Thursday, September 05, 2013

Blogger OutSyed TB: "The PM is NOT the enemy"

Updated: Proof PEMANDU was sabotaging the PM

Original posting
I have not burnt my bridges with the PM. But things are going pretty haywire, scary and frightening. At this pace, its kaput in no time.
I think the people around the PM are generating the heat against me and some of the other Bloggers. 
Unfortunately I dont think the PM is fully aware of all this. He did promise to meet us again. Why hasn't the PM met us? Obviously the gatekeepers are playing Nanny.

Syed Akbar Ali.  - Comment in Hot Stuff at PEMANDU drives bloggers nuts, 4/9/2013 
In yesterday's Hot Stuff (not Hot Staff) posting, I made a reference to author Syed Akbar Ali's recent blistering attacks on the seemingly untouchable Pemandu on his blog OutSyed The Box. This is what I wrote:
Syed Akbar Ali, who may or may not have burned his bridges with the Najib Razak administration, wrote two damning postings on Pemandu in the last few days:
After leaving the I-have-not-burnt-my-bridges comment for me, Syed Akbar went on to publish Has OSTB Burnt Bridges With Najib Administration? in which he makes his stand crystal clear. 
"Please dont mistake your friends for enemies and shoot them. Most clearly I am NOT the enemy.And no the Prime Minister is also NOT the enemy.
But, in the heat of the battle, the PM can get misled or not get the right information. This can cause massive damage because the PM is ultimately the Commander In Chief who gives all the orders."  
Make no mistake, Syed Akbar Ali's posting is not for my benefit. The "people around the PM" should digest it slowly. Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous11:59 am

    Want to know your weakness, hear to the critics, not praises, then you can improve.

  2. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Ah one Mamak using another Mamak to attack jibby. You dumno fellas never cease to amuse.

  3. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Harapkan our PM tersedar dari terlena. Bukan dlam PEMANDU sahaja, berlaku typhoon dalam PETRONAS organization too. Habis.ah

  4. Anonymous2:14 pm

    You should try to follow the writing style of Syed Ali, at least then your blog might some semblance of credibility.

  5. Anonymous2:31 pm

    not to worry 'bout the PM, sure the time soon or sooner....keep close to the NGOs ( not the one hunted by Police )

    NGO Bugis Johor

  6. Anonymous3:19 pm

    PM should read the points in Outsyed The Box if he wants to survive the upcoming UMNO meeting.

    Syed is on your side la PM... we're just so fed up with your Pemandus and Penasihats that have been showing no results at all.

    Rakyat sudah menyampah.... so pls la Mr PM... look back at your Advisor Teams!!

    Its getting pathetic.

    BN friendly guy

  7. Lastly, was reading a written piece to whack at blogger Syed Akbar and it seem to be a concerted effort by bloggers using materials by PMO.

    Syed is just a lone blogger with a view of his own and they agree that he is entitled to one. Yet the might of the Prime Minister's Department was used to blow away an insignificant pro-BN blogger when they could not do so with the lying, slandering and twisting opposition.

    They are really in a pathetic state of affair!

    Perhaps stupid is too harsh a description but the many issues were raised and pointed out was ignored and simplistically brushed with a single stroke as trying to topple the PM. All along, it was about few incompetent officers and advisers that is messing up the leadership and party owned by millions.

    True and agreed, Syed should not be name calling and hope he stop, but to say the Malay culture entails us to be subtle is pure nonsense.

    That are times a Malay man has to be direct and forthcoming. It is particularly so when there are persons around who are intelligently challenged, culturally inapt, and does not know their station in life to understand subtlety. More so, when as host, the person failed understand that his station is at the wall and not seated.

  8. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Najib leads - but six rows from the front. The first five rows are all Pemandu and they act as the filter for all things affecting the country. Or so they think.

  9. Anonymous6:00 pm

    apa dato'? dia(OSTB) tak dapat duit dia lagi kot?

    1. Anon 6pm,

      OSTB does not get paid to blog. In other words, he does not blog for money. I know who does.

  10. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Hi Rock,

    These are serious issues which need undivided attention from PM Najib.

    He may or may not realised this BUT someone close to the leadership need to alert him B4 the malays turn their back on him. OutSyed TB has a very genuine, valid and precise point here. Again , lets not allowed them to drag UMNO into this cos UMNO in general is not aware. The Premier must not allow this to go on...........

  11. Tanda Putera9:10 pm

    Kejatuhan setiap pemimpin kerapkali kerana penasihat dan orang sekelilingnya. Saya pasti PM Najib pun tahu perkara ini - tetapi kenapa masih biarkan ia berlaku?

    1. Anonymous12:38 am

      Because he's not that smart.

      We have loads of issues and it doesnt help when our PM cant appreciate the situation (due to his background you cant totally blame him though)... made worse with those gabbage advisors.

      Easy said than done.

      But when you have a list of mismatched adbisors like that.. Disaster is inevitable.

      Umno must realise this and a quick pre-emptive action may be necessary. This matter is more than Umno actually. It affects the nation!

  12. Painkiller judas priest4:09 pm

    The pm is not the enemy?

    He is enemy number one.

    If the guy that is running us into the ground can be excused because of his "team" and "advisors", what the hell man?

    I might as well rape a dog and blame it on having an erection?

    See how that doesnt make sense? Thats how the pm is not the enemy thing is running in my mind.

    Decision making is a key aspect so najin is shit its his fault and he is enemy number 1

  13. Anonymous8:58 pm

    We really pray for UMNO and MPs to investigate in PEMANDU and PETRONAS organizations. Please MTEM push and voice the true

  14. Outsyed the box's head is too big. I think he passed arrogance level some time ago.
    Anyway, his readership does not reflect a cross section of malaysians.
    Don't think too many UMNO voters read him.

    ps: Each time a blogger said he has no ego, I would tell him "Why have the counter? Why do you need to tell how many people visits you?"

  15. Anonymous11:13 am

    PM should have his ear to the ground.

    watch out for and eliminate trojan horses, and show that he is the one at the helm holding the handle of the ship's wheel to the common people.

    Surely they would be many trojan horses and sleepers implanted by the opposition/international forces?

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