Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dapless in Kuantan

Pakatan "big brother" stays away from P083. PKR Fuziah Salleh's bid to defend her Kuantan parliamentary seat in the 13th General Election faces a major snag when DAP taikors ordered their supporters not to campaign for her. "Vote anything - vote a dog also can - but not her".

Spot the Rocket: Click to enlarge
Why so angry, koko?  I was told by Fuziah's own supporters that DAP had expected to be given at least 1 state seat (Teruntum) and was pissed off big time when the seats went to PKR and PAS.At nominations for Fuziah's parliamentary seat and the 3 Kuantan DUNs yesterday, DAP supporters, flags, buntings were nowhere to be seen (inspect pic, right).

There are 18,227 Chinese voters in Kuantan, or about a third of the total number of voters. In 2008, Fuziah beat MCA's Fu Ah Kiow with a mere 1,826 majority. Her challenger on 5/5/13 is a 42-year old Kuantan born-and-raised chap the aunties and uncles in town and the villages have nicknamed "Suffian ni hau".

You can find out a little about Fuziah's challenger at Annie's h e r e. More about him from me later.


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    DAP not need to campaign. The Chinese are already by default will vote rocket not anything else. The Chinese are just too angry with the gov.

  2. Anonymous2:20 pm

    They dont support each other. They play out each other. They dont vote for each other. They dont respect each other.
    How to rule the country? Not now lah. Try again in 1000 years.

  3. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Hi my name is Wong, after careful consideration and thinking, i have decided that i am voting Barisan Nasional this coming GE13.

    After GE12, after given them a mandate they had done nothing towards me and my community.

    I will make sure both DUN and Parliament vote belong to BN!

  4. Anonymous3:16 pm

    This lady will forever remind me of the "Taiwan typhoon katak catching" episode, a real clown!

    I was banned fm her website as I used to kacau2 dia pasai "katak" in her comments column years ago.


  5. Anonymous3:17 pm

    tak habis-habis Rocky buat cerita lawak !!


  6. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Salam Dato Hamidah,

    Kamu jangan lupa Sg. Terap Yea, teman kat dalam blog Dato Rocks tengah bersilat nih...TENGOK dan JAGA org kampung tu yea kebanyakannya dah bertaraf barang antik tuhh...

    go here;

  7. Anonymous5:20 pm

    all three of the opposition parties cant even agree among themselves...we can see that they even contest with each other...

    Vote for BN....the best choice

  8. PAShit5:47 pm

    DAP is full of shit. They may appear honest and sincere to cooperate with Loose Butts Party and Religious Deviants United but fact is they are RACISTS TO THE CORE!

    The recent CEC fiasco is a testament to the fact that only one race is in the running hehe

    PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit

  9. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Betul ke, latuk locky ? I will wager you a cigar and any drink of your choice anywhere in KL if Fuziah loses to BN. Berani tak ?


  10. Anonymous7:17 pm


    Not all. Only some of you are angry for nothing. Nothing is enough. In China try showing your anger towards the ruling party and you'll be shot till dead. Here you are so big pig headed.

  11. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Dissenting view are not allowing in DAP. If you later don't agree with them, you'd better keep it to yourself. Remember to always show love and affection to dear leader and the Lim dynasty.


  12. Anonymous9:04 pm


    Hope Foziah realised that according to Karpal Singh, Non-Muslims can still be PM. It is a "message" to Pas and PKR.

    1. PM of Punjub? No. They will also reject him.

  13. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Isn't this obvious which coalition would be the best to lead the country and us the rakyat, to greater heights?