Thursday, August 29, 2013

No more GSC for me, thank you!

No go for Tanda Putera at Golden Screen Cinemas in Penang
GEORGE TOWN: Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) will not be screening the controversial Tanda Putera movie in its two cineplexes on the island and mainland here following a request from the Penang Government. 
Queensbay Mall GSC manager Sam Kok Kee said he received a directive from his headquarters yesterday not to screen the movie. 
The cineplex in Queensbay Mall has advertised that the movie will be screen six times today, same as GSC cineplex in Sunway Carnival. 
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government did not impose a ban on the screening of the movie in the state. 
“We only issued an advisory. No action will be taken against cinema operators who continue to screen the movie despite our advice,” he said in a statement on Thursday. 
The movie is to be screened nationwide from today.

If it's just an advisory or a request, why are the people at GSC going out of their way to please DAP's Lim Guan Eng? Because the movie is produced by a Melayu? Because the movie glorifies Melayu leaders? Because GSC fears retribution from Penang's own beloved leader? Because GSC is a supporter of DAP? 
Whatever their reason(s), they can't put the blame on Lim Guan Eng because the Chief Minister has made it clear that he did not force any of the cinemas in Penang to not show Tanda Putera. Lim Guan Eng even gave his word that "no action will be taken against cinema operators who continue to screen the movie despite our advice". In other words, you won't get shot if you screen Tanda Putera or if you take your family to watch the movie or if the multiracial cast of the movie go to Penang to promote their movie. 
Despite Lim Guan Eng's assurances, the GSC has taken it upon itself to not screen Tanda Putera, a movie about the life and death of two of our greatest national leaders - Tun Razak and Tun Ismail. 
I will not boycott Lim Guan Eng, I think he is not racist but a man seriously ill and needs help and I will try my utmost to get him that help, but I have watched my last movie at GSC, for sure.


  1. Golden Screen Cinapex4:01 pm


    The authorities MUST stop the expansion of GSC in this country and promote the growth of cineplexes owned by Bumiputeras and people who don't mix politics with movies.


  2. Anonymous4:15 pm

    @Anon 4:01

    Why MUST the authorities stop the expansion of GSC? Let the cinema goers decide for themselves whether or not they want to boycott the cineplex. Government got better things to do. Let's not make them do petty stuff. Your call to boycott should be sufficient.

  3. Anonymous4:22 pm

    this is just business decision. GSC just took the opportunity because they know this screening this movie is a losing business. Better use the slots for other commercial movies.

  4. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Kalau TGV ikut sama then bagaimana...Astro saja-lah?

  5. "Because the movie is produced by a Melayu?...Because the movie is produced by a Melayu? Because the movie glorifies Melayu leaders?"

    No, don't bring that Buntutsan type of false and fake racism and partisanship into this controversary. You are better than that.

    No, because the movie falsely portrays some Chinese urinating on the national flag. That is the crux of the issue, although there are other objectional scenes, like insinuating a Chinese Communist presence which never happened in the run up to the real May 13 1968, or after it.

    Artistic licence does not give anyone the right to make false, impressionable and grossly misleading racist allegations, whether in print or film. Especially since it has been refuted by a Malay eyewitness, Ahmad Habib. Check the link at:

    Quote: "Ahmad said....There were a lot of people there.....the distance from the gate of the Mentri Besar’s home to the flagpole was some 20 metres, repeating that it would not have been possible for Lim to have traversed the distance just to urinate on the flagpole."Unquote.

    The insult to Lim Kit Siang, long standing and highly respected uncorrupt Opposition leader of DAP is totally unacceptable. Suhaimi Baba should tender him an open and unequivocal apology.

    As for why GSC is going out of its way to please the State Govt, our Federal Govt too warned many to stay away from Bersih 1, 2 & 3. Why did many comply? Out of fear from Govt retribution, you think?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  6. Anonymous5:19 pm

    I believe the GSC top management is going to loose sleep over the loss of your patronage and those like you.

    Please rethink your decision.

    1. Anonymous6:37 am

      Ok bru. We will stop going to GSC.Period. No more GSC. Govt should also do something to this GSC.

  7. Anonymous5:26 pm

    If I were a secondary Sejarah teacher in Penang, I would make this a compulsory watch. Then, before the parents can make noise, I would tell the students the next day that its not compulsory, but recommended they watch the movie. Then proceed to discuss the subject of the movie in detail the following day. That should be fun.

  8. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Dear Dato Rocky,
    no one can help that crazy CM of Penang. Don't waste your time.

  9. arizmaya5:58 pm

    anon 5.19pm.. gsc management may not lose sleep if one rockybru boycotted its cenime.. but if all the 18 million rockybrus decided enough is enough with GSC then it spells disaster for gsc.. they certainly cannot rely on the 7 millions guan engs for their survival...

    quid pro quo

  10. Anonymous6:03 pm

    bru, guna otak sikit mana ada satu orang sahaja cina yg berani masuk rmah mbesar kencing lagi..sedangkan puluhan jantan ganas melayu kumpul sana

  11. Anonymous6:08 pm

    when the chinese got kick back,then it is 1 race and 1 nation

    when other then chinese got kick,then it is freedom of speech and democracy

    chinese hipocrisy at its i right donplaypuks?

  12. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Blockbuster movie macam Titanic ke?

    Why not screen kat RTM Dan TV3?

  13. Anonymous6:20 pm

    This will create more publicity for the movie. It will become hot item on the streets, i.e. , good business for the pirate DVD industries... Eer.. any circular to the pirate DVD syndicate? which were 100% run by the pro DAP laa...

  14. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Oh, puleeze Latuk Locky: Puleeze don't boycott our cinema business. It's tough making ends meet, and you boycotting our business means we have to close shop. sob, sob, sob.

    Puleeeeeeze, Latuk, have mercy on our bisnes.

    Golden Handshake

  15. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Good for you Rockybrute !

    Rockybrute should spend more time in the gym rather than watching movie in GSC cinema.

  16. Anonymous6:46 pm

    it's holding 'wajib tayang' status.
    1. Cina malu and feel embarrace to watch the truth of their ugly and pathetic behaviour in Tanah Melayu.
    2. Tanda Putera is 100% based on true story.
    3. revoke GSC licence

  17. Anonymous6:46 pm


    after 505 boycott chinese shops for voting PR..

    now boycott GSC for not screening TP..

    I wonder what your kind of people gonna boycott next??

    Maybe boycott your's like oledi on boycott mode from what you are dishing out now..


  18. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Common sense will tell you if it was true Lim Kit Siang urinated on the flagpole in front of the MB's house when temper was reaching a breaking point, do you expect to see him alive and kicking today? A stupid movie that those with a brain will not want to watch even if its free.

  19. Anonymous7:24 pm

    What will happen in the future if, using creative license, a producer comes out with a movie depicting the explosion of a Mongolia citizen under the instruction of a certain ex-prime minister . I think that would as unacceptable as this movie.

  20. So, it's not ok to criticize "Tanda Putra" until you have watched the movie in it's entirety?

    Fair enough.

    By the same token then, it's not ok to criticize the book on Pak Lah's premiership until one has read the book from cover to cover.

    Yet some bloggers and commentators have done just that.

    Starting with you, Bru. Have you read that book in full?

    I must admit that I've picked up a copy of the book at Kinokuniya in Singapore and look forward to reading it.

    And if the Tanda Putra movie makes it to the screens in Singapore or Jakarta, I will try to go and watch it.

    Because it wouldn't be right for me to comment on it otherwise.

  21. Anonymous7:59 pm

    wow, what a big loss for GSC. Mati-lah GSC shareholders, better quickly sell to PNB.

  22. Tak penting mana2 pawagam mahu tayang atau tidak - itu hanya menjejaskan penerbit filem. Penayangan boleh dalam pelbagacara Dan pentingnya untuk jangkapanjang Dan sebagai bukti media yg mungkin mempengaruhi sejarah.

    Dan paling penting, generasi yg terlepas boleh saksikan kembali sesuatu yg benar terjadi melalui filem. Kebenaran itulah terpancul apabila pihak yg bersalah panik Dan tidak berani menghadapi kenyataan.

  23. Anonymous8:37 pm

    It is time for BN controlled state to retaliate with Penang's state crazy movement.

    Be proactive la BN, don't sleep like a dog!!!

  24. Anonymous8:47 pm

    "....Lim Kit Siang, long standing and highly respected uncorrupt Opposition leader of DAP..."

    Lim Kit Sial - highly respected? Ini apek tua sangat suei mah. Dia pencetus rusuhan kaum 13 Mei 1969. Ada maanyak baik kalau dia mampus/kojol sebelum PRU 14 mah.

  25. Anonymous9:37 pm


    This boycott and dream that the business will close down, if you buggers make it happen, will impact our Malay brothers and sisters who are trying hard to earn a decent living.

    You buggers, cash-rich from UMNO patronage, never care a damn for our Malay brothers & sisters.

    If GSC closes, you know what percentage of the workforce comprising our Malays, will lose jobs?

    And is there an assurance that they will be given alternative jobs to maintain decent lives...or they will be left to rot?

    Fikir baik baik dulu before you buggers utter such nonsense.


  26. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Let see LGE reaction if goverment allow screening of the New Village film at cineplex nationwide,it will be interesting.

    Bob from Kuching

  27. Anonymous1:34 am

    Thanks for the info Datuk..

    Definately will not be going to GSC anymore.. That's min 2 gold class ticket every 2 weeks from me..

    Support MBO plak lah.. Dekat rumah jer.. Takpayah drive jauh2...

  28. Anonymous6:07 am


    dpp must be a psychic to be so cocksure that lim kit sial did not urinate on the national flag

    well kit sial successfully brought up a retard for a son who thinks he can rewrite history

    dpp why are the indians ending up as gangsters, the brahmins REFUSED to help the pariahs is it

    the pariahs are turning to the Malays for help huh?

  29. Lim guan eng abused his state power to protect his dad. Kepala otak punya dictator. He is the most racist leader we ever had. Dah lah menipu. Kata travel advisory but the letter stipulates diarahkan. Jahat betul.

    And donplaypuk is a usual racist apologist protecting his racist leader. He has countless of times defend a racist policy of segregation of our youngs by race. Now restricting the freedom of expression for a scene which his siege mentality think create riot. Those who have seen mana ada riot?

    Enough of this racist LGE, DPP and DAP supporters. We go and watch tanda putera. If you're not able to, at least buy online for support. Kurang ajar diktator Kim Guan Eng.

  30. charleskiwi7:34 am

    Without you and all your pugnacious bloggers the cinemas will surely go bankrupt. Typical of your kind always calling for the government to act on your behalf, stop the expansion of GSC !

  31. Anonymous8:12 am

    If the chinese DAP make such a big fuss about the urination scene, imagine what the Japanese and Brits had to endure when watching all those Ip Man kungfu movies featuring the life story of the kungfu master fighting with evil Japanese soldiers who rape, murder and plunder and the corrupt and bullying Brits. Creative licence lah tu. Lim Guan Eng only proves that he is a small man - incapable of greatness.

  32. Anonymous9:05 am

    Locky, did you come up with this racist mindset before or after watching tanda putera?

  33. @donplaypuks, the movie production team including its director never say or issue any statement that the urinating cina is lim kit siang..

  34. Anonymous11:31 am

    I saw it last night. A little bit slow in the beginning but it got better towards the end. To be honest, I got sucked into the story and 2 hours flew by just like that. The riot scenes in the beginning were not that much and were touched in passing. It is not the central theme of the movie as the riots scenes are needed to show the beginning of Tun Razak era. Excellent acting especially the guys who portrayed Tun Razak, Tun Dr. Ismail and Tun Hussein Onn though I thought a much older guy should be in the shoes of Dato' Harun Idris.
    Terrific make up. Terrific wardrobe and sets. It does feel like you're living in the 60's and 70's. All in all, it worth your 10 dollar ticket.

  35. Anonymous11:42 am

    This film is made using the rakyat money and it portray some untruths about the Chinese.So naturally the Chinese and especially DAP(bcos it depicts that DAP is also the culprit)will bantah.
    Same like the film 'The Village",why the malay NGO bantah sangat?

  36. Anonymous2:30 pm

    We only issued an advisory....terjemahkan dalam Bahasa Malaysia bermaksud " BOYCOTT GSC "

    Melayu Maaa.
    Johor Darul Takzim

  37. Tanda Putera a must see movie!3:59 pm

    It is a timely reminder even small things like cinema can be used by enemies to prevent freedom of speech. To think that Chinese capitalists use their cinemas licensed by UMNO to stop Malay movies shows how important for UMNO to develop Malay owned cinemas.
    You just cannot sleep while the enemies grow in the name of laissez faire.
    Every time you can read Malay movies makers and Finas quarrelling about where to show their works and yet the country is run by a Malay party who do nothing.
    Rais Yatim that pretentious stupid malay only knows how to talk and talk. No cinema was built by Malays during his time. Cinemas can be a strategic advantage.
    It can even be used as a killing field as the May 13 incident showed where the chinese were ask to leave a cinema while malays were killed.

    Sack that pretentious and gratutious Rais Yatim.
    Tanda Putera itself is a must see. If the Americans have Lincoln and other historic biopic then the Malays have Tanda Putera on the early UMNO Presidents.

    It was a quality movie well worth the subject matter. Death and death and death.. stressing that time is short to do good.

    Many unintentional moments were exposed like how Mahathir the Indian man was not in UMNO top clique. "Dia kalah undi dia suruh saya letak jawatan" said Tunku.

    "Pecat dia!" And slowly one by one UMNO leadership began to die one by one...strange isnt it? Tun Ismail, Tun Razak,Tun Hussein. He was a pariah and a malay wannabe even then.

    It was Dato Harun and other Malays who struggle, where were Nazamuddin who claim May 13 as justifications for his thousands of APs? Where was that Indian Syed Mokhtar during 1969 to justify all the concessions he now own, who also claim May 13 as justifications?

    This is a must see movie. The dramatization of the final moments and those around these two could perhaps be greater. Easier said then done of course.

    As it is, the feelings is just us outsiders watching things. It could have been us inside those situations.

    Good job to all involved.

  38. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Dei Tambi Dpp,

    apa pasai tambi manyak sokong Lim kit sial? dia kasi lu minum todi hari2 ka?

  39. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Why waste money to watch some stupid malay movie?

    Ever heard of torrent?

    I recommend Ben-Hur. GE14 is coming soon.

  40. Anonymous11:38 pm


  41. Anonymous4:15 pm


    A slow and boring movie that tries to be a historical drama but only ends up trying too hard to be one. Factual accuracies abound... from a Proton Iswara being in one scene, to a 1970s car being driven by the cast, to the whole plotline itself. One feels that this is merely a BTN program video extended into a feature length film to justify the costs paid by Finas to make this movie.

    The national leaders were badly acted with stiff wooden characters, more wooden than a timber mill. Suhaimi did a disservice portraying Razak, Tengku & Tun Dr. Ismail as one dimensional cardbord persons. Even the Kardashians have more persona than the main characters of this movie!

    Verdict: Boring as heck

  42. Anonymous3:23 am

    LGE, major faux pas. GSC, eh whatever, they are businessmen. Tanda Putera, hmmmmmm our only great fim maker of recent times would have knocked spots off it, given the same subject matter. RIP, Yasmin Ahmad. You were never this mediocre, even on a bad day.

    Ah, the small but niggling issue of Nazri and his Nazis.

    A little dose of truth for you:

    Not the reading kind?

    One thing I'll hand to Dr Mugabe bin Mohamad; his penchant for treachery against those just above and just below him has been consistent since the 60s.

    I admire consistency.

  43. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Oops, looks like TP bombed at the box office despite the overwhelming publicity and hype.

    KL Zombi = RM 3 million
    Kara King = > RM 2 million
    TP = RM 0.5 million

    All the BN's horses and all the BN's men... couldn't put Shumi's movie together again...

  44. Anonymous11:26 pm

    no showing of Tanda Putera here in GSC CityOne Kuching too :(