Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The return of Wawa

Ah, did we know that the former Bank Islam chief economist Azrul Azwar Tajudin or better known as Wawa is now the head of Institut Rakyat, one of Anwar Ibrahim PKR's think-tanks? Now you know.  
Don't remember Wawa? Quick refresher's: Wawa was the dude who went to a regional forum in Singapore in Jan and predicted that Pakatan Rakyat would form the new government after PRU13. Wawa was very specific, saying BN would win a maximum 107 of the 222 parliamentary seats and would even end up with as few as only 97! (BN won 133 and wrested back two States from Pakatan in the May general election and went on to form the government again). 
Now you remember Wawa? Wah wah, he's back in the political limelight, this time minus all the pretenses and at least the Pakatan folks won't have to deny knowing him. Read the Mole's report Rafizi still important to PKR and the blogger Gelagat Anwar.

FMT also has a report h e r e.  
So, no wonder he was saying what he was saying back in January. If Pakatan had won the GE, this guy would be the head honcho of PEMANDU or the Economic Planning Unit now. Twist of fate. I wonder what happened to the disciplinary hearing on his case. Bank Islam also lodged two police reports h e r e and h e r e against Wawa in Jan. I know the police reports were not withdrawn by the bank, so what happened with/to the investigation into the alleged misdeeds?


  1. I guest this dude will realised that politics is not mere mathematical model where you can input the figures then the output will as predicted by the model.
    I have nothing against him but I feel that he should have done more to help Bank Islam to be the premier bank and spread its wing just like Maybank,CIMB,Public Bank.After all, he is a few selected students who are supposed to be brilliant and navigate the Bank Islam.
    The name Islam is dso big yet after 20 years,nothing nuch to be proud,it merely organically growth.We are supposed to be Islamic funancial Hub for the world.
    Any way Rocky human engineering can be complicated,you think you have done a good job by giving him good education and able to compete with other brilliant non Malays but then he become just the opposite.
    Anyway I respect his right and I hope he will learn the reality of politics.I have involved in politics,the art of politics is more complicated than mathemetical model and prediction.Otherwise the president of USA would be the professor Physic/mathematics from MIT! hope that the price of crude petrol will come down.America should quickly export her shale oil/gas to bring the world demand for oil stablised.I hope so,I am not rocket scientist.

  2. "If Pakatan had won the GE, this guy would be the head honcho of PEMANDU or the Economic Planning Unit."

    No, Pakatan would have disbanded PEMANDU, and spindoctoring Roti Jala given his marching orders

    With some 1.2 million civil servants, we have enough brain power to manage transformational projects, without incurring another top-heavy bunch of civvies masquerading as technocrats.

    Najib created PEMANDU so that much of the work could be done in total secrecy. Today, we have a PMO with the highest ever budget in M'sian history, in excess of $12 billion and 45,000 staff!!!

    In the process, Najib has also created a monster called 1 MDB which has borrowings in excess of $30 billion, but only a paid up capital of $100 million. Many bonds issued have bben overpriced, creating the suspicion that huge kickbacks have been re-distributed to political parties and cronies.

    1MDB has also payed way over the oods to acquire expiring and old IPP's, which have reported billion ringgt profits over book values. Genting in turn made a "donation" of $190 million to BN just before GE 13, while AK's group of companies are rumoured to have forked out $400 million!!

    So, what do we want? Endless possibilities of endemic corruption or a New Beginning?

  3. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Mencari makna "Islam" lihat disini (klik)

  4. Oh, well....maybe the Wawa guy was exercising his freedom of speech.

    In any case, his predictions didn't pan out, did they?

    So much for his powers of prognostication!

    Let's see if he can make more sense of the Malaysian economy than the NEAC,Pemandu, Miti and the Finance Ministry combined.

    Starting with subsidies rationalisation......


  5. Obviously the investigation papers on wawa the wee wee went on to become pembungkus nasi lemak in Dang Wangi Police Station's canteen.

  6. Anonymous10:20 pm

    you and him 2x 5 la bro

  7. Anonymous10:21 pm

    the background ' Bank Islam ' shouldnt be there Bro!


  8. I just wonder why WAWA dont join UMNO.

    Not only him but many many young Malay intellectual feel like UMNO party Mat Rampit.

    Chairman of Tabong Haji,that control almost 60 billion ringgit deposit dont have uni degree and cant soeakngood english.

  9. Anonymous11:17 pm

    wa wa locky... can't stand it when other have more grey matter than u.

  10. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Jambu Baru ke Bang Non?

    Orang Cina & India depa mana kisah....janji masyuuuk mana ada maruah kaum nie....

  11. Anonymous12:08 am

    Salam Datuk,

    Have to agree with Donplaypuks® (above) and his comments on PEMANDU.

    Kalau nak push for transparency and good govt, begin at home lah, Jib. PEMANDU is more opaque than a black hole at the heart of the govt solar system.

    And like a black hole, it sucks in funds endlessly via its financial gravity - but for what returns?

  12. charleskiwi7:45 am

    Many Malaysians must be glad, to a certain extend that the opposition did not become the tenants of Putrajaya. Not that they did not win the majority support of the voters, it did but by the providence of God or Allah thus preventing AI, an out right Umno tainted politician.
    In fact he was waiting, after getting out of prison, for several years to be invited back to Umno but did not get to because those in Umno know very well less men more share. Not to mention in the days when he was the DPM he burnt too many bridges behind him and with him around he would have been an obstacle for the warlords who were too aspiring to be the P.M.. Only after waiting in vain for sometimes he formed the present opposition. Plus it also impeded the mad dog LKS to be involved in any ruling party, if the opposition had the chance to become the tenants of Putrajaya. One can well imagine what the country will be with these two politicians.
    The nation has waited for so many years for the change and surely can wait for another few more years. By the time when the next election is around this mad dog will no doubt be way too
    old, if he is still around, to be in politics. It has to be the providence of God that the opposition did not become the tenants of Putrajaya. But it is for sure a warning to Umno that they days are numbered and most of all it would enable the egregious Mahathir to see the destruction of his creation, Umno baru. That must be the sole reason of Allah for the egregious Mahathir to be around to witness the destruction of Umno baru !

  13. Anonymous9:28 am

    wah wah rocky....ur the innocent one huh!

  14. Anonymous10:44 am

    Aiya, if the Police had found something - anything - they would have charged him long ago. The fact is that the Police, being servants of UMNO, could not find anything to charge him with. So what's the big deal ? Talk about Barang Naik lah, no need to worry whether your police brethren did their job or not.

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  15. Anonymous11:06 am


  16. Dia ni jantan ke ? betina ke ?perempuan / Lelaki ?

  17. Dear DPP,

    Pakatan would have disbanded Pemandu only if you were one of the PKR's or DAPs office bearers, which you are not. My guess is that it will take another form, given a new head, and it will be doing much what the BN has been doing.

    For that is what Pakatan has been doing in the last five years in the three states that it still rules. In Selangor, for example, take the intentional diesel issue by a depot that has been operating there illegally. What did the MB say? "The State government cannot simply shut down the (illegal) operators because they have been in business there fore years".

    With this kind of attitude, I'd expect them to say the same about Pemandu if they had taken over in May. Same old.

  18. Anon 1106, thanks for the alert.