Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fraud, allegedly

While we're on the subject of "fraudulent scheming" (see preceding posting h e r e), I feel it's my duty to attach the following documents which are the actual statement of claims filed in Court by Halim Saad against the former Minister and recently appointed Deputy Chairman of Khazanah Nasional. For older context, go to Halim Saad vs Nor Mohd Yakcop: Mother of All Corporate Lawsuits:


  1. Anonymous7:56 am

    When Lazy to Write Simply Post Any Document to keep the idiotic fans occupied.

  2. Anonymous6:07 pm

    As an Anwar crony Nor Yakob was once chairman of Abrar Asset Mgmnt (AAM) where he got AAM to use almost their entire investment funds (derived from members of the public) to support just one share - Mun Loong in which Nor Yakob held at least a 10% stake. This was clearly a breach of trust. The price of Mun Loong shares still collapsed. AAM investors lost their money. Asset managers are prevented from investing all their funds in one share. That is very stupid behaviour. The BOD of asset managers must give written instructions to the asset mgr company to diversify their investment portfolio. Abrar breached their own investment guidelines. Nothing has happened to Nor Yakob. Who is stupid?