Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Chin Peng would have done to Bersih, Seksualiti Merdeka and this Saturday's UMNO election

With updates

Exceprts from The Canonisation of Lim Chin Peng - Blood or Ideology? by Anak Si Hamid
"Remember, it is not only Malays who would have suffered.  If the Peninsula had been turned into the People's Republic of Malaya, we might be celebrating LCP's birthday on 19th October.  Chairman Lim Chin Peng's Little Red Book would be a compulsory text in all schools - where Malay would certainly not be the language of instruction.  (Remember how Malays and everyone else had to learn Japanese during the Japanese Occupation?)  Religion, as the "opiate of the people", would be banned - no Hari Raya or Ramadan (like in Xinjiang), no Deepavali or Thaipusam, no Vesak Day or Easter or Christmas.  Luxury western products, holidays to Disneyland, gambling at Genting would be banned.  The Internet, Twitter, Facebook and the whole IT caboodle would be closely regulated.  As for campaigns like Bersih and Seksualiti Merdeka - dream on, babe!"  
p.s UMNO elects its 3 vice presidents and 25 Supreme Council members this Sat, Oct 19.


AsH's posting on Chin Peng is quoted by Helen Ang (It has always been about Race), the 20-million-plus Unspinners (Chin Peng, Malayan Sino hero and martyr) and Barking Magpie (It has always been about races - Chinese and Malay!). The anonymous Magpie's posting comes attached with a 3-page letter detailing how Chin Peng's men tried to assassinate the Sultan of Pahang and "slaughter" Tuanku Munawir of Negri Sembilan.


  1. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Yo Rocky, Chin Peng dah mati lah, ada lagi cerita ke ?

  2. To Anon 2.18,

    Betoi, betoi! Tapi itu Chin Peng punya tali barut dan kongsi masih ada lagi mah.

    Lagi cerita? Look at today's politics - the racist/racial and religious agenda.

  3. Anonymous4:46 pm

    ya lah CP dah mampus dah tapi sapa yang sibuk2 nak bawa mayat la abu CP la..sampai bawa ke parlimen.


  4. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Useless article trying to incite something which never and ever happened!
    Apa Rocky mau? or got nothing better to write?

    1. Anonymous8:47 pm

      Then why bother reading it??

  5. Anonymous6:54 pm

    isnt the sun yat sen gathering is for raising money?

  6. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Apek Tua Ni dah Mampus Apa lagi nak heboh hebohkan? Dah bosan dengar Nama Dia!

    Takde Kerja Lain ke?

    Kalau Takde kerja Pegi la kempen untuk Mukhriz.

  7. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Rocky, tolong kasi publish surat Siti Hajar Aladin please.

    Komunnis is so so yesterday story already lah, siapa lagi nak jadi komunis ?? DAP kah ?? kah..kah..kah..
    Rocky punya spin dah makin lama makin karut dah.

  8. Anonymous8:22 pm

    anak si hamid.....usah engkau masih rindu sama chin peng dan kommunis. Mereka ni dah masuk dalam sejarah.
    Kalau betoi lagi ada tali barut komunis di kalangan kita tolong beri tahu pada umum, siapakah tali barut tu ?
    Janganlah anak si hamid nak jadi tukang cerita karut UMNO, nak kelentong orang ramai dgn cerita kommunis. You are so ancient anak si hamid,your spin story dah tak boleh pakai dah !!

  9. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Let's talk about the Budget. Or that letter to PM by SitiHajar Aladin. Lagi hot. Buat pa cakap pasal Cina/ Komunis/ Chin Peng yang dah jadi abu? Dah la, let go of it.


  10. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Hello Locky

    Nothing has changed with you. Looks like WISDOM has NOT visited you. So an IDIOT you remain.

    We can take it you subscribe to the excerpt, going by your headline and attaching the excerpt

    The MOTHER of all Communist countries ... CHINA .... today!... is WHAT huh????? Poor? All wearing Mao's tunic? walking from one city to another? Bugger!! Have we all got to suffer your ignorance, stupidity .....

    The Chinese being pragmatic would change to suit the times and Chin Peng would be no different. He would have taken his cue from Motherland China

    Now, as for the Malaysian Chinese and Indians ..well they are FORCED to learn Malay.. so what's different? In Malaysia,their children are FORCED to learn and pass Islamic Studies ...hello!! The Communist in China are not forced to take up religious studies....

    You dah chakap about Casino, Disneyland celebrate festivals' etc. Now lets see...

    Google a bit lah! Macau has casinos' Not one as in Malaysia.... tapi BANYAK BANYAK lah.

    There are documentaries that show their citizens praying in their churches.. for goodness look at WIKIPEDIA .." China is home to an estimated 12 million Catholics, the majority of whom worship outside the official Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA). The State Administration for Religious Affairs states that there are 5.3 million Catholics belonging to the official Catholic Patriotic Association, which oversees 70 bishops, and approximately 6,000 churches nationwide.[14] In addition, there are roughly 40 bishops unordained by the CPA who operate unofficially, and recognize the authority of the Vatican.[14]"

    The Indians in China celebrate Deepavali in China... Bodoh! Go lah to hotels in Shanghai and see lah.

    As for Disneyland ... check lah.. " The opening ceremony for the construction of Shanghai Disneyland was held on April 8, 2011, which means the long-waited Disneyland is finally to open in Shanghai, the biggest city in China" Expected to open in 2016. Theres one in Hong Kong....Where is Hong Kong Disneyland located?
    Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, conveniently located 20 minutes from Hong Kong International Airport

    Si BODOH!!!.. China is one of the largest consumer of Western luxury products,,, All the big names are falling over each other to get the brands noticed

    So LOcky, try and redeem yourself please. Bacha lah sedikit

  11. Anonymous12:08 am

    Had Chin Peng taken over ....we would be like China....dont spin that bad like no this and that....
    One good thing Chin Peng would not tolerate are those umno scumbags pillaging and raping the country resources and hiding their ill gotten gains overseas... you will have law and order and corruptors pay for their bullets through their brains heheheh!
    We poor people would love this justice ....look at today Malaysia..minorities bullied to the ground...

  12. Ramayana1:00 am

    "Yo Rocky, Chin Peng dah mati lah, ada lagi cerita ke ?"

    Damn straight kutu tu dah mampus. Praise be to the Almighty, yo.

  13. Annon 2:18 pm,
    And Other,

    Memang CP dah mati, Tapi kenangan dan KESAN PERJUANGAN NYA MASIH TINGGAL !!

    Bagi kebanyakkan kita ianya suatu kenangan GETIR !!

    Bagi setengah nya pula suatu kenangan MANIS !!

    Chin Ping tidak mengunakan bahasa selain bahasa CINA.

    Bagi pemujanya setengahnya tidak mengunakan bahasa Melayu.

    Mereka bangga menggunakan bahasa Inggeris (Konon mereka dari golongan berpendidikan BARAT)

    Walhal mereka (nama mereka) adalah MELAYU. Inilah yang dikatakan KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT??

  14. Anonymous9:57 am

    Dedicated to the superlatively relevant Datuk Rocky:

    ..... in honour of Holy God Most High and our blessed country of peace and goodwill .... in opposition to the terrible Chin Peng and his rebellious successors.

  15. Anonymous6:12 am

    Failed rebel. That's what CP is best remembered for. As for his ideology, it vanishes into thin air just like the ghost of this murderous man who I believe 101% is quite restless by now.

    Unlike famous portrait of Guevara, chinpeng is immortalized in a different way. Just stare at the clear night sky, look for the bintang tiga and all of a sudden chinpeng ghost will appear smiling or crying.