Sunday, April 21, 2013

4,637 who may not vote for Nurul Izzah

"We have been voting here before she was born." Nurul Izzah d/o Anwar Ibrahim may have dug a big hole for herself. On March 22, she directed her lawyer Edmund Bon to file a judicial review, demanding the Election Commission to nullify the registration of 4,637 or seven per cent out of 72,533 voters in Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat, which she is defending for the first time.

About 50 people whose names are on the list called for a press conference yesterday. They
Tan:I am a legitimate voter
were, needless to say, pissed off with their MP for making them out to be "phantom" voters.

Tong Gaik Hooi, 56, a resident in Taman Seri Sentosa said he is not afraid to show his proof that he is a legitimate voter on polling day on May 5th. "I don't know if it is a political tactic by her to go against BN, but I will just do my duty as a citizen."

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Open letter to Nurul Izzah and RNC by Anas Zubedy


  1. dergahgrill10:11 pm

    Why, Bru - don't you trust our CV courts to act fairly and impartially after reviewing all the relevant facts?

    It seems to me that you are awfully anxious to demonise Nurul Izzah.

    Whatever happened to your protestations of impartiality, eh?

    If you have an agenda, let's hear it plainly and upfront.

  2. Dergahgrill,

    Defend her mate, you have the space here to help Nurul Izzah reach out to the disgruntled 50 and make sure that the number does not grow to 4637. No need to sue me for reporting what is being reported about the matter.

    1. Anonymous7:25 am

      Pakatan macais always attacking you
      Noting else to do

  3. Anonymous11:06 pm

    d/o ? Haha...

  4. Anonymous11:37 pm


    I used to live in the Pantai Dalam area. Not sure whether you are aware but the Pantai Dalam is bordering Gasing Indah, which is part of Petaling. Way back than there are a lot of squatter houses on the other side of the Pantai Dalam Komuter Station up to Petaling Komuter station. This area are known as Kg Pasir. It's a huge area actually and I will not be suprised if the number can go up to 5,000 legit voters. You must understand that this is before the zero-setinggan programme. Furthermore, right after PD Komuter station there's the Pantai Indah apartment (next to it would be another setinggan area plus the rumah panjang and whatnot - you can go to Pantai Indah and see for yourself). When the pemindahan happens a lot have been transferred here and there but you can witness the remnants of Kg Pasir, the rumah Panjang. Perhaps Nurul should visit more and talk to the locals, she would then will not be in this kind of silly mess.

  5. Anonymous12:02 am


    Even though the motion was rejected, is it possible that those who were accused as "phantom voters" to take legal action on the accuser for slander?

  6. Anonymous12:11 am

    Stupid act by Stupid D.O.Ai... Soooooo Stupid BODOH N BANGANG because SHE dont even Try to locate them to verified.. plus YAAAA SHE IS A MORON

  7. damansaraman1:12 am

    Dear Rocky

    If we put aside their greatest world class ability in creating fictitious slanders, people like Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Rafizi Ramli, Tian Chua, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, and Nurul Izzah are just a bunch of stupid individuals with very high self esteem.

    In my kampung we called them TIN KOSONG.

    But this bunch of TIN KOSONGs are unfortunately leaders to another bigger bunch sorry Malaysians.

  8. Nurul has been lying through her teeth. She always put her ignorance as the truth. Similarly the challenge on phantom voters. There is a process of objection under the law which EC must take note. But she is a publicity seeker going for judicial review instead. Mana boleh. She just wants to create impression that her ignorance is correct and that all the institutions are evil.

  9. phantom of ze opera8:37 am


    Please present your "relevant facts" here. No one's stopping you.

    Ask yourself tho, are your "facts" as real as the 50 voters who showed up and made the press release like what was shown in the article above?

    If not then we'll just call it "phantom facts". Facts that were fabricated and played up as if its the gospel truth.

  10. Bros, anyone interested to read the full media statement by the Lembah Pantai voters accused of being phantom voters by Nurul Izzah can read it here.

  11. dergahgrill8:48 am

    Why should you be sued, Bru?

    Have you done anything wrong? Trampled on the law? Dissed your fellow Malaysians and those who are not on the same wavelength as you?

    Getting a tad defensive, are we?

  12. Anonymous10:25 am

    Yahh Righttt

    4,000 Banglas, Myanmars, Nepalese etc etc.

    That was what saved a Few UMNO Leaders including Mat Noor Yakob the Last Election!

    Anti IllegalVoters

  13. Anonymous11:45 am

    Your brains must have been brewed with malt.
    How dare you write "nurul izzah D/O AI.
    It is Nurul izzah Binti anuar ibrahim You call yourself a muslim ? Bodoh !
    I dont care about what you write because its always about trying to belittle pr.
    Be civilised lah rocko.
    How will you feel if some one adressed your children as D/O Moron

  14. Anonymous11:50 am


    pakatan retards will say that UMNO has bought them over

    no more ideas to spin

  15. Anonymous11:51 am


    is that the cousin of charcogrill?

  16. Anonymous11:54 am

    retard @ 10:25 am

    4,000 Banglas, Myanmars, Nepalese are definitely BETTER than tongkang mali pendatangs

    they speak Bahasa Melayu fluently too ... yahoo

  17. dergahgrill8:11 pm

    Wah, lau - that's 50 Malaysians who have seen the "light".

    Let's see now: 4,637 - 50 = 4,587.

    That leaves 4,587 voters who have yet to see the "light".

    Bru - will you provide them with the "illumination" they need to distinguish right from wrong, the genuine from the spurious, the cognoscenti from the charlatans?

  18. dergahgrill,

    These are the 50 who took the effort to check Nurul Izzah's list of phantom voters. I'm sure the rest of the 4,637 are not even aware their names are on the list. After all, they've been voting even before Nurul Izzah was born, so I doubt it would even cross their minds that Nurul Izzah would label them as phantom voters.

  19. Anonymous9:18 am

    Ah such happiness that Nurul has retained her seat in Lembah Pantai. After the first recount when Nurul was leading by 1860 votes, two cars carrying two 'new' ballot boxes were turned away from the counting centre on Jln Bangkung by the rakyat who refused to let them enter. Had they been allowed in, I'm sure Nong Chik would have mysteriously garnered a few more votes. The final recount showed Nurul with a majority of 1847 votes. Nong Chik is useless as FT Minister, and would have been similarly ineffective as an MP.