Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ordinary Malaysian offers RM50,000 Reward for Kiram's Head

Wanted, Dead Only. Blogger SatD says he will raise RM50k as a reward to anyone who kills Kiram, the fake sultan from Sulu whose army of terrorists stormed Lahad Datu and killed at least 8 Malaysian police officers (at the time of writing this, these terrorists are under attack from the Malaysian armed forces). 

Now, SatD is an ordinary joe and will probably have to sell off his 4x4 if the faker is killed but what he feels is how ordinary Malaysians feel about the intrusion or invasion of our sovereign land. In this context, I define myself as an ordinary Malaysian but I hope other ordinary Malaysians don't go and risk their lives to put down this Kiram. Instead, let's get Wisma Putra to demand that Manila arrest Kiram for ordering terrorist acts against Malaysia. 

Btw, SatD is also offering RM5k to anyone who can give Tian Chua a tight slap. Read h e r e for the bounty.


  1. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I hope it's a parody post by satd and everyone else thinks so.
    I don't think this is a good thing to do.

  2. Anonymous12:34 pm

    stupid Rocky....satD now the Ayahtolla Khomenei of Malaysia !!

    soon Rocky will offer USD100million for the head of Anwar Ibrahim (the traitor accused by UMNO & Rocky) with money sponsor from Madey.

    Lahad Datu punya inciden semua UMNO punya kerja atas nasihat APCO !! Najib & Sultan Sulu kawan baik tambahan pulak Sultan Sulu pon ahli UMNO....kah...kah...kah...

  3. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Itu jam tangan Kiram pakai bukan Omega yang hilang ka...
    Jangan marah kawan2 ..

  4. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I will go for the 5k. I will only have to ride my cupchai to where he usually go, then stalk on him. Hope he doesn't bring along a bodyguard.

    Much easier and the risk of death is low.


  5. Anonymous1:14 pm

    What garbage your blog has become

  6. Rocky,
    3 tight slaps.
    The first "tight slap" should be directed at the Home Minister who disssed the intruders as a bunch of "old folks in sarungs and slippers with a few old rifles".
    The second "tight slap" should be directed at the Defence Minister. After 72hrs of police negotiations, the military should have begun moving their assets into position, just in case, and as a show of force. ALL other suspect areas should have been immediately sealed off by the army and navy to prevent flare-ups.
    The third "tight slap" should be directed at the Prime Minister for not ordering the military to move in immediately upon the first "ambush" that led to the death of 2 police personnel. The F-5s and F-18's are unfortunately 6 precious lives too late. Better late than never, I agree. But the grisly deaths of the 6 police officers in a second ambush, is solely in the hands of the 1Malaysia PM. Let the PM try to explain to the 6 grieving families why the military wasn't ordered to move in immediately after the 1st fatal ambush. The first 2 cops died in the line of duty. The other 6 met with unwarranted death due to inefficient politicians.

  7. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Dont make fund of the Sulu people.They exrcise by going to war.We execise by going to play golf.

    Fighting is their bread and butter.Philipine army with the help of American military adviser cannot even defeated MiLF gurella in Mindano for the last 50 years.

  8. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Tabik ketaq tu SatD!!

  9. Anonymous3:30 pm

    A Sultan head only worth RM50,000, an offer from UMNO blogger....very the cheapskate !!

  10. Samseng Sabah3:41 pm


    RM50,000. may not be enough incentive for the bounty hunter. I think Malaysians should jointly raise RM1.0 million.This will tempt his own man to kill him.There is no loyalty even among their own kind.Money talks.

  11. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Tian Chua not only deserves a tight slap, but also some dog shit in his mouth.

    Sometimes, idiots look smarter with their mouths shut.

  12. Kill for a Kill must not be encouraged under whatever circumstances. I hope you don't promote this kind of revenge though we are all sadden by the death of our heroes. Najib with his high level advisers should find ways to resolve this conflict quickly. Meanwhile we could ask for ceasefire to avoid loss of lives. Even losing one wira from our side is no good!

  13. Anonymous7:09 pm

    What a stupid childish no brain blogger. I never visit his blog.

  14. Anonymous8:30 pm

    a nakkan huruhara
    b nakkan tanah khayalan
    a janji kepada b dengan syarat
    b penuhi syarat a
    a terlepas pandang c, orang tempatan
    c dibunuh angkara b
    c sangat marah dan balas kepada b

    walaupun masa depan a boleh/mesti penuhi janji kepada b
    bagaimana pula c?

    so a... game over. b atau c akan kejar kau!

  15. Anonymous8:47 pm

    As usual, instead of admitting they handled the situation wrongly some jokers blamed the opposition indirectly for this guerrilla war. May I ask: Who is the PM? Who is the HM? Who is the IGP? Who is the army chief? How can 200 heavily armed guerrillas entered our territory without being detected? Someone must be sleeping on his job.

  16. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Ai yoh yuh, 200 and already struggling. Read that another 10,000 sailing in. This is 50 times more. How huh? Hope submarine is under there somewhere near them ready to strike. Forget about slapping and all that rubbish. We need to fokus on getting them out of our land. Agree???

  17. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Monsterball has a brilliant idea on how to settle this Sulu terrorists intrusion:-

    He, Tian Chua and Wong Tack Lynas will bring a few hundred litres of kerosene oil to Lahad Datu and with the permission of IGP will volunteer to send them to the terrorist head @ Bro Kiram. He will then suggest to Kiram and his army to pour kerosene on their head and burn themselves. Afterall, its only "umno conspiracy" wat.

    Just exactly what Monsterball suggested Wong Tack to do recently. Except that these communist symphatisers dont have balls between their legs.

    Anyway, its too late now!

  18. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Anon 8:47

    Luku kepala hang baru tau!

    U are the very one sleeping...tak tau menahu keadaan disana NAK TUNJUK TOCANG!!


  19. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Anon 8.47pm.

    Who told you the Suluks came all at once, together. In these part of the sea, there are people living on boat-house. Can you distinguish a fishing boat at night? Do know how far & wide those area are? Do you think they come in brandishing guns?

    You better not write dumb comments.


  20. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Hi Anonymous 8.47!

    Still in a state of denial, aren't you? Those jokers whom you claimed to have blamed the opposition happened to be the Philippines' news media!!

    I don't like the current UMNO too but you are giving the opposition a bad name and making a martyr out of UMNO.

    Perhaps you are actually an UMNO guy?

  21. Anonymous11:55 pm

    How come we were earlier told those gunmen were just a bunch of malnutritioned old folks but now giving us a big fight with big guns? Was somebody joking or what?Lets pray those thousands given blue ICs Pinos will not suddenly bite us back as payback time.

  22. Anonymous1:15 am

    1 cent for a kick in Tian Chua's face - but no one will want to touch this traitor with a bargepole!

    Arrest Tian Chua!!!

  23. Anonymous1:34 am

    Kiram will be dead in a year as his kidneys are gone. But we should have his head sooner for brutally murdering our security forces. No time for half measures.

    The Americans, after the twin towers, decimated Iraq and Afghanistan and patiently went after Osama in the dead of night and dumped him in the sea.

    We should do the same to Kiram

  24. Anonymous5:47 am

    It is not funny Rocky! They can also come out with an reward for Najib's Head! Come on be more matured! Do you really think just Sulu? The all ordinary Filipino could be with Sulu.


  25. Anonymous9:01 am

    Apa! Lu Ingat dia tu ini Along ke?

    There is an army waiting to infiltrate and create total havoc in Malaysia and you still think like a budak kecik main main Sheriff!,

    Ini menunjuk you ada otak budak sekolah rendah.

  26. bNationalFeedLOOTkorp9:46 am

    Where got enough beef???
    Offer lah RM250,000,000 or RM500,000,000 bounty!!!

  27. Anonymous9:49 am

    Can this balls polisher tell us why his paymaster, Umno, keeps paying cession money annually to the "fake" Sulu sultan? Why some Umno top guns met Kiram if he is a nobody? These are things we need to know instead of behaving like a clown in offering reward for Kiram's head.

  28. Anonymous11:40 am

    Aiya!!! why listen to that Shithead Satd ! talk like an arsehole who knows that Kirim would never ..never be caught.Thats why this guy wanna play poker but got no money except his bolexs !
    5 K to anyone who spits this guy in the face.

  29. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Boleh pakat dgn tian chua ni. Ala, skali pelempang dpt 5k. Ok pe? Tapi kalau mamat tu tipu, dia akan dpt berkali2 lempang la ..

  30. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Saudara Pembaca,

    Ada seorang kepala yang perlu dilenyapkan. Insyaallah aman Malaysia dan dunia!

  31. I'm not sure this sort of offer makes sense in the current climate.
    This old man is just one of many claimants to the 'throne'. So picking him off only helps the others make their claim. One down but plenty others will appear.
    what needs to be done is a clear strategy debuking teh claims and also put it clear that whatever the claim - the Sabah population clearly state they want to be part of the Malaysian Federation and the right of self determination is sacrosant.

    My next query is that after all the air strikes and ground operations - there is little sign of the Intruders. Where are they and how could they have disappeared from such a tight cordon?

    The authorities have not given very clear briefings as we the public have the right to know the true situation.

  32. Anonymous2:16 pm


    Sitting Comfotably in your seat at a 5 Star Cafe at the Bangsar Shopping Center will not endear you to the real situation. Since you were so keen to go to palestine why not go to Lahad Datu and see for yourself instead of giving silly comments at the BSC.


    Negara kini diancam & diserang. Janganlah kita main politik ke atas isu ini. Kita sepatutnya BERSATU menyokong kerajaan & wira-wira kita di Sabah.

    PRU nak datang. Cuba bayangkan kalau BN kalah, negara juga akan diancam oleh satu kuasa yang BARU. Kuasa ini digelar PAKATAN RAKYAT & kuasa mereka disokong oleh kuasa negara asing.

    Time to support BN supaya negara makmur & selamat!!!

  34. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Anon 8:47
    when you are the PM, god forbid, stay by the coast of sabah and make sure no one enters the state. just stay there as if you have nothing else to do. and get your facts right. no one has blamed the opposition.

  35. Anonymous4:36 pm

    This is no different from Kiram terrorists. It is an offence in Malaysian law to threaten violence against anyone. It would be better to remove this post bro and tell SatD to remove his post also. If Tian Chua makes a police report then it can cause serious problems for SatD. The Blogs should not be a place to threaten violence.

    SatD also is Warrior 231, very anti Chinese, anti anything not Malay. SatD is maybe an Indian guy. He calls his Blog 'Pure Shiite'. Shiite meaning shiah. Not 'pure shit'.

    1. Anonymous7:00 pm

      4.36.. tak la memang 'pure shit' before I read some commentor complain to him regarding this word 'shit n shiite' and he denied. He is just expressing hs feelings I guess by keying double ii's.

  36. Anonymous4:44 pm

    This and SatD's post (and I hope it was a joke) are 2 of the most stupid posts I have seen in a long time. The Government should have handled the situation better and take firm action immediately. Here our police pursue and shoot dead robbers with guns. There we try to 'negotiate' with them?

    These type of posts are as stupid as the comments I have seen in other pro-umno blogs which say that the non-Malays are happy that Muslims are fighting Muslims - please this is a National thing (only childish morons will bring race and religion into such matters).

    On the other hand I would give Tian Chua a slap for free for his stupid comment. You should thank people like him - they are slowly alienating anyone who would consider voting for PR.

  37. Anonymous10:19 am

    Why so much of hue and cry over Tian Chua's statement? I'm no fan of PR...but if what he says is not true, isn't it ignored at best?


  38. Anonymous6:57 pm


    because people like you comment like silly fools.

  39. Anonymous12:17 am

    You afraid Sultan Sulu pinching your land in Sabah. But all of you are chickened when the non-malays and foreigners eating your ancestral land inch by inch in all malaysian states. And making the malays being pushed away from the cities and towns! The liberalization of land acquisition policy adopted by the gov has enabled the foreigners to buy and owning land in Malaysia easily with no hindrance. If you have money you can buy the whole mountain. They have money power where the malays dont have. They dont have to send army & jet fighters to invade your land, but they just bring money, only money on papaers and not guns! Look at Singapore, literally they buy part of Johor, Penang, KL etc. They even can buy mountains and islands i n Malaysia under proxy or whatever. Just imagine if the Sultan Sulu have hundred billions of money, I think he will buy the whole Sabah and establish his new kingdom. No casualities whatever like what the Chinese, Indians and Singaporeans enjoy now. They even can buy citizenships using their wealth and positions. Unfortunately Sultan Sulu has no money, no power & owns nothing! Believe me if the malays see the chinese, indians or singaporean sending armies & jet fighters or destroyers instead of "money", guess what will happen??? Double standard?? Just think...

  40. Anonymous8:36 am


    You must be one of the guys who has a record from some lunatic hospital.

    No need to marry your daughter. Just rape her! Can?

  41. Anonymous1:21 pm

    anon 12:17 am

    yeah to you it's all about money but money cannot buy the rich chinese children or health

    so they have to smuggle babies and beg for healthy organs from the poor Indonesians - which is illegal

    yup!! you can't have everything ... so sad so much money still unhappy

  42. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Phew! RM50,000 for his head, that is feasible.

    I'm worried if the RM50,000 is for his balls. That will be impossible because he has none. "We will not leave Sabah, we choose to die than surrender" he said from the comfort of his home while using the word "we" as if he is in Sabah.

    Sultan Tiram IV