Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dr M: Thank you, bloggers

This morning, after telling Pak Lah to take responsibility for the BN's heavy losses in yesterday's general election, Dr Mahathir said while we shook hands: "Someone told me that we should thank bloggers ... I don't know for what." He said it with a cheeky smile.

A lady blogger behind me managed, "You're welcomed".


  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I too would like to thank all the made a difference

    And to ZAINUDDIN MAIDIN - Use your free time now to learn how to blog. I am sure you will enjoy it!

    please read:Thank you Bloggers

  2. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Dear Brother,

    As a Malaysian staying and working in Bangkok, Thailand, I salute all you Bloggers for the "National Service" that you performed in the last couple of weeks. If NOT for you Bloggers, we would not have got the "real story". And boy was I proud listening to the ceramah by Raja Petra and Haris at TTDI, I was a proud Malaysian that day. It took me back to the days when we were all Malaysian irrespective of our religion. We played, ate, helped and worked together as Malaysians. I am indeed proud of my Malay Brothers, Chinese Brothers and Indian Brothers as all of you created a "moment of truth" today and lighted an eternal flame called "The Light of Malaysians", it is the light of justice, transparency, fairness, truth, high ethical standards and most living in harmony. We must never allow anyone to blow out this flame as it is going to light up the new Malaysian future as we are going to stand out to the whole world and say, "We have arrived" and as 3 races we will take on the challenges and show the world what peace is all about, we will be the shining example of what living together means and this is our land, your land, my land and will be the land for generations to come. As we march forward with this new surge of energy and freedom, lets not forget that today we have laid the foundation stone for the future generations of Malaysians. Let's make "We are Malaysians" as our rallying call and push forward that we are Malaysians first and Malay, Indian and Chinese second. March 9 2008 will go down in history as the day the PEOPLE showed that we are proud to be Malaysians.

  3. Anonymous4:23 pm

    I am glad that people like Zam are out. I was always irritated by his stand on bloggers and on the free speech exercised by citizens. It was odd too considering his background in the media...

  4. malaysian blogger rawks!

  5. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I just got an sms, the previous PM's known as Bapa Pembangunan, Bapa Pertanian, Bapa Kemajuan etc.
    This joker in the pack Badawi will be known for ever as Bapa-Mertua!

  6. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Hidup Tun M!

  7. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Zam, you are no more relevant than the mainstream media you had a hand in controlling.

    You ...
    Kallimulah ...
    Wong Chung Wai ...
    the rest of your gang in MSM, and,
    the 4th floor mr-know-alls ...

    you can kiss my a**e.

    Barisan Rakyat lives!
    Barisan Rakyat rules!
    Barisan Rakyat rocks!

  8. Anonymous5:08 pm

    I bet if he was still in power he wouldn't be thanking bloggers, but instead thanking the police for locking them up...

  9. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Dear Sir
    I thank you too! Today we woke up to a new Malaysia, a Malaysia that YOU, the blogging community, have helped to create. You opened our eyes, forced us to question and to seek the truth. You all drove the message that change would be possible. You have proven that the Pen (or PC!) is mightier than the sword.
    You all fought the good fight, and won!!!
    Raise up and stand in the limelight, you deserve to share in the glory!!!
    We are indebted to your good work!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  10. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Perhaps TDM wants to start his own blog so that he can write what he is thinking and what he has forgotten (during cross examination in Lingam RCI).

    To me, TDM has lost his respectability and creditability.

    I am sure TDM will have to answer to Malaysia his misdeeds.

  11. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Rocky, if he was the PM you and your blogging friends can be assured of an Ops Lalang. He may not have done it during Reformasi because the online penetration was not as great as today. But we all know Mahathir's style......You glorifying him makes me sick. Mahathir should shut up and let Malaysians decide how they will deal with Badawi.

  12. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Mahathir is trying to stay relevant when he, actually, is not!

  13. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Shouldn't we ask Mr Zainuddin to READ about HISTORY??? And should read the chapter of How Malaya ppl fight with Japanese and stop accusing all those ppl are Communist!

  14. Anonymous5:58 pm

    The blogging scene has proved to be a new medium of influencing the citizens.

    Thus kudos to the community.

    Sadly, the day has only begin but some are already being arrogant and big headed, as though they are the next PM. The internal bickering has also started.

    If this does not stop. Four years down the road BN will make a comeback.

    p/s: Anyone got any idea will my friend Kalimullah and I need to report for work tomorrow ah?

  15. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Opposition Rocks... We are in a new era... People are not stupid anymore... We need to work harder... States like Perlis, Tganu, Melaka and Pahang need to rise to the wake up call!

  16. Definitely!!! Bloggers and the internet made a huge impact in this election.

    Especially "die-hard" bloggers like Rocky and (YB) Jeff Ooi ;-)

    No way we can achieve more than 20% vote swing against BN in KL and Selangor and an overall of more than 12% vote swing without the help and effort of the bloggers and everyone who voted this election.

    If you like numbers, check out the vote swing analysis here:

    Now I can really say and mean it, "MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!"

  17. Anonymous6:41 pm

    I THANK all NATIONAL BLOGGERS for providing us the information of truth when the mainstream media had been unreliable in providing the real information! Thanks for helping me make informed votes this time!!!

    I am very sure that Bodohwi and him team had not been spending time surfing the internet and doing their homework, therefore their massive losses have been a shock to them!

    Khairy, who condemned bloggers once upon then realised the importance of reaching out to the people in the cyberspace launched his website a day just before the poling day!! What a joke! Am I not right then to say he is now in the world of the laws of the jungle?

    Tengku Adnan, we all know who the true LIARS really are! Needless to say, you know, I know lah.

    Zam, see lah, you are a true goblok. Are you gonna start blogging after this? Please don't! You need to go back to school and learn how to speak properly first.

    Keep up the good work NATIONAL BLOGGERS!!!

  18. Thank you Malaysians who opted for the CHANGE.
    Thank You Bloggers who gave us so much news that we could not get from the main stream news. Congratulation RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Democracy in Malaysia will never be the same again. RACE is not our greatest challenge but the world. Let us work hand in hand for better future for the children of Malaysia.

  19. Thank you Malaysians who opted for the CHANGE.
    Thank You Bloggers who gave us so much news that we could not get from the main stream news. Congratulation RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Democracy in Malaysia will never be the same again. RACE is not our greatest challenge but the world. Let us work hand in hand for better future for the children of Malaysia.

  20. Thank you Malaysians who opted for the CHANGE.
    Thank You Bloggers who gave us so much news that we could not get from the main stream news. Congratulation RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Democracy in Malaysia will never be the same again. RACE is not our greatest challenge but the world. Let us work hand in hand for better future for the children of Malaysia.

  21. Thank you Bro Rocky, co and family for believing and standing beside this country when it needs us to say, 'No! This rot must stop! Let's go something about it!' and yet remain steadfastly apolitical for those of us who stands for a just and better Malaysia!

    Let's not rest our laurels, we have to rebuild our country to be honourable and respectable again!

  22. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Brothers & Sisters,
    The election is not done yet. We have 1 more mission to kick that SIL, Khairy out. Rembau should goes to Chegubard. Khairy should be disqualified from even participating as a BN candidate if the latest in is true
    You judge yourself.

  23. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Akhirnya BN dengan senjata mainstream media (,,,,,, - sekadar menyebut beberapa nama) terpaksa akur dengan gagasan Kesatuan Blogger Malaysia. Kalaulah penduduk kampung pandai membaca blog, mungkin tergadai sudah BN.

    Ya, selepas ini jangan terkejut jika ada pemimpin BN yg menjilat ludahnya sendiri dengan membuka akaun wordpress/blogspot/livejournal etc.

  24. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Believe me, we would have more new bloggers coming up in the next few months. :-)

    Beware of the People's Power!

    Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

  25. Anonymous7:53 pm

    yes sir
    you, jeff, raja petra, marina mahathir, aisehman..

    you truly open our eyes..and really appreciates the freedom if speach, etc

    Thank you!

  26. Anonymous7:57 pm

    That's the reason why Lim KEng Yaik was ultra slow in making sure internet penetration reaches the rural areas. If the rural areas has such same facilities we have here am sure BN would hv been wiped out yesterday.

    So new MPs, pls make sure the rural folks can enjoy this privilege. Make sure these folks wont be fooled again.

  27. Anonymous8:08 pm

    No need to thank us TDM, we did not vote for you nor did we vote for Najib. We voted for the opposition to send a strong message to all of BN including MCA, MIC, not just to A.Badawi.

  28. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Today I woke up, and I saw a rainbow. Chinese, Malays, Indians, and others, together. No bumiputeras, no chinese, no indians. Only Malaysians. Rocky, thanks, for everything. Thanks for believing in a Malaysian dream. You were called a fool, a dreamer, a stupid Bumi who wanted to change things. You could have played the Umno game and become a multi-millionaire, but you refused. You stuck to your principles. Malaysia owes you one. Cheers. Beers on me.

  29. Anonymous8:27 pm

    By the way, our defense minister Najib won by a landslide cos all soldiers did postal voting. Even the blind can see how easy it was for him to 'bagged' all those votes! Ha,ha

  30. A a very big THANK YOU from me too. Bloggers like you, Jeff, kadir Jasin, Zorro, Kudakepang, husin lampoyang, rpk's malaysia-today,mykmu have been a source of information that being snubbed by the rubbish MSM. once again THANK YOU and please do keep up the work.

  31. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Yes....long live bloggers. This should teach Zainuddin Maidin to call us liars !

    Perhaps its time he learn how to blog but before that, please learn to speak proper English !

    Makkal Sakthi

  32. Anonymous9:27 pm

    To M ,

    The writing is on the wall 'RACISM IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in Malaysia"
    Racism is out of flavour. There are plenty the likes of you in this world and we all know it ends . Go get a life before it expires.

    NAJIB stands in the same racist hole .You do NOT represent the rakyat . Get that right! We the rakyat remembers his indelible history. Flash back 1987 ! "...would bathe his keris in Chinese blood."

    Any Member of Parliament who endorses him will suffer the wrath of 8 MARCH 2008. Rakyat will remember.RAKYAT AKAN INGAT!

    There are bigger macro issues at hand . Let look forward to a new bright fragile future.

    Thank You bloggers.

  33. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Now we should concentrating on putting in jail all those corrupted UMNO politicians.

    And start with Mahathir a/l Mohammad.

  34. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Yes a BIG THANK YOU to all bloggers who have put in so much time and effort to keep us updated on the 'real thing'!
    Long live bloggers!


  35. Anonymous10:49 pm

    I have the same opinion as yours..Zam Maidin should now learn how to blog and after that take IELTS or TOEFL to improve his level of english proficiency.

  36. Anonymous12:52 am

    Just last night Badawi was asking, "Who is asking me to resign?"

    Now you have your answer!!!

    Blood of Malaysia

  37. Anonymous1:28 am

    thank you malaysian bloggers.without you the opposition might not triumph on sick of barisan nasional control of mainstream is really dissapointing that i cant vote in this GE12 since im just 19.
    but in the next GE,im surely gonna vote for the opposition and hope to see barisan Barang Naik lose.

    to zaiNUDEdin mydin,padan muka kau kalah:D haha!

    again, thank you bloggers!

  38. Anonymous1:31 am

    Ok, who wants to be the next PM?

    Najib: I think it's me.

    Khairy: When is my turn?

    Mahathir: Shut up.

    Badawi: What?!

    Anwar: lol

  39. Anonymous9:16 am

    Thank you bloggers too.

  40. Anonymous10:28 am

    Don't lash out on Dr. M! At least he was way better in his job then our current PM.
    I used to hear people complain about Dr. M about what he didn't do. Even tho he looks biased, he still gave others a chance.
    It's funny how certain people like to complain when they have more govt privileges than others.

  41. Anonymous10:29 am

    Mahathir is no sugar plum babe in the woods. He like many of the current corrupt Barisan Nasional leaders is responsiple for shackling the judicary, using the police to fabricate false allegations against political opponents, and is one of the major reasons this country spiraled to the filth pit.

    So, lets not romance the former cheif dictator aka "roti seller" and his bread of anti-Semetic, anti-Western, anti-transparent bucket of dung.

    This crook is the Malaysian version of Fidel Castro and if he was still in power would have made all non-muslim religons illegal while arresting and send anyone who exposed it to Kamunting.

    Those who idolise him may need some "kopi keras" and a long look at his track record of NGOs, political dissidents and individuals he unlawfully arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA)>

    Rock, I understand you look up to him as some sort of hero figure or mentor or even saviour, but it is unwise in my view to seek advice or commentary from an arsonist when a nation is burning with Barisan mental midgets.

    Old dictators like Mahathir should take a lesson from old P. Ramlee movies, just blend into that black and white realm and leave reality to the current generation.

    It is hard enough to deal with the corrupt leadership of this term without being constantly reminded and referenced with the former.

    Mahathir needs a healthy dose of "truthmeal bread" and take his medicine before the reality of his hand in the May 13th bloody riots, malicous lies and attacks against Tunku and other dastardly plots are acknowledged and brought to resolution.

    If any Umno member needs to be sentenced to prison, he is a long overdue candidate.

  42. Anonymous10:56 am

    BN's heavy losses in yesterday's general election.
    pak lah u better go lah!

  43. Anonymous3:04 pm

    As always your post makes sense and I have to agree that Mahathir that moron needs to be put in a cell somewhere in Alcatraz.And people stop worshipping a dictator when all of you'll know that he is the ONE that destroyed our country and unity among the races. Wake up. I hate it when this old goat opens his mouth . He is a bloody arrogant man who cannot see himself as destroyer.

  44. Anonymous7:21 pm

    To all Bloggers, Thank you for being the unsung heroes of our newly regained confidence in the democratic process.

    You could start a new quest.

    While almost all major newspapers are involved in this shameful act of journalistic prostitution, The Star, has irresponsibly allowed
    Numerous one sided articles featuring criticisms of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, insinuations of the inability of the Opposition parties to work together , the highlighting of supposed unruly behaviour of supporters of the Opposition, the caution towards the loss of "our liberal life" if we voted for PAS, the list goes on.

    It is up to us, as Malaysians, to remind them of the importance of their role.

    While It does NOT depend on the sale of its papers to provide the profits, a high sales volume translates to a high number of readers, which just means that it becomes a TOP choice for would be advertisers - this is where their profits come from.
    To remind the STAR (which at one time was regarded as "Suara Tuanku Abdul Rahman"), that they HAVE an OBLIGATION towards us, and if they are NOT prepared to honour that obligation, we have the right to reject them.


  45. Dr. M,

    I gather we malaysian have had enough of you for 22 years. Please learn to retire gracefully

  46. Anonymous5:31 pm

    This Mar 08 is a new Merdeka