Friday, October 18, 2013

UMNO elections: What money politics?

TMI cites bridge to Dumai as example of Umno's money politics 
TM-I claims vote-buying in UMNO election. I was considering if I should jump with joy reading Rauf's declaration that UMNO is now, finally, free of money politics (article in today's NST, linked via the Unspinners: MACC has not received reports of vote buying). The NST article quotes the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency boss Abu Kassim extensively, until the part that reads:
A source, meanwhile, said MACC had yet to receive any reports on money politics following Saturday's polls.
This, (the source) said, was a stark contrast to the party's previous polls, where reports alleging vote buying came pouring in, in the run-up and immediately after polling day. It then rounded up 12 party division leaders for allegedly dabbling in money politics.
The most prominent case was former Umno supreme council member Norza Zakaria. He was hauled to court to face two charges of offering bribes to party delegates to vote him in the then impending party polls. Norza claimed trial and won the case.
I was wondering why they had to introduce "the source" right after quoting Abu Kassim (surely discerning readers would put two and two together) when my mail beeped a message from Transparency International Malaysia. It was its press statement on ... money politics in UMNO election! (full statement, h e r e)

Excerpts from the TMI press statement dated Oct 18:
It was pretty long press statement touching on an Umno vice president incumbent ...

... and a VP aspirant:

So, MACC, ada ka tak da korupsi ni?

p.s. TMI is the Malaysian chapter of Transparency International. It was seen as apolitical until its former boss Tunku Aziz joined the DAP with great pomp (and later left the party, bitterly, with equal fanfare)


  1. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Hello, Dato, you are biased. You forgot to report that Paul Low also sold his soul and left TI to join BN gov.

  2. Anon 138 pm,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I sincerely forgot all about him. The difference, however, is I think (I may be wrong) Paul Low DID NOT join a political party within the BN .. He was handpicked by the Prime Minister to join the Government (not the BN).

    In Tunku Aziz's case, he dropped THE bombshell by joining the DAP, even declaring that DAP had always been the party he believed in (even when he was with TMI), or something to that effect. When he became disenfranchised with Guan Eng and Co, he decided to quit DAP and started attacking his former beloved party.

    The DAP tried to coax him to stay by offering him a position but so bitter was Tunku that he saw it as an attempt to bribe him.

    Thanks again for reminding me about Paul Low.

  3. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Dr M just admitted that money politics is the Norm in UMNO. What say you?

  4. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Hanya orang melayu yang bodoh, jahil atau berkepentingan sahaja yang mengatakan UMNO bersih dari politik wang.

    Oleh kerana keseleruhan parti bermain wang, hanya mereka yang betul-betul kecewa akan mebuat laporan.

    Apabila banyak wang telah dibelanja, mana nak dapat balik?? Tepuk dada tanya iman masing-masing.

  5. Anonymous7:35 am

    but funny no one able to prove this money politics...but yet everyine so quick to believe.

    As for the bridge....yeahhh...why the sudden decision....can PM explain?

  6. Anonymous10:40 am

    its a commendable election procedure.
    How about others?

  7. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Duhhh...big surprise.