Tuesday, July 08, 2014

KL soup kitchens aside ...

Lifeline for these kids, please ... It's good to know that Malaysians still care about KL's poor and homeless. That's the impression I get from the outcry against an official order to ban soup kitchens from the Bukit Bintang area, anyway. These soup kitchens feed the capital city's needy, the good Samaritans tell the government; never mind if many or most of these homeless and poor are illegal migrants, foreigners. I hope Tengku Adnan Mansor, who created the furore with the ban directive effective last Thursday, can clarify the government's supposed good intentions, which are 1. to open a one-stop centre to replace the soup kitchens and 2. provide permanent shelters for the homeless (Centres to stop people from taking advantage of free meals, Malay Mail, 8/7/2014). If he can't even convey those simple good intentions properly to the people, he should consider doing something else ...  

With so many caring KLites out there, we should also highlight efforts by individual Malaysians fellow in trying to cheer up some needy Malaysian kids. Here are two fine examples. Now, you can bitch about how this shouldn't still be happening in a land of plenty like Malaysia (the fact is, it is still happening), or you can do your bit to help these dudes help those kids ... 

2. From the Instagram account of is_drbubbles

p.s. By the way, Norman Fernandez, the DAP man who has finally thrown in the towel and quit the party, thinks the do-gooders from the soup kitchens could actually be doing more harm than good ... Read The Mole's article h e r e .

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  1. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Ask the money from Tengku Adnan Mansor, he has plenty of money and should have more than enough to help those poor kids. Afterall most KL folks work very hard to earn their living and may not have much left like Tengku.