Saturday, September 14, 2013

Najib's Bumiputera Economic Agenda

13. From May 13 to PRU13, the unlucky number for some culture is apparently a blessing for the Malays and Bumiputeras. Or at least that's how one may choose to look political events in this country that have been altering the fate of Bumiputeras (in the form of affirmative actions NEP and NDP) and BEEP, or the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Plan launched by Najib Razak yesterday. Read Pasquale's Defining Moments ...

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Original article (with updates)
"The economic empowerment of bumiputra won't cut off, take away or deny any other's rights." - Prime Minister Najib Razak on the new Bumiputera Economic Agenda, Sept 14, 2013

Meritocracy Among Bumiputeras. On the contrary, Najib's pro-Bumi policy will contribute towards the expansion of the Malaysian economy and, as a consequence, the wealth of the other ethnic groups. 
Malaysia's track record speaks for itself: four decades of pro-Bumiputera socio-economic programs have benefited not only the Bumiputeras, who used to the poorest in their own country, but also the non-Bumiputeras as well as millions of foreigners who make their money in this country, some illegally. You can say that these policies are also responsible for the peace and stability that we have enjoyed in spite of the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity; after the 1969 racial riots, the Malays and other Bumis have co-existed without incidents with the Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, and other non-Bumiputeras. Despite the NEP and the NDP, the non-Bumiputeras who make up less than 30 per cent of the population, still own more than 70 per cent of the country's wealth. 

An aspect I like about Najib's Bumiputera agenda is that it sets out to spur competition among Bumiputeras themselves. The PM has asked the planners to specifically ensure that the programs don't become breeding grounds for cronies. "Think of it like a beauty contest," he'd said during a session with stakeholders. For eg, start-up companies eyeing a RM500,000 grant to turn their ideas into commercially-viable project must convince an independent panel made up of successful Bumi entrepreneurs in a rigid selection process where no Minister will have a say.
Another aspect is the commitment Najib's Bumi Agenda expects of Government-Linked Companies. Some GLCs, we all know, have forgotten their station in life. The new Bumi Agenda will ensure that the GLC key performance index takes into serious consideration what the corporation has done to help promote Bumiputera entrepreneurs and human capital. Read h e r e.
To be cont'd. In the meantime, pls also read Najib's full text at UiTM this morning, H E R E.

Updated, 15/9/2013: In Apa Najib Mesti Buat, which he wrote on Friday the 13th, the day before the PM launched the government's Bumiputera Agenda, blogger SatD sets up an interesting, if somewhat distressing, context i.e. Najib Razak's first term as PM wiped out the gains Bumiputeras had made vis-a-vis income gap with non-Bumiputeras for the last ten years. At the very least, that's what the PM needs to restore via the Bumi Agenda. The blogger also calls for a Royal Review of the implementation of Article 153 and the corresponding affirmative actions NEP and NDP. In addition, the Majlis Raja-Raja should ask for an annual performance report on the Bumputera Agenda which should, in the name of transparency, also be made available to the public.


  1. i just hope the managers of all this program are sincere and have integrity. So many bad case already..

  2. HA Lim5:29 pm

    Agreed. No more Ali Baba too. Working with partners is fine. Do your part to be the millionaire you want to be.

  3. Anonymous5:44 pm


    ini semua adalah retorik saja.
    nak umumkan ini saja kena buat majlis besar-besaran dan kebetulan sebelum pemilihan umno. entah berapa banyak belanjanya. baru saja kurangkan subsidi lepas tu belanja sesuka hati. dari jpm hingga ke teraju dan agensi-agensi yang lain semua ini adalah untuk kononnya KPI masing-masing.
    umum itu dan ini sampai keakar umbi belom tentu. atau yang dapat hanya segelintir sahaja.
    menyesal undi umno dan bn pada pru yang lalu.


  4. Kamal6:19 pm

    Najib Bumiputra Economic agenda should change to Najib agenda for the coming UMNO elaction.

    Poor Malay UMNO members.

    Nothing new.Just like election promise.

  5. Kamal6:19 pm

    Najib Bumiputra Economic agenda should change to Najib agenda for the coming UMNO elaction.

    Poor Malay UMNO members.

    Nothing new.Just like election promise.

  6. Anonymous6:52 pm

    wonder how sick the opposition media can go further than this, pick-up comments from the unreliable, untrustworthy, heavily funded by anwar ibrahim and the communist sympathizer....

    quotable quotes or anal-lysis?

    `Respected pollster' Ibrahim Suffian of merdeka center and `Expert' Wan Saiful Wan Jan of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs!

    Go On! Go cheat and manipulated more lah! Bastard PIG! after all it is in their blood!

  7. Datuk,

    I'm very skeptical.

    Najib the Felinist did not address the root of the Malay socio-economic viscous cycle; seed capital.

    It takes money to make money.

    It is clear that he is trapped in the 'BR1M' thought process, even in this Model Ekonomi Bumiputera. A lot of initiatives which gives the perception of 'hand outs', one level after another.

    What so Najib the Felinist ought to do is to provide cheap funding. Make sure it's a revolving credit nature and a mechanism to collect monthly.

    For the Bumiputera businesses, provide venture capitalism models. Not the Ekuinas and Teraju models. They are so IPO driven.

    Then again Najib the Felinist is so influenced by 'market capitalisation' and 'increasing value' false capitalists thought process. Same the same tunes in the likes of Azman Mokhtar, Omar Ong, Nazir Razak.

    The real economy is in growth of sales, lowering cost of production and efficiency. Nothing of that in this speech.

    Also cornering the market. He didn't even mention about Malay SMEs capturing existing market.

    That's the true value the interpretation of 'Meritocracy'.

  8. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Yaa the admin all fuck up with our money!!!
    Najib need to check not just talk...

    Lipis for Development

  9. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Wait n see for the real action..who will benefited most..are they the men behind the scene or the genuine bumiputera

  10. Rocky

    Incase I missed it, please tell us what's the big Hoo-Haa about what Najib announced this morning?

    There's nothing new! I'm rather disappointed!

    All repackaging existing and on going policies and socio economic plan being rolled out.

    No earth changing new and bold economic plans. At least that's the sense of anxiety that was hyped up the past couple of days.

    Adding the drama and sensation like "Uphold seven wills of the nine Malay Rulers" wont mitigate the fact that the economic gap between the Malays and Chinese is getting unpleasantly wider.

    Let alone if factored in the Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputera.

    What will happen on the eve of the 14GE the socio economic standing between the Malays and Chinese actually grew further apart?

  11. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Najib's pro-Bumi policy ? It just window dressing to save Najib balls at PAU unfortunately not one of the 3 Million UMNO members dare to challenge Najib and they claimed UMNO unhold DEMOCRACY.? As a Bumi myself I lost faith in Najib and his agenda. What he did to the Chinese from day one till GE13 is unforgiven. Shamed on him. Malay voted BN-UMNO because they are worried and no fate to PR and now there are more worries. We aint stupid. Najib brother a pure BUMI made billins form government,and yet he look down on bumi agenda as though he played and fairly compete in the market, it the same to Zaid Ibrahim.

  12. Anonymous12:08 am

    Ex-AA is quite right.

    Another populist hand-out, timed to shore up his flagging appeal ahead of UMNO polls, but it offers no real substance.

    And after 4 decades of abuse, are we really to believe that this will be fair, equitable and not leveraged for the benefit of selected Umnoputras?

    Just look at Najib's slew of recent GLC & govt appointments to see how he himself practises the concept of "the best man for the job, selected on merit."

    Some beauty contest that was!

  13. Anonymous7:19 am

    Won't u get cina "bumi co" going for this? Heheh

  14. charleskiwi8:23 am

    Why didn't this turncoat make this announcement before the GE ? Was it because he did not want the votes of the non Malay ? Plus it is more 4 months since the GE when he promised the voters he will build 1,000,000 affordable homes if he remains in Putrajaya. How many of the 1,000,000 houses has he, to date, built or planned to ?
    Is this another one of votes catching promises announced for the benefits of the Umno meeting ? Or is this a confirmation that all the P.M. since this 30% share of the economic cake was allocated since 1969 ? Can you please tell the your readers how many percentages have been achieved ? Also the egregious Mahathir during his tenure of 22 years as P.M. also as lords of all he surveyed in this country how many percent did he achieve for the Malays ?
    Or was he too busy building all the white elephants in the process of becoming the richest man in Asia and also ensuring his schlub son to become a billionaire ? According to him nothing is impossible, how come then he could not achieve the 30% of the country's economic cake ? How was there to prevent him, if there was anyone daring enough to do that, from this aim ?
    Or was it because he didn't have enough time to do that and the programme is to be given another 44 years for his son to become the P.M. to do that ?
    When will the poor Malays, especially with people like you around, wake up to the fact that the 30% was there only ,as an excuse, for him and all the Umno warlords to become millionaires, billionaires or even the richest man in Asia especially so in the name of the Malays ?
    That must be the sole reason why even after 44 years very little is done or achieved.

    Please be told the non Malays in this country have no qualms about this policy, in fact we think the sooner the target is achieved the better. The non Malays of this country is only objecting that this policy is there to help the warlords hijacking the policy to enrich themselves, especially the warlords with inflated prices for contracts given to them or their proxies on the silver platters ! As such don't you think it is also your duty to ensure that is achieved instead of being pugnacious in almost all the articles you write or have written ?

  15. Anonymous8:46 am

    Go ahead to help the less fortunate genuine and real Bumiputra not the fake one!


  16. Joe Black9:46 am

    This is What Should make the Headline in "The International News"

    "Malays Waiting For The Money to Rain down on Them...Thinks Najib is Godsent and will make it Happen."

  17. Anonymous10:57 am

    Non bumi holds 70%. So what's left is 30%.
    So, bumis will fight amongst ourself for the 30%. Except that now, it will be based on merit.
    In the mean time, we continue to give more room for the non bumis.
    The agenda did not say what the plan is for those in rural areas. In fact, no plans about those impoverished bumis in the KL flats. Only about the rich getting richer.
    The non bumis get richer; th elite bumid gets richer. Kampung folks and ghetto folks continue going down.


  18. Anonymous11:26 am

    @anon 8:46 am

    You are right. The fakes must not win this time.

    The only part of the Najib plan that makes sense long-term is the upgrading of skills and enhanced education. At the end of the day, it is these two factors that can truly build a competitive Bumi economy.

    This will only happen if the process is not tainted by self-interest.

    Some critical analysis by someone described as an "Umno insider":

    "Whichever it is, Najib won't be able to be effective in Umno or in the nation. By swerving right to please Umno members, he has put the nation's economy in a very precarious position and that makes him and his administration very vulnerable. Either you are a great Umno president and run the country to the dogs or you are a great Prime Minister and put a stop to Umno's excesses with real reforms."

    "But what Najib is doing is to offer the Malay more 'bribery'. It is not only spoiling them but entrenching a greater 'hand-out' and corrupt mentality. You really can't straddle two 'sampans' and hope for the best, which is what Najib is doing. At a critical time in the global economy, he is putting Malaysia's interest last and his personal interests first and this is why we have already been downgraded to 'negative' outlook by the international rating agencies. We won't get the socio-economic reforms needed by the nation and neither will Umno see the reforms it needs to survive."

    Najib can only fend off this criticism by explaining how administration of the new plan will not succumb to corruption and favouritism.

    From what we've seen recently at Tabung Haji and Indon ambassadorships, we need to maintain a healthy sense of doubt.

  19. Anonymous11:54 am

    Sounds good but implementing it is another story. The selfish and the greedy among the bumi elite will divide the cake among themselves and the poor Malays will be left wondering why they are still 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang' plus the fact that the non bumis will hate the bumis although the real bumis will not have benefited at all. Think this is too pessimistic a view? Just wait and see

  20. Anonymous11:57 am

    Sounds good but implementing it is another story. The selfish and the greedy among the bumi elite will divide the cake among themselves and the poor Malays will be left wondering why they are still 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang' plus the fact that the non bumis will hate the bumis although the real bumis will not have benefited at all. Think this is too pessimistic a view? Just wait and see

  21. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Just give cash outright should be better.

    Buat apa program ni Dan tu Dan meritokrasi?

    Siapa lah yang perlu simpanan melebehi RM 200 k untuk ASB?

    Anak siapa yang ramai guna duit MARA?

    Dah muak dah.

  22. Anonymous12:40 pm

    I have been observing najib closely since he was a Defence Minister. His effectiveness is much to be desired. There is not much hope for the Bumiputras under Najib.

  23. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Mr Rocky, What the use of building more UITM?Just for the sake giving tenders to Bumi company to build it or then sub contract to Chinese and most of all the supplier of all materials are CHINESE and worst when it being Alibaba. Then with more UITM , more graduates of quality and NON QUALITY unable to speak English even English is a subject. Worst of all, with more graduates against less jobs opportunity and competition with the non Malays then what, BN government to employ them in government sector or offer then as Teachers? The real point is let the BUMI compete in a fair word. Enhance Sekolah kebangsaan to be top with modern approach so that sekolah Cina will be finally closed. Remember history when Aziz Ishak recommended our University to be build with Chemical engineering and what happen to him. Najib aspiration for bumi agenda is to enrich those who are rich especially his brother Nazir. I lost Fate in Najib. He not even an inch nearer to DR M. The worst is this is his agenda to save him his position as UMNO Presiden. Will the 3 million UMNO member wake up?

  24. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Somehow don't trust Najib the Chinese School fella that much.

    Is this just a political mileage for the upcoming Umno polls?

    So far the agenda Bumi is almost dead under Najib.

    If you fail in the implementation/ results of this initiative, please do this:

    a. Tell the Malays that they are useless; or

    b. Step down and tell the Malays you are useless (there are better people that can do the job instead).

  25. Anonymous1:01 pm

    More sales for BMW and Merc, that is for sure.

  26. Jala to be CEO?1:45 pm

    Will he appoint that Christian guy Idris Jala to be the head?

    or maybe that Christian Tony Fernandes

    or that mamak Khairy who will disburse goodies to his mamakputera like Prince of India Azeez Rahim haha

  27. Anonymous1:58 pm

    We need leadership that sincerely want to manage the issues facing the poor income bumi. The cake is big enough for every Malaysian. But bringing in foreign labor does not help improving the bumi status.
    This issue has not been addressed. Anually 3 billion RM goes to Bangla and may be another 5 billion RM goes to Indo and Maynamar.
    These contradicting policies does not work for Malaysian.

  28. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Now the current administration has a huge responsibility to see through all the policies implemented. They have to make sure the Malays and the natives of Borneo to OWN more than what did just now.
    In the years to come, they should own more things on the land; movable or unmovable. They should own more things at seas and everything underneath it. They should own things high up in the sky. They should also own things whatever come in between. They have to increase their OWNERSHIP in everything. They should start to own everything now to ensure their own survival in this blessed land. They should be more and more of them 'owning', not just the selected few along with the increase of quantity. We could hire some dudes at PERANGKAAN, PADU, PEMANDU, TERAJU, and other DUs to come out with the numbers and statistics and keep track on it. Make sure things are moving in the right direction. They should come out with annual reports. If things don't work out, put some regulations on it, or throw some money; or both.
    We are not taking anything from anyone. We are only taking what rightly belong to us.

  29. charleskiwi8:18 am

    Anon 2.27,
    Yes you are not taking anything from anyone but no you are not, I repeat, that you are only taking what is yours. This land including whatever is in this country was never yours. Everything in Malaya belongs to the Orang Asli they are the sons of the soil. You all so called Malays are really the descendants of Indonesia just like all the white criminals from Britain. The real sons of the soil in Australia are the aborigines and so are the Red Indians in North America and not the Europeans or the slaves from African ! So stop saying that Malaya is yours and when do you are also saying that the whites are the sons of the soil in Australia and North America. If you have any doubts or disputes about these just have your blood tested , at your expense if your Malay, and not a descendant of an Indonesian !

  30. since nep and now teraju both has successfully enriching malay with money...the 30% cake distributed to malays community.....unfortunately due to human greedy and animality only same group and same ppl enjoy it and of course bribery is always the issue...

    nvtheless, as malay its dun really bother me as far as malay is as rich as chinese.........

    THE MAIN PROBLEM IS deb and now teraju is only focusing for malay to own money power not economy power!!!! this 30% has been converted into paper ringgit where some kept under their bed, some in gf house, some inside asb, some in bank etc.....

    this paper is used to buy things...we malay are the biggest consumer population in malaysia around 80% including bumis in sabah and sarawak....

    TERAJU shud adjust its economic strategies in asssit malay to earn 30% of economy power not money power....

    assist aunty nasi lemak who use payung for the last 10 years to the shop outlet....assist shop outlet to one utama or klcc premises....assist man welding to have his own factoru as he already weld millions metal....assist lan pomen to have its own service centre after 20 years he use his house as workshop.......assist vincent tan related company to opeen restaurant in uk by using 2 millions gov grant...the last one is not teraju but teruja....

    Me, not blaming gov alone, insult all malay rich asshole whom had more than 1,000,000 cash in their account to do business......jual apa sahaja as islam pun suruh meniaga....dun bluff ppl if you only make hartanah biz, asb biz and other safe business.....if you want malay to be survive read this 90% of goods supplies including hardware, spare parts, computer, hp, u name it, till raw food supply is minipolise by non malay...if they want to kill malay they only need 7 days leave on chinese new year hgoliday to proove they damn can do that ezly....

    as mahathir advice...THINK.!!!!