Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"As a Chinese, I feel humiliated .."

Erotic Kedah Darul Aman
Now Psy told to "tutup aurat" by Nik Aziz. 
Read all about it here
Exposing their breasts, indistinctly. The PAS* state government of Kedah is investigating a Chinese New Year show organised by PKR* in Kulim the other night and described as "too hot (even) for DAP*". The flesh dance that night was supposed to prove that Pakatan was "open minded" and "respects the Chinese culture". It left seasoned editor of Sin Chew Tay Tian Yan feeling "humiliated", instead. 

Read more about PKR's "Spice Girls" who were "indistinctly exposing their breasts"  h e r e.

* PAS, PKR and DAP are the three partners in Pakatan Rakyat which is threatening to take over Putrajaya from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition at the next General Election.


  1. chochoking at his best by Rocky with a filthy mouth.

  2. Anonymous12:01 am


  3. Anonymous6:09 am

    Kenapa masih gunakan perempuan untuk benda2 macam ni lagi di Abad yg ke 21 ni??? Amat lah Chauvinist - asik nak layan kontol si mamat aje. Dalam kepala otak dia tak ada pikiran lain - tengok amoi/minah2 cekeding murah macam ni pon dah teruja di buat si lebai2 kuyop hampeh. Dah bodoh ketingalan zaman, gatal nak mampus pulak. Tengok pon meluat geli.

  4. Dear stupid monsterball

    chochoking at your best with a filthy mouth.

  5. Mad Canine Association10:33 am

    No sexy getai singers, bark barking mad!
    Got sexy getai singers, also bark barking mad!!!

  6. charleskiwi@gmail.com3:32 pm

    Please Allah just leave this Malay or should I say Indonesian descendant as a malay please don't ever make him a Chinese !

  7. Anonymous3:47 pm

    does chinese culture have no respect for women? merely sexobject to attrack gawking men?

    shows chinese civilisation still in a state of moral decline

    shining eg is monsterball

  8. this 11th hour of 13th GE...Anon 3.47 pm wants to talk about morals and manners.
    It's....HENTAM TETAP HANTAM ...with no diplomacy.
    It's Traitors Vs Patriots!!
    It's Balls Carriers Vs Dignified People.
    It's Rouges & Thieves Vs People Power.
    It's Devils Vs Angels.
    It's Malaysians Vs Racists.
    62 free Malaysia.
    Najib keep on projecting what a caring PM he is.
    It's 30 years too late!!!

  9. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Hahaha n monsterball is still the biggest racist hahaha.