Thursday, August 29, 2013

An open letter to Najib Razak (and no, Apanama did not call the PM names)

Dear Prime Minister, 

I hope that you take note of the fact that one too many of your ADVISORS have elevated themselves to your level. Some of them think they are the Prime Minister of Malaysia, thus criticizing them and correcting them is tantamount to being anti-Najib or trying to topple the Prime Minister.  
Dear Prime Minister, please take note that we know exactly how to ask/demand a sitting Prime Minister  to vacate his seat. Please remind your Advisors of their actual standing. Please also remind them (...) that they are there to serve you, the PRIME MINISTER, and not themselves. 
 Dear Prime Minister, please take note that we take the trouble to tell you and/or the administration as it is. Black is black and White is white, we tell you that without fear or favour because we want you to remain as the Prime Minister and steer this nation to greater heights again.   
Dear Prime Minister, we won't be doing what we are doing now if we think you are not fit to be the Prime Minister.  
Thank you, Mr Prime Minister. 
Extracted from Apanama, Ending the Endless, 26/8/13

Dear readers, 
The blogger Apanama speaks for legions. Those of us who were already blogging about Malaysian politics when Tun Awakening was the Prime Minister remember exactly what the Fourth Floor boys (the term used to describe his disastrous team of close advisers) did that brought their boss crashing down after just one term in office. 
We also know how history tends to repeat itself. 
Apanama's message should be taken in the right spirit by the Prime Minister's Office. We can't let history repeats itself, and so soon too. 
p/s Regarding the title, the part about calling the PM names, I admit that during the pre-Awakening days we bloggers were fond of calling the sleeping Prime Minister all sorts of names. Today's socio-political blogging environment is different. Most of us are less brash and not so brave. So when I read OutSyed the Box's inference in The Morons Around the PM that Apanama was "calling the PM and his henchmen morons or sewel", I was concerned and immediately checked if Apanama had dengue or something. Found out that the seasoned journo-blogger called the PM no such things. Read his entire posting h e r e.  


  1. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Najib is not as smart as former PM Tun M, thus seeking more assistance from his advisors... we do not discount the fact that these advisors are full of themselves and may provide wrong strategies to Najib ... Poor Najib... He certainly has good intentions for the country but ended doing the wrong things...

  2. Anonymous1:17 pm

    History repeating itself..

    1998 : The battle of the cronies.

    2008 : 4th Floor vs All Bloggers

    2013 : Elite Advisors vs Pro Bloggers.

    Lets see who will win this time...


  3. Anonymous2:33 pm

    wak ..

    elite advisors ni baik surrender saja!

    menyemak. nak buat duit saja dia tahu.

    penasihat pm yang tekun dan ikhas berkerja hanya segelintir ...

    yang lain semua punahsihat.


  4. Datuk,

    Maybe some people can actually see the words "Call PM and his henchmen morons or sewel".

    OR even "Dungu"!

    ..... when majority others couldn't!

    It's a condition commonly known as...



    "Sakit Jiwa"

    Either, one needs help.

    Maybe that Pawang Hj Hoegarden could step forward and mandram some magical words to uplift one from the spell.

  5. To each his own, but in the long run, it is about credibility that prevail.

    Question is does spice-eating Malaysian in a state of near anarchy appreciate credible news and commentaries? Some Malaysians can't differentiate between opinion and facts, let alone credibility and even among the educated middle class.

    Perhaps, what Malaysians are looking for is honesty. We may agree to disagree and each has it's own way of doing and achieving things but Syed's honest comment below can be appealing:

    Woi kawan2 UMNO, Perkasa, Blogger pro UMNO, Blogger pro Kerajaan - macam ni saja lah. Elok kau orang pi mampus saja lah. Kau orang ingat kau dok berjuang untuk parti, agama, bangsa, negara, negeri, daerah, tiub pancit dan entah ape lagi. Awak semua dah kena liwat dari belakang. Kau orang semua dok pandang ke depan. Tapi ulat besar dah tebuk nangka dari belakang. Bila pemimpin sendiri dah dunggu macam ini, apa yang akan jadi nasib kita semua? Lingkup.

    One is entitled to one's opinion but what we look out for from the Government is not to simplify and force their view on us. Explain, lay out the facts and let us decide.

    Saying we are now engaging the people now but before this defend the secrecy of the TPPA negotiation is insulting the opinion leader amongst the people.

    Saying meritocrasy outside and killing off the Entrreneurshp Ministry but in private, telling everyone we can be noisy when helping out Bumiputera is not honest governing.

    We are holding on to Najib's words that the Government does not know everything. Before saying anything, get the initial feedback first from some stakeholders and some members of media, mainstream or alternative.

  6. Anonymous2:36 pm

    than....persuade him to seek more assistance from Tun M.

    luv you M

  7. Anonymous1:36 pm

    It won't be Apanama but the real "Apanamaaaaaaaa" who will decide whether Jibby stays or falls. He still runs UMNO and still runs this country. You give Jibs' advisers way too much face.

  8. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Kepada Yip Kum Fook

    Menbaca berita dari Media dan berpendapat berita dari orang ramai Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong berkenaan kelakuan yang benar-benar “U” (Yip Kum Fook) tipu perempuan dan merosakan keluarga orang lain dan memakan wang Tokong), bermalu-malukan parti MCA Malaysia, masyarakat Cina dan penganut Agama Buddha…….

    Kami harap “U” menujukan satu contohan yang baik, letakan jawatan Ketua MCA Gombak dan pengerusi SAMNAK SAMBODHI dan lain-lain jawatan dengan segara