Friday, July 26, 2013

This is justice?

The Star's Page 1 today
The Star front-paged two court cases today. The main headline Conversion quashed is on Big Court Case No 1, where a High Court in Perak decided that the conversion to Islam of three under-aged children by their father was invalid. The so-called Big Court Case No 2 is on the decision by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur to grant bail that had earlier been refused to Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee for - no prizes - offending Muslims/Islam with their bah kut teh Ramadan Facebook greeting. The sex bloggers' predicament was made the main story for the Star online, with an additional story on how they fear for their lives (even though they must be disappointed that no threats on their lives had actually been made!).

The Star Online's cover , July 26
These two are big stories, indeed, but I think a lot of people would agree that the case in Penang where Engineer (was) fined (only) RM7,000 for careless driving in stewardess'death is as significant and could do with better treatment. I mean, this dude drove against the flow of traffic on an expressway at 3 a.m, caused a head-on collision that killed someone's daughter, and all he got was a RM7k fine. Of, yeah, OK, he also had to pay the family of the dead girl RM4,000 in compensation (which he paid on the spot).  
Try the Sun's version, more details and more human interest ...

Engineer fined RM7,000 for careless driving

GEORGE TOWN (July 25, 2013): A woman who lost her daughter to another's careless driving could not hold back her grief after being told that the man responsible was merely fined RM7,000, in default of a seven-month jail term.
The magistrate's court here delivered the sentence to engineer Tan Chia Hui, 25, after he pleaded guilty to driving carelessly, which caused the death of air stewardess Ng Sweet Yuin, 27.
Magistrate Sri Pracha Nanthini Balabedha also ordered Tan to pay the family RM4,000 in compensation.
Later, outside the court, Ng's mother Thniah Poh Choo, 55, who was accompanied by several family members, was seen in tears. "The fine is too low. It's not fair," she cried.
Tan's vehicle collided head-on with Ng's Perodua MyVi on the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway on Dec 2, 2010 at 3.06am. Ng was reported to have died on the spot. Tan broke both legs and sustained multiple injuries.
After the sentence was read in court, his lawyer Baljit Singh asked that Tan be allowed to pay the compensation money directly to the court to avoid any untoward incident with the victim's family. Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Faisal Md Noor did not object.
Baljit also requested that Tan not be handcuffed as he would settle the fine and bail on the same day. Magistrate Sri Pracha agreed to both requests.
Tan had pleaded guilty to an amended charge of driving without consideration of other motorists.
He was charged under Section 43 (1) of the Road Transportation Act 1987, which carries a fine of between RM4,000 and RM10,000, and a jail term of up to 12 months.
In February 2011, Tan was charged under Section 41 (1) of the same act for reckless driving, but had claimed trial to it.
Sri Pracha had then found that the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against the accused under this charge.


  1. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Unilateral conversion of children by one parent shouldn't be allowed. I'm sure many of us here will be upset if their estranged spouse converts their children's religious status without their consent.

    As for the Alvivi case, we shouldn't be yowling when other people like Ibrahim Ali got away with it.

  2. Anonymous7:26 pm

    I don't agree with the punishment on the reckless driver. I am 50/50 on Alvivi. I agree with the conversion case.

  3. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Red bean army detected at 6.41.

  4. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Mamat yang langgar orang sampai mati tu anak Datuk ke?

    Lepas dengan denda RM7K je.

  5. Anonymous8:58 pm

    I am sick and tired of people accusing Ibrahim Ali being let off while the sex bloggers got charged in court. When some news reports say Ibrahim has called on Muslims to burn the bible, almost everyone swallowed the statement hook, line and sinker, without even checking the facts. For the record, Ibrahim did not call for bibles to be burned. What he did say was telling and advising Muslims, in the event they were given bible using Allah to describe God, to dispose them as this was wrong, and there's no better way to dispose sacred books than to burn them. The same treatment is given to Quran with printing errors or old ones. You can't just dump things like this in the bins. So, please view everything in their context and not just summarising or paraphrasing as what happened in the Ibrahim Ali case.

  6. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Surprise you know what justice is, when all this while you champion those who practice blatant double-standard and injustices to those who disagree with them.

  7. Anonymous1:00 am

    mampos kita
    mampuih kita

  8. Anonymous1:18 am

    don't know whats going on in Malaysia nowadays

    its like a jungle

  9. Salam Datuk,

    1. They are still murmuring about Ibrahim Ali. Did he really burnt the bibles? What about their mentors, all year round messing around with malays, umno malays and Islam,kalimah Allah? They are still at large, arent they?

    2. Their pseudo mentality proves that they are the real second class rakyat. Not the Malays on the purposely built up perceptions. Our gomen do nothing about it.

    3. Therefore we malays have to defend our rights stated in The Perlembagaan. Their RBA will never sit tight. That's the order of course.

    4.PM Najib urged for wassatiyah and adopts The Al Quran. Of course we the rakyat can do that. What about the splinters? can they do that?

    So far, where is the justice? I don't believe liberalism. It is man made.

  10. Anonymous5:31 am

    I support you bro, anon 8.58.

    Anytime, dude.

    As for the case of conversion, the shariah system should be improved to have a better record of conversation, and clear steps of application to children whereby the custodian rights need to be obtained first (or consent from the other half) before allowing minors to be converted as well

  11. Anonymous5:44 am

    Hidup di negara ini dah tak best macam dulu-dulu lagi. Rakyat dah semakin kurang ajar dan yang samseng-samseng dah semakin bermaharajalela sebab diberi muka sangat oleh institusi-institusi kerajaan.Diburukkan lagi pulak oleh Pakatan Rakyat yang sengaja menggalakkan budaya tidak menghormati undang-undang negara.

  12. Anonymous6:17 am

    Luckily the driver is not MALAY, otherwise tokong and DAPigs will be barking for blood!!

  13. Anonymous8:11 am


    Veluletchumi A/P Veloosamy, 19 dilaporkan mati dalam keadaan memegang pistol di dalam sebuah kereta Mercedes-Benz C Class Sport berwarna hitam dengan nombor pendaftaran RG 7887.

    BUNTONG – Seramai 37 murid Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Guru Kalgidar, di sini dikejarkan ke Klinik Kesihatan Buntong setelah mengadu sakit perut dan muntah dipercayai keracunan makanan dikenali sebagai idli iaitu makanan tradisi masyarakat India yang diperbuat daripada tepung beras yang dikukus.


  14. Anonymous10:15 am

    The conversion case ...the Alvin case is all different....
    The road accident you blame who? Aiya its the driving a car means a license to kill when you are fcuking drunk! That bastard should have been jailed for years not fined.Something is fishy with this lower court here and the case should be reviewed ....This people thinks its so easy to walk away from their crimes....

  15. Anonymous1:07 pm

    The news coverage on the Engineer by the STAR and SUN was just a normal reporting. Nothing sensational. It didn't deserve a front page news in the STAR compared to the conversion case which was deemed more news worthy for obvious reasons. Imagine if the driver is a Malay. The news coverage by STAR and Sun would then be very different. There will be many photos of the grieving family members besides the expected critical comments from DAP and non Malay NGOs.

  16. Anonymous1:31 pm

    When a Muslim wants to marry another, the husband is first required to get the consent of the other. Because, the husband knows the wife will not consent, so the husband curi-curi go to Thailand and marry lagi satu. Is this not an injustice ?

    same thing with unilateral conversion. Converting child without consent of the other spouse. Curi-curi juga

  17. ANon 641pm,
    I can go along with you re unilateral conversion but your fixation on Ibrahimi Ali is disturbing. If he had really called on his followers in Perkasa to burn BIbles, why weren't there any Bible-burning following his call?
    Btw, Ano 750pm thinks you smell like RBA. Hehe

    Anon 726pm,
    You make a little more sense than 641pm.

    Anon 858pm,
    The same gullible morons believed hook, line and sinker when RPK wrote that Rosmah Mansor was present when Altantuya was blown up.

  18. Anonymous5:01 pm

    I work with religious literature. One time I had to dispose of some damaged copies of Qurans, so I burnt it in front of our company storehouse. After several minutes when the flames had built up, our neighbour, a Pakistani mechanic, came running at me screaming for me to stop burning the Qurans. He protested that they should be buried in the earth instead, but I replied that the dogs do their thing everywhere around the area so that would be greater sacrilege to the scripture. Anyway, our company in Gombak has always resorted to burning to ashes, any printed material with Quranic verses on them, if we are compelled to dispose of them.

  19. Anonymous6:01 pm

    "For the record, Ibrahim did not call for bibles to be burned. What he did say was telling and advising Muslims, in the event they were given bible using Allah to describe God, to dispose them as this was wrong, and there's no better way to dispose sacred books than to burn them. The same treatment is given to Quran with printing errors or old ones. You can't just dump things like this in the bins. So, please view everything in their context and not just summarising or paraphrasing as what happened in the Ibrahim Ali case."

    To summarize the long winded lintang-pukang paragraph above, "Burn the Bible".

    quote bru:

    If he had really called on his followers in Perkasa to burn BIbles, why weren't there any Bible-burning following his call?

    And he did called his followers to burn Bibles.

    If some idiot threatens to burn the al Quran but doesn't do it, he will still be arrested, right?

    Btw, Ano 750pm thinks you smell like RBA. Hehe

    Many pro BN people are paranoid nowadays. They think Green Bean Army or Kidney Bean Army is hiding under their bed, in storeroom or above the ceiling. Even the mom who exposed canteen fiasco has been accused of being a paid member of the Coffee Bean Army.

  20. Anonymous8:55 pm

    I'm happy for mdm indira.
    Adults who convert do so based on willingness. They have attained maturity. Children should be allowed to decide for themselves (their religion of choice) when they're older.
    Whatever the motivation, conversion of minors is just wrong, irrespective of whether the one doing it is the father or mother.


    1. Anonymous4:33 am

      Farha..aku yakin ko ni bukan Islam pun...mana ada ibu bapa islam mahukan anaknya memeluk agama lain...kalau betul ko islam..pastikan nanti ya anak ko memeluk kristian ok..aku yakin ko tam kesah kan??? Oh ye kalau ko ni golongan melayu murtad..ko siap jawab kat kubur apa peranan ko untuk Islam..

  21. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Is there such an existence on kacang merah media?

  22. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Anon 6:01,

    Watch who you call an idiot you ranting bean of a summarizer ... your lintang-pukang thoughts need to be arrested. If that doesn't do it what will stop your paranoid rantings?

  23. Anonymous1:06 am

    there is no justice if you are the majority malay and islam.

    if you are a chinese, in malaysia, you are the king. because you hold the economu. even a person died, you can (the malaysian chinese) buy your freedom with mere thousands.
    even when you kill Teong Beng Hock, or mocked the muslim like namewee or even said melayu babi and melayu bodoh in hospitals, you are sure to get away with compliments and applaud.

    what can you expect from ah jib gor and losmah, maa..

    you sell your integrity and your soul if you join PR. you be selling your self if you go for BN.

    malay, as always as their ancestors, would rather die or runaway then to protect their pride and race. it has always been like that.

    kudos to you, chinese. maybe when you rule the country, the mao tze tung race can come over and teach you their own belief. you like that, eh ching.

  24. Anonymous6:27 am

    Should you lose a family member in an accident where the other party is clearly in the wrong, can you not raise the issue of loss of future income?


  25. Anonymous6:44 am

    Malaysia Boleh!
    you drive crazy hit other person till dead, you got RM you are safe!

    Later you take a shot with .38 and satisfy the dead person is dead, dame thing ma! got money you are safe!


  26. Anonymous7:20 am

    next would be a story of dead person by .38! you got money, you are safe!

    9mm Belgium
    Bumi dipijak Langit dijunjung

  27. Anonymous11:26 am

    anon 6.01

    i can summarize that you are an idiot. Its easy not to listen to reasoning just because you can't give a answer for it. Typical RBA attitude.


  28. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Anon 1:31

    Then they invented the *Tipu sunat* - so as not to feel guilty about it. A lie is a lie is a lie ! Lying comes so easy to them and seeking pardon after you have done wrong intentionally, knowing it is wrong all the time, is simply....EVIL! The line is blurred for them. They have NO code of honor.You don't give your back to this kind....EVER! In war you kill them first.

  29. Anonymous5:26 pm

    anon 4.33am

    sebab tu saya cakap anak2 tu bila dah besar diaorang boleh pilih dan tentukan sendiri -sebab bapa mereka peluk islam kerana datangnya hidayah, jadi anak2 perlu diberi peluang yang sama kerana mereka pada mulanya dibesarkan dalam agama hindu. Ini juga soal hak ibu yang bukan islam tu - apakah dia tak ada hak untuk membesarkan anaknya dalam agamanya sendiri? Lagipun, anak2 tu masih kecil.

    Buat masa ini, saya membesarkan anak saya dalam Islam DAN saya akan memberitahunya bahawa di Malaysia, ada implikasi perundangan bila orang Islam berniat menukar ke agama lain.

    Selamat berbuka puasa, anon 4.33am