Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Ops Daulat

"We are not happy to see dead bodies but we are happy those who killed our PDRM men are killed." - Apanama on Twitter from Lahad Datu. More pictures on his blog here.


  1. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Is that a fish monger boot? Ooops.. im sure the Fuckatan Anok Haram will capitalized that by saying "Tentera Bunuh Penjual Ikan.. Bukti?? Gambar dead lanun wearing a Fish Monger boot!

    To all Fuckatan Anok Haram supporter... go fly a kite and lick your de facto crazy ass leader.

  2. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Bravo to them but I think a lot of works need to be done. The security forces need to be extra vigilant while doing the mop up. There could be booby traps, land mines, man-made explosives lurking somewhere.
    Even if the area have already clear and declared as secured,it could take months for the security personnel to clear the place from hidden explosives and traps. This is extremely important before they let the villagers return home to the place.

  3. Anonymous8:59 pm

    No mention of intel failures, I see.

  4. Anonymous9:32 pm

    tu spender merah ke atau tangkal?

  5. Anonymous10:39 pm

    "We are not happy to see dead bodies but we are happy those who killed our PDRM men are killed."

    Kah..kah..kah... what a stupid quote !!

    Yo, Rocky your posting of RM50k for Sultan Sulu head has reached supporters of Sultan Sulu in Sabah and the philippine.....i'll pray for you man !!

  6. It's sad that people died such a senseless death. The real culprits who instigated and duped these lost souls to become terrorists must be punish. Sultan or Raja or opposition leader or whatever who are responsible in planning and financing the whole thing to satisfy their lust for power must be identified and dragged to face justice.

  7. Anonymous11:20 pm

    A tragic tale of an impoverished and ailing sultan who failed to enrich his followers.

    They would rather die "defending their honour" which is the only thing they possessed.

    So with sponsored weapons, transport and "semangat" they willed themselves to die as "heroes".

    Sad ... and all for one man's dream of PMship! Too many were conned big time.

  8. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Something about this just doesn't smell right. The armed forces chief has now admitted that of the 13 intruders killed, 12 were from the Friday shootout that killed 2 of our VAT69 boys. The other 1 was shot this morning.

    So what do we have to show for our all out attack with fighter jets and what not yesterday? 0 enemy casualties, 0 prisoners, just a few old rifles. Yet we have the Chief of Police crowing about the intruder's "total defeat" and how we've met all our objectives. What objectives exactly have we met?

    What is worse, we were told before the attack that we had them surrounded in a 4km square area at Kg Tanduo. Now it seems we have no idea where they are and they may have mixed in with civilans in the surrounding areas.

    Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but no one can be that incompetent. We've heard that the Philippine DFA secretary met with our Ministers the midnight before the big assault. I couldn't imagine that he would have agreed to us bombing his citizens to hell. So what gives? Is there something that the Govt is hiding from us? Has some secret deal been reached to let everyone save face? We get some nice pictures of dead Sulus to satisfy our bloodlust and they get to scurry back to their little shithole with their lives intact?

  9. Ini semua Kerja UMNO-BN.....UMNO GAGAL mempertahankan Allah dan Rakyat Malaysia!!

  10. Anonymous4:09 am

    3yrs after this incidence, take a trip to Sahabat and get some idea firsthand yourself so as to get some idea of what this place is all about,tu pon klo ko berani!

    Go laaa.. don't talk rubbish here. Tak tau doksah dok meghapu "smell2" nonsense kepala hotak kamu.


  11. Anonymous5:32 am

    Yes, I feel something is off about this.

    Let's be clear that there are these bloody bastard Filipinos who think they own Sabah and has intruded Sabah.

    The numbers thrown around since the early part of the conflict suggests there are at least a hundred of these armed intruders.

    The intruders are heavily armed, extremely violent and willing to use trickery and ambush. The attack on Semporna was a long way from the place where these intruders were supposed to be cordoned.

    After the great assault, there's a discrepancy between the bodies found and their supposed numbers.


    Clearly, they were there. I'm sure the police and the army involved in gunfights with them will prove this.

    Then they must have either escaped either to Philippines or still infiltrated among the Sabahans. This is no joking matter. You just need to remember Mumbai.

    Malaysians are still in danger.

  12. Dear Rocky,

    In a military exercise called "Artillery Call for Fire", an incoming enemy armour or troop will be fired upon in a most unexpected way: the scout on the OP (Operator Position) will radio in the exact coordinates of the tank position to the mortar gunner operators manning the artillery gun, and they in turn will shower the targets with shells that would form some kind of circle SURROUNDING the target---but never on the target itself. This is only to dampen or halt progress of the enemy, not so much to kill them in the first round. It is only after this that actual zeroing in to the targets is done.

    This same technique or tactic is prevalent across the rest of the different branches of the armed forces in modern battlefield scenarios. The F/A-18 and the Hawk fighters used in the Lahad Datu insurgencies use laser-guided bombs, targeted and guided very precisely from both ground and air operators. This means that they could pinpoint very precisely WHO they want to target.

    But they didn't.

    Remember in Terminator when Arnold Schwarzenegger rained the policemen and their vehicles surrounding him with bullets and after exterminating all their threats, he looked at his H.U.D. scanner, satisfied that the amount of casualty was zero, and moved on?

    So it is with half-baked mediocrity some Armchair Battlefield Analysts say it is only due to incompetency that our armed forces did not kill more insurgents in the Sulu case.

    What crap!

    If they had wanted to, they could have wiped out the entire troop and village as well, but is this what we want? How well would a picture of a massacre of some hungry old men paint to the International eyes---a group of decrepit, under-nourished octogenarians duped by a con-Sultan, being fanned and egged by local politicians with an ambition or two?

    We just want them to get out is what it is. We just want to shock and awe, not obliterate an entire species.

    I must say that the way our forces handle the situation is absolutely amazing. Right from sending in the Police Force instead of the Army (ingenious! But another fodder for the Pakatan Wild Conspiracy Imaginations) to being patient without firing a single shot for 4 weeks. Do you think, say, if the US were to handle a situation exactly like this in their country, all would be well and dandy? No? How fast would one be able to spell "Waco"?

    So please, next time when thinking, think a little harder. Not just see a conspiracy lurking in every corner of the street.

    For THAT, and for saying that this is all sandiwara UMNO, let the Tian Chuas and the Jonathan Lims and the Pakatan goons do it. They are definitely better at that trade: after all, that's their bread and butter, fodder for their breakfast.

    Not sane people like us.

  13. Anonymous10:00 am


    we dont have to tell the philippines anything especially when we are going to attack. we are not their colony and we dont have to answer to them. but it is not wrong to assume that they know attack is imminent.

  14. Anonymous10:46 am

    laaaa ramainya penjilat pungkoq the anugerah tuhan disini rupanya.. hahahahaha

    intel failure my ass.. mcm dia tahu betapa jauh dekat tawi-tawi dgn sabah..

    PDRM and ATM please kill does bastards..

  15. bourne identity12:54 pm

    exvat69 ...served 1977 to 1993.
    Sad but proud my excorporal died for the country.
    To you know what the effect from a grenade can do to a body? Compare the hand grenade to a 100kg bomb...and what it can do to body/bodies...
    A hand grenade can cut you into pieces and a 100kg bomb?
    Think before you shoot your mouth please...
    Priority to civilian population before we can go in and thats why we were buying time.
    Kalau nak masuk anytime we can cut them into pieces but we are not terrorists - we are vat69 sworn to protect malaysia and our country men and women.
    Semoga ALLAH SWT menerima semua anggota oasukan kita sebagai gugur syahid...insyallah.

  16. Anonymous1:30 pm


    If the defence authorities were to inform every juicy detail to the rakyat, that would also mean the enemies get the same info which can be detrimental to their security efforts.

    so oink oink just relax one corner, be the armchair critic that you are and hopefully readers do not label you as an imbecile retard.

  17. Anonymous6:47 pm


  18. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Mana boleh bagitahu semua. Kena discreet la jadi permudahkan kerja penyelamat. Respect la sikit bro.

  19. Anonymous11:22 pm

    when non-malay involved dead in prison etc police and authorities were hurled, cursed etc. When army and police 99% Malay, all sort of theories and analysis coupled with fly by night terrorism and defence expert try to undermine their sacrifice to defend agama, bangsa dan negara. If you are damn good, change cloth and join army and police in the battle field. Ada berani? cakap pandai

  20. Anonymous11:50 pm


    Arise! Arise! Arise!
    My fellow country men and women
    Unite! Unite! Unite!
    All ye Malays, Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and all
    All ye Muslims and non-Muslims
    To sweep these murderous intruders in jungle green or
    Tuxedos armed with AK 47s or paper arrows
    From our beloved shores!
    We must repay in kind!
    Were they the victims of unbridled greed for power
    Or a quirk of historical fate?
    Let no barnacles grow in our hearts!
    Let our compassion flow in a flood!
    Let loose our heart strings!
    Let our tears flow freely
    From our hearts and minds
    In their honour!
    Arise! Arise! Arise!
    My fellow country men and women
    Unite! Unite! Unite!
    All ye Malays, Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and all
    All ye Muslims and non-Muslims
    For our fallen heroes!
    We all salute you!

  21. Anonymous9:17 am

    Annie 10:41 said it.

    Realising it or not our fallen heroes and the dead terrorists , we are all of the same creed.

    Only those with total darkness in their hearts,will not feel this sorrow.

    The PDRM & Army had done their best under these circumstances.

    May ALLAH bless us all.


  22. Anonymous9:55 am

    Critics should shut their mouth.Lets the Govt and her relevent agencies handle this crisis.To me a job well done.Have we heard any Civillian casualities yet or other collateral damages of bigger scale.So do not pretend to be an expert if you are not esp to this fellow oik65 or OINK.

  23. Anonymous11:23 pm

    This is a security issue. Government has done very good tremendous jobs protecting our country. Polices and armies sacrifice their life for the country. Many of us complaint on here and there to the government. We do not know how hard of our government officers doing their best eg bomba, doctors, engineers, etc moreover our defense personnel. Yes, there may lack here and there but we should unite now and we all should behind the government.

  24. Anonymous8:41 am

    Agree with 9:55

  25. Anonymous8:43 am


    what are u? nothing better than a pig.