Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 I thought some of my fellow Malaysians were bad enough, making tasteless jokes and pulling sick pranks amid the nation's shock and sorrow over the Flight MH370 plight. But our own media personality iamkumbre is right: nothing - nothing - beats these sick bunch of publicity sluts who happen to be from Down Under. 
Watch their eyes dance with glee, how "broken" their good hearts are h e r e.  

Quit the whoring, people. Please continue to pray for the people on board MH370, their loved ones, and all those involved in the search and rescue mission. 


  1. Baalzebub12:45 pm

    But if such breach of conduct by the pilots actually happened, I don't see why it should not be exposed.

    So what if it happened quite some time back. She is merely sharing her experience about the pilot.

    Mind you, she actually said that she felt comfortable and think the pilots knew what they were doing.

  2. Anonymous12:55 pm

    If that makes the girls whore , then what does that makes the pilots ? Whore seekers ?

    This shows a lack of professional ethic and safety consciousness by the young pilots !

    Be neutral ok !

    If the pilots were not malays or even malaysians , i wonder if your sentiments would be the same !

    This just gives us another angle of the tragedy ! Lack of proper mind set among the MAS pilots !

    ~Mat Sentul

  3. PakKaduk1:00 pm

    Apabila kebanyakan blog (terutamanya pembangkang) dan blog-blog penyokong kerajaan yang tiba-tiba menjadi penyokong kuat media yahudi. Menunding jari dan menyalahkan kerajaan tanpa sedikit pun pujian serta menjadi tidak patritotik. Blog ini beri saya sedikit harapan.

    Terima kasih.

  4. charleskiwi1:14 pm

    Yes, when you have no one else to turn to, just turn to Allah, just like Najib when he had no one or no where else to turn to to for the death of the mongolian's beauty death. To convince the people his innocence he called on Allah to be his witness that he did not know of the woman. It wasn't to prove that he had nothing to do with the C4 of the woman.
    Now that he has run to a dead end in the search of MH370 he is again turning to Allah.
    To me that is blasphemy, please remember Allah will help only those who help themselves. But is Malaysia helping themselves and if Malaysia's have a population of 40% of non pendatang (that is if the figures are true) why are only the incompetents appear on the press conferences) ? What has happened to the rest of the 40% of the population ?

    Do you need even to be an expert or even a Harvard educated graduate to know that ? Is it it a true reflection of marginalization that is within this nation ? Or is Najib beginning to rectify the situation when he had the Talent Corp Corp going round the world begging the immigrated skillful professionals to return to serve the country and with incentives and added incentives ?
    Please stop fooling yourselves the policy started by egregious Mahathir has now gone too far and there is amount of remedial actions can impede the nation from not only remain in the third world and heavily in debt but is beginning to fall apart. These are only lessons Malaysia must learn when it is run and managed by people with a certain colour of their skin and not by their ability ! Most of all please remember Malaysia has a mixed population consisting of 60% Malays and 40% pendatangs.

    No matter what, for the sake of the people on MH370 we can only now ask for divine intervention !

  5. Well as said -Whore...

  6. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Remember its not Malaysia where you have to make allegations using a police report or face big trouble. Ok, she may be an attention seeker and may have even got some money for her story but it is newsworthy. First we hear about the tight cockpit security from MAS, then we hear that it only takes a tight skirt to avoid the security. This information is not just important for MH370 but for everyone travelling on MAS in the future. Why shoot the messenger? You only want to hear from imam or pastor that the bridge is unsafe before you cross it? Sorry, they don't get access to cockpits.

    1. Anonymous10:36 am

      Whore - cashing in on others' misdeeds and sorrows.

  7. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Once a whore , always a whore .
    like those in the Pakatat group.
    We simply just have to ignore them .
    My pray for the safety of all in the MH370 .

  8. when i boarded an airplane i want to be assured that the captain is not playing around because my life is at stake. that he did not bring his passenger gundik inside the cockpit. that he did not smoke anything that could trigger alarm or make him lose focus. i want him staring at the dials and gadgets in front of him. i want him to be professional. i want other people to check on him sometime to make sure he remains professional all the time. that's all i ask.

  9. Anonymous2:48 pm

    True that.

  10. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Your point being what, Bru?

    Because the young ladies are Mat Sallehs, you can get away with labelling them as "whores"?

    What kind of twisted misogynistic standard is that?

    Is the video a fake? Is the face of the airline crew member a Photoshopped fake?

    Standard attack dog technique - when you can't fault the message, denigrate the easy targets!

    Why not ask if "khalwat" was committed in that MAS aircraft's cockpit (and I use the term advisedly)?

  11. Anonymous4:18 pm

    These Aussie prostitutes are immoral and illmannered. I guess they will not mind if they are shamed by someone after they die. (not having around to defend themselves). Get a life prostitutes!

  12. They just want attention but never think of the consequences. The impact of this lies can effects lots of parties not just direct but indirectly to those who didn't even involve in this. They wants fame from others misfortune. This is worse than those who made up story or pranks.

  13. They just want attention but never think of the consequences. The impact of this lies can effects lots of parties not just direct but indirectly to those who didn't even involve in this. They wants fame from others misfortune. This is worse than those who made up story or pranks.

  14. IT.Scheiss7:14 pm

    Some may have hated me for saying it but I say it again - THE INTERNET CULTURE US A PARIAH CULTURE.

  15. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Digging up as much dirt from the past, failing which, just invent some or plant some? Or just photoshop it?

    Hey that's Standard Operating Procedure for you umno blog whores, right?

    At least the aussie sluts are telling the truth - but it isn't relevant in the least to what happened to our plane.

    1. Anonymous7:35 am

      Anon 7.15, How do you know the Aussie sluts are telling the truth when the accused cannot defend himself? How immoral accusing someone who is dead or presumed dead.

  16. Anonymous8:10 pm

    bimbo! get a life!

  17. Anonymous9:07 pm

    The Australian whores are equivalent to Malaysians whores in Utusan. So should you Rocky think the Utusan whores are holier than others

  18. Anonymous10:12 pm


    yes, pray for all. but the nations eyes are on us, and we are failing all round - contradictions, lack of coordination and now a serious breach of security. We cannot keep silent just to please and look good. We must be prepared to offer constructive criticism.

    Whatever her motivations, I think you are seriously missing the point.

  19. Anonymous10:24 pm


    Pathetic Malay handling of a crisis. Its got incompetence written all over.

    Should watch Pierce Morgan's show on CNN today, you had experts condemning the Malaysian authorities as to non disclosure, being vague, confusion and contradictory statements between key officials , KL a hub for AL QUEDA operations ( planning of 9/11 and the attack on the battleship " Cole") and the slack enforcement of airline conduct by MAS ie allowing passengers into the cockpit.


    There's the question of what the control tower fellas were doing after they lost contact with the plane. Plane took off at 12.40am, lost contact at 1.20am, but apparently spotted by the Malaysian military radar station at Batu Perak Island ( North of Penang) at 2.40am . No alarm was raised immediately after losing contact at 1.20am off the East Coast.

    If the military knew that the plane was spotted over the Straits of Malacca at 2.40am, why in Gods name did they allow the naval and air operations to go on, at the South China Sea?

    STOP PRESS: Now this joker Gen Rodzali Daud said he "did not make any such statements", but the air force had "not ruled out the possibility of an air turn-back". I mean ....Berita Harian reports attribute it to him, now he denies BUT DOES NOT RULE OUT!!!! Then why the hell is Malaysia Govt. asking India to scour the Indian Ocean near Andaman Island and our naval ship are in the Straits of Malacca.

    Here's what the BBC is now reporting:

    'Confusing' information:

    China's foreign ministry said there was "too much confusion" regarding the information released about the plane's flight path.

    "It is very hard for us to decide whether a given piece of information is accurate," spokesman Qin Gang told reporters in Beijing.

    The internationall community are having a good laugh behind close doors at Malaysian officials INCOMPETENCE!!!!

    The DG, the General,the PM's spokesman all saying TOTALLY different things.

    This is what happens when you have race over brain matter to run the Joint.

    Now you have too, the unofficial Chinese Communist newspaper issuing a terse statement on the conduct and actions of the Malaysian officials two days ago.

    I hate to guess the longer this sad episode goes on, the reputation of the country is ...............

    Do hope and pray that probably against all odds that they are safe. Otherwise God bless their souls and there's closure for the immediate kin

    1. Anonymous6:34 pm

      I dont understand why you must say melayus have no brains at all on how to handle anything? Plse offer your goodself to handle this crisis if you think your brain is better. All help is needed urgently.

  20. Anonymous10:43 pm

    They've just insulted Melayus and Islam. Where's Perkasa and the kris??

    NO? Why?

    The 27 year old slut was not a true muslim and hence need not be defended??

    Fucking shameful.

  21. Anonymous1:29 am

    What a bitch...

    For all you know, those sluts were the ones asking if they could go to the cockpit.

    Look at how the sluts dress and behave in the photos...

    Attention seeking whores?? You got that right.

  22. boatman3:33 am

    i dont know if publicly calling them whores, whether for attention or otherwise, puts you above them. crude and tasteless.

  23. On the pilot's FB page he sent her a msg. So the fact is that two beautiful blondes were invited by a Malay pilot says it all. Security breach. Or just flirting around!

  24. So far Rocky you have not made any criticisms of the contradicting statements from the DG of the Civil Aviation Authority, the IGP, the military. The lack of transparency & honest from our politicians.

  25. Anonymous8:43 am

    Grandma stories of young Malay pilot allowing girls into his plane cockpit is just another typical poisonous swipe oozed out from typical ungrateful ozzies from the faraway south Ozzieland...Remember Malay Peninsular is one of the buffers that try to slowdown China mainland rapid expanding south towards Australia..I just cant wait the day Australia get swamped by ***** perils..

    Dr. Salleh Telegu

  26. IT.Scheiss8:46 am

    I have deconstructed the NineMSN video and have found many inconsistencies in it, so people shouldn't believe all that they see or hear on the Internet, from sensationalist gutter media and whatever sensational rubbish people forward to them.

    Let's start with original video about that alleged visit by two ladies into an MAS plane cockpit enroute from Phuket to KLIA.

    And also on You Tube

    At 1.27 minutes into the NineMSN video you see the pilot, first-officer and the two girls standing in a row of four, supposedly in the cockpit. Who was the fifth person who took the picture of them?

    At 1.51 minutes, the scene is of the man in the MAS flight crew uniform posing with a woman in the MOUTH OF THE AEROBRIDGE with the plane's door in the background and NOT in the cockpit.

    Does the scene behind the girl from 2.50 to 3.01 minutes look like Phuket airport, with the three Malaysia Airlines planes parked and the one taxiing of the tarmac?

    At most, there would most likely be two MAS planes at Phuket airport at any one time, with plenty more Thai plans and planes of other airlines.

    I can't attach the pictures here but you can do a picture search on "Phuket International Airport" ob Google.

    From the pictures, you can see that the brick & mortar Phuket airport does not use the kind of metal frame windows in the same scene from 2.50 to 3.01 minutes.

    Also the air side (boarding side) of Phuket International Airport faces the sea and is pretty close to it, whilst the runway runs inland by the side of the terminal building.

    So where is the sea and trees in the scene from 2.50 to 3.01 minutes?

    No, this looks more like at an airport in Malaysia, most possibly KLIA.

    Now note the words, "an air steward came to fetch.." from around 3.33 minutes and from 3.43 to 3.48 minutes (..the air steward helped us fold out the jump seat so SHE knew that we would be sitting in there..".

    Due to gender equality in Australia, they may refer to both a steward (male) and a stewardess (female) as a "steward" but note once again "the jump seat" and "she knew we would be sitting in there".

    From 4.09 minutes onward -- "We were sitting on a pretty uncomfortable seat.."

    Two women sitting in one jump seat?

    There are supposed to be two women in the cockpit, so they would require two "jump seats" not one "jump seat", unless one woman sat on the other woman's lap during take off and landing.

    Also,, if these women were so "upset" over the behaviour of the pilots, why then do they look so happy and enjoying themselves in the photos?

    Now, where is Fariq Abdul Hamid;s Facebook page?

    All I got is this and the person in no way looks like a Malay.

    Who was the pilot with Fariq Abdul Hamid at the time?

    Why not contact him for clarification on this alleged incident?

  27. I had to rewatch Datuk Azharuddin comment about Balotelli twice to really understand what he meant. he was answering direct question about how the stolen passport holder looks like and he gives reference about Balotelli, not to say that they look African or Black but to say that 'skin color does not translate to nationality'. Balotelli looks like African although he is actually Italian.

    3 times he fumbled. first he said Batolli, then journalist corrected him he pronounced Bartolli and lastly he said Barotelli. In the end he never get the name right at all.

    i'm sad that none of the media who have representatives at the PC failed to inform the public what he really meant to convey, in fact some of them misinform us. on tv the audio is not very good and we can't hear clearly what journalist asks. so the incompetence it seems falls on many sides.

  28. Anonymous10:38 am

    After this incident... no more MAS airline for me.Sorry! my life is much more than the pilot and his girls frolocking in the cockpit.
    There is a joke in town if you fly MAS you better spend all your money first!
    Please dont call attention seekers as whores...afterall did that co pilot thought of the lives on board when he turned lusty by inviting them into the cockpit?You dont show off in a $300 mil aircraft do you?

  29. Anonymous11:13 am

    10:24, U shud stop commenting because u dont know what u are on about and this is making u look like an arshole

    The balotelli thing was to tell that u cant tell how a name holder look alike, by just looking at that person name. But u anon 10:24, want people to poke fun at DCA DG by twisting what.he said.

    And u shud know the.differences between.civil and military.radars they work. Different altitute and methods etc etc. But again, u want to paint our tudm black and make them laughing stocks. U shud read more. Reading helps, alot. Unfortunately all u got is small dick and stinky mouth.

  30. Anonymous11:48 am

    I don't care if they're whores or not or if the pilot is a young guy who likes girls. Bringing them in cockpit, smoking in cockpit that's not proper lah.


  31. BADUT NASIONAL12:14 pm

    Please quit Whoring and Pimping for BN fools!

  32. Anonymous12:52 pm

    It is unfortunate that this incident happens to MAS, our national airlines. Not to mention if there is indeed a conspiracy to test asian countries tech ability to detect such high tech "attack" especially to test China "strength". To us Malaysian, we are supposed to jointly defend our country in whichever possible. Somehow I don't see it happens. No wonder we don't bother anymore if our neighbour has casualty because more are becoming so self centered and useless citizen. I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND I AM PROUD OF MAS.

    1. Anonymous5:10 pm

      Oh please keep your theories and patriotism to yourself and spend time towards improving your english instead. Also there is nothing to defend from....who are you fighting against?!! Yourself? ;)

  33. Salam En. Rocky,

    I am not sure why I still can't browse The Scribe of A Kadir Jasin both from my laptop and hand phone.

    Hope you could assist.

    Am so sorry if this is not appropriate.

    Thank you.

    Fauzi Baharum

  34. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Maybe the Aussie trying to lure him by telling 'I'll let you get into my cockpit if you let me into your cockpit..'

  35. Anonymous6:58 pm

    "So far Rocky you have not made any criticisms of the contradicting statements from the DG of the Civil Aviation Authority, the IGP, the military. The lack of transparency & honest from our politicians."

    What, and piss off the people who pay him?

    Takes a whore to know a whore, right.

  36. Anonymous8:39 pm

    You should be ashamed for calling the young woman who was only bringing forth her actual experience, which is very pertinent in this situation as it exposes the alarming lack of cockpit security protocol exhibited by the MH 370 co-pilot. You owe her an apology, if you are a gentleman. If anyone is to be termed a whore, it would be you for pandering to the corrupt UMNO-led government instead of serving the public as an honest broker.

  37. Anonymous9:14 pm

    What a dick you are!!! Me? I have to do more reading?

    First, if you are attempting to write in English show some modicum of proficiency of the English language. Let me assure you, English is not my mother tongue. That's one down to you, fool.

    As to me putting down the MORONS i.e. from the Minister of Transport to the DG of Civil Aviation, to the Generals, well let me enlighten you, I was reflecting what was being stated by the world news agencies' i.e. BBC to Fox News Channel to CNN. All of them describing Malaysian Government officials dealing with the investigation as: DISGUSTING, INCOMPETENT, etc.

    CNN reported Thursday Malaysian time by its correspondent in KL, as " The Chinese Ambassador was STARRING AT THE MALAYSIAN GENERALS at their briefing " Starring with CONTEMPT surely!!. Read what their Foreign Ministry said.. .. they can't accept what is being stated at the briefings as its CONTRADICTED later. Hey! 11.13 AM that's what the world thinks of Malaysian Government officials.

    So you si bodoh, 11.13AM, once you brush up your mastery of the English language, try and view (via cable TV) what the rest of the world makes out of Malaysian officials' effort's to manage the crisis, which is diabolically INCOMPETENT. This is the end result when they are there, because of race rather then brains and competence.

    Chances are that this commentary may not be published, but I do hope wisdom and intelligence visits you someday. Pull your head out of the conga line of arseholes.

  38. Anonymous9:48 pm

    11.13 AM

    Here is what the Daily Mail the worlds largest ON line newspaper has as its Headlines today:

    'No wreckage, no cracks in fuselage and no secret engine data': Clueless Malaysian officials rule out EVERY new crash theory - so when will they come up with some REAL information?

    Yes 11.13AM you idiot. CLUELESS OFFICALS is what Malaysian officials' are!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous10:15 pm

    mmg seronok kalu nak perlekeh n memburuk burukkan org....biasalah kalu org yg tak punya hati...kita taktau apa yg jd pasti suka suki tuduh pilot suka berpoya poya...
    malang m'sia mempunyai penduduk yg lebih suka menggutuk dari membantu...taknak membantu takper...jgn perlekeh org lain...

  40. Anonymous6:02 am

    What a whore??!

    She said she's not saying that the pilot is incompetent or something.... that is exactly what shes trying to portray.

    MAS was being very hospitable and the captains allowed them to checkout the cockpit for the short ride from Langkawi to .phuket and this is what the whores did??! So low.

    The pilots also look reasonable and gentlemenly in the photos.. no sign of being 'sleazy'. The captains are sleazy because they offered to show them around the City?? Yo whore, thats quite normal from where .i come from.

    Well we'll never hear how
    capt Fariq would defend himself now can we.

    In my opinion, I wont call her a whore.... whore's $h!t is more like it.

  41. Anonymous8:52 am

    Sure she can share her 'bad' experience and expose to the whole world the 'breach of conduct'.

    But of all the time, you have to do it now?? Do you have a pea for a brain??!

    Wont consider those whores Rocky... how about brainless skanks?

    The Ozzie medias are a$$hole$ too apparently.

  42. Anonymous9:48 am

    It is indeed a good time to show the vulgarity of the people who will kiss the asses of the white people. But when one is able to show the kind of people you are you really show the kind of people you truly are, vulgar and also will break all the rules in the country.
    This would include not only allowing them into the cockpit, that is against the regulations and also taking photograph with them. If you call them whores what are the people seen in the photograph that was taken in the cockpit !
    Just remember it takes two to tango !

  43. IT.Scheiss2:16 pm

    "I don't care if they're whores or not or if the pilot is a young guy who likes girls. Bringing them in cockpit, smoking in cockpit that's not proper lah."

    Watch the video again till the end.

    Then tell me how two women could have sat in the ONE jump seat behind the pilot and first officer, during take off and landing.

    Then read my blog post debunking the video.

  44. Anonymous4:02 pm

    whoring or not, this should be investigated and dealt with.

  45. Anonymous9:14 pm

    The worse breed o " whores" are those in those in the service of UMNO Baru. Paid for by the tax payers money.

  46. trifling-jester9:20 pm

    rocky - no comments about your paymasters being absolutely ridiculed for their incompetence on televisions worldwide?

    well, thats exactly how "journalists" like you ascend up in our country.

  47. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Bringing girls into cockpit is serious security breach.Did you know that some of foreign agent recruit girls and beautiful woman as special agent.Is there any woman make friend with this co-pilot in his latest flight of missing plane?If any....the rest is history

  48. Anonymous9:59 pm

    RMAF owe us Malaysians big..big time. When Indian Air Force scrambled just over unidentified hot air balloon, RMAF let unidentified flying plane crossed peninsular for over 45 minutes before it disappeared from their radar... What a blunder!

    If RMAF had sent jets to intercept that plane, save us all from this stupid tiring thing.

    After all what had happened, the chief still have telor to tell the world that they did not react because it was not hostile. 63.7 meters and more than 200 tonnes unidentified flying object that was not on civilian radar, is not hostile according to RMAF. To them, jets with supersonic speed, faster than their fat ass farts only considered to be hostile. RMAF chief really deserve a tight kokedai slap on the face.

  49. Anonymous6:38 pm

    trust malay men and their *joystick*. Typical -they no NO LIMITS.Self -restraint - its not in their dick..oops.. dict! If she's a whore that makes him a ____?

  50. Anonymous7:42 pm

    What about that guy who brought his bent stick and 2 coconuts to the airport? Was that a good look? And what about the idiot who "invited" him? Now that is a mystery!

  51. Lebaikecut10:48 am

    The Air General is not incompetent. he just can't talk well publicly.
    The whore in question should not targeting the co-pilot in question. I am sure she can't give other example. Being in The cockpit is not a one-off. many pilots do it. Smoking too. I was told the pilot has the perogative as that is his space.

  52. Anonymous11:10 am

    fariq was the flight/first officer, not the main pilot.that's why he sat on the right and flight officer only hears what the pilot says.the main pilot still lives i, why don't the journalist interviews the pilot himself?

  53. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Uncle bernard passed away at 12.30 noon , 4th april 2014. Need not publish this.
    Just FYI.

  54. Anonymous1:24 pm

    The real sluts are local...they turned up to answer questions without proper preparation. Some only turned up to make a fool of themselves. They have been universally flayed but you don't know that because the Keraajan censors everything through use of KDN permits, threats from UMNO clowns, etc.

    Ask yourself : How can my country lose a whole airliner? Will you hutang budi to the foreign kafirs (as some call them) now?

  55. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Please read

  56. Anonymous5:34 pm

    They stopped paying you or what?

  57. Anonymous3:21 pm

    The only reason I would still call them WHORES is for the fact that they chose to do a character assassination of one of the pilots who is not with us today to DEFEND himself. It's the whore's words against a defenseless man!
    For all those racists anti government traitors, I expect your usual rants against the government at every opportunity you get...and MH370 is certainly a dish for you guys to feast on.

    Malaysia is a great nation with a great government. The only ones making all the noise are the people who either can't get what they want or people who are greedy where nothing is ever enough.

    Do us all a favor and LEAVE!! You are still in MAlaysia because lets face it, LIFE IS GOOD FOR YOU HERE!!!

    Daulat Tuanku.

  58. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Who is going to tell the story from the pilot's side?? IT seems like the girls are free to exaggerate and tell the story as they wish and the pilot-lynching mob are just lapping it up!
    Could those pics be taken when they were on the ground? Could the request have been made by the girls instead?
    I guess we'll NEVER know but in the meantime, lets take the WHORES' words since they are the ones who are here to tell it!