Monday, July 07, 2014

Why Dr Mahathir is still front-paging our newspapers

Read today's Page 1 of The Malay Mail, where I was Editor until 2011. A pleasant surprise, really, since the article Economic prescription from the doctor is proper reporting (based on a proper interview) and not a heavily editorialized piece like  The Paradox of Dr M published by The Heat, whose editor David Lee Boon Siew, incidentally, was also news editor of the Malay Mail at one time.

As Statesman, the Tun is viewed in all sorts of light. Sometimes it is up to the agenda for the day (or week) of the publisher. Most times it's because he says something newsworthy.

The Mail's piece is not all feel-good. Dr Mahathir did express his "other worries, including the current government's tendency to seek popularity in implementing popular measures". Read the full article h e r e   (and yes, do read The Heat's rantings, too ...).


  1. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Malay Mail Improving by Leaps and Bounds AFTER YOU LEFT the Paper in a Mess.

  2. Anonymous1:42 am

    Why don't you just post it here, don't feel like adding traffic and ad revenue to Malay Mail and The Heat.

  3. Anonymous2:58 am

    Becoz tun is the best ever handle our malaysian country

  4. Membaca Malay Mail hari ini bagaikan membaca Malaysiakini...banyak artikle yang memburuk-burukkan UMNO dan pemimpin Melayu...

  5. charleskiwi7:53 am

    Everything he is now advocating, just why didn't he implemented them in the 23 years when he was the PM, notwithstanding that he cheated to remain as one. Why ?

  6. Anonymous9:22 am

    Dengan penuh rasa rendah diri dan rasa syukur diberi nikmat hidup. Andai diberikan peluang Tun M boleh menggunakan nyawa saya untuk terus kekal hidup dengan izin Allah saya restui. Melayu Islam sehebat Tun M sebenarnya telah banyak mengubah demografi Malaysia dan ketika pemerintahan beliau Cina,India dan lain2 bangsa boleh lagi duduk minum kopi sama2. Tapi kini, tumpah air mata darah sekalipun kita sudah sukar untuk tidak menyimpan perasan iri hati, dengki, benci dll dalam sanubari setiap kaum di Negara ini. Nauzubillah. Jauhkanlah sengketa kaum sekalipun jika Islam berperang dengan kafir di Malaysia ini sebagai syahid.. Allahuakbar..takbir..

  7. Anonymous10:27 am

    The crook that brought Malaysia to its knees, and the master that trained subsequent "leaders" like Bijan to rob the country blind.

    Has the old man ever heard of the phrase "monkey see, monkey do" ?


  8. Cheat.Det11:48 am

    Siapa yang JUAL tanah melayu kepada Pendatang China dan Singapurapura!???


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