Monday, April 22, 2013

Her sorry excuse

1. Kamilia, Sharif among 61 sacked by Umno for aligning themselves as "Independent" candidates. 
2. PAS sacks "independents" and their proposers and seconders

Original posting:
BN not fielding top Wanita Umno candidates for PRU13? Her boss Najib Razak wanted the 61-year old deputy Wanita chief (now axed) to stand in the Bukit Chandan state assembly seat on May 5; she said she wanted the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat. Najib said no so Kamilia Ibrahim decided to stand as an independent candidate against her own party.

Why? Her excuse:
Kamilia: Women are worthless in Umno

The numbers, however, disagree with Kamilia.

In PRU12, 2008, BN fielded 61 women candidates; 30 were from Umno. 
For PRU13, 2013, BN is fielding 71 women candidates; 33 are from Umno.

Now, as a politician, Kamilia is not in the same league as Rafidah Aziz or Shahrizat Jalil and stands no chance as an independent in the three-cornered fight for the Kuala Kangsar seat. Forget Azalina or Halimah of Johor because in the current Perak line-up, there is a Wanita leader with feet larger than Kamilia, Azalina or Halimah's, so much so that even Nga Kor Ming and an army of partisan political bloggers are in awe of her.

There was talk that Kamilia was open to the highest bidder but since Najib wasted no time in sacking her unceremoniously for her action, there can't be that much currency left: there's only Pakatan left for Kamilia to turn. Will she do that? 

Malay Mail report yesterday says Kamilia was seen at the nomination centre (Saturday) "walking away from the supporters of the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat" ... Mmm.


  1. Anonymous12:25 pm

    She will soon left to be another number in malaysia and fades..
    Bersatu teguh bercerai roboh.. Sian dia so greedy..

  2. Marsan Marsolo12:30 pm

    Orang ni jugalah yang mengesa Sharizat letak jawatan bila timbul isu syarikat suami Sharizat dalam kes NFC ... memang sama spesis dengan Anwar ...gila kuasa... boleh la joint PKR ... sehati dan sejiwa

  3. Anonymous12:39 pm

    She is not in the same league as Rafidah or Sharizat.Yes,bcos she is not tinted as two of them like the share allocation controversy and the cow-gate scandal.

    1. Anonymous8:22 am

      With or without the Shahrizad controversies, Kamila is not strong enough a politician to garner broad-based support. She remains lukewarm at best and ineffective at worst.

  4. Anonymous1:10 pm

    I agree Kamilia is not the same league as Sharizat. She could never have appointed her husband to run the NFC or engage in the Cowgate scandal.

  5. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    Yes the Lady Umno leader has not conducted herself well as a Wanita leader and she deserves the sacking as that is a known UMNO stand.

    However the issue she raised is not without valid point. UMNO President and the other political parties must take her comments seriously. Has UMNO and the Malaysia leadership been fair in giving leadership positions to Women in Malaysia?

    Surely you would agree Dato', that 70 out of hundreds is barely representative of women participation in the running of this Country. UMNO is lagging behind in promoting and building women leaders, both in politics and in the GLCs.

    I could be wrong as what I see maybe just perception and not the actual situation. Can someone show the statistics that can prove that there are at least 30 percent healthy participation of women in UMNO, BN, and in GLC? What is the percentage of women in GLC Board memberships? Or a re they very much distributed amongst the same circle of buddies from the old boys network of MCKK, STAR, RMC, ANSARA?

    We know that there are many smart females out there as the university enrollments prove so. The other women in the country may disagree with Dato' Kamila on her election nomination, but they may not necessary think she is wrong on the issue of UMNO treatment of women members and women voters.

    I hope the Presidents of all political parties are paying attention.


  6. Dato',

    2008, 66 candidates from Wanita BN.


  7. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Umur dah lanjut tu, eloklah jengok2 majid dan main2 dengan cucu.

    Buruk sangat bila merajuk!

  8. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Wow! Rocky openly promoting Hamidah Osman, the Exco who curse Indians during Perak DUN assembly...
    It's in the Hansard record.

    Hamidah "between a snake & Indian, which one will you hit" Osman ke...

    First Zulkifli Nordin and now Hamidah Osman... You bloody racist la Rocky!

    ~ Midland Estate Thamby

  9. that story of hitting indian before hitting the snake is old, stemming from treacherious inclinations from among a few.. racist? I
    m sure there are other racist jokes about the malays,, too,

  10. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Dey Thamby,

    She was saying so in the context of your Indian "heroes" in the DAP. They are liars of the highest order, more dangerous than snakes. That good enough for you thamby?

    Perhaps you ahve been too long in the estate! Narrow minded twit!

  11. Estate anti snake oil pedlar11:06 pm

    Anon 7.09...

    I would NOT hit the snake, especially if it was you as the alternative.

    Then you can call me racist.

  12. Anonymous2:34 am


    Dulu zaman Pak Lah, kita ada dengar cerita Menteri panggil anak beranak, menantu joint in dalam government meeting. So, hati kita panas, ... kita tendang dia keluar dari kerajaan.

    Jadi, jangan la promo wanita Perak yang lagi satu tu. Sebab nya lebih kurang sama lah dengan Pak Lah tu. Saya yakin, kalau Rocky tahu cerita lebih lanjut pasal wanita tu, tentu Rocky muntah taik hijau, meluat tak terhinga-hingga dengan perangai dia. I DARE YOU TO CHECK ON THIS!

  13. Anonymous8:48 am

    I don't think its a snub to women when amongst the leaders of the women's wing there are no candidates who are of calibre. To give one a Parliamentary seat because they are of a certain position in the movement (in Kamilia's case not even elected) should not entitle them to a seat automatically, rite? Isn't this one of the things the ruling coalition is supposed to change? that its about SERVICE to the rakyat, and your ability to do so, and not because you are some ketua somewhere probably by illbegotten means. As a woman, I am not at all insulted by her not being a candidate. If the bosses don't think she's worthy of a P seat, they should know better, and not us who have no party or constituency dealings with her. Whereas I agree that sometimes women are overlooked for higher positions, I don't see that happening here. Unless her kawasan bertanding's voters were up in arms, then fine. But not a peep from kuala kangsar was heard. Funnily, not even Wanita Umno itself made noise about her being left out except for her. That was indication enough for me that she is obviously not a suitable P candidate.

  14. trifling-jester10:38 am

    you suggest one of the top wanita umno leaders is greedy after money after she's been sacked:

    1) shit always floats on the top when it comes to umno

    2) why are you condemning her? youre the most partial money hungry journo in town these days

  15. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I'm not crazy about Wanita UMNO but I deplore the situation when women are not accorded proper respect and value.

    In both a global and Malaysian economy that is increasingly dependent on women's contribution, what do you think it means when the party leadership doesn't see fit to give a parliamentary seat to top ranking Wanita UMNO leaders.
    As a note, everybody knows a parliamentary seat is the first step toward securing a possible Minister post.

    If the party leadership had a problem with Kamilia, it should have worked out this wrinkle way back when there was the Rafidah - Shahrizat tussle, then the Kamilia - Shahrizat fallout and not least of all the cow conundru;m. All this should have been glaring hints for Najib to turn his attention to a crisis in Wanita UMNO during nation's protracted wait for GE13 election date.

    Najib, when your sandbox team can't make up their mind about a strong backup team then make it for them.
    Now the situation sucks. You think BRIM, KRIM and a bunch of other cutesy monikers will appease the voting Malaysian women. You think one step forward but two steps back will make the voting Malaysian women (Malay, Chinese and Indian) appreciate the extent our national leaders value women.

    You know what.... Kamilia was right to do what she did - if nothing else but to prove the point that Malay UMNO women who worked side by side with their male counterpart to achieve Independence, deserve so much better. For shame BN.

  16. WanitaPerluKetuayangBijak9:53 pm

    What is this? Ketua Pemuda yang korup calon parlimen, Ketua Puteri yang korup calon parlimen tapi ketua wanita (timbalan) tak ada dalam senarai?

    Adakah wanita umno terlampau lemah atau taken for granted?

    The fact is that Kamilia is not aggressive enough that is why UMNO leaders walk all over her.

    Kamilia should have been more aggressive and promote herself. As it is she has only herself to blame.

    As defacto head of Wanita, she should be as powerful as Najib as wanita made up more than half UMNO members.

    But maybe she is just not good enough. Which explains UMNO poor performance generally. The women wing is not functioning for lack of strong and good leaders. (not corrupted)

    Kamilia doesnt have the street smart of the UMNO system. Its good of her to strike out on her own, at least some thinking here but its too little too late. She was the old loyal type just hoping her post can give her a Minister job. But hey you have to fight for it. Where is your blog? What do we know of your thoughts? No? then we wont miss you.

    Until there is a good and not corrupted Wanita Head then UMNO going to be hindered.. which is bad for UMNO.

  17. Anonymous8:23 am

    Kamilia is more credible than the cowlady and the shareformenantu teary-eyed woman.

    Used to love umno for what it was. Nowadays you see half baked ali-baba buainessman helming umno at various levels.