Monday, March 10, 2014

1MDB vs YTL Power: Shush, Tony (and how it was won and lost, fair and square)

 Updated: The Energy Commission's latest clarification h e r e
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DAP's YB Tony Pua has been very quiet after YTL Powe, the company that he was openly backing to win the RM11 billion coal-fired  power project, actually lost the bid to 1MDB. I'm glad the relevant authorities aren't keeping mum: in the papers over the weekend the Energy Commission explains why the 1MDB's consortium with Mitsui had won it fair and square. 
This blog tracks the relationship between politicians and some of the big businesses in the country, but while we have always understood Pua's obligation to question 1MDB in his capacity as a Member of Parliament, we were quite confused by his open support for YTL Power against 1MDB. There was something not right about that. 
We don't expect Pua to respond to the Energy Commission's clarification but there's still one thing that makes us wonder: Is there a special relationship between the Member of Parliament and YTL Power? When a politician openly supports one corporation against another that happens to be its competitor in a billion-ringgit bid, we feel obliged to demand for a clarification.
The Star's report 8 March 2014:


  1. lufang12:57 pm

    Waa cekap ,Wa tatak apa-apa hat sama itu hatt , itu you kena pecaya leaa, selupa you pecaya lain hatt waa cekap looo.... .

  2. Anonymous3:42 pm

    The fact that YTL Power partnered with a "heavy hitter" from the south is irrelevant, apparently.

    Just saying.

    So, if Tony Pua's supposed links with YTL Power is a matter of interest to Pak Rocky, then so should be YTL Power's documented link with this "heavy hitter".

    Unless, of course, Pak Rocky believes that discretion is the better part of valour?

  3. Lucky that Politician like Tony is not in the gomen. If not he might have done a direct-nego.

  4. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Yes..just shut up your stinking lying filthy mouth tony puaka

  5. Rocky,
    you said:
    "This blog tracks the relationship between politicians and some of the big businesses in the country"

    BETUL ke???

  6. Anonymous2:28 pm

    I recall that Track 3B was supposed to be a greenfield project. Isnt 1MDB's proposal brownfield?

  7. Expose the UMNO connection5:01 pm

    YTL depended on mahathir sons, Muhyidin for 9 billion PBS project etc. These are umno lanun backed company that we must be on guard.
    If we exposed them then, Muhyidin would be malu or Mahathir would be malu to back the Chinese YTL.

  8. Anonymous1:05 am

    Last time campaigned against Syed Mokhtar by lies and hatred. Lucky people not stupid. They knew it was business propaganda. So this smelly turd got flushed out of the picture.

    Now seems he has floated back out of the toilet to campaign for YTL. Careful YTL, you better check for AIDS. "Additional Income Demand Scheme". Political prostitutes that service businessmen, like this dirty bitch here, often carry the disease.