Friday, March 01, 2013

Lahad Datu: When diplomacy fails

Video courtesy of Kickdefella.

Prayers for our men who are laying their lives defending for the security of Sabah and Malaysia in Lahad Datu. For weeks the Malaysian authorities had tried to end the stand off against the armed Sulu intruders without having to fire a shot, by diplomatic channels, and by showing great restraint while containing the situation to ensure that the locals are secured.

Some of us sitting comfortably in air-con rooms far away from Lahad Datu criticized this display of "weakness" and wanted Hishammuddin Hussein, the Home Minister, to draw blood. The efforts in diplomacy fell through today and the bloodthirsty people got their wish: just after the Friday prayers, we received news that two of our police commandos had been killed in a mortar attack, a few more injured, and several dead intruders. 

I have no doubt that we will prevail but it angers one to see some Malaysians still trying to score stupid political points at this stage. When the dust has settled and we have buried our fallen heroes, let's support efforts to make Malaysia safer from all threats - from outside as well as inside. You can start by getting acquainted with our government's recent peace efforts in southern Philippines and the latest in southern Thailand (Road to peace paved by Malaysia by Apanama, Feb 28). Like all peace efforts, there are  always parties that don't want us to succeed.

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  1. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Now it's time to put all the trainings that our arm forces received to good use. All my prayers to them. I wish them luck. I have a huge respect and admiration for what they do now; cause I realized that I've never done, and might never do anything that brave.
    But then again, as Kathryn Bieglow put it, war's dirty little secret is that some men just love it.

  2. Mat Bon6:39 pm

    Dear Rocky, we should have solved this issue long time ago. We have armored vehicles, night vision googles, trained snipers, trained commandoes and etc. We should have chosen 1 of the dark night and storm-in. Yet, we wait-wait and wait. We even let deadlines come and go. Now our commandoes were dead; by what - a mortar. My anger is not about politics, its about leadership. Najib & Hishammuddin, even if BN wins - they have to go!

  3. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Yeah while our men are dying in the field the PM is playing footsie with the Thai Lady PM!!

    Doesn't even have the decency of keeping the public updated on what is REALLY going on!

    Don't seem bothered who lives or dies.

  4. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Time to blame somebody. Hmmm .. kesian Anwar Ibrahim ... dia lagi

    1. Anonymous9:25 pm

      Not sori and no kesian. Perosak agama bangsa dan negara. Mmmmpphh.. nope no sori no kesian.

    2. Anonymous9:29 pm

      This is his blog to his liking laa what he wants to write. You jgn jealous. Mudah kena sakit jantong maaahh..

  5. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Agreed. Many could not understand why the police is taking the lead on the matter. Somebody needs to explain the intricacies involved.

  6. Nganga....Nganga... Nganga.

  7. Nooraini Mydin8:09 pm

    I agree with you that unscrupulous people are using this to gain political points. No doubt, if the government had gone in with guns blazing they would be the first to criticise it. Such is life: damn if you do, damn if you don't.
    But, my problem is, firstly, how did they manage to come onto our land in the first place? Are Malaysian waters so totally unprotected? If they could do this imagine how many illegals have probably got in.
    Secondly, diplomacy has taken over a week. That is too long when you know the jokers have arms.
    Thirdly, we have needlessly lost two of our men.
    Finally, what message are we sending to the Jakarta Jokers who wanted to "ganyah Malaysia?" Next thing you know they will be over in a tick.
    I am no DAP or PAS or Anwar Ibrahim sympathiser but I don't think it wrong for us to ask questions as to why the Armed Forces left our waters unguarded.

  8. Nooraini Mydin8:10 pm

    I agree with you that unscrupulous people are using this to gain political points. No doubt, if the government had gone in with guns blazing they would be the first to criticise it. Such is life: damn if you do, damn if you don't.
    But, my problem is, firstly, how did they manage to come onto our land in the first place? Are Malaysian waters so totally unprotected? If they could do this imagine how many illegals have probably got in.
    Secondly, diplomacy has taken over a week. That is too long when you know the jokers have arms.
    Thirdly, we have needlessly lost two of our men.
    Finally, what message are we sending to the Jakarta Jokers who wanted to "ganyah Malaysia?" Next thing you know they will be over in a tick.
    I am no DAP or PAS or Anwar Ibrahim sympathiser but I don't think it wrong for us to ask questions as to why the Armed Forces left our waters unguarded.

  9. bourne identity8:14 pm

    and that stuoid Tuan Chua announced that this incident was the work of goodness...I really cannotn understand how freaking low an elected politician can think like this!!!!
    And PR wants to rule Malaysia?
    When monkeys and pigs know what happens...

  10. Two VAT69 personnel have left their young children and wives forever. Their children are now orphans.

    I pray that these mofos who made the past comments ridiculing them will get their comeruppance.

    You just have proven that you are nothing but cowardly parasites and have crossed to the point of no return.

    Now it is proven who the real enemy is.

  11. Alfatihah untuk pejuang bangsa, agama dan negara yang terkorban. Moga negara ini kekal terpelihara.

    Cuma ramai rasa terkilan dengan ulasan Lim Kit Siang, Tian Chua dan Anwar Ibrahim yang sangat mendukacitakan. Mereka memberi gambaran seolah seperti pemancing yang berdiri atas tebing sungai melompat riang ria kerana umpan anak ikan Sulu telah mengena dan meregut insang anak Melayu!!!

  12. Anonymous11:43 pm

    yes and if YOU stop politicizing it too and every single article that you ever publish here.

  13. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Some are born suppressed so when they taste graciousness they mistook it for weakness

    That is when you get pakatan retards screaming their mouths off

    When the men in blue and green lay down their lives to protect these retards, they enjoy the peace that ensued.

    Alfatehah for the fallen heroes. May Allah place them with the faithful.

  14. Anonymous1:25 am

    Menteri AMARAN dan Menteri PERTAHANAN sepatutnya letak jawatan ASAP kerana gagal mempertahankan kedaulatan negara !!!

    Kalau di Jepun dulu, menteri terbabit akan lakukan Harakiri kerana malu.

    Agaknya Menteri-menteri di Malaysia ni tiada kut ?

  15. Anonymous8:13 am

    Mat Bon...You missed the ultimate point of trying to solve the problem without bloodshed.If our govt followed your suggestion,it needed only a Sqn of RGK to wipe them,but whats the point.More lives will be lost on both sides and other collateral damages.
    Anon 7.47...Internal Security is under the juridiction of the Police.They will hand over the task to the Armed Forces when situation is out of control.At this point the Police still managed to handle the situation with the combat power that they possessed,

  16. Anonymous8:54 am





  17. TIME TO SCREEN THE MOVIE "TANDA PUTERA". What are we waiting for? Clueless Rais will not see the importance of it since he is not the hero in the movie. This movie will remind us what is sacrifice, bravery , heroism in loving and protecting our one and only Malaysia. Screen now.

  18. Anonymous10:26 am

    They should have just come and stay there peacefully with the instant IC instead of risking their own life and others. My condolence to the 2 fallen heroes.

  19. Anonymous10:27 am

    Kepada bangsat2 pr..jgn nk main isu politik sini..ko tolak politik sakai pasal rakyat skit..mmg polis boleh bg headshot ko x pk ape kesan dia ke? Ramai lagi org keturunan sulu or filipina kt sana..beratus ribu..kalo dorg buat huru hara..bunuh sepupu sepapat ko kt sana mcm mana? Bangsat...psl tu la diplomasi dulu..politik sakai..

  20. tebing tinggi11:02 am

    Sometimes I just cannot understand the opposition mentality and their supporters ,it's look like they are not just against the present government but against the nation as well.
    Who are those dead defending this nation ,it's always be a Malay in the front line ,and what are all those suckers do ?, bad mouthing on everything that the government do.

  21. Anonymous11:14 am

    My deepest sympathies to the families of the two brave Malaysians. The government must explain how armed men can enter the country without detection supposedly so easily. Could the situation have been better managed if the armed forces had been allowed to act earlier?

    In terms of military strategy, this has been a complete disaster right from the start.

    The Lahad Datu crisis, for all intents and purposes, is a military invasion by a battalion-strength group of heavily-armed and experienced foreign gunmen who succeeded in penetrating our maritime borders and occupying our territory undetected.

    Then, instead of immediately attacking and dislodging these invaders from their beachhead – as would have been done by any half-competent military command, the Malaysian government gave the invaders more than three weeks to dig in and prepare their defences at leisure.

    We will incur more casualties now than we would have if we had acted immediately and decisively. The long delay in taking action means our soldiers will be facing a prepared defence and will almost certainly take more casualties.

    The blood of our soldiers will be on the hands of the criminally incompetent BN government – especially the PM, defence minister and home minister.

  22. Anonymous11:22 am

    AGREE with 11:43

    Alfetehah for the fallen heroes. May ALLAH place them with the faithful.

    My son is in the army. At times I cannot sleep when he is on duty.

  23. Anonymous11:29 am

    we demand RCI to be conducted on why our armed force brutallity shoot the innocent SULU people, second our business were affected in Lahad Datu, the growing population of Filipino,Dwindling sino sabah people, third JAIL those people who made baseless allegation of Anwar,Guan Eng and Tian Chua instigate neighbouring poltical,community leader and most important of all is to let judge Lau Bee Lan handle this RCI.

  24. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Mat Bon

    You must be a trained military intelligence la. So terrer, you know everything, no wonder you are the top brass of the army.

    Maybe, you should just go rambo style and killed those buggers la.

  25. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Yo Rocky, please stop politicizing the issue and and for you blame it all to opposition is very sick of you !!

  26. Anonymous2:06 pm

    i read in previous article malaysiakini, LGE and Kit Siang pushing the government to take drastic action to solve problems in Lahad Datu.

    What they knew was that it will be a brutal fighting that would only cost the life of malays and muslims - and importantly it wont caused any life of the chinese nor indians.

    Would they ask the samething when the Pulau Batu Putih fallen to singapore's hand before? Of course NO, they didnt since the fighting will be between the malaysian and the chinese army of Singapore. Chinese are the masters, and malays are the servants.

    Besides it is good for chinese Singapore brothers to have the Pulau Batu Putih.

    (they were lucky enough to have Pak Dollah to lead Malaysia at that time!)

    Despite all this things happened, they keeping mum, smiling all the way to their club houses as they know the malays (malay leaders and the people) already get cheated...

  27. Burung Merbok3:15 pm

    Refer to - and you'll be presented with an expose of the involvement of some Malaysian Opposition politicians in this fiasco in Lahad Datu. To quote the Inquirer about certain parties involved ," The third group is allegedly the Malaysian political opposition, which is gearing up for general elections that may be called before June "

    The Philippine Inquirer also mentioned that a Malaysian Opposition politician allied with Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is believed to have met with the Sulu Sultan late last year and gave the Opposition's support to the Kirams' claim to Sabah , a Philippine intelligence source revealed.

    What has happened, has happened. Now, weak or otherwise, will KDN step up effort to track down these politicians who have sold the nation's sovereignity to the enemies ? Will these culprits go unprobed, undetected and unpinished ??? The rakyat is waiting to see and to gauge who to blame next.

  28. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Alfatihah for the fallen Malaysian VATs.

    My prayers too for the Lahad Datu standoff to end soon...


  29. Anonymous6:17 pm

    many ask how they entered our land.Is our army fail in their duty?

    Well we need to understand its a bigger sea,we can't guard every inch of the sea,

    ask the US military,FBI,CIA why they fail to stop 10k illegal and armed mexican from entering US by land and sea daily,is the US military sleeping on the job?

  30. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Kita ada macam-macam jenis senjata yang kita boleh guna tanpa mendedahkan anggota pasukan keselamatan kepada bahaya, contoh:

    1. Meriam kaliber 105mm dan 155mm boleh musnahkan penceroboh dari jauh.

    2. Mortar berat dan pelancar roket MLRS yang boleh menghancurkan kedudukan mereka dalam masa yang singkat.

    3. Jet Hawk, FA18, MIG29, SU30MKM yang boleh jatuhkan bom ke atas kedudukan mereka.

    4. Kapal navy yang boleh buat tembakan sokongan dengan meriam dari laut, dan macamx benda lain lagi secara stand-off dan tidak membahayakan orang kita.

    Soalnya kenapa angkatan tentera tak ambil tindakan? Kenapa Menteri dalam negeri yang take charge? Kenapa polis yang dihantar kehadapan? Akibatnya 2 orang komando polis telah terkorban. Penceroboh ini telah dengan berulang kali mendakwa diri mereka sebagai Royal Sulu Army yang bertujuan untuk menuntut Sabah. Jelas ini adalah ancaman kepada territorial integrity dan kedaulatan negara dari luar - peranan yang sepatutnya menjadi tanggungjawab ATM.

    Apapun semoga semuanya anggota keselamatan kita dipelihara Allah SWT.

    Askar pencen tapi masih bayar cukai.

  31. Anonymous8:11 pm

    100% setuju dengan Rocky...ini semua Anwar,LGE dan Mat Sabu punya pasal baru jadi begini !!!

    Nasib baik ada Najib,Hishammudin,dan Ahiruddin Attan baru askar-askar kita selamat !!

  32. Anonymous8:41 pm

    mat bon

    you seem to know better than the police and the armed forces. what are you? general of which army?

  33. Anonymous8:57 pm

    pandainya Najib....memang terror, Sabah tak jadi adakan PRU13 nanti disebabkan darurat !!

    Rocky dan Rosmah akan nyanyikan lagu ini.......1.2.3....
    "Tanya sama Najib apa sebab dah TAK goyang. Nanti jawab Najib Sabah akan didaruratkan"

  34. Anonymous8:13 am

    At Lastttt!

    Najib has Decided not to Depend on the Three Stooges - Hishamiddin Hussein, Zahid Hamidi and Anifah Kicimaya!

    He has come out threatening the Terrorists to lay down arms or bear the Consequence!

    Do Terrorists Care for Threats?

    Maybe it is time for the Army to take over the operations?


  35. Wave339:30 am

    Latuk Locky,

    Please don't blame the innocence and politicising the issue.

    The facts are clear and don't twist it.

    Who is the Federal Government?
    Who is the State Government?
    Who is the IGP?
    Who is the Minister in Home Security from UMNO?
    Who is the Prime Minister from UMNO?
    Who is the FLOM?

    Well, who is in CONTROL all the time? Latuk Locky, I think it is clear, you like to blame the innocence when your country men died. Yeah, it is the fault of...
    Anwar Ibrahim
    Tian Chua
    Lim Guan Eng
    Lim Kit Siang

    Latuk, please add on a few more names, if you like.

  36. Wave33,

    Brave of you to name Anwar, the Lims and Tian iBite Chua. I don't remember singling out any of your heroes or implicating them. The Philippines Inquirer did name one of them as an alleged instigator and Reuters the wire agency, too. And they were quoting Philippines intel.

  37. Anonymous10:26 am

    These intruders are battle weary, due to their long fights with the Philippine Army.(That's why the Israelis soldiers are said to be the best because they are always on their toes and of-course high-tech too). We cannot take them lightly.

    The Police's VAT69, many of them are young and do not have the experience of real, live or die combat with the communist insurgents like in the late 70's. I am afraid their minds & soul are not as prepared as those of the older days. They cannot are too kind, especially when their enemies are almost of their same kins. When there is still no animosity and hatred our boys can easily fall for the white flag.

    Only when one of their mates have fallen, there will be hatred and distrust towards the enemy.

    We need a soldier who is cruel and brave. The Iban or Senoi Praq troope should be suitable. Give them no quarters. Do not shoot to maim. Shoot to kill. Or use the air-force.

    If there are restriction on using the armed forces, why not we put the army commandos into the attire of the police and send them in.

    They cheat us with the white flag. I don't think they would mind.


  38. Anonymous10:50 am

    I don't know which jurisdiction is to handle this situation.
    NAJIB should order the armed forces to take over the crisis from the police. When they make an advance to Felda Sahabat. They probably know the consequences and they sent the most die hard member to face any eventualities.

    They are specialist in their own style which most of their member play the guns from the age of teens.They play the guns like playing a toys and the jungle is their field. It's strengthen with the high rank so-called SULU man with the best fighter to defend it. Decades of insurgency with Philiphine army show that they are fighter to reckon with. They probably equipped with heavy machine gun,RPG,land mine, mortar or maybe anti-armor missiles.After they start to kill security man. The alternative are zero to the use of forces with the start of cutting supply of drinking water. Just I say in previous post, the police is no match with them . Alas you fire them non stop.
    That's why Malaysia military should put in their inventories of Helicopter Gunships(Apache,Eurocopter Tiger,Rooivalk etc) which some of them have Thermal Imaging infra Red camera that could detect movement of human day and nights.

    Yang Tak Bertauliah.

  39. Anonymous1:10 pm

    This doesnt look good in the least what with 2 additional casualties yesterday.

    A. The Sabah claim was a non-starter always as the documents provided by the North Borneo Company (NBC) and the Sulu Sultanate attest. Anyone with a modicum of English can decipher that the Sulu version of the documents in its hands is "territory ceding" by imputation:

    "do hereby lease of our own freewill and satisfaction to...all the territories and lands being tributary to [us] together with their heirs, associates, successors and assigns forever and until the end of time, all rights and powers which we possess over all territories and lads tributary to us on the mainland of the Island of Borneo, commencing from the Pandassan River on the west coast to Maludu Bay, and extending along the whole east coast as far as Sibuco River on the south,..., and all the other territories and states to the southward thereof bordering on Darvel Bay and as far as the Sibuco River, ..., [9 nautical miles] of the coast."

    You simply dont use this phrase:

    ...."assigns forever and until the end of time all our rights and power"

    if you are talking about a fixed lease or even alluding of taking back a territory in the distant future.

    2.add to that Spanish-British accords of the 1880s which expressly cedes those rights and the fact that Sulu rights have been irrevocably lost to the Spaniards:

    "International Court of Justice in 2003 nevertheless observes that, undisputedly, the Sultan of Sulu relinquished the sovereign rights over all his possessions in favour of Spain, based on Bases of Peace and Capitulation signed by Sultan of Sulu and Spain in Jolo on the 22 July 1878" (in fact the Sulu-NBC agreement was drafted in January 1878 6 months earlier)

    3. the United Nations plebiscite of 1960

    4. 53 years have elapsed since the territory willingly joined Malaysia and you have pretty much an open and shut case of Sabah belonging to Malaysia.

    5. the continued legitimate existence of the Sulu Sultanate itself is doubtful

    B. (A) above brings us the current scenario which a clear example of territorial incursion by foreign armed elements who openly admit to being a Royal Army. As such it is a National Security issue as any military man worth his salt will attest. Ipso facto, the situation falls under the purview of the military, period. And with a varied arsenal at their disposal, the Malaysian Armed Forces could have easily deployed any form or combination of armaments to dislodge the foreign illegal army thus putting their men out of harms way.It could be strafing them via aerial bombardment or using artillery (mortar, howitzers etc) to take them out. Unless there are hostages in there which I am not aware of.I totally agree with askar pencen 6.50pm and yes, Nooraini Mydin, what signals are we giving some Jakarta Jokers.

    As it is we are already a laughing stock for this bizarre standoff and more derision is due if and when it is officially confirmed that Malaysian traitors were themselves involved as per the Phillipine Inquirer despatch.

    Warrior 231

  40. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Regarding my earlier comment , there is a treaty trail that clearly shows that the Sulu Sultanate has long relinquished its claims over its dominions.

    As stated,, the Spanish - Sulu agreement of 1878 effectively ended the Sulu sultanate’s control over its territories as those territories were then merged into the Philippines:

    1.“International Court of Justice in 2003 nevertheless observes that, undisputedly, the Sultan of Sulu relinquished the sovereign rights over all his possessions in favor of Spain, based on Bases of Peace and Capitulation signed by Sultan of Sulu and Spain in Jolo on the 22 July 1878.”

    Following that, Spain, being the rightful owner of the territories, covenanted the Madrid Protocols with the British in which it is clearly stated that:

    2.The Spanish Government renounces, as far as regards the British Government, all claims of sovereignty over the territories of the continent of Borneo, which belong, or which have belonged in the past to the Sultan of Sulu (Jolo), and which comprise the neighboring islands of Balambangan, Banguey, and Malawali, as well as all those comprised within a zone of three maritime leagues from the coast, and which form part of the territories administered by the Company styled the “British North Borneo Company.”
    —Article III, Madrid Protocol of 1885

    It is clear that the Spanish were merely exercising their prerogatives as new owners of the territories in question.

    Subsequently, and rather strangely the Sulu Sultan made another agreement in 1905:

    3.On 22 April 1903 His Majesty Sultan Jamalul Kiram signed a document known as "Confirmation of cession of certain islands", under what he either grant and ceded or leased additional islands in the neighborhood of the mainland of North Borneo from Banggi Island to Sibuku Bay to British North Borneo Company. The sum 5,000 dollars a year payable every year increased to 5,300 dollars a year payable every year.

    This agreement’s (3) enforceability is suspect as by 1878, the Sulu Sultanate had ceased to exercise any territorial rights over its former dominions as (1) attests which has been affirmed by the ICJ and by (2)’s clear phrasing: “which belong, or which have belonged in the past to the Sultan of Sulu (Jolo)”

    Given (2)’s clear cut terms and the unequivocal nature of (1), the Sabah claim has been dead duck in the water long before even the UN 190 plebiscite.

    I am also aware of the fact that women and children are probably in the cordon but it should be aware that in any military conflict, collateral damage is unavoidable especially when the womenfolk and kids are used as human shields by cowards. And shouldn’t we assuage our sense of outrage over any possible casualties involving them intruders by reflecting on how 4 families have lost their breadwinners because of someone’s intransigence, someone’s connivance and someone else’s negligence? Think about it.

    Post script: Any traitor involved should be allowed due process and be summarily executed by firing squad if found guilty as his action is tantamount to fomenting rebellion against the King.

    Warrior 231

  41. not the time to be divided and hurl accusations against each other.

    wake up malaysia

  42. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Anon 11:29
    Memang faham sangat Apek2 business community kat LDU, sure mengelabah wan...

    1987 dulu when the pirates marched into town lepaih2 incidence tu, dengar aje sikit angin tiup... instantly would shut their shutters. Jln masuk keluar kawasan perumahan pun depa minta tolong security forces kawal 24hrs maaa!

    Thats why they really sayang BN!!

    Hang visit le SAHABAT (lu ata sampai belum?), then you will truly understand the sensitivity of the situation there. Lu olang memandai sangat bagi komen Minister/security forces this and that, go there and see for yourself then only come back here and comment CAN OR NOT?

    Just a simple eg. Kalo polis raid rumah urut.. susah kan nak cam Amoy esp yg banggang Bahasa Malaysia whether dia Malaysian Amoy or PATI AmoyDoll dari Mainland? Kalo tersilap cekop bawa naik truck kan Lawyer2 Pakatan nanti dah duk menunggu! Sensitip kan???

    Deepest condolence to families of deceased.



  43. Anonymous4:40 pm

    I have my confidence in our security forces in overpowering the enemy once and for all. Let them do their job without interference from people who claimed to have some instant solutions in the comfort of their home.

    Having said that, my only worries is the enemies from within who are willing to sacrifice our nation for their own agenda.

  44. Anonymous4:44 pm


    I know you have to cari makan and ampu your bosses in UMNO-BN so I dont blame you for your attempt to spin this incident.

    You may spin for all you want BUT the fact remains that it is unacceptable how 100++++ gunmen armed with automatic weapons, mortars, etc etc can land in Lahad Datu undetected. It is clearcut that our authorities were either sleeping or they turned a blind eye. The deaths of our servicemen would have been avoided had this 100+++++ gunmen were prevented from landing and making base at Lahad Datu.

    I would even go one step further .... the deaths of our servicemen would have also been avoided had politicians in UMNO-BN didnt dished out ICs wholesale to all those Filipinos in Sabah.

  45. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Philipine intelligence reported Malaysian Opposition politicians have a hand which led to the tragedy in Lahad Datu.
    This is just unacceptable. Didn't they realized our men had died because of their despicable acts? and many more will because of it. It was disgusting beyond words. A treason of the highest order. Made a pact with an enemy to destabilize Sabah is the hardest pill to swallow. I feel lumps in my throat. It sickened me to the core.
    It looks like the oppositions are willing to go for broke in order to wrestle power. No matter what. It becomes more than obsession. All the talk about Bersih, corruption, fight for the people, free and fair elections, all of them are just b**s**ts!!

  46. We made a serious mistake.We cannot used the police to negotiate with
    trained and dangerous gunmen (terrorist!).The arm forces should be used to defend our country against
    armed invaders.Did we not spend billions of ringgits to arm and train our arm forces?It is not too late, however, to send in our arm forces to chase out the terrorists!

  47. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Woi Rocky... tolong kasi check, dikatakan oleh Salleh Sultan Sulu dan kucu-kucnya pon ada IC Malaysia , so siapakahn pengkhianat negara ? UMNO ataupon Samy Vellu ?

  48. Anonymous10:36 pm

    looks like Dr. M decision to hand I/Cs to those filipinos back then could come back and haunt him now.

    What say you?

  49. Anonymous12:56 am

    During anwar visit and meeting with Nur Misuari and Jamalul Kiram the ONLY topic discuss is about WEATHER and FAMILY !!!!

  50. Anonymous1:24 am

    We demand an RCI inquiry of political instability and the weakness of native rule, this is our demand :

    the porous border of sabah,economy instability causing chinese community cannot do business, we do not trust the armed force and police handle security matters, we dont like political power in the hand of native people,we control the economy but feel it is not enough.we feel anwar is the most suitable proxy leader for our pursuit and agenda of plundering the country's wealth and land,

    who say we have denial syndrome?
    who say we discriminate or a cheater?
    who say we are racist?
    and who say we like this country?

    In judge Lau Bee Lan we trust!!!

  51. Anonymous1:32 am

    and who say we dont know how to concoct a half baked idea & fact?

    not even half....because we are a cheater!

  52. Anonymous8:03 am

    Arrest Tian Chua et al for conspiracy and isntigation!rinmmuf

  53. Anonymous8:06 am

    Arrest Anwar et al the instigator- they will do ANYTHING to gain power in Malaysia.

    The election is coming, and the Kirams are being used to fuel instability in Sabah and the rest of the country.

  54. Anonymous9:37 am

    Perhaps the net for the conspirators should be cast wider to include probably the Christian church:

    the choice cut being:

    "“I am now Datu Mutahmen, a title given to me by the Sultan himself,” Saycon said. He said that according to Jamalul, Mutahmen was a Muslim who helped Spain attain wealth and power in the 13th century.In his case, he said, the sultan sees a Catholic Christian reversing that role, as he is helping Muslims regain what is historically theirs—Sabah.

    if you read all of the above report (especially the Inquirer one) closely, you will notice 4 previous plans to attack since August 2012, when talk about a Malaysian elections began gathering top speed. And each curiously postponed because by my reckoning the elections were not too close enough for the conspirators liking.

    Now February was chosen when it first appeared that Feb 21 would be a potential date given publicized talk of an early dissolution of a local state assembly.

    Join the dots bru, to see who will reap dividends and who gets the wrong ends of the stick:

    1. Sulus attacked, local Muslim votes in Sabah revolt, Christian votes will say "RCI and I told you so."

    2. MAF doesnt attack, Christian Sabah vote says the Malaysian government is pro-Islam and Sulu....

    Warrior 231

  55. Anonymous10:23 am

    The Msian authoities are't merely dealing with 'ragtag gunmen' here....they're dealing with the Sulu people, whose ancestors fought the Spaniards (in the Philippines) for HUNDREDS of years to defend their land and Muslim way of life. They're fierce and unafraid , and three weeks is nothing for them.
    I'm fervently praying for this to end soon....


  56. Anonymous12:15 pm

    I think bcoz Sabah is BN fixed deposit in the coming 13GE a few dumbarses politician out there are trying to make trouble so that all the votes will minus Sabah State.

  57. Sad for the dead. But angry at the stupidity of those vested with the power to make the correct call. This was and is a job for the military. Not the police. Military action was necessary. Not police action. The deaths should not have happened.

  58. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Old Fart..

    Jga sikit mulut kamu CAN OR NOT here?


  59. JoeKD6:53 pm

    "Perhaps the net for the conspirators should be cast wider to include probably the Christian church:"

    What's wrong man? Can't find a Non- to blame this fiasco on?

    Hey, we aren't the ones who brought in masses of Filipinos from Mindanao & Sulu to give them Instant Noodle IC so Barisan Nasional could win elections.

    Rather its the Sabahan both Muslim AND Christian who have been suffering from these incursions.

    Now these Filipinos think Sabah should rightfully belong to some Burger King, yeah, that Projek IC sure backfired, eh? :)

    Yep, keep mollycoddling these bandits in the name of umat serumpun.

  60. Anonymous10:47 pm

    The warrior is a fan of conspiracy theories. No matter how outlandish.

    Rather than castigate the failings where national security is concerned, he resorts to dragging in Christian-Catholic plots.

    What next? A Zionist conspiracy and the involvement of Mossad and the CIA and any other bete noires that he can dredge up?

    One might ask why our super-efficient and hyper-vigilant Special Branch and our other intel outfits didn't detect this potential threat situation in Sabah-Sulu a long time ago?

    And how many "sleeper cells" from Sulu have already infiltrated into Sabah and are lying low?

    Talk about "Trojan Horses"!

    Or should it be "Camels"?

  61. Anonymous12:15 am


    Why start from Sabah, why not start all the way from the 1 million FOC pendatang citizenships?

    From day 1 the pendatang have been giving all sorts of problems

    LKY wants article 153 removed. From then on PAP/DAP have been trying to establish Malaysian Malaysia, Middle Malaysia, Christian Malaysia ... and what nots!!

    Now the red dot is gasping so they want Malaysia as Greater Singapore which was their initial agenda all along.

    Buttman was their tool.

  62. Anonymous1:13 am


    Illiterate? He just did:

    Christian votes will say "RCI and I told you so."

    get a new spectacles soon.


  63. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Funny that Anons 12:15 am & 1:13 am should post such inane comments.

    Anon 10:47 pm raised a valid point.

    Was there an intel failure on the Malaysian side that failed to spot the evolving threat scenario vis-a-vis the Sulu pretenders?

    I find it hard to believe that the SB did not spot the alleged "contacts" between Malaysian opposition politicians and the "radical elements" in the Philippines.

    If they did, why didn't they blow the whistle, invoke national security and detain these politicians?

    Are they letting the Philippines media (not exactly objective or unbiased) to do their work for them?

    Note that it's all been reports about unnamed Malaysian politicians. How very convenient, when names are not named!

    If Malaysia's intel apparatus didn't see this developing or coming, then we have a problem.

    Because Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiya, and their offshoots and spin offs, are waiting in the wings to latch on to militant Islamic movements in the region.

    And because the Sulu pretenders, misguided though they may be, may be unwitting cat's paws for those with more sinister motivations.

    I am sure that the Yanks and other intel outfits in the region will be keeping close tabs on this, seeing as how they all exchange intel info with one another.

    Maybe there's some spook sitting somewhere in the bowels of Langley who saw this coming months ago.....

  64. JoeKD7:21 pm

    anon 12:15;

    "From day 1 the pendatang have been giving all sorts of problems"

    Well, those pendatang have given Malaysia all sorts of problems, such as working the tin mines and docklands, construction labor for railways, roads, telegraph, labor for rubber plantations, developing businesses & the economy of Malaya

    But your ahem... 'serumpun sebangsa' from Mindanau meanwhile think Sabah is theirs & are launching a war to take it. After your friends in the government brought them over with Mi Segera IC, and gave them weapons to fight the Filis. Which they now use against us...

    anon 1:13;

    Yeah, as if the archdiocese of the Catholic church & the SIB leader Skyped the Muslim Swinging Sultan of Sulu and called him to launch the attack.

    You go get a new brain soon

  65. Anonymous12:31 am




  66. Anonymous2:17 am


    Malaysians should have taken the same initiative as the Americans.

    The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 – part 1

    Chinese immigrants came to the United States in large numbers during the California Gold Rush of 1848 when quantities of gold were discovered at Sutter’s Mill.

    These Chinese immigrants, primarily from southeastern China, experienced poverty and ruin as a result of the Taiping Rebellion (Norton 1924).

    The Chinese population in America again increased exponentially when in the 1860’s the Central Pacific Railroad began hiring large labor forces to conduct work on the Transcontinental Railroad.

    Sinophobic, or Chinese hating, miners began to treat the Chinese as well as other foreigners with increasing animosity. The cry of “California for the Americans” was raised and accurately portrayed the sentiments of many nativist Americans (Norton 1924).

    Hate crimes were pervasive; racist graffiti was spread in many areas, riots occurred, and people even went to such extremes as to suggest the removal and deportation of every Chinese-American.

  67. Anonymous2:17 am

    The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 – part 2

    They turned to Chinese “coolies,” a historical term referring to manual laborers from Asia ( People even compared the Chinese to “human leeches sucking the very life-blood of [the] country” (Norton 1924).

    As a result of all the political attacks against the Chinese, the Exclusion Act became America’s first significant restriction on immigration.

    The provisions of the Act, including one that mandated certification for people to return to the country after leaving the borders, made life extremely difficult for the Chinese, both those already residing in the country and those who wished to immigrate. People were often severed from their families, with little hopes of ever reuniting.

    Reactions to the Chinese Exclusion Act were mixed. Anti-Chinese groups, such as the Supreme Order of Caucasians and California’s governor John Bigler, were advocates of the Act, blaming the “coolies” for deflated wages. The Chinese people, on the other hand, strongly opposed the law, as it discriminated against them and tore families apart, destroying their lives (Brody 2008).

    This Act was the first of its kind; never before had the United States targeted specific ethnic groups and barred immigration. In 1882, the United States began closing its doors to foreigners from China and continued to do so for an extensive amount of time (Gyory 1998).

  68. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Anon 2:17 am

    Yup,yup...and look where Asian Americans of Chinese ethnicity are now.

    Doing well in the US, that's what!

    Let's not even talk about China (the motherland) talking tough to the US!

    No more Chinese Exclusion Act, is there?

  69. Anon 7:49pm;

    Well said. These rightwing racialists babbling about the Chinese Exculsion Act fail to realize the act has been long repealed... just like the Jim Crow & black slave laws. They fail to keep up with the times and are still stuck in their ancient 19th century mentality.

    Just recently, a famous Chinese American won the Oscar for best director, again. A Chinese has been govenor of Washington State, and many have had or are having top positions in American Government.

  70. Anonymous11:28 am

    I agree we should not score points. As it involves a claim against our territory it is now time for the Government to sit down with the Parliamentary Opposition Leaders and discuss how best to deal with it. Of course BN can deal with it alone but we will be stronger if we all work together. You know that it is up to the stronger party to take the initiative in calling the meeting. We wait and see who will move first for the sake of our country.

  71. Anonymous1:39 pm

    anon 7:49 pm

    don't make me laugh lah

    the chinese americans are no longer tan ah kow or lim ah lian ... woooooo, they are now Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Elvis and Marilyn

    they also do not go to temples, they go to church

    ooops they forgot to keep their hair long in PIGtails

    or wear their samfus and cheongsams

    they eat steak and burgers and all american breakfast and dinners

    no longer "flied lice" but "frrrried rrrrice" in an uncle sam drawl


    as for China talking tough to the US, they desperately need US most advanced technologies to continue talking TOUGH

    Baucus Demands Answers on Engineer Death in Singapore

  72. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Anon 7:49
    Why then are you still HERE yupping in Malaysia?

    Kamu ni barua ke?


  73. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Perwira 4:22 pm

    Why, my comments getting you p****d off, izzit?

    Seeing as how you are reduced to fatuous phrases to make, what for the lack of a better word, your "point".

    Anon 1:39 pm

    Strange, the hodge podge of things that you write about.

    But that's par for the course, isn't it - throw mud all over the place and hope some sticks somewhere?

    Why worry about what Asian Americans call themselves, or what religions they adhere to? If I am not mistaken, there are a fair number of Asian Americans who are Muslims.

    Not targeting them, are you?

    In any case, I'd advise you to visit any major Chinatown in the US (I'd suggest the ones in San Francisco and New York, but, alas, our peerless MAS no longer flies to these cities) to see that the Chinese culture, language and traditions are alive and well in the US of A.

    And I'd dare say that Asian American PMEs in the US are doing just as good, if not better, than their counterparts in Malaysia.

    'Nuff said....

  74. bourne identity12:14 am

    Im an exvat69 served from 1977-1993 and personally know some of the kuda tuas in the current vat69.
    The government did the right thing in managing - NOT CONTROLLING - the situation.
    ALL of us in vat69 knew that death awaits us when we agreed to accept the sand coloured berets.
    Laptop warriors should just remain laptop warriors.
    The idea was to manage the situation - to control meant going in with blazing guns and if the enemies were entirely different from the local population - ethnic wise, religious wise and culturally wise...then decimating them would be the reaction needed.
    But managing the situation was the order of the day as the security forces needed to separate the bad guys from the good guys.
    Cut and divide was the order of the day - not massacre which is what many laptop warriors were actually thinking of.
    Winning the hearts and minds with covert armed response won the battle for us against communist insurgency and it will and has worked for us against the sulu terrorists.
    Misuari has always been a torn in that part of the area.
    Now its the turn of the police special branch and ATM ATCK to track down the conspirators behind these sulu terrorists.
    This is not an invasion nor a war - this is an act of criminal force and intimidation by a bunch of armed terrorists.
    Bravo to my excolleagues - both the fallen and the standing fighting men of vat69 as well as to the armed forces personnel whom supported and complemented the PDRM.