Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bad news about Malaysia going bankrupt

Updated: Msian economy one of the most resilient in the region - Analysts (Bernama)

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Just because the PM says this country could go bankrupt if the GST is not in place, we all must piss in our pants? Relax. Anwar Ibrahim talks about Malaysia going bankrupt all the time, more than anyone else. That doesn't mean the Malaysian economy is going bust! Watch this video, get your BP down ...     
Malaysia set to weather a slowing of US stimulus spending. Most economists are predicting another round of capital outflow from Asian economies once the US announces a slowdown in stimulus spending. Last time economies like India and Indonesia were hit hard. Malaysia escaped the worst last time around and is likely to fare even better next time ... 
Report by Scott Alle, ABC News

Watch the clip h e r e courtesy of G. Sathehaven 
"You can debate about the politics and all that stuff as Westerners typically do but the bottom line is the Malaysian govt does seem to have done a pretty good job at attracting foreign investment into the country and making it attractive for companies to come in and sustain growth." - Shane Oliver, Chief Economist, AMP Capital 


  1. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Woah, Latuk, another brown-nosing spin from you. Did the mat salleh writer take the pulse of the rakyat ? Did he talk to the goreng pisang sellers, the coffee shop operators ? Or did he just had a cigar with you in Bangsar ?

    Where did the mat salleh get his raw data for his conclusion s ? Gomen statistics. Need we say more ?

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  2. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Rcky, yes you are correct. The country will not go bankrupt. So why did the PM say that without the GST the country will go bankrupt? It was the PM who said it. You are saying the country will NOT go bankrupt based on today's tax system - with no GST. You have just proven that the PM is a dud. That is the point really.

  3. Anonymous3:41 pm

    soon, not only Malaysia is going bankrupt under UMNO/BN, but one (the non Muslim) have to commit suicide just to get mykad !


  4. charleskiwi4:14 pm

    195 pendinstI hope and pray it doesn't happen at all ! But we are still in deficit and at the rates the spending are going on plus the biggest contributor to the national coffer, Petronas, what is going to happen when the black gold is gone. Please remember the black gold is not a resource that can be replaced. A good example is tin, wasn't Malaysia once considered the biggest world producer of this commodity that kept the nation going ? Shouldn't Malaysia be prudent with its spending and save for the rainy day ?
    Have we learnt from Indonesia who too was earning so much from the black gold it was getting but did not save for the day when the black ceased to come any anymore !
    Anwar may be predicting too soon but he should not impede the P.M. from sending his wife going round the world on the private jet and also to get her face injected with full of botok.

  5. Anonymous8:55 pm

    "But we are still in deficit and at the rates the spending are going on plus the biggest contributor to the national coffer, Petronas, what is going to happen when the black gold is gone."


    It's not that we are going to be "bankrupt", or that our future existence is threatened. But a billion wasted here, a billion there, means that the good that the money could have been used for is gone.

    It's opportunity wasted, and Dr M was right to call a halt to the wastage. And also to query why BN seems to have to buy favour, rather than earn it - sg. limau being the case in point.

    This gomen has thrown away an awful lot of billions.

  6. Anonymous10:12 pm

    woi zheng kok and charleskiwi bapok,

    both of you if mat salleh kutok malaysia sokong la tapi bila puji kutok pulak. sudah la lu orang dua memang anwar punya sodomy partner la. ptuiiii!!!

  7. After all the abuse you directed at Pakatan when they said the nation was in danger of going bankrupt - now the PM says it in relation to GST...
    So is this PM a moron or what???
    Because he screwed up the economy as Minister of Finance - we now have to swallow GST?
    Now DBKL wants to hike assessment rates or KL will go bankrupt.

    Yet we have the Pakatan govt running a surplus in Selangor.
    Why not appoint Tan Sri Khalid as Minister of Finance. He seems to know how to run an economy...

  8. Anonymous6:11 am

    Charleskiwi is a cHINA bangsat dan celaka. He is a pendatang yang tak sedar diri. I'm hoping for another racial riot so that this bastard and his kuncus will be annihilated.

    If Malaysia is going bankrupt, why do you care? This is Tanah Melayu and you are just a pendatang.

    1. Anonymous10:15 am

      This is Malaysia you dumb fuck.

    2. Anonymous3:42 pm

      So if malaysia goes bankrupt, you think pendatang like Mamakthir and his sons will hang around ? Pendatangs like shahreezat, nor yakcop and Azeez will help rebuild the country ?

    3. Anonymous5:19 pm

      Serve you right Dumb Fuck!

  9. Anonymous9:08 am

    Agreed with visa. since your paymaster only knows increasing collection to avoid bankrupcy but seems to be clueless on limiting spending, we should replace the finance minister with Tan Sri Khalid. Better still spend the 7.2 billion on consultant to hire Tan Sri Khalid as his finance consultant. I think TSK will fair better than the clown consultant he hired.

  10. Anonymous11:33 am

    The government is typically malay in its thinking...ada duit marry 2nd and 3rd wife...fancy cars and homes ..spend ...spend...borrow pandai by the millions...cannot pay back...then let Danaharta take over... public become suckers...please with more than 500 billions owing you tell us how to carry on..?
    This will not work and the malays better wise up instead of calling us pendatangs...
    Ask your umno cronies most in business ramrod for their bank loans and how many good paymasters? Another financial turn down you see this cockroaches coming from nowhere.
    Lets see how long malaysia can tahan with Najib thinking he is spending his father's monies!

  11. Anonymous2:12 pm

    @ 11:33 am

    This has nothing to do with race, bro. Stay out of the gutter, please.

  12. the country will not go bankrupt fullstop.

  13. Anonymous6:40 pm

    These are all undisputed truths that are of Biblical Proportions:

    1. Malaysia going Bankrupt

    2. Malaysia practices genocide by killing all the Indians in Malaysia

    3. The racist Malay government in Malaysia is preventing Rich Chinese citizens from being too rich, using expensive cars, building exorbitant mansions and becoming as rich as they want.

    4. Oh I forgot. The former Prime Minister "choked" the citizens. The present one has a wife that murders Central Asian models (while she was officiating an orphanage many miles away).

    5. The Penang Tunnel will cost only 6B. I mean 5B. I mean 4. Darn, can't these Microsoft Excel calculate things correctly?

    6. The DAP is the cleanest and most transparent party in Malaysia with clean election practices.

    7. It wasn't Stopa Ali bonking the brunette and making some payments afterwards. It was a mirip. It wasn't Azmin Ali handing over some ice cream to a lady in a toilet in that video. It was a mirip. It wasn't the Ketua Pembangkang who did that acrobatics with the China Doll in that video. It was a Mirip. And no DAP biggie has any known connection with any ladies, whether they be named Mummy Foo, Rainbow or whatever.

    8. Karpal Singh never did say anything that suggests PAS should be disbanded.

    9. Kuantan is the capital of Negri Sembilan

    Warrior 1993/4096

  14. Anonymous1:30 pm


    Now I am worried.
    Most Foreign press usually do not have overly nice reports about Malaysia.

    During the pre 1997-98 economic crisis, I recall most reports were praising our country and said we were not to be compared to Thailand or Indonesia. Remember what happened after that?

  15. charleskiwi1:30 pm

    Anon 6.11a.m..

    Please be reminded that you too are also a pendatang and I am tired to repeat how Malaya came to being.The real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli, period.
    Please stop calling all the non Malays to go back to their ancestral country. May be you can explain why do the daughter of the egregious Mahathir and your former trade minister openly admitted that they are 2nd or 3rd generation of immigrants ?

    Even the DPM has proudly admitted that both his father and mother were from Indonesia. Why does that make him to be, a Malay or an Indonesian ? And why is it that you are so ashamed to be known as an Indonesian ?
    Also who and why were the Orang Asli so appropriately named as sons of the soil and above all by who ? Your fore fathers did.
    Also why are your kind now are calling us to immigrate instead of calling the Chinese Malaysians to balik China like Anwar did when he was still in Umno ? Especially when time and time again it is proven that you too are also pendatang just like the non Malays. And why do you fenced the Orang Asli up like one would do to animals and still call have the audacity to call them pseudo Malays ? Or is it the way to have the Orang Asli driven out sight or even have them genocide ?

    Or is that what you do to the pseudo Malay so that you can justify to have the illusion that you are the sons of the soil ?
    Please remember whatever you do or say you are still the pendatang except the non Malays have no qualms to be known as pendatangs unlike your kind.
    The sooner you accept this true fact that you too are pendatang the less guilt you will continue to live with, again a final reminder the real sons of the Orang Asli and not the Malays !

  16. Anonymous5:25 am

    Always the pendatangs causing trouble...but never the so called sons of the soil. They are all good, humble god fearing people who have always been trodden upon by these ungrateful pendatangs.

    No wonder the destruction of sites of historical and cultural heritage are slowly but surely happening by those who fear the real truth may emerge about who the real pendatangs are!

    Of course Malaysia will never go bankrupt--just print more ringgit !!! Billions or maybe trillions! To satisfy the egos of those in power, who think what they are doing will make us achieve wawasan 2020!

    Non bankruptcy based on today's tax system??Tax the Chinese pendatangs to the hilt?So called experts eh? What will happen when Petronas runs out of oil and gas in Malaysia? How strong , resilient and competitive are our non energy sector industries?What is the level of our willingness to learn to be more competitive and efficient, and to produce are really highly educated and motivated workforce?

    What have the Malaysian so called think tanks and highly paid consultants come up with? Just talk?More hot air aka rhetoric?

  17. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Problem is this BN government that needs to vacate office and only then can Malaysia start on the road to a true democracy. That is not to say the opposition party would be the answer to all problems faced but the onus would be on them to operate an open government that is not hiding it's dealings. The BN party has much to answer for and those found responsible for corruption and theft of Malaysia's wealth would need to be prosecuted and handed jail time. Money's to be recovered from offshore accounts. All assets frozen of any BN government officials who cannot show were their millions came from and hence those assets confiscated. It would be nice to see this happen but likely will not happen and the scoundrels will escape punishment. No more state controlled media and religion put in its place and away from government control.