Monday, June 17, 2013

Exodus, NST as Insider recruits

UPDATED: The earth moves again as Terence Fernandez makes his exit from Malay Mail to join, a socio-political news portal owned by a corporate mover linked, at least once upon a time, to Anwar Ibrahim. The Star's Wong Sai Wan, one of the few Datuks in journalism, has already started at the Malay Mail in charge of Special Projects. The biggest newsmaker would have been Datuk Syed Nadzri, who is the media adviser of RedBerry: the ex Group Editor of NST was tipped to be joining joining The Star as one of its directors with executive power BUT my man at the newspaper says it's NOT true. The post of NST group editor is still vacant. Wallahualambisawab.

p.s. Lionel and team comprising my ex Malay Mail staff Rita Jong and Muzliza, among others, will be starting work at TMI tomorrow. Terrence will start work at fz-com on August 1.

Original posting
Malaysia's media landscape is shifting. Lionel Morais, probably one of the most seasoned crime reporters East of Suez, is leaving the New Straits Times, which turns 168 years next year, to join the five-year old news portal Malaysian Insider as a very senior editor. He's taking half a dozen crime journalists from the pro-government establishment to fill the vacuum in TMI left by Leslie Lau, who has quit to join the Malay Mail with 30 others. A big blow for Malaysia's oldest newspaper.
Good news is, until they find a replacement for Lionel and his reporters, there'll be a mark decline of crime rate, at least in the pages of NST.   
I hear some journos from Singapore will be joining the Malaysian Insider ...


  1. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Too many sekolah melayu editors in nst

  2. IT.Sheiss10:39 pm

    The question is is The Malaysian Insider making a profit and how long can it continue?

    "Company records quoted by KiniBiz showed that the Insider had current assets of RM186,728, RM2.67 million in short term debt, and negative reserves of almost RM2.5 million."

    I took a look at TMI just now and see that its complexion has changed dramatically, much less partisan and more like what a newspaper should be in terms of articles.

    This article on technology/geopolitics makes much sense Internet spying: Who should we fear? - Joergen Oerstroem Moeller

  3. Anonymous10:42 am


  4. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Saudara Brew,

    Some previous postings cause Msians unlike you have a 100-day memory! Btw brew, did u get it from the horses' mouth himself, and he's the CNE, and not reporter! Finally, can you blame him for leaving, and when do you intend to announce your return to the famed Balai Berita?

    rocky's bru: Another vet journo quits NST?
    25 Jan 2008
    Tony Emmanuel la joining BP, afterall Tony and Lionel never got along well, it is said that Lionel stabbed Tony to take the crime editors position, so Tony when AWOL from nst. Tony Francis No way ! Tony Mariadass, Ha Ha Ha ...
    rocky's bru: REPLACEMENT EDITOR
    01 Aug 2006
    If in the near future Tony Emmanuel, Jahabar and Leslie Lau become his bosses, he will be just as hardworking and professional. So pls give the guy a break, don't hold him guilty by association. I have had my skirmishes with ...
    rocky's bru: THE MALAY KALI, BRENDAN & GUNA

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  5. NST Reborn!2:44 pm

    Good riddance to Indians in NST. All these times, its more Times of India then UMNO English paper.
    TMI, now thats a good acronym. Tamil Malayalee Indians...hehehe

    They have been exposed as henchmen of the ex UMNO President. Serving the Indian community instead of Malaysia.

  6. helen3:40 pm

    you can't expect an inexperienced journalist like Jalil Hamid and the CEO Azlan to help boost the newspaper as a newspaper.

    not difficult what to make money to push up the bottom line. No brainer.

    but sure as hell not easy to do it and at the same time push the credibility of the newspaper.

  7. harjit3:44 pm

    hello anon 9.30pm:

    berbau rasisma kenyataan anda mengenai "sekolah melayu" editors.

    apa yang lebih baik? sekolah cina? sekolah tamil? sekolah inggeris?

    siapa di antara pengarang2 yang bermentaliti sekolah melayu?

    Jalil? nuraina? rashid? hamidah? yushaimi? mimi? azmi? muzli? sajahan? sharif? mustafa?

    tolong sikit.

  8. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Sorry, but what do you mean by 'big blow for Malaysia's oldest newspaper'? I thought the Lau had built the Insider up to what it is today -- a good site and for many, including myself, more readable than Kini.

  9. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I thought The Malay Mail is the oldest newspaper???

  10. Anonymous1:19 am

    Dear Rocky and other readers,

    Inasmuch as I'm not the only Helen nor the only Helen Ang in Malaysia, but still and nonetheless

    I'd just like to point out that I did not post the comment above @ 3.40pm (to forestall any case of "mistaken identity" as it has happened before.)

    I normally do not post comments in blogs unless it is to clarify (such as in this particular instance).

    I'd also like to inform the public that a number of genuine commenters have been impersonated in blogosphere and these include Calvin Sankaran, Aidil Yunus, I.D.A., Sarah ... (plenty of others) and myself.

    The imposters who masquerade as some of the known names will go as far as to bash other folks in order to deliberately create misunderstandings and smear reputations, e.g. "Calvin Sankaran" wrote some nasty things about me in the STL blog but of course I'm aware that it wasn't the 'real' CS who did that.

    I'd like it put on record that there is a Dapster who went around leaving comments as Helen Ang Abdullah, and that certainly wasn't me either.

    What can I say about such political operatives? "What kind of people are they?"

    They are the kind of people who have no compunction in fabricating lies, in concocting stories about 40,000 Bangladeshis, blackouts and spreading fiction in international fora to drag the country's name through the mud.

    If they can manufacture such big lies about Malaysia, what's to stop them from slandering small people? None at all.

    Helen Ang

  11. Anonymous8:05 am

    After All your Contribution to the BN and UMNO Cause Surely they must Approach You to Lead NST!?

    Well.....Dream on Rocky!It might just come true and you are the only one able to turn New Strait Times into BN Times.


  12. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Who reads tmi anyways?

  13. Anonymous5:59 pm


    people forget that Media Prima take-over of NST had been demoralizing for many NST editorial staff.

    Shan't ssay more. Why dont you ask NST people?

    NSTP is an institution. it has got history. Many of the senior editorial staff have been there for yonks. Not because they tak laku outside - God No - but becos they love their job and they have so much passion.

    NST has lost so many reporters and the recruitment is slow and potential candidates opt out because the HR process follows that of Media Prima.

    Basically -- the difference between television and print is lost on these Media Prima idiots.

    Trust me -- talk to these idiots and you will see how idiotic and floozy they are.

    Little intellect.

    They are a joke.


  14. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Me no longer reading TMI... Sudah tidak ada kick..


  15. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Me no longer reading NST... Sudah tidak ada kick..


  16. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Go kick yourselves la...

  17. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Go kick yourself lo...