Friday, March 01, 2013

Welcome to Malaysia's "first social media" PRU

The morning after PRU12, as soon as he'd called for Pak Lah to step down in the light of BN's heavy losses at the polls, Dr Mahathir Mohamad remarked, cheekily, "Someone said we should thank bloggers ... I don't know for what." (Dr M: Thank you bloggers, Rocky's Bru, 9/3/2008). 

For sure, the Malaysian bloggers had a hand in the outcome of the 12th general election. How influential we were back then is arguable but no one can dispute that we were a force to be reckoned with. Some may have forgotten the fact that our socio-political blogging could be hazardous to your well being: bloggers were sued, charged with sedition, handcuffed and locked up, shadowed and tailed, our offices/shops and homes were raided (or broken into), computers and laptops seized, interrogated/interviewed, sacked and then denied employment, etc. And blogosphere was so lop-sided - bloggers were either anti-BN or anti-Pak Lah. The BN under Abdullah Badawi shunned blogs and looked down on bloggers, and because of that none of their politicians dared to start a blog. On the other hand, almost everyone in DAP, PKR and PAS had a blog. In the run-up to PRU12, they had the field all to themselves, by stupid default.

After the PRU12, BN politicians jumped on the online bandwagon in earnest. The social media was catching on and many started Facebook accounts and later joined Twitter and Instagram. When Najib became Prime Minister, the pace started to quicken. Najib himself led the transformation of the cyberclueless BN politicians from anti-bloggers to cyber-savvy/friendly. His own Facebook became a phenomenon and is nearing 1.4 million "Likes". His Twitter account has over 1.3 million "followers". 

I remember predicting at a social media seminar at University Malaya soon after the PRU12 that a huge "army" of bloggers, cyber troopers and social media activists from the BN would be trained, armed and ready to do battle with Pakatan's seasoned warriors come PRU13. If the contest had been lopsided during the last election, the coming one will be more balanced. In fact, I think the Barisan politicians have caught up pretty well and may even have surpassed their rivals from Pakatan in this department. 

Welcome to what PM Najib Razak describes as Malaysia's first social media general elections

It will be bloody and gory, and there will be tonnes of lies and filth flying around on the Internet. But remember the beauty of all this: the Intenet and social media are ALSO the best and quickest mean to correct the cyber lies and guide the lost souls. For sure, those who shun the social media altogether will fall on the wayside this time, like many of them who shunned the bloggers fell on the wayside in the last general election.


  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Sad to say, the number 1 peddler of lies and half-truths blogger is Rocky himself.

  2. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Dear Datok Rock.

    I notice then, there are all praises for you from the opposition supporters for your assistance in bringing down Pak Tido Lah. Many of them seems jubilant as new born, proud Malaysian First, Race second crap, as if they have won the pools altogether, then. Rekindling the victory parade of the opposition, 1969.

    Now you are the most hated man, to them. They are happy when Tun and his wife left UMNO. I think they would be happy too, if Pak TidoLah carry-on as PM. More easy for them.


  3. Anonymous2:16 pm


    So Much for Your Non Violent Bullshit on Lahad Datu.

    The Fighting and Killing Just Started!!!

  4. Anonymous4:49 pm

    everytime we see a blogger conference or seminar, theonestalking are akj, and journalists talking of blogging.

    they are hardly bloggers but still in their journalistic silo.

    none even knows anything about sosial media. they are not practitioners of social media.

  5. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Hi Bru,

    What do you think of the Khazanah people who keep selling our land to foreigners?.. now they are expanding their business in Desaru. Selling Kejora land to everyone else but Malaysian. I believe one of the reason why Pak Lah been voted out previously was because of this goon. But now, what is Najib doing in containing this band of traitor. I’m very afraid that the 4th floor boys will be the reasons for the fall of BN Dinasty unless there is somebody to control them first.

  6. Anonymous2:28 pm

    John Trevino was paid tons of cash by the BN Govt(read taxpayers money.. as if they will actually use their own)... to demonize Anwar in his blogs. Are you too on this gravy boat/train/beca?? kalu tak dapat you have been short changed. Better go to PWTC and put in your claims pronto.

  7. Problem is almost all pro pr blogger is so intolerant of dissenting views. They censor and ban people just to ensure their lies stays alive. From AK 47 to haris Ibrahim to zorro to din merican and to pro pr news site like TMI; they are all the same. Hypocrite of utmost.

    In this pro bn blogger like you are an example. You are kind even to allow publication of stupid useless personal statements. In pro pr blogger not only they censor this but fair comments too are censored. I just laugh at the excuses given. Can you imagine din gave the stupid excuse of tak relevant to justify censorship. To him if it supports his views it's relevant. If not tak relevant. See the amount of untruthful spins they do. I make sure it's recorded at my blog at

    Similar with haris. I caught pr cyber troopers misusing and fraudulently impersonating haris own loyal commentators. You know what? He refused to expose this. He is protecting the fraudster. I make sure this is recorded in perpetuity at my blog.

    I've encountered a number of your hate commentators like monsterball. They have absolutely no principles. They don't have reason to justify. most are stupid. Always use the argument it's right if I do it but if you do the same its wrong.

    And the worse commentators are those who took pains creating false email account and impersonate others just to give impression that they have numbers. These are pro pr people. I got it recorded again at my blog. I don't need to censor them. Let them have the delight in publication. I gave them space. Categorized them under idiots.


    21st century Reporters and Bloggers are "PAID" mercenaries!