Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AES: Get on with it please

Updated: Latest talk is that the Cabinet has decided to allow the police to man the AES system/ Jolly well. But the question thousands of motorists are asking now is not whether the police is up to it or not but ... Do I have to settle the AES summons? I don't know the answer but I do have a question: Why should they pay if the Government now realizes the AES should not have been run by the two companies? I am reminded of what the ex AG told the current AG: Drop AES summonses, refund fines. 
Original posting: 
In the end (and the end is near), the two companies behind the Automated Enforcement System (AES) gained a most unlikely ally in the form of the people who run the Edge. In its latest editorial Takeover not the solution over the weekend, the influential financial weekly finally admits that "the AES system is good as it would deter speeding on the roads". It says it is "baffling" that the government is considering taking over the facilities set up by two private companies to implement the AES.  
"Wouldn't it be more logical for the ministry to negotiate with them and change the contract terms? In return, the two companies can get to maintain the system for the next five years?" the Edge asks.
Unlike the Edge, I have been supporting the AES from the very start. Maybe because I'm a law-abiding motorist myself and I can't stand people  - especially motorcyclists - who do not respect the traffic lights. My logic is simple: I don't break the speed limit and I stop when it's red, there is no reason for me to oppose a "good system" like the AES.  
But if Hisham, the acting Transport Minister, thinks that the Government had made a mistake and it must take over from the two companies in order to make it right, then get on with it. Admit the mistake, compensate the companies, pay the refunds, forgive the offenders, educate the motorists, equip your authorities, and just do it. And once the good system is up and running, for heaven's sake defend that system - and your decision. Just remember that no matter how good the system is or how right you are, there will still be Opposition.


  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    just look at this racist chinese thug in ex-tanah orang melayu singapore

  2. Anonymous12:45 pm

    silly minister.

  3. Sorry bro, i am sick with the present government, pandai sweet talk, bagi gula2 kat rakyat rupanya penakut kat opposition..... this present government got no balls to stand up against the opposition... yup only the opposition but not the rakyat. God knows why. Otherwise can someone explain to me how on earth the present government could release more than 2000 hardcore criminals onto the street? And now they are playing police and thief ... taj ke membazir dan nyusahkan rakyat.

    I agree with you bro on AES... Kalau tak berani bertanggungjawab terhadap keputusan dan tindakan yang diambil oleh Kabinet atau Kementerian atau agensi dibawahnya balik letak jawatan. You don't deserve to be a leader.. Jangan pandai bercakap tapi tak tahu bertanggungjawab. Jangan asyik nak salahkan orang lain'

    just do it as long its meant for the benefit of the people...

  4. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I have no problem with AES but when gov need to pay RM200k for each AES which actually cost only RM20000, it is hard to support UMNO and not to think that they are corrupted.

  5. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Ahli UMNO ramai ramai kelur UMNO dan join DAP.. so next year bila tanding Presiden DAP bagi calon melayu sure menang pasal exUMNO dah jadi majority DAP..LA n satu suara Melayu DAP habuk pun tak dengar.. Pemuda UMNO lagilah.. kut kut do lalok dalam lubang cacing.

    1. Anonymous2:39 pm

      Mimpi la lksial nak beri kpd calon melayu. Mereka ada agenda lain utk melayu. Di pulas2nya telinga kmdn d tarik kot hidong kerja d sawah. Balek kampong tanam padi untok buat bubor campor babi makanan fav depa.

  6. Ministry Dishonest10:57 pm

    The problem is that the Transport Minister was dishonest.
    Trying to enrich his business cronies through the AES contract.
    If the Transport Minister was honest, put the plan to the public, call for open tender and discuss the best way then things would be easier.
    But no, some one in the Ministry would try to corner the market, think of the best way to make money out of the people.
    There sure to be a lot of people who will be caught, at RM300 each thats a lot of money bro! And so on and so on.
    The Pengarah or the minister should resign.

  7. Anonymous8:14 am

    That is why thr previous minister of transportation lost in lumut...

    AES is good the real problem is implementation. ... the system cost rm20k becomw rm200k. The reason include training n maintenance. That is silly n stupid excuse

  8. Anonymous11:35 am

    So now let's compensate the original jokers. They want compensation based on profit for the next 15 years. So let's give them. wow, what a beautiful formula. Instead of earning over 15 years, let's ask the gomen to pay everything now for cancelling the project.

    This is the same modus operandi as the crooked bridge. The did some work of less than 50 million, and then they had to be paid over 200 million. On Bakun, Ting Pek Khiing was paid 800 million as compensation AFTER he removed all the logs from the reservoir.

    This is bolehland - the land of Endless Possibilities. Only sure thing is we all get screwed.

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  9. Anonymous11:37 am

    Yeah, let's pay them. Let's pay and pay. Wait a minute, that's PAP ! When have you advocated the PAP formula ?