Friday, May 10, 2013

Anwar's RM50 democracy [A guide to popular votes and "first past the post" system for Malaysian idiots]

Popular votes had never been the determining factor to form the government, our system is based on "first past the post" system, which gives the party that collects the first simple majority to form the government, same as the Westminster system in U.K. and other Commonwealth countries.- The Phenomenal Chinese Swing: Blame Anwar or Najib? by Hantu Laut

Did you receive a mail asking you to part with your RM50 and in exchange get the democracy that you want and Anwar Ibrahim as your Prime Minister? Well, it's your money so you do with it as you please. There's more RM50 notes from BR1M on the way to you, anyway. But before you do that, or before you do something silly like painting your Facebook black, watch this simple video on the "FPTP" system, something that those people don't want you to know:

UK 2010 Election, Conservative Party got 36% votes but won 47% of the seats.

Labour Party got 29% votes but 40% seats.

Liberal Democrats got 23% votes but only 9% seats.

Independent managed 12% votes but 4% seats.

This is democracy under First-Past-The-Post system.

In 2011, a referendum to reform the electoral system was shot down, First-Past-The-Post system remained. See the results of that referendum h e r e.


  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    The Pakatan Rakyat should first win 2/3 majority in Parliament. Then amend the laws to enable the party with the most popular votes to win the elections.
    Why want to shout now and make a big noise about it? Just trying to fool the gullible Rakyat?
    Its plain stupid I should say.

    1. Anonymous1:38 am


    2. Anonymous10:28 pm

      Red bean army still mau mari sini ka?
      The rakyat do not want your poisoned red bean pau.

  2. Anonymous11:24 am

    Pindaan ke atas sistem ini akan meruntuhkan Malaysia. Ingat Perjanjian Penubuhan Malaysia. Sabah dan Sarawak di jamin 25% kerusi Parlimen. Dua negeri ini tak mungkin akan dapat 25% kerusi jika guna popular vote.

  3. Amaranathan11:33 am

    The problem is the gerry-mandering. It leads to lop-sided representation, eg. Putrajaya or some interior part of Sarawak has one seat each just like a constituent like Kapar with 10 times the population. Also, communities like the Indians ( 800k voters) are at the mercy of non-Indians for representation because no Indian majority seat

  4. Anonymous11:56 am

    A big F.U for calling people who disagree with your idols idiots. In fact YOU have been the biggest idiot since your betrayal.

  5. IT.Sheiss12:23 pm

    Readers should also view the sequel to the above video on alternative voting which is fairer.

    Also the U.S. Electoral College system which is clearly not all that representative of the actual voters' choices.

    The option for us might be to have constituencies with an roughly equal number of voters each. That would give more seats in parliament for urban voters.

    Or may I suggest we keep the same number of constituencies but allow one cross-constituency vote per voter.

    That way, a candidate in say PJ Selatan can vote for a candidate running in Ipoh Timur. I don't think any country in the world has this system.

  6. Anonymous12:34 pm

    gorilla hitam tu mcm muka nuar berahim lah datuk, pandai you pilih video ....

  7. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Hey Rocky, that would be a good strategy for BN for future GEs, ie (1st past the) moving post.....

    GE-14, BN get only 36% votes but still win 67%of the seats

    PR, get >50% of the votes but win only 20% of the seats

    Apa lagi UMNO mau?

  8. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Dear Rocky , since you are closer to Ah Jib Gor than a common citizen , please help us to take a message to Jib gor

    Don't talk theory anymore ...we want to know the following fast

    1) The line-up of the new cabinet
    2) The so-called " National Reconciliation " plan
    3) The broken 1Malaysia concept

  9. Anonymous3:02 pm

    BN won. That is the only thing that counts now. BN won.

  10. NO MORE NATIONAL RECONCILIATION muthfacka. enufff. and just ignore dhong zhong, let them cry

  11. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Rock, since you are closer to the powers than any of us lesser beings, PLEASE advise them don't appoint another old tired but very loyal party member as reward to be Education Minister.Keep up with the world changes, get a proven brainy younger dude. Khairy fits the bill.On other appoinments pls make sure those guys possess the specific skills/qualification for the position eg dont get a contractor to take charge of Kewangan,you dig?

  12. Anonymous4:18 pm


    There is a DAP barua in Maybank IB under Zafrul. Made DCEO last year. Tak salah saya dia ada satu lagi portfolio penting dalam MIB. Why is he given so much power? Midget ni nak kuasa tapi bila perlu guna kuasa tak berani. Tapi gila kuasa dan nak tunjuk kuasa. Please la. Tolong gantikan orang cam ni. Takde orang Melayu ke untuk ambil position penting ni?

  13. gerrymandering is bad here rocky!
    In UK the boundary follow certain formula

  14. charlleskiwi4:23 pm

    You mentioned that all Commonwealth countries are practicing first pass the post system, my dear Rocky please check before you write. NZ is not practicing that for some time now and please again check before you start writing rubbish.

  15. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Najib must reward the bumis and Indians after the chinese slapped him

  16. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Refer to data here as you read this:

    1. Whoever is spinning lies that there was NO Chinese Tsunami is peddling poppycock.

    2. Look at the figures closely. Notice that the drop for BN support in the Malay majority states (Perlis, Pahang, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan were marginal (within the 5% range) excepting Terengganu* (more on this later)

    3. In contrast, the drop in BN support in significant or super Chinese minority state was very obvious. Johor (10.4%) being the standout. Also note that in Perak, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor where there are significant Chinese minorities , the decline was also significant especially in Selangor (5.3%).

    4*. Terengganu was always going to maintain its pendulum dynamics of swinging between BN and PAS, that has been the norm since 1995 so there are no surprises there. Kedah has also emerged as a swing state.

    5. The average support for BN in the Malay heartland was 51.3 above their Peninsular average of 45.7. In contrast the average for PR was 47.8, below their Peninsular average of 53.3

    6. Now if you look at where the Chinese are predominantly concentrated, you will get the real pix of a Chinese tsunami. Perak was already top heavy in 2008, remember the DAP had won 18 seats there in 2008 and maintained the same number in 2013. But notice too that there was still a marginal increase of 1.6% despite PAS and PKR not adding any Malay areas. Your guess is as good as mine as to where these extras came from, the Chinese of course who kept adding to the super majorities all round.

    7. In Selangor, the DAP dint gain extra seats but that was immaterial as the PKR’s slate of Chinese candidates and PAS lineup of pseudo liberal Malays were signal enough for the Chinese to throw their votes to whomever was against the hated Malays. So the gains for Pakatan was rather unsurprising.

    8. Nowhere was the anti Malay Bn sentiment more explicitly driven home than in Penang. In this Chinese majority state, support surged by over 6%.

    9. Super majorities in all the major urban centres where Chinese voters were predominant is another indication of the Chinese tsunami. Imagine Teresa Kok garnering an almost 60K majority in Seputeh and you get the pix.

    10. The average support for BN in the Chinese superminority states of Perak, Selangor, Johore, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and the Chinese majority states of Penang and the city of KL was 44.2, well below the peninsular average of 45.7.
    11. In fact take out Malacca and NS, the numbers plummet to 40.9 way below the Peninsular average.


    a. the Malay heartland vote plus the Malay votes helped save the BN

    b. up to 93% of the Chinese cast anti Malay Bn votes.

    This was indeed a Chinese tsunami, period. Let no chinaman fool with a doctorate fronting his name or otherwise fool us Malays of this reality. I have been warning about this constantly in this blog and my dire predictions have come true. Let this be a harsh awakening to the Malays that the Chinese are indeed gunning for political dominance. Let us not brainwashed or deluded into accepting the false apologies they are spinning now. Instead, it is time we Malays rallied together to preserve Ketuanan Melayu Islam in Tanah Melayu and thwart any piggish Chinese attempt to take over this country. And that includes empowering our fellow pribumis in Sabah and Sarawak who stood loyally and valiantly with us rather than casting their lot with their coreligionists Chingks!

    I gather the istana in Singapore was shrouded in gloom and tears after 2am on Monday morning.

    Warrior 231

  17. Anonymous6:27 pm

    you hell a lucky guy.
    go on enjoy your whisky and roast pork. and continue your lies thru malay mail.

  18. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Anon 11:56am wrote, "...A big F.U for calling people who disagree with your idols idiots. In fact YOU have been the biggest idiot since your betrayal..."

    Correction: you are IDIOTS! and, it's not because you disagree with Rocky's idols or whatever... it's because you ARE idiots.

    Also, Rocky isn't a bigger idiot because he betrayed you... on the contrary, Rocky is the smart one!

    ... to Yek Ming Yong, who said... "gerrymandering is bad here rocky!In UK the boundary follow certain formula..."

    So, what exactly is this certain formula?

    It's certain that you haven't the slightest idea what this certain formula is!

    because if you did, you would have said it, right?

    at any rate, is this certain formula agreeable to all and sundry?

    of course, NOT!

    cutting a long story short... PR is nothing but a load of crap.

    you LOST!

    ... deal with it!

  19. Anonymous7:25 pm

    wat popular votes? pr is not even a legal entity in the first place. u shd look at them, dap, pkr and pas. in this case bn definitely stilll the big winner...:)

  20. 1) Go to Utusan Page:
    2) on the right side look for the asterisk and drop down arrow
    3) Select Report Page
    4) Select “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook”
    5) Select “Hate Speech”
    6) Choose “Targets Race or Ethnicity”
    7) Check mark Report to Facebook
    Copy this message to your friends or do a status update

  21. Anonymous7:42 pm

    come on Najib.. Give us the Malays who voted you some recognition. We Malays put you in that throne.

  22. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Gore won the popular votes but Bush jr became the us president

  23. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Gore won the popular votes but Bush became ghe President

  24. Anonymous10:16 pm
    There so many learned Malaysians commentors here, click the above link to havè some understanding what Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga in the write up.

    HAVE A BALANCE VIEW......takbir.....cheers.....bottoms up.....or.....yam seng.....or .....whatever you like.

  25. Anonymous4:58 am

    Even with massive fraud, extensive bribery and abuses of using Government machinery, BN still lost the overall popular votes. If it's a fair fight, we can safely conclude that BN votes will not even touch more than 40%. At most, it will reach 30%-35%

    It's honorable deed that Najib should hand over the Government to Pakatan. Any day delay is justice denied to all peace loving Malaysians.

    1. Anonymous10:37 pm

      Peace loving Malaysians? Yang I tau depa suka pegi demo.

  26. Anonymous11:15 am

    They have so many expert legal advisers to advice, where is Aci Ambiga? Aci.... do your duty la...

    Dah kalah tu kalah ler Anwar oooi, kami dah naik jelek, the very reason why Bumis shifted back to UMNO to boost additional 9seats.

    Yg Apek2 tsunami, leave them be, aftermath tsunami mereka sendiri akan rasa dan tanggung, a blessing in disguise.

    Promises to SJKC kubu DAP, bagi slow2 sikit, tengok results UPSR kalo BM 50% fail, jangan bagi, wait next and next years untill they can PERFORM at least 90% must pass BM.

    These people they have money. My Apek neighbour baru saja selesai istiadat hantar to the world under kat Arwah bapa dia, (died to years ago), cost of paper palace pun dah RM30K, BAKAR macam2 offerings belanja mencecah RM200K.

    ....Kalo sedekah duit tu kat SJKC (to help poor Chinese kids still living in this world) ta mau pulak orh! Irony, I was told one of his cucu is getting state aids bulan2 terima RM70... mengarut benar!

    BTW Monsterball tak habis countdown dia... finally gone home to plant sweet potatoes" ker?


  27. Anonymous11:42 am

    Orang melayu ni tak paham2 lagi...

    for the last two PRU(12 &13) the majority chinese had rejected BN & UMNO.

    nak ulang lagi sekali

    for the last two PRU(12 &13) the majority chinese had rejected BN & UMNO.

    But still NAJIB support the chinese community, tak faham2 lagi ke?

    come PRU14

    NAJIB will support the chinese community again

    apa maknanya ni? apa maknanya ni?

    Nak tunggu BN & UMNO kena wipe out ke? go ahead listen to your adviser lah!

    Jangan salahkan advisor dia tu... Najib should look in the mirror first

    But let give Najib last chance for the first year of post PRU13

    because your priority NAjib, is

    to unite all Malay (PAS and UMNO)

    and provide all kind of assistance available to the bumiputra and indian community who had support you wholeheartedly!

  28. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Hmmmm Rocky..

    Is it any Worse than Najib's HALF PAST 5 SEN DEMOCRACY?



  29. Anonymous2:12 pm

    That is why the idea of Prime Ministerial debate is nonsense.

    If there is a debate, Anwar should debate Dr mazlan in Permatanag Pauh and najib debate Fariz musa in Pekan.


  30. Anonymous2:15 pm

    If as anwar claim that they have the popular votes, then it means we should dumb 1malaysia and go back to nep malaysia

  31. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Tun Johor say,

    aiyoo enough of poltikking plz. Lets the rakyat hear what are the PM and frenz plan to implement the AKUJANJI. It been almost a week n not a word said about d AKU JANJI.

    Plz speak out your mind about AKU JANJI. U have won and form the government tru the AKU JANJI that have been made to rakyat. Plz we are waiting.....

  32. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Yes more assistance to bumi in semenanjong tanah melayu bumi in sabah and serawak and also indian.Wong cino no needs cos they already kayo.They can ask Dapig to help them since they are hostile and reject the good things the present government are doing 4 them.

  33. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Bumis and indians please! They deserve to be treated accordingly.

  34. Dear Sir

    I beg to differ with your article which states that the "First Past The Post" system as practised by Westminster-style democracy is the cause of the party getting the popular votes, but not getting the parliamentary majority.

    You gave the UK as an example of the FPTP system.

    In the UK, the size of the constituencies are between 60k to 100k. The equivalent in Malaysia would be 30k to 50k. But here, in Malaysia we have 7k to 100+k for constituency sizes.

    What's more, the rural constituency are smaller in size and tend to contain the lower income group and more of one particular race, and these tend to vote for BN. This, is the real cause of the skew in popular votes not getting the parliamentary majority.

    The article here explains the case for the UK, in this case, smaller (read rural) tends to favour Labour, whereaas Malaysia, smaller (read rural) favours BN.

    Please refer to the article at:

    The article is in in response to the effort by the UK to equalise the constituency sizes to make it fairer for the voters. It argues that yes, this would benefit Labour, but it is more because of the voter distribution that causes the bias.

    One more thing - FPTP would skew the result (popular votes not getting proportionate parliamentary seats) if there are lots of significant three-way contests. In Malaysia this is not the case.

    In France for example, they have gone for proportional representation. This means that if the candidate getting the highest vote does not command 50+% of the votes, then the top two candidates will go for a run-off.

    Proportional representation is what Lib-Dem has always been figting for in the UK. For Malaysia we don't have a sizable party like Lib Dem, so it is not relevant for this argument.

  35. Anonymous12:26 am

    Yo Rocky, Anwar bukan bodoh, dia dah maklum hal "first past the post" ini. Anwar sebenarnya nak memperbodohkan penyokongnya yg tak tahu apa-apa kecuali angguk aje sebab itu Azmin cakap baru-baru ini janganlah asyik nak bully rakyat saja dgn buat demo tak habis-habis. Azmin tuju kata-kata itu pd Anwar ler tu. Ironinya di luar sana ramai budak-budak melayu yg baru cecah umur layak mengundi pertama kali jadi macam robot bila baca hal politik dalam internet yg dikuasai cybertroper PR. Mereka telan bulat-bulat tanpa membuat kajian & mencari bukti. Akibatnya akal budak-budak muda ini telah dikunci mati dari mencari kebenaran.

  36. Anonymous9:46 am

    I told you so,these Fuckatoons still in the state of denial and the worst thing is a very,very bad losers.

  37. Anonymous2:20 pm

    since everybody is so cosy with the good economy

    as even primary kids carry changgih hp costing thousands

    while the rest of the world are in a turmoil with fallouts

    we must be wary of the opposition tactics of fishing votes with brain washing instruments of media, net and sms.

    the govt should be made aware that nobody thanks others now. Its just take take take. Track records not important. Its just about perception. More so when the urban are getting richer and richer, on the back of govt's wise policy, they may think its trendy to walk with the oppo.

    Maybe BN should adopt a slogan like "kebenaran".

    or oppo should "Ubah sendiri dulu"

  38. Anonymous2:29 pm

    dear rocky
    just to let you know that

    your link to
    seems not working

    this one works

  39. Anonymous2:32 pm


    1malaysia slogan fared poorly

    perhaps should change to a more tacky one like "kebenaran"

  40. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Damn, you are really good at confusing people's mind. This popular vote issue is not about who should win the GE. It is to show how this GE has been manipulated. I wasn't there, but there are few things that I came to know make me feel like a fool as a Malaysian. Can you accept things like: (1) An SPR staff loading bags load with voting slip into a private car by the road side? (2) An SPR staff having in his possession an empty voting slip outside the voting premise? Also, I just wonder how much Pekan constituency has developed the last 5 years, so much so, it has at least 22,000 people migrating there the last 5 years.

  41. Anonymous3:42 pm

    No more soft policies to attract chinese voters please mr pm

  42. Anonymous5:45 pm

    if its chinese tsunami, so what ?

    isn't that what u malay umno wanted...ensure there is zero chinese representation in the cabinet, in the government.

    u planned & u got what u your wish for, why still whacking the chinese... what else do u malay umno want ?

    just enjoy your spoilt...

  43. Anonymous11:33 am

    Why, why are these people so stupid and naive?

    Malaysia electrol system is that of the Westminster mold, we elect by seats not the number of votes.

  44. Yek Ming Yong said...
    gerrymandering is bad here rocky!
    In UK the boundary follow certain formula

    4:23 pm


    Dear YMY,

    You need a two-thirds in Parliament to carry out gerrymandering and as you know BN does not enjoy the super-majority anymore so it can't possibly do it unilaterally. Therefore, the assumption that gerrymandering here is bad cannot hold water, mate.

    What has been happening, though, is the "transfer" of voters to selected constituencies. In Gelang Patah, there was a jump of over 40,000 voters between 2008 and 2013, most of them Chinese from outside Johor. This migration is the one the government should manage (not check, mind you).

    In any new constituencies or areas, I believe the population mix should reflect the national pop breakdown. In traditional areas like Brickfields (predominantly Indian) or Bukit Bintang (Chinese), we don't have to do anything drastic because they have been like like all this while. But new townships should be properly built. Same with Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, etc.

  45. Anonymous4:36 pm

    1. Roti Gardenia (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
    2. Bihun Jati Bernas (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
    3. Minyak Masak Tiara (FELDA)
    4. Minyak Masak Saji (FELDA)
    5. Susu Manis Pekat Saji (FELDA)
    6. Susu Manis Cair Saji (FELDA)
    7. Magge Sajimee Saji (FELDA)
    8. Mayonis Saji Mayo Saji (FELDA)
    9. Marjerin Pelangi (FELDA)
    10. Sos Cili Pelangi (FELDA)
    11. Sos Tomato Pelangi (FELDA)
    12. Jem Peanut SunBear (FELDA)
    13. Sardin Agromas
    14. Sardin Pertima
    15. Kopi Hang Tuah
    16. Bihun Sufi
    17. Mi Kuning Sufi
    18. Kuey Teow Sufi
    19. Garam Sufi
    20. Sos Lada Hitam Sufi
    21. Sos Cili/Tomato Sufi
    22. Kicap Masin/Manis Sufi
    23. Tepung Goreng Sufi
    24. Minyak Masak Sufi
    25. Telur Cap Sufi
    26. Ubat gigi Najwa
    27. Ubat gigi Halagel
    28. Garam Halagel
    29. Tepung gandum Cap Bidara
    30. Tepung gandum Faiza
    31. Jus minuman Safina
    32. Syampoo D'herbs
    33. Mydin
    34. MyMart (kedai keluaran Mydin)
    35. Bihun Kampung

  46. Anonymous4:48 pm

    cinami dictates a backlash from the grassroots

    Najib will still be the diplomat

    SSS = Satu Sekolah utk Semua
    BBC = Boikot Bisnes Cina
    BBS = Beli Bumi Sahaja

  47. MajorityofPopulation5:45 pm

    A great majority of the natives Malays are not registered as voters. The number of unregisteres Malays are bigger than even the whole Chinese voters.

    So the activist chinese may purportedly a big number but the MAJORITY of Malayans support their Malay government.

    That is why there is stability in the country.