't mean writing just about anything. What it does mean is saying or writing something backed by facts. If you can't back it up, then please shut up. Go to the water cooler and talk about it to anyone willing to give you their time. If you want to write about it, you better damn well be prepared to deal with the fallout.

    Bloggers are not exempt from the law of slander and liable, Bloggers are not bubble - wrapped individuals free to say anything just because they can type. Please: stop defending bloggers for making unsubstantiated accusations.You're merely fuelling these tiresome and brain - dead posts that are floating in the blogosphere.What has happened to all the intelligent and insightful political/social commentators?


  8. Anonymous5:23 pm

    makan full ady... nothing much to do.

    just like all those little black mamak in penang who keep marching here & there for no fcuking reasons.

  9. Skilgannon10666:23 pm

    I suspect that all these do-gooders are going after IRDA because it's going all out to "pander" to foreign investors.

    Drum roll please - cue in the Singapore angle and you have all the wannabe loyalists/patriots frothing at the mouth, seeing as how the Iskandar zone may become a Maquilidora extension of the Singapore manufacturing and services sectors.

    What's the raison d'etre for the Iskandar zone? To develop southern Johor, using it's geographical advantage of close proximity to Singapore?

    If not, you could just as easily site the equivalent of Iskandar in Perlis or Pahang or even in Perak, and mollify the grassroots while you are about it.

  10. the phrase is, there's more than one way to skin a cat... what happen to ur line? no replies? :(

  11. U all Pakatan morons r really funny u know. I'm a bit busy now. No time to really layan you all pieces of pig shit yet. To u knuckle head from Irda who posted up there, did u notice anything about me being scared of the police report? Tell your ppl from the IT department to tell their MCMC buddies to trace where my blog originated from. Now I'm pissed. Let's just see where this end.

  12. Penembak Babi12:37 am

    Woi Babi Skilgannon

    Pi mampuihlah chibai. Ko dah gilo bapok pundek.Woi malulah sikit babi penipu lancau:

    Yang atas ni tak jawab lagi, ko keluar dari kubang tahimu nak berak di sini. Woi mulut pantat, ko jange nak cabar oghe Melayu. Ko nak jilat buntut babi Lee satu keluarga, ko gi seorang. mesti dio oghe syok kena jilat oleh lidah babi ko.

    Dengar sini baik-baik babi sial laknatullah bangsat kepala butoh: Dont talk rubbish here, understand? Singapura akan hilang dari muko bumi bilo Euro letup. Banyak kekawan babi ko akan bunuh diri atau cabut lari dan Singapura akan kembali ke tangan oghe Melayu dalam masa 3 tahun lagi. Tunggu dan lihat! wahai babi palat chou chibai tiuniamah.


  13. Anonymous12:48 am

    si 'Big Cat' tu penakut, tin kosong....tunjuklah muka kalau berani...salah kerana takut !!

  14. Salam Datuk,

    It would seem that commenters are not only missing the point, some are nonsensical.

    These blokes shout for freedom of expression and when the police report is disclosed they get another angle to criticise.

    Never mind that there was nothing inflammatory or slanderous.

    Did they even read what Bigcat posted?

    Of course Bigcat is berani, thats why she (I deduce it's she) made that post as an example.

    No need to go at length at what would have been the proper response by IRDA. To do so would result in another criticsm, no doubt.

    When a weakness of a GLC is pointed out, there's criticism.

    When they point out means we keep quiet.

    You just cannot win with these die hards.

    Enuff said.

  15. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Dear Behen Choate,

    If you are not reading this, maybe your crook friends will tell you about it. It has been decided where exactly they will attach the piano wire. They will tie it to your balls and make sure you swing from it. The peanuts that you are spending on sedekah and chairy does not fool anyone. You have stolen hundreds of millions of Ringgit from the govt's coffers. Peoples money. Money meant for everyone, including the Malays. You have stolen their money. Stealing "capital" up your "avenue". You are being watched. Here is an ultimatum - better return all the money that you stole. If you dont, then just settle permanently in that house in London. Say hello to the bibi and the children.

  16. police report? just for that posting?


  17. Anonymous10:51 pm

    You pig head bloggers deserve this, and rocky...wat a disgrace. You seem to be working hand in glove with this journalist big though we do not know.

  18. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Gerhana Bulan Rocky!

    Tak buat SOLAT sunat ke!

    Pak-Pak Menteri kita ada buat tak solat tersebut?????


  19. Making a police report is like getting a free gag order against any blogger, takde class lah. How to become world class like that?

  20. Jasper Bloodstone4:20 pm

    Heh, heh - the piggy wannabe penembakist doth wax wroth.

    Wonder what got his knickers into a twist this time?

    Wassup, dearie? Woke up to the hard facts of life where no one owes anyone a living, regardless of racial or other esoteric proclivities?

    Seems to me that the Irda people are learning the hard way that time-worn philosophies just don't cut it any more in the anjing-makan-anjing dunia out there.

    Want to attract investments? Join the queue where the owners of capital and funds are spolit for choice.

    Sheesh - this must be penembakist's biggest angst-provoking nightmare - that the outside world dismisses him and his kind as totally irrelevant, the Himpunites notwithstanding.

  21. Anonymous10:05 pm

    I don't think they'll find any blog if they refer to the url in that particular police report. Note: "HHTP:/" :-)

  22. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Bodoh Big Cat...A Moron

  23. Jasper Bloodstone12:11 pm

    Report in the Sing Biz Times today - "Iskandar Malaysia beats investment targets: Najib. Key announcements to come after he meets PM Lee Hsien Loong next month".

    Mr Najib said, as per the report, "further improvements in links between JB and Singapore will also help create a mutually beneficial economic unit - for in today's increasingly urbanised world, competition is between regions as much as it is between countries, and regions must work hard to make themselves truly competitive on a global scale..."

    Mr Najib added that due to the strategic location of Iskandar Malaysia, "there is synergistic complementarity between Iskandar and Singapore" and therefore it makes sense for the two to collaborate in mutually beneficial projects.

    Now, how much of that will resonate with, let's see, Johor Umno, Cuepacs, MTUC and assorted luminaries like the big cat and dog and others of their mindset?