Sunday, September 15, 2013

Omar Ong's not with Pemandu, says blogger

Goh Wei Lang stopped blogging about the time he joined PEMANDU, the unit in the PMO that sets KPI for ministries and civil servants. His blog used to grace my blogroll despite the fact that I didn't know him personally: he was a student in Australia and for a young Malaysian was blogging a lot of sense about a lot of issues.  
Last week he asked to meet, to talk about the blistering attacks (real and perceived) on his workplace, his boss Idris Jala, his colleague Farah Intan, etc. I was happy to oblige: he got to tell me the things PEMANDU had been doing and I got to explain why PEMANDU had it coming. 
I'm equally happy to note that as of three days ago, Goh has started to blog again at A piece of My Mind. He uses his "new" blog to quickly address some of the issues raised by the bloggers. For e.g. is Omar Ong in the PEMANDU driver's seat? Is McKinsey being paid millions to churn out reports on behalf of PEMANDU? Are they wasting taxpayers' money? 
Read his posting, PEMANDU, the Animal. Welcome back to blogosphere, Goh. But I still think someone ought to wake up your Comms team.


  1. Anonymous6:49 pm

    I read Goh's article with interest. At least, another side of the story.

    "Things become more and more "exciting" when for the first time in the history of Government of Malaysia, Ministers have their own report card, they get ranked, and PEMANDU publishes the KPI of every Ministry, the “highlights, lowlights and moving forward” of every project in a consolidated Annual Report after going through an independent performance evaluation by the International Panel of Reviewers."

    Now, in principle - I want to park aside issues of race and bimboness, not talking about that today - this is not a bad idea.

    If it costs us RM40 million a year as taxpayers, but saves RM4 billion a year from being squandered...why not?

    I think there needs to be a new watchdog body that makes sure that Najib's new economic reforms reach the right people, not just the rich and connected party insiders.

    But whoever's running that, better have testicles of stainless steel.

  2. Anonymous8:43 pm

    If this guy doesn't know who is Omar Ong, he is indeed naive.

    More facts on his current boss below:

    --- Received from EN.XXX 8777XXX 06-12-05 13.01

    Puan XXX/Bro XXX cpy Saudara Idris/Chairman/$$MESA,

    InsyaAllah, together we can help our new MD to turn around this ailing and beloved airline even better than before. We have the ingredients, I can sense the honesty, sincerity and determination in our new MD.

    First hurdle is to raise staff morale, another word we need morale booster.
    Second hurdle is to remove CANCEROUS ELEMENT. We can't afford to have enemy
    within. We have enough enemy outside.

    If we can go past these two hurdles, the turnaround will be very smooth.
    We have done it before; there is no reason why we cannot do it again and even better.
    The "Flying Buffet" if it is true, hopefully not, already created a lot of damage to staff morale. Leadership by example and accountability is very important in our organisation which fly national pride.

    Together we can do it.

    MESA President.

    Further proof of bloopers


  3. Anonymous12:23 am

    GOH is in PEMANDU? But he is clearly a strong supporter of the opposition government - almost all links on his blog are to pro Pakatan sites.. How can he work for the present government? He has no integrity IMHO.

  4. Anonymous1:06 am

    I read Goh's blog..however still unconvincing as Farah the third class grad with 3 years intern experience in the law firm (by merit konon) is the Senior Analyst for our internal security...hahaha..well Pemandu is still full of bull..and nobody will trust them. If the kampung folks start to know what the suspicious Pemandu is doing now..with the PAS try to be out temporarily from PR..I can 70% guarantee PRU 14...the majority of Malay vote will swing back to PAS..with Chinese and Indian are still loyal to DAP...

    Pemandu F3...

  5. Anonymous1:08 am

    PEMANDU publishes the KPI of every Ministry

    Who overlook Pemandu KPI? Najib ranked them and report to Najib? With pemandu and their KPI's on minister , why there so much Blunders? Ceh,, million spend on footballs and do we really see another Santock Singh, Taukey, Shukor Salleh, Arumugam and the great Mokthar Dahari?

  6. Anonymous9:22 am

    why should we believe Goh's article?
    1. if he said is true, why wouldn't pemandu even defend themselves from the rumours that are spreading now.
    3. if pemandu is so able, why did we lose chinese votes and BN is at its worst performance since 1955?

    thousands of brains and yet not even a single person able to come up with a winning strategy?

    i think your friend is also stupid in thinking pemandu is the best con-sultant PM has ever hired.

  7. Anonymous11:57 am

    This Goh is not naive, he is a big liar. He wrote abt OO here:

    The political interference began with the Omar Mustapha saga. The BOD, whose confidence lies with TS Hassan, initially rejected the "appointment" of Omar Mustapha to the Board.

    The Prime Minister's office was not willing to budge and in the end, Omar Mustapha was "reluctantly" accepted as Director of Petronas.

  8. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Goh came into the picture to save Pemandu... we can see noe how they are pulling all strings, grabbing everything...just to stay up there, get it? Pemandu is just a bunch of liberalists, traitors, PR agents, spore agents, incapables, inexperienced animals. They hv to go and they hv to go fast. So do all the consultants and advisers and their consultants... The gomen must be able to perform on their own or they shudnt be there in the first place.