Thursday, July 25, 2013

The minority bigots (or bigot minority) who threaten our harmony

Did the ethnic Indians become overly emotional over the "changing room" saga? I think some people were working very hard to try and incite the Indian community to run amok over Seri Pristina [read The Mole's latest - It was racial/religious from the word go] but, thankfully, they failed. And that's thanks largely to the quick-thinking YB Kamalanathan, the Deputy Education Minister, and the restraint shown by the people. This isn't the first time the ethnic Indians are being pitted against the Malays. Hindraf promised trillions of ringgit in damages to the Indians in Malaysia from a lawsuit they said they were going to file against the former British colonialists for forcing their ancestors to leave India and work in plantations in the Tanah Melayu. YB Waythamoorthy was part of the Hindraf (remember?) that made that fantastic accusation that "over 100 ethnic Indians were slashed and killed by the Umno-backed Malaysian government ... in the Kg Medan mini-genocide". 
I think it's time the reformed Hindraf leader come out and undo his mistakes.
26/7/2013 Death threat: The headmaster of Seri Pristina primary school lodges police report after getting a "I'll kill you" phone call from an NGO man. 
Updated: My dear commenter*s who accuse The Mole (and I) of trying to spin the issue to save the school's authorities can go ad fly kite. Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan, in a front page report in the Star today, clarifies::  
"The canteen will be reopened (today). The changing room had been used along with the canteen by ALL pupils since March becasue the canteen can only seat 500 to 600 people SK Sri Pristina has 1,300pupils."  
* If you can't fly a kite, jump from a tall building. We don't need your bigotry here in Malaysia.  

Original piece:
Folks who have kicked a racial fuss over the Sg Buloh primary school's changing room canteen ought to be ashamed of themselves. Them and their damned narrow-minded politicians and hate-mongering media hound dogs, they have been jumping at every little opportunity to paint Malay-Muslims in this country as the the bad guys. Frankly, I'm tired of them. 
As it now turns out, EVERYBODY at this school had been using this very changing room as their makeshift tuck-shop. Even the Muslim teachers and parents had been breaking their fast in this same changing room. It was something the PTA had agreed upon.  
Shame on you, bigots!  

The Mole has the pictures and story:  
Bilik persalinan Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pristana
Photos of parents and teachers breaking fast in the room were published in several blogs 
KUALA LUMPUR: Amid outcry over students using a changing room as a makeshift canteen, several blogs have published pictures of Muslim teachers and parents breaking fast in the room at Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pristana, Sg Buloh.

One of the bloggers, former journalist Mazidul Akmal Sidek had published in his blog post photos of teachers and some parents from the school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) who had decided to break fast after visiting the area yesterday.

Mazidul claimed that the photos had been sent to him by the PTA chairman Hussein Mohd Ariff who said that the parents had no problem of eating and drinking in the room.

Parents of the school children when interviewed today said the decision to use the changing room as a make shift canteen had been decided in a PTA meeting earlier this year.

IMG_0507Speaking to The Mole Zainah Zainordin (pic), 37, said: “We have all agreed to let the changing room to be used as an additional eating room as the canteen couldn’t accommodate all students in one go.”

“This has been done months before Ramadan. I am puzzled why do people bring it up now? My daughter prefers to eat there as it is clean and even I have been in the room myself.”

When asked whether she agreed to have the changing room to be used as the makeshift canteen, Zainah said: “Yes. Because the place is clean, this school is a new school so the cleanliness and hygiene are kept in optimum condition.Better than eating next to the drain.”

She expressed regret that the issue has been highlighted as national issue, saying aggrieved parents should inform the school administrators first, instead of using social media.

Commenting on the calls by public who asked for actions to be taken against headmaster Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor for making such decision, Zainah said: “It will be a great loss for the school.”

“Even if he has erred, I don’t think it’s fair to sack or remove him from the school. He is a very hardworking headmaster, conducting extra classes and tuition out of his own initiative. The public do not know him, but we do. I don’t think he has malicious intentions against his own students,” she added.

A Facebook user known as Farah Asyikin who claimed that the headmaster is her father had also published a comment from a student who said that the changing room has been used by Muslim students even before the fasting month.

The student said nobody has showered or used the changing room. The room was decorated and changed into a proper dining room and that the decision was never racially-motivated.

Farah Asyikin wrote:

“Do you really not know, heard or even care about RACIAL SENSITIVITY? If you do why is there only non-muslims in that photo even though muslim students ARE ASKED to do the same if they aren’t fasting?TThey are not given extra treatment, to eat in a luxurious dining hall. They are all treated equally. Just the fact that there are more non-muslims who aren’t fasting makes it a bigger deal. Do you see what I see now?”

Another parent Amarina Yusof, 45 (pic) said: “I really do not know why people turn this into a big issue, bordering racial and religious sensitivity.”

The retired lawyer said although the concerns of some parents’ were valid, she questioned why did they bypass the school authority to air their grouses.

“The canteen is small. When we decided that it is okay to use the (changing) room, it is because know that the place is clean and safe to be used.”

When asked why they did not decide to use other spaces, Amarina said: “Do you want them to eat in the classroom? It will be impractical too, with them being primary schoolers. A class room is for study.”

A teacher who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity said the parent who had highlighted the case in social media might not be aware of the PTA’s decision.

“The student is a new student. Maybe that’s why the parent feels that the school had unfairly segregated non-Muslim students in Ramadan.

There are 26 non-Muslim out of about 1,300 students in the school.

The school was ranked as the best school in Kuala Selangor, until its ranking dropped to number two, this year.

Another parent J.Puspalatha, 30, said she only wants the school to accommodate non-Muslim students to eat in a proper place.

“Our request is only that. We do not mean to cause any racial dissatisfaction.”

When pointed out that Muslim students have eaten in the room too, she said: “They are lying.”

It was reported on Tuesday that photos of the non-Muslim pupils eating in the changing room in the school had surfaced in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Deputy Education Minister (II) P.Kamalanathan who had earlier said that the decision was unacceptable had visited the school at 1pm on Wednesday.

In a press conference after meeting the school administrators together with the state and district level education department, Kamalanathan said the issue has nothing to do with religion and race.

“The decision was made and agreed by the PTA to use the changing room temporarily as the canteen could not accommodate all the students.”

Saying that the decision was made in March, Kamalanathan added: “The headmaster has a good intention but unfortunately the location is not right.”

The deputy minister said the concern to close the canteen for the past two weeks due to renovation for fear that the children may harm themselves was also valid.

“They have agreed that it is not the ideal location. The headmaster has apologised and I too would take this opportunity to say I’m sorry and we’ll make sure things like this won’t happen again.”

Also present during the press conference was Kuala Selangor MP, Datuk Irmohizam Ibrahim.


  1. Anonymous7:23 am

    dah lah minoriti tak sedar diri pulak tu. cakap bohong membelit . Yg pak menteri pun satu ..dungu..siasat lah betul betul...kamalanathan patut berundur ,,, kalut dan tak PRO..

  2. Anonymous7:28 am

    beware of the minority now.

  3. Anonymous8:01 am

    Well somebody needs to show the pictures to that parent who says other people are lying.

  4. This minority is always under a siege mentality. That's why they have become more racist and thinking that they should not integrate with the Malays. Always thinking of their right to separate. From language to school to universities to business, when are these DAP chauvinistic supporters going to talk about integrating? Mana adakan.

  5. Anonymous8:08 am

    Dear Rocky,
    How can you used such a heading? You are a learned man with class but ever since you changed yourself into an Umno/BN blogger you have downgraded yourself to the level of those who have no class at all. Whether this issue is right or wrong, please choose your words carefully. Harmony is very important in Malaysia but many bloggers are making a petty issue into a serious racial one by adding oil into the burning fire. What is majority and what is minority? Your words seems to imply that the minority must always keep quiet on any issue whether right or wrong, right? Regards.

  6. Anonymous8:12 am

    Newspaper yang paling bising about this issue ialah The Star. As if cikgu melayu di sekolah sg buluh tak berhati perut. ini ler yang akan jadi jika melayu terus bagi muka kat bangsa lain. 1Malaysia my ass! Ptuii....

  7. Anonymous8:21 am

    guru besar dia melayu. habis la. MB khalid buat ape? tentu tidur sambil komen lagi.

    being a majority in this country is a disadvantage. being the minority is the way to go.

  8. Guruh Besar8:22 am

    Adegan yang amat bagus dan menarik, syabas! NFA!!!

  9. Anonymous8:35 am

    I lived all my growing up years in apartment flats, and can say that those pictures depict the kitchen area in a flat unit with its tiled walls and all. Our bath room cum toilet was also accessible from the kitchen. Frankly, I can't understand the emotionalism over such a picture. Could that complaining parent have smelled toilet activity in the air when she was there. That would be ugh! I thought those were just shower rooms.

  10. Anonymous8:40 am

    Dey Puspalatha! Muslims do not lie especially in's just bigot like you and your kind twisting the issue to demonize the Malays...poraahhhh laa...

  11. Pe'ah8:53 am

    Apehal nak cari pasal? Melayu zalim sangat ke? Kalau zalim ciput mane pun, toknekmoyang ko takkan dapat hidup kat sini, sampai beranak cucu. Tapi silap la dapat cucu macam ko, tak sedar diri!

  12. Anonymous8:54 am

    .. when you see the choice of words used by the complainer you know already that it was done in bad faith - Malay school, your Allah, is this 1Malaysia?

    .. I am quite unhappy that Muhyiddin and Kamalanathan made a statement before checking with the school first. They should show loyalty to their teachers first instead of jumping the gun with statement that demoralise the teachers.

    ..I hope they learnt their lesson. Any complains by these minority bigots should be taken with a pinch of salt. We know that they like to blow things out of proportion when it concerns the Malay-Muslims supposedly wrong doing.

    .. my guess is this story was circulated and sensationalised so that Alvivi case is "forgotten".

    Melayu dulu mungkin mudah lupa but Melayu sekarang have very good memory.

  13. Mat Bon9:06 am

    "EVERYBODY at this school had been using this very changing room as their makeshift tuck-shop. Even the Muslim teachers and parents had been breaking their fast in this same changing room. It was something the PTA had agreed upon"

    Sorry Dato' Rocky. This is the worst spin I have even seen. Lets call a wrong - a wrong. Just say sorry, on a hindsight, that was a bad idea. Kamalnathan did a right thing. He stressed that this was not a Race or Religious issue. Just a bad decision.

  14. Anonymous9:39 am

    On the flipped side, maybe it was improper to have that venue as makeshift dining room but why do we need to bring up race and religion here?
    The way the anti-establishment news media covered and played it around race and religion is just sickening to the core. The way they gleefully dived in with unabated racial and religious slurs only made the matter worst. It only further aggravated it and contributed towards further distrust and ill-feeling between races. There's no secret they were trying to portrayed as if the Malay majority Muslims here were cruel towards the non-Muslims.
    It's funny how they ran various articles on how the country needs to come towards the path of healing after highly divisive GE but can't resist to jump at every opportunity to paint the Malays Muslims here as religious zealots and inconsiderate towards the minority.

  15. Anonymous9:42 am

    The picture showing teachers bupa puasa in the same changing room, was taken the same nite after the episode went viral on social media. According to the Facebook of the PIBG of that school , the PIBG held an emergency meeting on that nite. So the blogger putting up that buka puasa picture is seen an attempt to cool down or cover up or as usual sandiwara to deny the wrong doing. It was an after thought or knee jerk reaction nothing of sincerity .

    You as a media veteran should have done this basic verification otherwise it would be abnormal not to accuse you of spinning.

  16. BuahCiku9:54 am

    The school has 1,000 students. How did the tiny changing room fit so many students for more than 4 months?

  17. Anonymous10:07 am

    Rubbish! the non Muslim are just asking a proper place for their children (Muslim included). This is not a racial issue. Rocky is trying to blame the non Muslim for this a racial issue. Rocky is the biggest pro UMNO bigot.

  18. Anonymous10:07 am

    Keling menteri macam kaduk naik junjung.... Menang pun sebab undi melayu..... Kamalanathan dah terperangkap kerana menyerlahkan sikap perkauman sebenar...... Bodo punyer keling...... Kes ini sebenarnya membakar kebencian melayu kepada minoriti secara diam..... Tapi itu yg merbahaya...... Keling ni excited sgt sebab baru jadi menteri overeact...... Dah x pasal org melayu akan ingat sampai bila2......

  19. Anonymous10:18 am

    "They are lying" said J. Pushpalita. Still refuse to accept the facts.

  20. BADUT NASIONAL10:26 am

    Bak = Meat (chicken, beef, pork, mutton, crocodile, kijang, kancil, kangaroo, kelawar, tupai dan Beruk)
    Kut = Bone

    Indeed there are many over-zealous Bigots in umno too!

  21. Anonymous10:26 am

    haha, the photo of the Malays breaking fast in that room is just a stunt trying to defend the HM. The HM made a silly mistake and the parent pointed out the mistake. The deputy education minister and the HM did the correct thing by apologies to the non Muslim parent but the bigot Rockybru insist to make this stay as racial or religious issue. Luckily this time the non Muslim involved are mostly Indian otherwise Bigot Rockybru might blame this to Chinese tsunami as well.

  22. Anonymous11:02 am

    puak pendatang dah melampau, niat mereka nak rampas kuasa drp Melayu Islam semakin terserlah

    Boikot Bisnes Pendatang

  23. Code Blue11:11 am

    Yes, should let them eat by the drains or picnic under the trees in the haze and sun. Bet you some would melolong and melalak about that too. Then we'll have asinine holier than thous making their pronouncements in facebook, tweeter etc.

  24. Anonymous11:14 am

    More important issue is that the school should have just chosen a better alternative compared to that changing room. It's not a racial issue. Any right-minded moms and dads wouldn't want their children to be eating in changing room/washroom.

    Leave religion and politics out of this. It's just bad judgement by the school.

  25. Anonymous11:36 am

    Niat untuk memburuk-burukkan orang Melayu Islam oleh orang bukan Islam semakin menjadi-jadi.Benda kecil siperbesar-besarkan untuk menyemarakkan perasaan benci terhadap kaum Melayu. Kalau bencikan sangat dengan kaum Melayu dan negara ini, sila berambus keluar dari negara ini. Kami yang cinta kepada kedamaian tak ingin kepada kehadiran rakyat(tak kira bangsa apa pun)yang tidak mahu hidup berbaik-baik di antara satu sama lain di negara yang tercinta ini.

  26. Anonymous11:37 am

    We all are or have become bigots through the years Bru. Rather than skim the surface of all these issues, I think its high time we delved into the root causes. Everyone of us is guilty and that is the 1st step to resolving this before we end up crossing this rubicon.

    But if everyone wants to play the innocent card, then we are doomed.

    If all of us can live with blood in our hands, then pls, go ahead and keep instigating and fighting.

    Peace is Ramadhan after all.

  27. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Still some malays find it difficult to understand the strategy of "minority control".

  28. Anonymous12:46 pm

    All are innocent here! It's nobody's fault really! Maybe it is the builders of the school for allocating such a small canteen space for 1300 students. Lots of maybes, lots of should have, lots of I am right and you are wrong! Move on and let us all hope there is no recurrence of such issues. But then again, this is Malaysia. Macam macam boleh berlaku! Berjutaan penduduk, berjutaan pendapat SENDIRIAN! Yang mana ada.."UNTUK SEMUA"? Kalau bukan untuk majoriti, untuk kaum , untuk agama dll. Mungkin konsep 1Malaysia tu memang yang disebutkan-KONSEP. Kalau pemikiran tak cukup matang, khayalan saja! Siapa berani cakap--CUKUP?Majoriti atau minoriti?Kan semua manusia juga? Sebelum sebut, fikirkan secara dalam dulu! kesal kemudian, apa guna?

  29. Anonymous1:27 pm

    saya dulu mkn dalam tandas masa puasa (curi2 mkn) minum air paip.hidup gak smpai skrg.

    trunkn najib gnti baru
    tilam tilam tilam lama tukar bru


  30. Anonymous1:39 pm

    31keling auta dan putar...rase nak penampar jer...meeting PIBG and yuran PIBG tak nak bayar...sekolah dah la kecik bukan ada peruntukkan byk pun...TPM pun cepat sangat panik...tgh sakit hati ni....sajer jer...asal org melayu semua label racist n religious bigot.....

    Is time we against the DAPSTER..sebelum racist bigot ni membesar n makin kuat..

  31. Anonymous1:51 pm

    This is a lame attempt at damage control created on an afterthought.

    So if the canteen is too small, the easiest and most logical solution will be to stagger the break times for the kids. Not only this will ease the space constraint, it will also ease the pressure on the vendors.

    Is it a normal practice for parents & teachers to break fast in the school compund? Obviously that was a photo-op done to show that it was perfectly okay to eat in a changing room.

    Guess what? A stupid thing is still a stupid no matter who does it.

    Malaysians have never known the meaning of accountability. Instead of admitting the mistake & accepting responsibility, the clowns decide to tell more lies to cover up their poor decisions. Shame on them!

  32. drMpower1:55 pm

    kamalanathan should have acted like he is a Timbalan. what he should have done, was to visit the place of which he did.

    and second do not get any statement out.the day after visit, he should just call PTA first. and headmaster. and the parents. and trash all they could during that meet.

    and if he was craving for attention tooooo much, yes then after the meet with PTA, headmaster, and parents, he can speak whatever he want. speak the truth.

    the same goes to muhyiddin. now he and kamala will blame the aides who informed them THE WRONG information. management wise, what they did wasnt pretty and wrong. politically it isnt good either, so i wonder what they actually doing.

    the problem is now, people want to be hero by doing what people WANT. rather than doing what is RIGHT.

  33. Elvis Presley’s song Suspicious Minds goes thus: “We’re caught in a trap, we can’t walk out ... Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me when you don’t believe a word I say? We can’t go on together with suspicious minds, and we can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds.”

    Rather apt for the state of thinking in our country in these times. Any action, any utterance is quickly judged on whether it’s racial, religious and even gender “unfriendly”.

    If you're interested, there's more at Spanking DA Monkey.

  34. Anonymous2:28 pm

    This Kamalanathan guy when the Malays in real difficulty tried to meet him and his Indian assistants for help, they would just ignore. This Malay teachers husband and wife, in our same neigborhood, voted for him last PRU13 in his constituency and he won because of Malay votes. But Kamalanatang would jump at the first instance without investigating when comes to Indian brethrens. The Malay couple and family are now on the run for their life safety due to Indian gangsters "08" harassment. The deputy education minister would not help the Malay teachers in real predicament. See the Sinar Harian news link below:

  35. Anonymous3:13 pm

    go fly kite laaarrr

  36. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Now that the school have invited the public including the Dep Minister to view the place for themselves what say we request Madam J.Puspalatha the opportunity for the public to see the toilets in her house.

    To some at the mention of the word "toilet" will automatically "image" the condition of the toilet/s in their own homes?

    One fella somewhere even mentioned that this "changing room" is filthy and smelly - probably shoud even let us go and see how his room is like? hahaha


  37. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Yesterday I commented in the Mole hentam the YB Kamal for not removing the racial slant in this issue.
    Today I wish to apologise to him.
    In all accounts, Yb Kamal's handling of this issue is right.
    And Bru, never seen you so pissed and I don't blame you.


  38. Anonymous3:29 pm

    in the meantime no one kick a fuss about 36 indian pupils of SK Guru Kaldighar Buntong nearly died of food poisoning. it's almost eerily similar to what happen in Bihar India last week. Why? maybe bcoz the school headmaster is non-muslim.

  39. Aku ngundi kat Hulu Selangor.

    abih le ko Kamal. Isu ni akan berpanjangan sampai pru14... senang sikit nak tune pepuok melayu btg kali tu.....

  40. Anonymous3:59 pm

    For me, kalaathan show his true colour..... So in future we should know better. Evan though he get elected from the Malays, he never thank that.

  41. Anonymous4:36 pm

    RE: More important issue is that the school should have just chosen a better alternative compared to that changing room. It's not a racial issue. Any right-minded moms and dads wouldn't want their children to be eating in changing room/washroom. Leave religion and politics out of this. It's just bad judgement by the school.

    Hey man, like i said a while ago the school changing room in the pic looks just like The-Kitchen-I-Grew Up-With living in a flat. My family had no choice in the matter ok? whatever our religious persuasion or political allegiance ok?

    Next thing is, don't take Rocky's suggestion out of context if you're lousy with kites ok? And don't make a mountain out of a mole hill lah.

  42. Salam Dato Rocky,

    1. Saya ada buat komen dalam laman Helen Ang bawah tajuk toilet. Sekarang sudah terserlah jawaban yang sama macam komen saya. Kalau nak tambah lagi, lihat saja dalam rumah sendiri bagaimana keadaan tempat makan?

    2. Perkara pokok bukan hal ini. Fikirkan apa terjadi jika berlaku " MALAY TSUNAMI" pula? PRU 14 jauh lagi... Dalam blog Datuk ini masih ada p*****k2 yang teruja masih berterusan meludah, menghina Bangsa Melayu dan Agama Islam. Sifat rasis mereka tidak pernah padam. Sentiasa manipulasi sentimen yang melibatkan melayu. Malah tembak tepat pada Dato lagi. Bahasa mereka semakin biadab!

    3. Salahkah kita mempertahankan hak dan maruah kita? RPK cara selamba melibas. Harap Dato ada strategi nya. Jangan tewas di medan siber dan media.

    3. Amat mengecewakan Pemimpin - Pemimpin atasan kita. Melatah dan terus melatah. Di sepikan terus suara-suara kegusaran Melayu.

    4. Saya aju satu soalan pada Dato - Adakah tangan- tangan mereka (Pemimpin) sudah terikat dan di ikat ke belakang?

  43. Lawakla pengomen yg kata cari tempat yg lebih proper berbanding bilik persalinan. soalan.. di mana yg sesuai? SK bukan mcm SJKC yg kaya raya dan dimanjakan dgn mcm2 kemudahan, SK lebih miskin disebabkan oleh budaya kiasu SJKC gampang. bila jadi hal yg bukan hal nak salahkan SK. AH JIB GOR , TSMY , Kalamanthan... out from your office

  44. Anonymous5:05 pm

    beware the tribe that bite the hands that feed

    their frustration at having failed to wrest putrajaya coerced them to now pit indians against malays

    boikot bisnes pendatang

  45. Anonymous5:07 pm

    haiya pru12 revived the malaysian malaysia dream

    arising from that, racists of the kind that bite the hands that feed, have shown their greed

  46. Anonymous5:11 pm


    betol tu. bagi tahu dia orang semua pegi main layang-layang lepas tu terjon sungai.


  47. 1 Melayu5:24 pm

    Salam,this deputy education minister has the tendency to beat the gun and this is not the first time he has been doing that.

    Dai Tambee Mr Kamal,do your home work and think first before you speak.Shame on you Mr Minister !

  48. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Anon 8:40am, is correct that Muslims do not lie during Ramadhan. They don't lie, they just do not tell the truth. To be fair, not all..... but not a few either.

  49. Anonymous6:58 pm

    A few questions:

    1. How can a changeroom that can only fit 3 tables, seat an excess of 700 pupils? Perhaps the MOE should investigate the school for jamming hundreds of students into a small space.

    2. The canteen that was apparently closed for renovation was reopened to students today. Were there any major renovations at all??

    3. If there is any renovation planned, can't it be scheduled to be done during the Hari Raya school break?

    4. Isn't the school hall a more suitable location for a temporary canteen?

    5. Why is it that parents voicing their concerns for their children are labelled as bigots, keling, and told to go back to India? I smell the stench of bigotry and hypocrisy coming from the likes of those moaning about "the minority not knowing their place".

  50. Anonymous7:06 pm

    This is not a good promotion for the country as an education hub in the region. With parents saying they'd prefer eating at a changing room to a classroom, this country has completely gone bazonkers.

    Stop spinning this around and accept it that as a parent to a child everyone should oppose this kind of bad decision making.

    The student population does not increase o overnight. Is it too much to ask for some foresight from the headmaster and PTA to plan ahead and to have expanded the canteen in tandem with the headcount increase?

    Stupidity without excuse! And I'm not using this word just because this involves a Malay Muslim.

  51. Aneh pula PIBG dengan guru berbuka puasa di bilik mandi/salin/ tandas after the issue is highlighted !

    Schools are dismissed 2 hours before buka puasa. Ample time for teachers to drive home in time .Looks like the PIBG is coming to save the situation.

    Normally schools do renovation during holidays, not during Ramadhan time because the contractors are also fasting an would delay the project with all excuses .
    Nobody needs to defend anybody. The school administration has erred. How come PIBG agreed to use the place for recess time ? It was deliberately done to renovate in fasting month. I don't see any pictures of renovation or hen it will be completed. Suddenly the canteen is opened after the deputy minister's visit.
    Perhaps they hope to invite the Education Minister to cut the ribbon upon completion of renovation !

  52. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Ellese A said...
    "This minority is always under a siege mentality. That's why they have become more racist and thinking that they should not integrate with the Malays. Always thinking of their right to separate. From language to school to universities to business, when are these DAP chauvinistic supporters going to talk about integrating? Mana adakan."

    Hey Ellese you hypocrite. These parents sent their children to a Sekolah Kebangsaan.

    What happened? The kids are not allowed to use an empty canteen, but are assigned a separate room that is a changing room not suited as an eating area.

    Before you start about how the canteen is under reno, tell me how long does it take to install a glass door?

  53. Anonymous7:14 pm

    The malays will just bsining@ here. In the end nothing happen, probably the good will get tranferred to a hulu school.

    This is 1 Malaysia, ie. malay last

  54. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Kalau keling tu, keling jugak. Lidah bercabang dan putar belit kalah ular. Whoever upload the photo on facebook which has gone viral in cyberspace space should be held accountable and be punished. What his/ her sole purpose if not to bash the Malays/Islam? This matter could be settled among the parties concerned without the issue being turned into racial prejudice! And the pro-opposition websites have a field day inciting hatreds among the races! We, the Malays have been very patient all this while but our patience has its limits. After all we are just humans! Be forewarned! Be prepared for any repercussions by the majority race to the minorities in the near future!

  55. *Waaa*..., ibubapa India x setuju kantin ditutup n anak mrk diarah makan di blk salinan! *Waaaaa*... ni penghinaan kepada kuasa dan hak Meleis! Berani puak ini mempersoal kehendak Meleis! Tak tau tempat di Tanah Meleis! Kalau GB Meleis suruh kantin tutup, bermaksud kantin tutuplah!

    Kalo tak suka, pegi hantar anak ke sekolah tamil estet! Mrk ini berlagak sebab SJKC n SJKT! Tutup sekolah tamil estet! Satoo Sekooolah Untoook Semooa!

  56. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Aku dah lama tak suka sigelap,putar alam.bila Ah Jib bagi post timbalan menteri pada pengerusi hindraf yg baru sebulan sokong BN dgn Ah Jib sekali aku menyampah.Ah Jib tak ingat BN hampir mampus 2008 dulu pun kerana hindraf.lemah punya pemimpin,boleh berambus.

  57. Anonymous12:04 am

    Ini semua kerana pemimpin politk Melayu lembik dan pengecut punya pasal semua org dah naik tocang.Bersatulah Melayu kita tolak pemimpin lembik macam Najib,Mohidin dan semua pemimpin politik Melayu dari PAS dan PKR juga.Kita naik kan para pemimpin NGO sperti Dr.Hassan Ali dan Ibrahim Ali,yg berani bersuara demi Melayu dan Islam.

  58. Anonymous1:23 am

    a few answer

    1)bilik persalinan itu telah digunakan semenjak bulan-bulan sebelumnya lagi termasuklah oleh murid muslim bagi menampung limpahan murid di kantin.. dan penggunaannya diteruskan pada bulan ramadhan yg mana hanya ada 26 orang murid yg guna termasuklah murid muslim yg tak berpuasa..jadi, tiada peliknya bilik persalinan itu digunakan sementelah kantin direnovasi.

    2) klu menteri nk turun, kerja mmg laju laa.. kontraktor pun nk jaga nama takut kena senarai hitam. itu kontraktor punya pasal kerana sebelum perlaksanaan renovasi pasti dah ada persetujuan dan tau time frame bila siap. katakan ikut perjanjian makan masa sebulan tapi klu kontraktor nak siapkan awal, bagus lah.. siap awal pun masalah ker?

    3)penggunaan kantin paling minimum adalah pada cuti sekolah.. seterusnya, bulan ramadhan kerana hanya digunakan sebilangan murid non muslim dan muslim yg tak dapat berpuasa kerana sakit atau tak tahan puasa atau terliur tengok kawan-biasa la budak-budak.. kenapa buat reno tak tunggu raya aidil fitri? salah kementerian pelajaran.. asalnya cuti raya aidilfitri cuma 11 hari. nak buat major reno 11 hari dengan bajet yg tak besar? pernah reno rumah tak? nk laju kena carik kontraktor yg mahal..

    kementerian pelajaran sangat teruk dalam tentukan tarikh cuti raya aidilfitri sehingga menyusahkan

    a)tahukah anda cuti ganti hari isnin untuk depavali telah diganti pada hari sabtu dalam bulan PUASA bagi memastikan depavali dapat cuti 4-5(sambung awal muharam) hari. Takde hari lain sampai sabtu minggu ke dua puasa pun budak kena pergi sekolah. mana tak lepak budak tu.

    b) tahukah anda cuti ganti raya aidilfitri(isnin & selasa) hanya diketahui 3 minggu sebelum aidilfitri berbanding depavali dan gong xi fat chai yang telah diketahui berbulan-bulan sebelum iaitu awal sejak bulan januari lagi

    c) tahukah cuti ganti depavali telah diganti terlebih dahulu sebelum cuti raya aidilfitri walhal kita akan menempuh cuti raya aidil fitri terlebih dahulu berbanding depavali. (best jadi majoriti-selalu kena buli dengan kerajaan yg ditonggak majoriti)

    4)sekolah tu ada hall ke? umumnya sekolah kebangsaan takde hall. klu ada mesti dah guna sebelum renovation lagi ketika kantin tak dapat tampung. takkan PIBG yg putuskan bersetuju guna bilik persalinan tu tak syorkan guna hall klu hall tu wujud.. klu ada hall baik guna hal, tak perlu la reno kantin.

    5) klu nk utarakan masalah anak, boleh tak jangan cuba cerita pasal non muslim ke, apa ke.. boleh tak fokus pada permasalahan murid. isu ni timbul bila fokuskan pada non-muslim dan bulan ramadhan. sedangkan bilik tu diguna sebelum ramadhan dan oleh pelbagai kaum. termasuklah oleh murid muslim yang tak berpuasa. jadi bila ada yang fokus pada bangsa, kita nampak la perjuangan dia bukan kerana murid tapi kerana bangsa/agama murid tu sendiri.. jadi jangan salahkan orang lain bila label orang camtu rasis dan sebagainya.

  59. Anonymous4:05 am

    Kejutan budaya, cultural shock..bagaikan kera diberi emas ...tak tau arah tujuan how to react to these strange new changes in their lifestyles. 50years masih tak mencukupi!

    Kadang kala terutama dibulan yang mulia ini rasa sedih juga bila ingatkan nasib mereka2 ini,

    Where else on this earth can they be treated with so much tolerane and compassion, so they can live and be as free as the wind?

    OKAY le, kita yang berkurun2 lama hidup dengan aman dan tenang diTanah Air yang bertuah ini, bagi saja le masa untuk mereka settle down.

    Balik lautan kanan ditelan kasta, lautan kiri ditelan komunis. Really pity these people.


  60. Anon 7:14.

    What stupid answer. My contention is that it should never have been a race issue. Anyone raising it is racist you dumb fool.

    The fact Muslims use it before makes the use as non discriminatory. You can argue whether shower room can be used or not but don't turn this to a racial issue. Then dare call me a hypocrite. I dare you to debate me at hakbersuara you chicken bigot.

  61. Anonymous6:02 am

    Damn the HM. Macam tinggal kat hospital pakar wad kelas 1 dgn toilet adjoining to the room. Kita kena makan dalam wad dgn toilet bersambung dgn bilik wad. Sungguh menjijikkan sekali. Imagine all the bacterias lingering around.
    Or if we go and eat at mamak shop or most kedai2 makan with toilet termasuklah McDonald & Pizza Hut at the back adjoining the eating area. Sungguh kotor dan menjijikkan dgn kuman2 berkeliaran. Juga kedai2 makan cina yg mejanya diletak diluar tempat parking dgn habuk2 dan kuman2 berterbangan. Sungguh enak sekali ketika makna. Saya rasa orang ramai sudah kebiasan makan ditempat2 spt ini.
    Melihat keadaan didalam bilik persalinan di sekolah itu dgn meja dialas dan lantai bermozek berkilat bersih, huhhh memang menjijikkan spt di tempat2 yg diatas. Semoga diambil teladan.
    Some Muslims also pray in ‘changing rooms’ or wards. To them, it is clean enough.

  62. Anonymous6:57 am

    Gaya Guneswary meluahkan perasaan tu, menyebabkan isu ni tak terhindar dari menyentuh kaum dan agama.

    Atau bak kata Indon, isu SARA(suku, agama dan ras)

  63. Fadzli7:29 am

    Siapa kata ini bukan race and religion issue. Jangan jadi hipokrit ok! Guneswary yang mula2 membangkitkan isu ini dan mengaitkan Melayu dan Islam dalam FB.

    Apa nak jadi ni. Orang bukan Melayu/Islam boleh mengata sesuka hati, tapi bila orang Melayu/Islam mempertahankan dikatakan salah. Malang menjadi majoriti di bumi Malaysia ini kerana PM dan orang2 nya bacol dan dayus. Melayu/Muslim di dalam pembangkang cuba menangguk di air keroh.

  64. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    How can you used such a heading? You are a learned man with class but ever since you changed yourself into an Umno/BN blogger you have downgraded yourself to the level of those who have no class at all. Whether this issue is right or wrong, please choose your words carefully. Harmony is very important in Malaysia but many bloggers are making a petty issue into a serious racial one by adding oil into the burning fire. What is majority and what is minority? Your words seems to imply that the minority must always keep quiet on any issue whether right or wrong, right? Regards.

    8:08 am

    Anon, 8.08
    hey hello.. don't bend and twist this thing ok..

    who started this whole issue if not the minority bigot who posted it on fb for the whole world to see??

    and the person went on ballistic accusing the malays and their Allah of unfairness and prejudice??

  65. Anonymous3:32 pm

    The breaking fast photo was taken after the shit hits the damage control exercise...we are not stupid..neither are you rocky..

  66. Anonymous4:36 pm

    The Headmaster and teachers should go back for teacher's training cos they fail the Civics subjek.

    As to bigots, looks like a minority bigot has inflamed something to show that the majority are indeed bigots.

    In Japan, the Education Minister and deputies would have resigned. No need commit harakiri.

    And the PIBG should continue Berbuka Puasa until end of Ramadhan at the changing room with pictures taken everyday to show they have not fallen ill eating in the changing room.

  67. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Latuk: I dare the PIBG to deny that the buka puasa pictures were taken AFTER the shit has hit the fan. If they do not deny, then you Locky Blu should write a piece asking the HM and PIBG to resign. You understand what FAIRNESS means ?

    No cover ups, no erasing of immigration records, no use of C4. Just do the right and honorable thing. Or is it too much to ask ?

    The Goodfather

  68. Anonymous10:54 pm

    This PRU 14 I'm going to campaign among the UMNO to advocate ABT...Anything but Tamil...

    Ibrahim Kati
    Winnable UMNO candidate PRU 14
    Parliament Padang Rengas

  69. Cormoran Strike9:10 am

    I'd like to invite Perwira and Ellese A to come and take a look at the school canteens in Singapore .

    No need to go to the elite schools or the SAP schools (remember SAP schools, Bru?). Neighbourhood "heartland" schools in Singapore will do nicely.

    See how they balance the requirements of Malay pupils and non-Malay pupils during the Ramadan period.

    That's what happens when clear and transparent rules are enforced by on-the-ball school administrators, principals and teachers.

    Bru - do you want to take the plunge here and do some investigatory journalism down south?

  70. Anonymous12:19 pm


    the cinabeng not happy having spent huge sums of money and still failed to wrest Putrajaya

    so they hatched schemes to NOW pit Indians versus Malays

  71. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Sure we don't lie during Ramadan. We just cleaned up the place, improved the lighting, put new tables and chairs and new tablecloths, and we invited everyone to join in our buka puasa. What's the problem ?

  72. Anonymous3:40 pm


    coming from the kind.. i sure she have ill intention. And by saying that she has contacted the school just a cover up. This kind has no problem of putar belit and lying and being a racist biggot.


  73. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Ellese A,

    So why shut the canteen during Ramadan and give non-Muslem pupils the only option of eating in the changeroom? Don't give excuse of renovation because the only work was to replace one glass door which took a very short time. Photo's from the mainstream papers show the canteen was not even under major renovation.

    That is why I called out ur BS. You accuse the other race of separating but her we have a case of segregation treatment of pupils.

  74. Anonymous7:53 pm

    ''...and we invited everyone to join in our buka puasa...''

    ...after that woman posted the photographs of that place on social media

  75. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Call the GURU BESAR, KPM, PTA or Lawyers Assoc or even Perkasa to take legal action against the accusers. Damage suit in hundred of millions.. Kasi ajar itu hindubeng sama cinabeng. Dasar tak tau diuntung.

  76. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Call the GURU BESAR, KPM, PTA or Lawyers Assoc or even Perkasa to take legal action against the accuser. Damages suit in hundred of millions.. Kasi ajar itu hindubeng sama cinabeng. Dasar tak tau diuntung.

  77. Anonymous7:16 am

    " they " have been jumping at every little opportunity to paint Malay-Muslims in this country as the the bad guys. Frankly, I'm tired of them.
    you're not alone!

    keturunan To Le'Rap.
    Johor DT

  78. Anonymous1:32 pm

    "The canteen will be reopened (today)."

    That's what you mentioned in your posting Dato'.

    The question is - why could it not have been done earlier at the start of the Puasa month?

    Did the HM not have the foresight that since it is Puasa month, and the number of non-Muslim pupils is very small, they all can be accommodated in the canteen at one go?

    So, where was the thinking process of the HM in this instance?

    Sudah lah, these buggers never cared for the rights of the minority. Otherwise we would have had been experiencing a very much better 1Malaysia many moons before the present PM took over.

    Parents of non-Muslim kids have to repeatedly remind of the rights of their children in such schools, because in most instances the management (mainly from the majority ethnic group), never bothered to understand sensitivities of the minority.

    You can try and justify and implicate that the minority is becoming racist.

    Let me tell you - its you buggers who view issues like these as racist. The minority ones are only being assertive of their rights as enshrined in the Constitution. Every time they highlight such matters that impacts them - you term it as racist?

    Cant you think of a better interpretation?

    No need also to link up Hindraf to this issue. But can you care to explain, why you are hell-bent on doing it?

    You actually open the floodgates for the minority to emulate you. After all what is good for the goose is also good for the gander!

    You refuse to be a role model for 1Malaysia? Then just zip-up!


  79. Anonymous4:21 am

    Betul betul la depa ni nak bagi sakit hati orang melayu..hari tu ni hindubeng...dah nak mampus ka?

  80. Be Careful2:42 am

    Watch Margaret Thatcher's word. The Tamil will be a national security issue just like they have been in Sri Langka. We Malays and the police just have to be ready for it.
    Self deportation for this low caste indians may be the best long term solution.