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Malaysia, where a different kind of "Apartheid" still exists

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15.12.2013 Sunday

Mandela, Mahathir, Haniff, AsH, and the Malaysian Insider. In his latest column in the NST, Shamsul Akmar reminds Malaysians of how Nelson Mandela had sought Dr Mahathir Mohamad's views on implementing the affirmative action ala NEP to help end Apartheid policies in South Africa. And in continuing where Tun Haniff Omar and the blogger Anak Si-Hamid had left off, Shamsul bashes up the editors at The Malaysian Insider:
"Probably the remarks by the former IGP had stung so much that in its eagerness to mock and debunk Hanif, the Malaysian Insider, when getting on its high horse, forgot about the number of apologies that it had to dish out for gross misreporting, if not outright lies. By any standards, the number of apologies from it in its few years of existence makes the traditional media, which had existed for decades, look like novices in the misreporting department."
Read Shamsul's Apartheid is about MINORITY supremacy, republished by The Mole h e r e.

Origtinal posting:-
If davidlee52 is calling Malaysia an Apartheid country, where one dominant non-indigenous group, the Chinese (like the whites in South Africa), control and  hold the reins of wealth  -  then there is Apartheid in Malaysia! - Anak Si-Hamid in Perfidy (Dec 8)
In fact, Anak Si-Hamid writes, going by this twisted definition of Apartheid, there would be two other countries in Southeast Asia - Indonesia and the Philippines - where one dominant non-indigenous group control most of the wealth. AsH was responding to a comment left by "an ex-Malaysian Chinese living in England for most part of his life, davidlee52 of Swanscombe, who was first to leave a comment under the UK Daily Mail article Nelson Mandela is dead at 95. 

Click to enlarge the screenshot:

This is not the first time some idiot accuses Malaysia of Apartheid. I have refused to publish such comments on my blog for sometime now because they are just so ...idiotic. It's a shame that these commenters, like davidless52, could find a new home in the online pages of the British media. 

Thank you, AsH, for drawing them out. [Updated: Utusan Malaysia's columnist Zaini Hassan based his Cuit:  Baca Kisah "Khianat" oloeh Anak Si Hamid on AsH's posting]:

In a related development, reading news reports on Mandela's memorial service, you'd be tempted to believe the great man was America's great friend, and vice-versa (World leaders pay tribute ...). History remembers differently. As Nicholas Kristof writes in the NYT (Mandela Lives, Dec 5) ...
When Mandela was behind bars and most needed help, much of the world was mute. Dick Cheney even voted against a 1986 House Resolution calling on South Africa to release Mandela. 


  1. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Yes, there is Apartheid in Malaysia where one community insists on having their own school for their own kind. This type of school is not stated in the constitution or even the national education policy.

    There is Apartheid in Malaysia where there is a community who refused to integrate with the host society and continue to live in their own cocoon.

    There is Apartheid in Malaysia where the distribution of wealth is heavily skewed towards that one particular race. This imbalance would be even more surreal should NEP had not been introduced.

    There is Apartheid in Malaysia where people of different faiths and customs could practice and exercise them without constraint. But once in a while, religious and cultural practices of a particular community being questioned openly and making fun of.

  2. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Special rights is not apartheid?

    Apostasy is not apartheid?

    Preference in awarding scholarships is not apartheid?

    Calling people "pendatangs(sic) is not apartheid?

    Pillorying a particular community for academic, business and professional success is not apartheid?

    I am surprised at your tunnel vision, Bru.

    Though, given recent developments, I shouldn't be surprised.

    1. Anonymous2:35 am

      Anon 5:36 is confused between the meaning of oppression, such as apartheid, and calling people names such as pendatang (even if they're not natives..hmm..what does that make them then if not pendatang??).

      I always thought that apostasy was a religious crime, not a racial one (can the pendatang decide not to become pendatang?). I suppose the Crusades should now be called Apartheid, by this anon's definition.

      I would love to see this anon argue with the Red Indians, the Fijians and the Maoris among others about special rights. Or argue with Singapore about the lack of scholarship opportunities for the minority groups. Let's start with how many President's Scholarship or SAFOS scholarship had gone to the Chinese vs minorities? Let's also ask about SAP schools there. Whoa! Another apartheid regime! Get out of Singapore, quick!

  3. Anonymous6:25 pm

    I have been to Soweto about 15 years ago. Pity the poor blacks living in miserable environment partly due to the apartheid system but things are changing then.

    In apartheid Malaysia or some DAP lovers will like to compare UMNO=Nazis, one would also expect the Chinese over here also to live in ghetto as the Jews in Nazi Germany or the blacks in Soweto. Pity them too they got no right to vote , no right to own properties and due to heavy discrimination, they migrated in droves to other countries.

    But in apartheid Malaysia, they are not leaving

  4. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Setahu saya mmg dari Zaman British China bolot kontark Gomen..

    Rakyat sekarang boleh menilai dgn MUDAH sekali..

    Hampir semua YB2 BN dari dulu2 & sekarang pakatan dipasung. Kerja YB2 ini hanyalah:
    1. Boneka untuk China menolak Tanah2 untuk Projek Rumah.
    2. Bagi lesen2.

    Sekarang tanah dah habis, kena roboh rumah, Jawatan gomen dah habis tubuh Corp2 yg diangotai anak2 VIP yg lemah IQnya.

    Banglo2 dibina untuk ORANG ASING.

    Sebenarnya BUKAN RAKYAT Malaysia yg dapat Faedahnya..

    Sekali sekala Komisyen ini diguna YB2 (jgn marah) untuk SEKALI-SEKALA menjamu rakyat jelata minum teh & sambil melaung2 rasis dll (BN,DAP semua sama)

    Ia ternyata Flow Control ini milik Aparthid yg ada modal BERBILION dari sumber ASING.

  5. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Unlike South Africa, the apartheid in Malaysia instead of imposed is chosen by the superiority complex minority race.

    The minority refuse to integrate with the majority whom they deemed to be "low class".

    They refuse to speak the national language which they deemed to be unimportant.

    They also insist that their children be separated from the low class masses by setting up their own schools.

    That David fellow is right, apartheid do exist in Malaysia!

  6. Anonymous7:33 pm

    School...check...cocoon...check...wealth...check..."religious and cultural practices under attack by them"...check.

    Whoa. This gonna be dull. This gonna be done death.

    I'm yawning already.

    PS: You forgot "ungrateful" bro.

    Make it a template, or something.

    Knock yourself out.

  7. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Selamat maju jaya diucapkan kepada Perkasa dan Yang Berbahagia Dato Ibrahim Ali. Mendiang Presiden Mandela akan kagum dengan kegigihan anda.

  8. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Anon 5:36 pm,

    You chinks are indeed pendatang. Why are you ashamed to be called pendatang? Many of your race despite have been living in this country for generation now still are unable to converse in proper BM, the national language of Tanah Melayu. And many of you chinkies also do not know Negaraku and do not respect the constitution. The Malay rulers agreed to grant citizenship to you yellow bastards provided you and your chinkie pigs abide by the constitution. Do not question the constitution, if you do we should also question your citizenship rights. If you are not happy, you and other chinkies can berambus!

  9. tebing tinggi10:46 pm

    Did apartheid is really over in South Africa ?,
    Like Malaysia the Majority black just in controlled of the government ,where the rest of it still in the hands of the minority white's especially the economy , are the black look white to them now.

    Apartheid practice in Malaysia by the minority Chinese towards the indigenous majority Malay are more serious ,at least the white's in S Africa willing to speak 'Afrikaans ' the language of S Africa ,where the Chinese hear dont even want to attend national school and speak national the language.

    Apartheid being practice by the Chinese here are worst ,even though they still haven't in controlled of the government ,what if one day ,they will ?.

  10. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Apartheid in DAPLAND Penang..where the ruling Imperial Socialist Elites
    behave like the Anglo Saxon Colonial Masters, and demand the natives to address their Leader as YAB Tuan and their Barons as YB Tuan..just like what the English colonialist did before 1957...
    Prof Awe Kecik

  11. IT.Scheiss11:01 pm

    I wonder whether this David Lee guy considers Israel and apartheid state or not.

    At least Roger Waters of the Pink Floyd band believes Israel is and refuses to perform there.

    If this David Lee guy can ignore Israel's treatment and ghettoisation of the Palestinians, whilst he exagerates affirmative action policies in Malaysia and denounces them as "apartheid" then his one-sided agenda is clear.

  12. Anonymous7:35 am

    Disgraceful name calling by that anon who posted at 9.19. Racist epithets, yeah, if all Malays are like you, why should we want to get closer to people like you? Hate filled people like you should berambus instead!

    The constitution guarantees the rights of ALL citizens. So there will be no questioning from me.

    As for the other anon who complained about the distribution of wealth, the Chinese created that wealth themselves. Nobody gave them any handouts.

    And there is no host society. You are not the host. We are not guests. We are all equally citizens.

    1. Anonymous11:27 am

      Well said. We all know that all Malaysian citizens came to this country at different points in history. The Hindu's first from India (Candi is proof of that), the Indons's followed, then the Chinese/indian economic migrants.
      The only real "indigenous" were and still ought to be, the Orang Asli and Ibans/Dayaks/east natives.

      So, go around selling the rewritten sejarah ...

      the moment you claim that one race is superior over the other, you are practicing APARTIED. Period. KKK has tried it before, Hitler has too, so has the white supremacists in SA.

      Furthermore, we know Bumi status can be bought! Case in point, Mamak besar, Sharizat etc

      You can justify economic equality etc, but help must be needs based and not race based. The tycoons are rich because your corrupted leaders gave them licenses for bribes, and therefore a bunch of Malays are very rich too.

      We have to start living like one nation, one spirit, one race.

  13. Anonymous8:13 am

    Anon who trolls with the saaaaame style of knee jerk writing:

    "Special rights is not apartheid?"
    No. It's not. If it is, there are no parking spaces for the disabled, no special coaches for women and no special programmes and quota for the orang asli.

    "Apostasy is not apartheid?"
    No it' not. It's worse.

    "Calling people pendatang is not apartheid?". No it's not. It should be called by another name. Like, errr... TRUTH.

    Ps. Watch this same troll assume another anon nick but spewing the saaaame non-factual, non-intellectual points, with his favorite but newly-learnt "sic" he found while engaging true heroes in these pages. It's very easy to spot him: give him some argument he cannot refute or demolish his points factually and watch him spiral into verbal cockamamy.

  14. Anonymous8:20 am

    Clearly Mandela fought for the oppressed native South African against dominating White "pendatang" in his country. Nowhere in the world where the natives can flourished under the rule of "kaum pendatang".

  15. charleskiwi8:24 am

    Very irresponsible of you and the likes of the warlords from Umno, blaming theChinese for every woe Malaysia is having.
    Just remember Umno has ben in control of Malaysia since independence, hence whatever policy is or has been is enforced are implemented and approved by Umno. In that case how can anyone one try to sideline the Malays ? Unless of course you are calling the warlords or the half breed Malays as pendatangs implementing policies that are sidelining the Malays. Also how can the Malays be sidelined when the civil servants are 96% taken up by the Malays ? Not to mention the many other policies that are in favour of the Malays. Malaysia has the Malay Regiment and all the armed forces fill up mainly by the malays. The real reason behind this is to ensure that the pendatangs are never in control of Malaysia.
    Like I said this many times before the people you have to fear the most are those of your own kind. The pendatangs, except some of the lackeys, are only appointed the unimportant cabinet posts just so to endorse the atrocities committed by the warlords. Not once, I repeat, not once has any of these lackeys have ever raised objections or dissatisfaction over any of the policies proposed and implemented by Umno.
    It is for this very reason why they were rejected by the people they are supposed to represent and if that isn't enough proof why is it that the egregious Mahathir and Umno warlords are saying that these pendatnags must be partners in BN ? What they did not say was and is they want these pendatangs represented in the cabinet to be at least seen whatever policies implemented are with their consent or to have their approval on whatever Umno has proposed. How can you called such policies, always favoring the Malays as democratic ! Most of all when the population of the pendatangs in this country is, according to the figures realized by Umno, over 40%. But the truth is these are figures 'cooked' up by Umno just to justify the Malays are the majority in this country. So stop blaming the pendatangs, especially the Chinese, for all the woes Malaysia is facing. Every single policy that governments this country was proposed and enforced by Umno. The non Malay cabinet ministers have never has the courage to even voice their objections to whatever Umno has proposed. Thus the reason why they are called lackeys !

  16. Anonymous10:32 am

    PAINFUL sometimes the truth...
    If were'nt for the chinese do you still think GOOD OLD MALAYSIA would have their independence from the Brits...what would Indonesia and Philippines be without the chinkies ? Basket cases this countries worst than some african countries dont you think...Yes! you melayus control power and its not free bleed them chinkies like parasites on anything....big jobs..banks etc...
    Indonesia have realised that when they whacked the chinese but the outflow of money has'nt return..Their President is still cajoling them to come back..
    Some wrote here those chinkies dont wanna tell them how? Your religion is a barrier..
    Everything is a no no...
    There is apatheid so life continues...

    1. Anonymous2:48 am

      Anon 10:32am is an anti-Islam chinkie bled by parasites and still living in this apartheid country. Must be a masochist and loving it.

  17. Anonymous10:39 am

    Not withstanding the ovation accorded to Anak si Hamid in this here pages, I for one would want to take a different route in commenting both her self and her blog. Here's my qualms:

    The chinkie ungrateful faultfinder that goes by the name davidlee52 writes about that apartheid thing to be distributed around the world in English, and you rebut by writing in Bahasa, to be published in Utusan, only to be read by Malayus? Why not write for the newspaper there in England? Or are you, like that Doctor Bakri Musa in California who writes with over-pheromoned erudition about how much he hates the ruling malay government, only a jaguh kampung worthy only to be perused by the locals (DAPsters mostly, who welcome with open arms anything written by self-hating malays) but not actually at par or at standard with those foreign newspaper writers?

    Come on both MakCik (Anak si Hamid) and Pak Cik (Bakri). You are our representatives there in the western world. You have the opportunity to set things straight. You don't have to appear so heroicly magnanimous only in your foreign-originated-malaysian-pages-and-adored-locally but when the time comes when the nation needs you, you bomb out.

  18. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Yes, there is Apartheid in Malaysia where one community insists on having their own school for their own kind. This type of school is not stated in the constitution or even the national education policy.

    Example: "UITM Untuk Melayu Sahaja!"

    There is Apartheid in Malaysia where there is a community who refused to integrate with the host society and continue to live in their own cocoon.

    1. "Jangan bergaul dengan kaum kafir"
    2. Tak mau ke rumah terbuka & majlis bukan Islam w'pun makanan halal disajikan
    3. "Kita tak mahu kuil Hindu berdekatan kawasan rumah Melayu"
    4. Murid2 yang tidak berpuasa diarah makan dalam bilik persalinan. Kerana kantin.. er... ditutup utk renovasi.

    There is Apartheid in Malaysia where the distribution of wealth is heavily skewed towards that one particular race. This imbalance would be even more surreal should NEP had not been introduced.

    1.Kontrek untuk bumiputera sahaja
    2.Jawatan untuk bumiputera sahaja
    3.GLC dituduh tak mementingkan hak Melayu

    There is Apartheid in Malaysia where people of different faiths and customs could practice and exercise them without constraint. But once in a while, religious and cultural practices of a particular community being questioned openly and making fun of.

  19. MaPeng1:31 pm


    I give due credit that the Chinkies are hard working. The real problem to Malaysia is that, due to the the unbridled capitalistic system we are in, they wish to gobble up everything. More than one could chew. That's the real threat to the country.

  20. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Ooh, anon 8:13 am....are we supposed to tremble in fear before the majestic power of your words?

    That's some hubris(sic) out there in never-never land.

    Actually, this emoting about "pendatangs" is so passé.

    It's only the opium of those who nurse a lifelong inferiority complex.

    As for "apostasy", I suppose that the Almighty in His wisdom, can differentiate between the sheep and the goats when the time comes.

    And I don't think that the Almighty plays favourites......

    Back to this notion of "apartheid" in Malaysia - if it's "us" versus "them", would you call it "apartheid" or "special rights"?

    Do go ahead and pen your thoughts. It's so easy to take them apart, while having a good laugh about them.

    No mixed(sic) metaphors(sic) there, I trust?

  21. Anonymous3:28 pm

    So what's the problem here, Malaysia practising apartheid. It's not like we haven't done them before.

    After all, we perform genocide on the Indians, cage the orang asli like animals, burn all the churches and the temples and steal all chinese hard-earned money.

    What's one lie compared with a litany?

    1. Anonymous8:10 pm

      Indeed, why just tell 1 when you can tell lots like what you did?keep lying!

  22. Anonymous5:59 pm

    LOL, I have - seriously - read this thread about 400 times before.

    Literally zero originality.

    But it's easy "filler" blogging and I still get paid by those nice PMO peeps, so screw you.

  23. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Isn't it apartheid in SA imposed by the white minority over the majority of African population?
    Apartheid almost happened in Malaysia on the 5th of May this year when the minority trying to bring down the Malay-led government and seized political power. When that failed to materialized, they vented their anger and frustrations by holding a rally shortly afterwards attended mostly of their kind in Kelana Jaya. They even have clowns on stage dressed in black to entertain them.
    If they did succeed in doing what they secretly intended to do, only God knows what will happened to the fate of Malays in their own land. Hang Tuah was right after all, "Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia.."

  24. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Malaysia practises Apartheid? Ironic isn't it then that when he became President, Mandela launched South Africa's own affirmative action programmes, Employment Equity and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)?

    The BEE Commission report even singled out the NEP for praise:
    "In Malaysia the state adopted an unapologetic and interventionist approach to Bumiputera empowerment that achieved significant results"

    In fact, in some ways South African affirmative action goes further than ours. There, even private companies are required by law to give preference to blacks.

    Below are some of the targets proposed by the BEE commission. Some of them look familiar, don't they?

    At least 30% of productive land should be in black hands, including individuals and collective enterprises.

    Black equity participation in each sector of the economy should be increased to at least 25% including individuals and collective enterprises.

    Black people (including businesses and collective enterprises) should hold at least 25% of the shares of companies listed on the JSE.

    At least 40% of non-executive and executive directors of companies listed on the JSE should be black.

    At least 50% of SOE and Government procurement – at national, provincial and local levels – should go to black companies and collective enterprises as defined in this document. At least 30% of these companies should be black-owned SMEs.

    At least 30% of private sector procurement should be to black-owned companies, including SMEs and collective enterprises.

    At least 40% of senior and executive management in private sector companies (with more than 50 employees) should be black.

    The National HRD Strategy should ensure that black people comprise at least 40% of the number of people in the professions and in professional training.

    The National HRD Strategy should ensure that the country's Higher Education and Training (HET) system should increase the participation rate to 20%.

    At least 50% of borrowers (by value) on the loan books of National Development Finance institutions should be black-owned companies and collective enterprises.

    In the event of restructuring, at least 30% of the equity of restructured SOEs should be owned by black companies and collective enterprises.

    At least 30% of long-term contracts and concessions (PPPs) within the public sector should incorporate black-owned companies and collective enterprises up front.

    At least 40% of Government incentives to the private sector should go to black companies.

  25. Anonymous8:27 pm

    If the chinkies am think that UMNO gomen is practicing apartheid, why are you people still here then? If your pendatang life is really that miserable, pergi lah berambus and we will be very happy to chart our own destiny without your help.

    Kalau tak tipu bukanlah cHINA namanya.

  26. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Racism starts from the top. If we want to remove racism completely then our leaders must show the example. Can our PM or DPM ever be from a race other than Malay?

  27. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Anon 0851 pm... dreamonlah..give u a chance way..dont like it migrate lah en bloc

  28. The Malays fought for African blacks11:52 pm

    The Malays must tell the African the true story. Because the Malays and Africans faced the same enemies before the Christian Europeans who invaded and stole their land.

    This story must be told again and again so that our children and the children remember that it was the Christians from Britain, Holland, France etc killed and stole lands from natives all over the world.

    We must also tell the story of how a brave Malay man Tunku singlehandedly raise the awareness of South Africa apartheid by moving for the expulsion of SA from the Commonwealth.

    Who else would have fought for the Black African? The Christian Whites are all in it together in complicity and Margaret Thatcher was one of the biggest supporter of SA apartheid.

    The Chrisitan Whites try to paint it in many ways but it was until the europeans themselves saw through Christianity that the Africans were free from bondage and slavery.

    But in 1961 it was the Malay Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman who fought for the African blacks.

    The Chinese brought by the Christian British are now trying to steal the natives land from the Malays and the Kadazans or Iban. Millions of rainforests are destroyed for timber and oil palm by the Chinese with the connivance of rogue UMNO President.

    So to all Africans, we mourn your loss brothers. Remember the Malays are your brothers in arms and we fought the same Christian colonisers. Amen.

  29. To some apartheid chinks, living outside Malaysia supposed to be the best choice ! Funny, like David 52, their minds just can't get rid off Malay land. WHY aah?

    Here they claim they are the best ! Yet they condemn malays( like telling the grandmother of racist...) and Islam like nobody business ! WHY aah?

    These racist chinks still deny their bad souls.... they dont even bother to be true malaysians - that denotes partly to be good 'malays' in the 'sians'..or otherwise please choose Xi'an suits to be the best place for being apartheid!

  30. Anonymous1:49 am

    It is Apartheid when a job vacancy is only for Mandarin speakers or Chinese preferred!

    The Lord of the Rim

  31. Anonymous9:45 am

    A good number of the young of david lee's race in Malaysia can't string a decent sentence in the national language despite being born and having grown up in our country. According to a Malay language teacher of Indian descent who I met she said the davidlee race students in her class don't care & are not bothered about learning Bahasa Malaysia because they know that they can live very well without speaking or learning the national language.
    In the national schools the davidlee race will converse among itself in its language. And also applies everywhere else - hospitals, banks, etc. etc.
    I wonder what davidlee who is nicely tucked away in swanscombe have to yelp about this?

  32. Anonymous12:22 pm

    When in the UK, Anak Si Hamid accuses the British of white-Christian supremacism and Islamophobia.

    Then, in Malaysia, she proceeds to spew the very same anti minority prejudices she accuses others of. Fear of the Chinese. Dismissing the plight of the Indians.

    A typical geriatric crab telling others to walk it straight!

  33. Anonymous5:21 am

    Anon 4.07 You are the one who wants to live in a cocoon where everyone is Malay Muslim and thinks exactly like you. Then you have no reason to hate because everyone is like you. Dream on.

    These people of different faiths and customs are all Malaysians who have the same rights as you.

    There is apartheid where the distribution of aid is heavily skewed towards one particular race.

    Why so many Muslim Malays studying in the Middle East? What kind of school are they going to?

    For the last time, you are not the host because we are not guests. We are all equally citizens. Do try to understand this simple concept, will you?

  34. Anonymous10:54 am

    Its funny when those chingkies who are given citizenship are saying they are the rightfull citizen of this Malay land... u guys are given citizenship because u are pendatang lah wei.. thats to hard to understand ka.. or you guys are just shameless buggers... if thats the case, why stop at Malaysia, why dont u claim USA, Aussie, England as ur original country?.. owh yes.. they are not as accomodative as the kind


  35. Anonymous4:47 am

    I will be happy to claim citizenship in USA or England if my ancestors had gone there and if I was born there. But I was not.

    Citizenship is a right given to those who fulfill the requirements. There should not be first, second or third class citizenship. Everyone is equal under the law.

    The dominant white 'pendatang' are equal citizens of South Africa and their contributions to the country welcomed by Mandela himself.

    No one race is supreme in South Africa. Mandela believed black domination is just as bad as white domination. He was indeed a very wise man.

    Mandela never hated the whites. He never thought the blacks were the supreme race in South Africa. He never thought the blacks were better or more entitled than the whites. He just wanted equality.

    He never called the whites any names and he never wanted to oppress them. He wanted to fight against ALL forms of racial discrimination.

    Hate is never justified and makes a person stupid and petty and going against his religion.

  36. Anonymous11:07 am

    The chingkies shout about equality yet they are one who entices racial discrimination and hatred.
    They want to be as equal like their brothers and cousins living in the US and England but they despised the country language, culture and religion.
    Mandela is a wise guy for promoting equality for his country but he actually adopted Malaysia’s policy in reducing the economic gap between the two races by introducing quotas for the black.
    The stupid notion made about inequality and racial discrimination in Malaysia is a blatant lie made by the chingkies to justify their hatred toward the Malays. Did any of them received the same treatment as the black of South Africa did?.. the answer is never.
    The chingkies just want all the wealth in Malaysia for themselves. They have underestimated the intelligence of Malay in dealing with greedy races like them. They despised being ruled by the Malay whom they think is inferior to them. The bullshit about being 2nd class citizens is an attempt to hide their greediness and bigotry.
    The chingkies should stop acting like the victim in this whole issues, but in reality you are the real oppressor and biggest racist bigot in Malaysia.


  37. ive long heard of some none malays equating malaysia's affirmative action plan with the system of apartheid. it is quite regretful. apetheid is a system which oppresives the many by the very few. malaysia's affirmative action is a plan which favours the many over the few. notice that did not use the word "oppresive" in malaysia's affirmative action plan. because it is not. no non bumi's are ordered to sit at the back of the bus or use a different toilet. no non bumi are subjected to the hardships of thr blacks of south africa under the apartheid system. not even close to it. to equate malaysia's affirmative action with apartheid not only insults the blacks of south africa but also thr .memory of nelson mandela and the principles which he stood for. now the system in south africa under the black empowerment program is similar to malaysia's affirmative action plan. it is only as it should be until a just society is created.

  38. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Just be honest : With the existing of UMNO kroni... wondering when the just society could be created ?

  39. Anonymous7:18 am

    Malaysian Chinese come to singapore. We need you.

  40. Anonymous2:42 am

    I was reading about the lost of the AirAsia flight and somehow I wound up on this blog. As usual the comments are more entertaining so I read through these after the article.

    I find it interesting that many (Bumi, I understood this word as what "native" Malays call themselves) will include a sentence with this sentiment: "you chinkies..." There were quite a few of those. I had to wonder if this blog attracts people with that persuasion already, or if a large (or majority) of the Bumi Malaysian feels this way.

    Were the success of the Chinese in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philipines given to them by the natives? Or did they have to struggle through additional (racial inequities) hardships to achieve their success?