Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hot stuff at PEMANDU drives bloggers nuts

Updated: Proof PEMANDU was sabotaging BN

The attack on Pemandu has gotten hotter, personal ...
...and deeper
Original Posting 
The day PM Najib Razak announced the 20 sen petrol/diesel price increase, several mainstream bloggers were invited to attend a media briefing at the Ministry of Finance. During the briefing a top official suggested that the present editors and bloggers make up a discussion group to provide feedback, brickbats, etc to his Ministry regarding the subsidy rationalisation program, the upcoming Budget, policies, etc. After the briefing, bloggers being bloggers they went straight to work, telling the top official that austerity measures won't work if the Government continues to waste precious ringgit. 
Top Official: Waste, on what?
MS Blogger: I can send you a list of 100 wasteful things the government's doing.
TO: Such as?
MSB: Like paying huge salaries to undeserved consultants at PEMANDU. 
(The dialogue went on a little longer, with a resolution to follow through with actions, but that's a story for another day). 
Since its inception, Pemandu (which is Malay for "driver" or "guide") has not been viewed favorably by the government-friendliest bloggers. Privately, some of Najib's own Cabinet ministers are suspicious of Idris Jala, the Minister in the PM's Department who's heading Pemandu.  Inevitably, comparisons are made between Pemandu and the good old Economic Plannig Unit in the PM's Department, which has served the country well for decades without having to rely on million-bucks foreign consultants. 
Syed Akbar Ali, who may or may not have burned his bridges with the Najib Razak administration, wrote two damning postings on Pemandu in the last few days:
Now the anonymous The Benchmark, who in January exposed Wawa as Anwar Ibrahim's Trojan Horse in Bank Islam, says there is another Trojan Horse, this time in the Prime Minister's Department and courtesy of Pemandu. 
Read The Benchmark's Pemandu: Proof of Incompetence (Pics Attached)  


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    how much are their salaries?

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    PEMANDU is nothing compared to EPU.

  3. Anonymous2:35 pm


    I know one such SO in PM's office who leads a similar lifestyle. This chap speaks little malay, matsalleh accent, not a product of the national education system, circles himself with the tatler loving cliques and is working for the PM as a voice for the youth / gen y. On social media, he posts up pics of him flying business class, holidaying (*cough...i mean working) trips all over the world and party photos with other sons and daughters of other BN ministers and royalty.

    in the same breath, how can we not mention our friends at Talent Corpse, gallivanting around the world organising career fairs and networking dinners, and Johan giving half past 6 talks promising the moon and stars to overseas malaysians. is there even a need for talent corpse? their staffs try to make themselves relevant by 'mediating' and placing themselves in meetings with other govt agencies to contribute ideas and inputs..errr? again, why are they around again?

  4. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Thank God for pro-BN bloggers. I think you guys are true heroes. Hentam Gomen habis-habisan! You do it coz you love BN (not love PM!)

    Pro-PR bloggers are useless. Very biased. Only know how to whine and complain. They are also good at blaming others. Total losers!

    If rakyat disarankan untuk belanja berhemah, kerajaan macam mana? Cut down on stupid banners and advertisements. Close down Pemandu and Talent Corp! All are overpaid and over rated. Totally useless!

  5. Anonymous3:13 pm

    selamatkan lah rakyat malaysia
    daripada pemandu yg mabuk dan akhlak buruk ini

    pej pm tak buat background checking ke ambil hot stuff yg tak berpedoman ni jadi
    punahsihat pm

    habisla rakyat malaysia

  6. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Yeahh Talent Corpse and TERAJU are next. How can a dept under PM operates in Menara Surian? Not to mention their Salary which are not in line with JPA's grade and scale! Ohhh the Bario-man Idris Jala, enough is enough. You are not that superior after all!???

  7. One expose (Pemandu) after another (Star Jerusubang) but no action taken. No wonder, despite all the hype surrounding Pemandu, the country is still going south. Trojan Horse is might be but after September, if this person is still around, we might as well vote for the oppo next GE. AFter all, the Govt is already infested with them and their supporters. Either Najib is blind, or he is incompetent to the poitn of no return..endless possibilities.

  8. Anonymous3:55 pm

    seriously Bru, only Pemandu does this?? The rest of the BN ministers wives, kids and family members don't?

    If you want to put pics up, I suppose there are tonnes of it for all to see. If you and your machais are sincere in cleaning these excesses, start from the root! Where do you think all this 'empowerment' comes from?

    Orang kata, bapa borek, anak rintik. The same can be said of govt.

  9. Jasper Bloodstone4:04 pm

    Having a foreign boyfriend is a crime?

    Partying with Singaporeans is a threat to national security and a treasonable offence?

    Wow, then the offspring of many of our VIPs would stand indicted as being guilty of leading inappropriate and lavish lifestyles.

    Maybe they should all don sackcloth and ashes and do penance!

    As for the good old EPU, it couldn't get a handle on rationalizing subsidies, could it?

    Instead it took the threat of downgrades from a foreign rating agency to sting the government into action.

    What, exactly, has the EPU achieved since it came into being?

    Did it shepherd the Malaysian economy into developed nation status?

    Did it chivvy the education authorities into implementing a world class education system for the country?

    Or was it, and is it, staffed by bureaucrats who push papers around and who are at the beck and call of their political masters?

    It seems to me that there is a lot of angst going around about Pemandu and Talent Corp.

    Maybe it's just plain old-fashioned jealousy from those who can't hack it in the brave new world and who, in true Malaysian fashion, resort to cutting down tall poppies (to borrow an Aussie phrase).

    Et tu, Bru?

  10. Rocky,

    I have not burnt my bridges with the PM. But things are going pretty hairwire, scary and frightening. At this pace, its kaput in no time.

    I think the people around the PM are generating the heat against me and some of the other Bloggers.

    Unfortunately I dont think the PM is fully aware of all this. He did promise to meet us again. Why hasnt the PM met us? Obviously the gatekeepers are playing Nanny.

    Syed Akbar Ali.

    1. Anonymous11:03 pm

      Tuan syed, oh i think PM knows as yr harsh words was highlighted to him almost blinding him. But the details...well, he has his excuse for everything. For him he is doing the right thing and those who criticize are just some racist malays who hate the liberals and chinese for no reason.

  11. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Sebenarnya ramai kakitangan kerajaan yang lebih bagus dari mereka ni semua..yg sangguo kerja lebih masa, tinggal keluarga utk kerja luar. ikhlas berkerja..tapi kerajaan tak perasan ni semua..tolong do something! banyak nya duit rakyat yg habis! kalau ini tak berubah saya rasa selamat tinggal la BN!

  12. One hot chick bru. Now di pandu oleh siapa? How are you bro? All fine on this front. Take care and keep a song in your heart. Cheers. Mike.

  13. Anonymous8:14 pm


    Sorry to say but the traditional malay are too slow to do al these jobs...

    Only the liberal boleh

  14. Kini tiba masa nya : -

    1. Semua bloggers Umno dan BN berkumpul dan berdailog dengan PM. Di harap perkara ini SEGERA di sempurnakan.

    2. Semua permasaalahan yang ada dalam senarai setiap blogger mesti di rangkum menjadi AGENDA dari semua sudut, di minitkan dan di ambil TINDAKAN bersepadu. Menulis dan memberitahu perkara-perkara yang di laporkan bakal tidak di layan dan berkesudahan. Semua KSU menteri-menteri semesti nya lebih peka dan bertindak pro aktif.

    3. Amat malu bila SEMUA Melayu yang terlibat sebagai peneraju dan pentabiran Negara sentiasa di hina dan di permainkan.

    4. Bubarkan sahaja PEMANDU jika ia menjadi LIABILITI.

    5. EPU mesti berfungsi sepenuh nya.

    6. PETRONAS dan lain-lain GLC Kerajaan adalah salah satu "Benchmark" kerajaan. Semua kumpulan GLC ini mesti di letak dan di pantau bawah EPU yang selama ini memang terbukti boleh dan mampu. SPRM mesti di libatkan sebagai badan bebas.

    Semoga cadangan saya ini mendapat perhatian Dato sebagai salah seorang yang paling hampir dengan Kumpulan Tertinggi Kerajaan.

  15. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Jibby is a walking paradox. He has attempted in the current political mess to take a safe, high ground and mumble (if he ever opens his mouth) safe platitudes about investment, possibilities, growth etc.

    At the same time, his sheer recklessness as a spender is mind-boggling. It's not just PEMANDU but 1MDB that keeps throwing money away like it is water.

    Goldman Sachs and a few other con-sultans profit from Malaysia as we sink lower and lower. They must be not merely laughing, but wetting their pants, all the way to the bank.

  16. Err this PEMANDU got any more vacancy ? I also want to join n enjoy all the perks. Qualification? Dont worry I can print. Diploma? Degree? Master? Phd? I can print 10 each if they want... afterall i heard some other ppl also used fake cert to gain high position~

  17. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Jika pegawai gomen mid-management yg berkelayakan diberi gaji dan perks mcm pegawai PEMANDU, aku jamin mereka akan kerja 25jam sehari. Dan lagi mereka dan keluarga mereka akan terus undi BN.

  18. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Jika pegawai gomen mid-management yg berkelayakan diberi gaji dan perks mcm pegawai PEMANDU, aku jamin mereka akan kerja 25jam sehari. Dan lagi mereka dan keluarga mereka akan terus undi BN.

  19. Anonymous12:36 am

    Sia sia lah aku beratur panjang penuh semangat juang demi nak pangkah BN umno melayu islam....rupanya aku pangkah to keep org mcm ni remain in power.....takpelah....tengok mcm mana..

  20. Anonymous12:40 am

    About time, Bru!
    We have warned in 2010 abt this roti jala screwing up the country just like he screwed up MAS

    Details here:

    "So, we tell Jala, just as spending on the things he mentioned can bankrupt this country, reckless application of OUR money can also do the job even more devastatingly. “

    Our comment:

    GREAT REBUTTALS, Dato. Yes, Malaysians are being conned by the CON SULTAN again.

    Read below for Jala’s track record and basic lesson on fuel hedging (before we embarrass ourselves further).

    Little Bird

  21. Anonymous12:48 am

    why not ask them how much were the local celebrities paid to campaign for BN during GE13.

  22. Anonymous2:24 am

    Hi bro Bru, Pemandu has been boasting about their ETPs that costs billions of ringgit.

    Can we get them to display the list with details of each programme and its costs and the details of the companies that benefitted from it. I mean all of them and not only what they want to show the public as in their videos. They must be transparent to which compaanies these facilities and grants whatsoever are given to.

    I believe some of these companies are in just to siphon the facilities provided with no returns to the government in the end. These are the real day light robbers existed within the circle.

    We have had enough with the donkeys running the Pemandu the way seen as written by bloggers in the blogspere don't we?.

  23. Anonymous8:50 am

    hm,...i personally dealt with them n was impressed because they delivered what i wanted, pronto and wasnt passed around like what other govt offices do...i really thought they were different from other typical gomen dept/ turned out that they ARE, (in good and not good way i suppose). having said that, i hope that those 'other' things it's just that...personal weaknesses (drinking, etc) ,...perhaps the travel expenses should be checked, for security issues- now that's serious, we don't want a Mata Hari in our midst. :0


  24. Anonymous9:26 am

    Actually the more you guys attack these people, lagi sakit hati.

    They will "disappear" from Pemandu one of these days.

    Tup-tup depa dah dok dalam strategic management team kat syarikat GLC.

    There should be a way to character-assassinate these people so that they don't ever appear in the local scene anymore.

  25. ROCKY, you accused me of having blind hate for BN( justified from what is being written)..well its lots better than BLIND LOYALTY that I permeating from you. Tell me this ROCKY, when the country suffers a major heart attack where do we sent IJN??
    Better send the phone no to JIBBY ASAP as the country is headed that way...

  26. Oh come on.

    You mean to say PM, DPM (who chairs the NKRA Crime DTF meetings), Menteri KDN, IGP, the whole PDRM, KSN and the rest of the Government staff are all under the thumbs of this 20+ year old lady in PEMANDU?

    And please, what she does in her private time is her own business. If she's incompetent, you seriously think PM, DPM, Menteri KDN, IGP, the whole PDRM, KSN and the rest of the Government staff will allow her to sit in the meeting room in which she is perhaps the most junior staff?

    Get real and check your logic/facts.

  27. Sir, with all due respect, you need to check the roles and responsibilities of PEMANDU. Do not drag Govt staff into a political battle.

    PEMANDU's role is to manage the strategic roadmap that was developed JOINTLY with all Government Ministries and agencies. PEMANDU's role is to set KPIs on all senior Govt officials and on Ministers to ensure that they deliver their targets and achieve the macroeconomic goals. PEMANDU's role is to problem solve TOGETHER with the Ministries and agencies.

    PEMANDU staff are not consultants and in fact, there are quite a number of staff that are seconded from the Government.

    In fact, why dont you ask the "top official" how much has MOF, EPU, all other Ministries and Federal agencies spent on Consultants? You know, consultancy firms do have Public Sector Consulting units.

    Post 2010 ETP labs, PEMANDU has conducted so many labs using their own staff together with the support of Ministries. The lab methods were well accepted, except the KPI part. Some prefer this style - "give me the approval, budget or whatever but don't give me a KPI and don't monitor me".

    From the above, you can guess why PEMANDU is hated by some of the Govt officials.

  28. Well, Tuan Syed.....what, exactly, is the EPU's track record?

    Has it instituted epochal measures to advance Malaysia into the ranks of the developed countries or into the ranks of the most competitive economies?

    Has it prepared the country for global competition where the possession of natural resources doesn't necessarily give one first mover advantage?

    Like they say, talk is cheap, and dime-a-dozen so-po bloggers can use the social media to ventilate their own particular angst and insecurities.

    But ask them to come up with concrete measures to fix the rot and it's a big fat zero.

    So, Tuan Syed - are you just ventilating for the heck of it or are you Trojan Horsing someone else's agenda?

  29. Semua Kristian di Pemandu10:20 pm

    wow sungguh mengejutkan dan memarahkan.
    Senarai pekerja PEMANDU tidak mengikuti garis panduan JPA dan di penuhi oleh orang Kristian semuanya.
    Dari Kristian Sarawak Idris Jala kepada pegawai cina dan india kristian.
    Bangunlah ahli UMNO.
    Bersihkan kerajaan melayu.
    Yang pasti Talent Corpse, EPU dulu orang Sarawak juga yang merompak Affendi dan Pemandu perlu ditutup.
    GTP dan ETP hanya dongeng orang Kristian rupanya.
    Sungguh memalukan UMNo dan orang Melayu!fawitlic

  30. Tutup Pemandu dan EPU!10:34 pm

    Sack all these chinese and indians bluffers. Tak guna pada Melayu dan UMNO.
    Hoi Menteri Kewangan tak tahu ke?
    Oh ya Menteri Kewangan kan Najib.
    Hoi Perdana Menteri tak tahu ke?
    Oh ya Perdana Menteri pun Najib.
    Bahlol betul Najib ni...

  31. IT.Sheiss3:48 am

    There are many other officers in PEMANDU, so why focus on just one.

    Anyway, despite all that has been said about PEMANDU and its macro-economic programmmes, I'd like to know what has been achieved in the three years since 2010.

    According to PEMANDU's Economic Transformation Programme Roadmap, it aims to transform Malaysia into a developed nation by 2020, with a per-capita Gross National Income of RM48,000 versus RM23,770 in 2010.

    What I would like to know is by how much has Malaysia's GNI risen since 2010?

    Is that RM48,000 per capita per annum (or RM4,000) per capita per month) an average, median or mode figure in statistical terms?

    An average figure can be decieving, since it tends to be higher than a true reflection of reality with greater disparity in inclome levels, since the very much higher incomes of some tend to pull up the average income. In some cases, less than 80% of people earn less than the average income.

    Therefore, median and mode incomes would better reflect the incom,es of the majority.

    In a sample size of 2,000, with income levels laid out on a graph in ascending order from left to right, the median income would be the average of the income of the 1,000th and 1,001th persons. If the sample size was odd, such as 1,999, then the median would be that of the 1,000th person who is exactly in the middle of the sample.

    The mode is the most frequently occurring value in the sample. Like in a sample of 2,000, the mode would be the income figure earned by the largest number within that sample. Like if 700 people earn RM1,000 a month, 400 earn RM2,000 per month, 300 earn RM3,000 a month, 200 earn RM4,000 per month, 150 earn RM5,000 per month, 100 earn RM7,000 per month, 75 earn RM10,000 pm, 50 earn RM15,000 pm and 25 earn RM25,000 pm, the mode inmcome in this sample would be RM1,000 pm, since it is most frequently occurring income.

    The median would be the RM2,000 pm since in this example, the incomes of the 1,000th and 1,001th persons would be the same at RM2,000 pm. The average income would be RM3,387.50 pm.

    In this example, 1,400 out of the sample of 2,000 (or 70%) would earn less than the average income.

    So if the average target Gross National Income per capita in Malaysia in 2020 is RM48,000 per annum or RM4,000 per month, what percentage of Malaysians will earn RM48,000 and above per annum and what percentage will earn RM47,999 and below per annum?

    What will be the median and mode incomes, the minimum income, the cost of living, purchasing power parity in 2020 compared to now and above alll, what progress have we made in that direction in terms of current GNI?

  32. hagarthehorrible12:42 pm

    Haiyah, Sheiss - why be coy about it?

    Can we ever catch up with Singapore?

    Do Pemandu staffers look at Singapore and think that there is where we should have been?

    Talk to EPU staffers about the city-state and watch out for apoplectic expressions of disinterest, if not rage.

    Cue in the latest competitiveness rankings to draw up a report card for Pemandu and the EPU.

    Do we give them a "fail" grade, a "pass" or a "pass summa cum laude"?

    Or should we be rating the government a la Fitch and Moody's?

  33. Anonymous1:16 pm

    idris ni layak jadi columnist kat akhbar2 aja. Thay have no sense of the real world at all. Crunching numbers and develop power point reporting are their experrise. bungkuskan pemandu and the nation will have real savings of millions......

  34. IT.Sheiss7:06 pm

    hagarthehorrible said...

    "Haiyah, Sheiss - why be coy about it?"

    I'm questioning it. Quite frankly, I don't expect Malaysia to make that target by 2020, unless there are huge disparities in income, with a handful earning a huge amount whilst most earn a pittance.

    I'm also questioning whether incomes in Malaysia have been heading up since the ETP began.

    With regards Singapore, also consider purchasing power parity. Do ordinary Singaporeans earning Singapore dollars actually enjoy higher purchasing power in Singapore compared to ordinary Malaysians in malaysia?

  35. /// IT.Sheiss said...
    With regards Singapore, also consider purchasing power parity. Do ordinary Singaporeans earning Singapore dollars actually enjoy higher purchasing power in Singapore compared to ordinary Malaysians in malaysia? ///

    Easy answer to your question:
    MY per capita income =US$17,200
    SG per capita income =US$61,400

    Please note that these are on ppp basis - purchasing power parity.

  36. Anonymous11:59 am

    Now then THE, quit spouting garbage here if you dont understand the issue or are not armed with the requisite data apart from some CIA factbook crap. Get real for a change, get a life, observe and think and of course read as widely as possible before throwing your SGD 0.02 cent worth of shit at us.You must be pretty desperate to spout garbage for amere 2 cents, some small change that will get you far in Singapork......hahahahahaaha

    Fact 1: Singaporeans have a low purchasing power of only 39.9, comparable to Kuala Lumpur (39.5), Warsaw (34.0) and Bogota (33.7).

    Fact 2: Though Malaysia is still a developing country and has a GDP (PPP) per capita of only $14,215, less than 3 times of ours, the ordinary Malaysian citizen has about the same domestic purchasing power as the Singaporean.


  37. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I have been a silent reader of your blog for a few years now and has never taken to comment on any articles in the past.

    The Pemandu issue is close to my heart as the GLC that I work for has now been infested by ex Pemandu staff. I was told by a reliable internal source that the associate director level at Pemandu is earning RM30k cash salary, plus the additional perks.

    To date I stand firm that we have internal talents that can bring the GLC to greater heights but the acts of bringing Pemandu "consultants" to "consult" and chart new direction is simply madness. Mind you, these so call brainiacs is earning RM45k a month cash salary plus additional perks. I don't think internal people like me will ever be paid that kind of salary.

    Please cut off the Pemandu at its roots so as not to allow the current Pemandu executives the chance to move into GLCs as a natural career progression as well as a golden handshake.