Monday, March 04, 2013

A common enemy

Since my last posting on Lahad Datu last Friday, several more police officers have been ambushed and killed in Sabah by Sulu rebels from the Philippines. Clearly, the intruders are not interested in getting out alive and they will try and take down as many of our men and women in the fighting that will ensue, or which may even be taking place even as I write this.

As of this morning, both our Home and Defence ministers have landed in Lahad Datu to give support to their (our) men and women. If you, like me, are in KL, we are about 1,900km from there. There's very little we can do but pray for the safety of all Malaysians who are there because it is where they live and work, or because of the call of duty. Let's stand united behind them against a common enemy.

p.s I will try and update this blog or/and my twitter @xrockybrux as and when I get official information from ground zero.


  1. Common enemy? I doubt it. Of course when they attack us like they are doing right now, they are common enemy. But when we were issuing citizenships to them at a whim they were enemy to only one party...the opposition. They were friends of UMNO. Your friends Bro!! They counted in diluting the Christian strength in Sabah. They voted for UMNO and their friends and they delivered Sabah to UMNO. Today they want their share of it. And why not?

    Whether this whole thing is manufactured or not, it is definitely opportunistic for UMNO. Sabah has all the ingredients necessary to impose emergency, don't you think?

    Just imagine, take 25 Parliamentary seats out of contention at the coming GE, even a small majority for PR would not convince UMNO to concede, as they, with the Sabah seats from the 2008 elections would sit pretty at least until the emergency is declared over. Nice Trump to hold!

    1. Anonymous2:00 pm

      No wonder you namw yoursrlf old fart. U fart all the time. Your scrwed mind are typical of anwar BABI, you shuld the one who the police sniper shuld aim to. Right in your brain. Stupid idiot bastards

    2. Anonymous7:27 am

      Yes u are absolutely right about fart bastard or in malay anak haram. Let me put in malay. U pukimak komunis tolong keluar dari malaysia. Awak tak layak duduk dalam negara ini. Hati awak busuk seperti pukimak tian chua. Kamu hidup aman boleh buat komen seperti ini sebab tian chua ke

  2. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Old Fart:

    You may have not been reading thoroughly while you are linking all 25 parliamentary seats in Sabah are linked to UMNO, just UMNO.

  3. old fart loves asshole12:52 pm

    omg.. salah umno lagi. misuari= anwar best friend. what he do? nothing

    all conspiracies motherfucker. lame

  4. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Old Fart, u r plenty of imagination. This attack will definitely make Sabahan & Malaysians appreciate peace & harmony. More people will vote for current government. No need to take 25 Parlimentary seats out of GE. U can see what happened in US after Sept 11.

  5. Old Fart,

    I did not expect such a comment from you, actually. But clearly you can't resist painting this Muslim-Christian scenario. And you still think this is an opportunity to promote Pakatan and deride Umno.

    It's really sad.

    But just to respond to your sickening point that

    "... it is defintely opportunistic for UMNO. Sabah has all the ingredients necessary to impose emergency ... take 25 seats our of contention at the coming GE ..."

    1. Sabah is a fixed deposit for BN. Pakatan wasn't making any headway, none at all, so stop fooling yourself

    2. A cadet can tell you that if an "Emergency" is desired, then you should send in the Army to Lahad Datu (as you had suggested in an earlier comment) and NOT the police. But in this case, the authorities sent in the police to try and negotiate with the rebels and get a peaceful solution.

  6. Anonymous1:04 pm

    What about KL and PutraJaya? Any of sulu's managed to slip in for havoc when the goverment is fully focusing on Lahad Datu?

  7. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Old Fart why dont you go there too maybe perhaps for ONCE in your life you can DO SOMETHING Good for the country instead of compalining all the time about whatever you see the moment god lend you another day of your life...

  8. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Thanks there is no ISA..hoho can call taliban to KL.

  9. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hoi Old Fart
    My bro in law Keningau Catholic Kadazan convert, tak pernah dengaq pon keluarga or his Christian community situ gobrol kosong pasai agama Islam/Christian macam awak!

    Apek/Aney Semenanjung yg baru kena convert aje yg banyak songeh. Go live there laaa, then come and comment!


  10. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Wonder whether if they fire canisters and canisters of tear gas into those guests, it will flush them out and automatically have them crawling out on their knees asking for fresh one will be killed in this magical way. Hope no one gets killed.

  11. Anonymous3:06 pm

    like they all say

    kentut is always busuk

    and they make sounds too

    old and boring sounds

    and as for Pakatan Rakyat

    R.I.P. - Rest In Piss

    G'day my frens

  12. Anonymous3:09 pm

    stupid Rocky... u kata Anwar mastermind, habis Anwar pon pakat dengan angkatan tentera malaysia kasi masuk geng sulu ke lahat datu ??

    1. Anonymous7:36 am

      U sebenar bodoh. Jelas ada dua photo anwar dan jefrey kitingan yg menghasut sulu gengster dtg ke lahad datu. U sebenarnya anak haram yg tak tahu bersyukur keamanan yg di kecapi.

  13. Anonymous3:45 pm

    I agree with Old Fart.

    UMNO has been issuing citizenship for votes for these foreigners to dilute the indigenous Sabah population.

    What goes around comes around.

  14. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Rocky , siapa tu 'common enemy' ? Sultan Sulu ke ataupon UMNO ??

    SUltan Sulu pon ahli UMNO dan menghadiri perhimpunan UMNO 2012 di PWTC baru-baru ni, gambar pon ada !!

    1. Anonymous12:20 am

      Itu bangsamoro la badigol. Budoh x boleh diajar

    2. Anonymous7:41 am

      Bro. Lu tak pandai baca ke. Atau u sokong penceroboh. Lu ni bangang ke apa. Common enemy tu maknanya musuh bersama lah. Mrk dtg ke malsysia dan bunuh org kia. Atau u memang sokong polis2 ini kena bunuh? Hati lu umpama kerang busuk. Stupid

  15. Anonymous5:04 pm

    I think we should now bring on the heavy stuff like stealth fighter jets, long range missiles, tanks, heavy artillery , etc. With one Oh Dark Thirty mission, we could just "shock and awe them". This would make them get out from their hidings and flee. They'll get visible and our arm forces could comes in and chase them. We need to finish this once and for all. No more delaying tactics.
    If we continue to do so as we did just now, the conflict will prolong. This would allow them to regroup and have a luxury of time to come out with even more deadly tactics. More-more of our people will put in harm way.

    1. Anonymous12:19 am

      How about the orang kg?, the children? The mak aji? They will enjoy your shock and awe them? Think deeper moron

  16. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Org mcm Old Fart (how apt!) tak tau apepe.
    Bagi saya, kita semua lebih elok diam, let the security matters be taken care of by the authorities. Terlalu banyak yg pandai.
    One thing we can do, is to doakan our forces selamat dan di lindungi dari bahaya. Amin, Yarabbal alamin.

    Rocky, from what i see of comments by msians, all i really can say is i'm disgusted.
    This is a time we shd put aside politics.
    Lepas 9/11, al gore puts a call to george bush giving his support to the commander -in-chief, the president.
    Kita tak. Nak score points.
    Takde langsung semangat kenengaraan.
    Sedih dan Malu, wei.

  17. The Sulu armed intruders have committed an act of war against Malaysia.They are the common enemy
    of Malaysia.The arm forces should deal with the situation dengan "serta merta"
    and not let politicians, least of all, the Pm, to blame each other of being the master- mind etc.These combat-experienced terrorists have been waging guerilla-warfare with the Fillipino Government for decades.We should not assumed that they are misguided followers of the self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan and not terrorists!The Pm should assure the people of Malaysia, especially Sabah, that our arm forces are able to defend the country.Showing leadership is important.Trying to politicized based on rumours is not!

  18. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Old fart you are one very sick motherfucker. Sitting confortably in air cond room in front of your damn pc its easy life for you. Ever try to put yourself in the shoes of the frontline police officers or the army who do the walk and talk with their own lives defending the nation and pariahs like you?.

    Please lah not everthing in life is about politics, have some sense in life lah. You really have no shame and very low life specie just like your idol Tian Chua.

    So better you just FART your own mouth!!!!

  19. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Common enemy? Yes
    But pro-Bn bloggers are spinning lies about Pakatn buggers in this situation.
    These bloggers have more than a common enemy!
    You can counsel them to remain focused?


  20. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Old Fart,

    If you have balls, please identify yourself.

    Else, it is better that you leave this beloved country.

    Yang berkorban nyawa untuk negara ialah orang islam melayu. Bangsa lain hanya pandai menjadi batu api. Yang seperti "old fart" ini should just emigrate, perhaps to his beloved Sigapore.

  21. fedup8:55 pm

    Starving old men and women you said.
    The intruders are not terrorist or militants said our incompetent Menteri.
    Well the starving old folks who are not militants or terrorist just killed our citizens.
    The inept Menteri and his equally useless cousin need to be kicked out.Blame everyone else except themselves for this fiasco.

    Sabah a fixed deposit for Bn is because of Project IC, the brainchild of the first president of UMNO baru. Now the very same people have turned on us. Does the end justify the means?? For UMNO it seems it does.
    Well we reap what we sow and now we are reaping it all right. Thank you UMNO, thanks a lot.

  22. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Satu pesanan untuk generasi akan datang...

    "Anak-anak kecil,nanti dah besar,jadi ahli politik,jangan duk kata askar diraja sulu adalah wira tau.aku babab nanti."


    m. fadhil yahya

  23. Bro,

    I was only quoting a testimony that came out at the recent RCI where one of the witnesses had referred to diluting the Christian majority that existed then. Of course I do understand that some people would not like references made to this aspect of Project I/C.

    This is a foreign invasion..sure its not a state as such although the Sulu Sultan would have us believe that he has a state machinery. But when one thinks of the kind of armoury that goes against the Bersih rallies, one would have hoped to see similar if not more armour confronting these Sulu people.

    Why drag it out when it can be dealt and done with quickly enough?

    Whatever it was hoped this invasion was, hence the attempt to talk it out with the police rather than the army, its been 4 days since its turned to something more than just a criminal matter.

    Players are usurping rights they find in agreements entered into from centuries ago to decades ago. And they want even the US involved as apparently even they had granted some "rights" to the Sulu Sultans in 1915.

    The more you drag this out the worse it becomes for us as the world begins to look at the legitimacy of this invasion. After all who is to know if half a million of them who are already there with their Project I/C documents will stand up tomorrow and claim their rights to the land as Sulus. Reminds me of how it must have been done in the early days of Zionism. Let us not make the same mistakes the Palestinians did then.

  24. Anonymous10:17 pm

    "A cadet can tell you that if an "Emergency" is desired, then you should send in the Army to Lahad Datu (as you had suggested in an earlier comment) and NOT the police. But in this case, the authorities sent in the police to try and negotiate with the rebels and get a peaceful solution."

    I wonder whether this is still the position of the BN government now that Malaysia has lost the lives of a few of its brave sons.

    In many other countries, their government would have now unleash the full force of their firepower against these intruders the moment they landed. Only in Malaysia, we see the BN government fuck around risking more Malaysian lives.

    This is not about politics. This is about protecting our soil against armed intruders.

  25. I'd advise your readers to also read this by Abdul Samad Sulaiman and maybe you would wish to respond to it. Try not to feign that that by Abdul Samad does not exist.

  26. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Hoi old fart,
    You better shut up laaa... Kubur2 yg terkorban masih merah lagi, go fart someplace else.

    Don't try to be kurang ajar here!!!

    Barua punya binatang...


  27. Anonymous11:24 pm

    old fart
    do not provoke the rakyat and then come up with reasons.
    people like you always try to instigate racial and religious fear in malaysia.
    trying to "taichi" as they say.

    if you have never been in a war let alone a battle, just hush up and pray for the well-being of our soldiers.

    why is that all these issues have to be political? wake up oldfart. if BN really that bad, why would the sulu came over here and why is that comment(s) like you would not be sent to the firing squads?

  28. Rocky, it looks like even at a time and situation like this, there are still those who think they should come to your blog and try to get some political mileage for their masters. People like the Old Fart are really sickening. Our policemen who have all these while been vilified by such Pakatan people are sacrificing their lives to protect this country and they still want to insinuate that all these are part of a BN election strategy. Can't they see how despicable they are?

    ps. As per our texted conversation, I would like to inform you that my new blog is now fully operational.

  29. Anonymous1:46 am

    Precisely what the Sulus are fighting for is mind boggling:

    The issue is whether it’s a good decision to pursue a Sabah claim that’s now riddled full of holes by historical events. In 1977, likely with US prodding, Dictator Ferdinand Marcos renounced all Philippine claims to Sabah. Whether we like the dictatorship or not, it’s still considered the valid Philippine government at that time and that act binds us to renounce our claims to Sabah. That’s also why we could not avoid paying for all the loans of the Marcos dictatorship as some quarters suggested we do in 1986. Then by the Kiram family’s own admission, they recalled in 1989 from the Philippine government the 1962 ceding of the Sabah claim.

    Read the rest here:

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous5:00 am

    Old fart....your brain is farting too now. Oh my Dog, dont know which end STINKs most man!! Inside oso rotten.

  31. Anonymous10:43 am

    Project IC was buttman's investment and today he wants payback so we have an ailing "sultan" dreaming of happy ever after fairytale.

    Sleeper cells were placed years ago and buttman is so desperate to become PM as he had consumed sponsor's bilion funds so he needs to deliver putrajaya at ANY and ALL cost.

    The only obstacle is for the rakyat to know the TRUTH about buttman.

    Read the I-files.

  32. Anonymous10:45 am

    stinky fart quotes the malaysian insider??


  33. Anonymous10:48 am

    I think the confusion lies in the opposing voices of the invading Sulus. Some members wanted to surrender as in the white flag but was prevented by others.

    Gunshots were fired within and among the Sulus first, which sent contradictory signals to the men in blue.

  34. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Arrest Tian Chua et al for planning this with the Kirims.

    This is what we in West Malaysia will get if PKR et al is in power.

    Tian Chua will do anything to get power - i hope the christian community has now seen his true stripes and sever ALL ties with hims and Hannah and the like.