Saturday, January 05, 2013

We are NOT part of Opec, after all ..

“We are part of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) after all. I am not suggesting a cartel, but a synergy between these two countries would help immensely in alleviating the problem.”" Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, in Malaysiankini, after accusing Putrajaya of supporting Felda Global Ventures share prices using EPF money.
Actually, Malaysia is not a member of Opec and Anwar should know that, being our ex-Finance Minister. His aides might want to ask Malaysiakini to run a correction. 

Find out who are the Opec members.

As for EPF holding up FGV share prices as alleged by Anwar, here, well, that's something that FGV might want to respond to. Honestly, if I had FGV shares, I should be happy if they were backed by such a powerful fund as the EPF. In fact, that's part of the charm of the FGV listing: the strong backing of the Government. Go read up the analysts' reviews on the IPO if you don't believe me.


  1. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Did Anwar really say Malaysia is an OPEC member? Is he that ignorant? Is he that stupid? And he wants to be PM?

  2. Anonymous7:08 pm

    That's your way of thinking. Other may think that if EPF dont support FGV, the share price will dive like the scorpene subs.Using government funds to bailout GLCs and cronies have been our government tokong act over the years.MAS,renong,Bank Bumi etc etc. One of the reasons Anwar got booted in his ass in '98 is also cos he opposes the bailout of some perkapalan company belonging to you know who's son.Its ok one. Even the USA is doing it.Thats the excuse.


  3. Anonymous7:16 pm

    no wonder our economy was so bad in 1997.. stupid xFM..

  4. Anonymous7:23 pm


    The mutherf**king idiot was cunt-fused between Opec and kopek. He is more used to kopek but I hear that since that Chinese girl video (and losing his Omega) the wife has put baby sitters on the f**ker's ass. That is why he is now becoming senile. He has also lost the friendship of Dato Eskay - whose job was to find girls for him in Bangkok and KL.

    The mutherf**ker does not know basic things like Malaysia has never been a member of OPEC. He is really losing it. He does not get enough p*ssy or boy a$$. Did you notice that black patch on the side of his face - it is spreading. A nerve disorder caused by an inability to satisfy his sexual craving for boys *ss and p*ssy.

    Next thing you know he will say Malaysia is a member of the EU. WE are not.

  5. Anonymous7:30 pm

    jeng..jeng..jeng... akan datang.. video Black Rosie !!

  6. Rocky, it appears Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim can say anything totally untrue and he believes hecan get away with it, he is insulting us Malaysians, especially the Malays, into thinking we are in fact idiots, while they may be some who supported the opposition, but majority of us now do not believe in his lies anymore.

  7. Dear LMAOROTF,

    Dive like the Scorpene subs, did you say? Hehe. Thought your bosses said the Scorpene could not dive?

    And for the record, Anwar didn't get the boot because he opposed the so-called bailout. He got it because he abused his power. Of course, there was the sodomy allegation, too.

    As for the USA, I don't know how you came to your conclusion. As I remember it, the US was so very against bailouts and had blamed the currency crisis on the affected countries' own inability to manage their economies, and on "cronyism" and "nepotism" and "lack of transparency".

    This was before its own crippling banking crisis .. before America embraced bailouts like we never dreamed of doing.

  8. Dear Pasquale,

    You are right. The facts are:

    1. FGV shares remain attractive. FGV has lost about 13 per cent in share price since its listing but its sheer size compensates for that loss. Remember, Facebook has lost nearly 30 per cent since its high-profiled IPO.

    2. FGV's performance on the bourse last year wasn't bad at all, especially since it was quite a bad year for palm oil. According to the Edge, the paper owned by Anwar's own good friend Tong, FGV didn't do as well as Astro, Gas Malaysia or Khazanah's IHH (all of which recorded single-digit percent gains on their list price) but it was definitely better than Pasukkhas Group (-53 per cent), Hap Huat Holdings (-26 per cent) and China Stationery (-25 per cent).

    3. EPF wasn't the only "supporter" of FGV shares/listing. The cornerstone investors include PNB and Tabung Haji, and the international funds backing it include the AIA Group and Qatar Holdings!

  9. Any idiot that can insult Anwar is always right to Rocky.
    Rocky agrees with Pasquale?...the master spinner and the master idiot?

  10. Anonymous6:57 am

    kah kah kah ..97 economic crisis got to do with Anwar ??

    news of the century la may dear ...only Malaysia 97 crisis ? so anwar
    is the master mind of 97 wholewide economic crisis

    wallah ..forget bout OPEC for now ..

    use ur head la boy not ur studid bebird head

  11. Anonymous10:42 am


    No wonder the pakatan supporters are stupid like chicken shit, because their leaders are also stupid as hell


  12. Anonymous1:44 pm


    do you write all this drivel without wincing?

  13. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Sorry Rocky..I am my own boss not like you got to blog and ampu your boss.
    I will vote for whoever that can satisfy my criterea for good governance.
    As for you ,I think you only support whoever that can pay you well.
    I remember you used to hentam Abdullah Badawi kau kau cos his machais in NST then sue you kau kau.


  14. I say I say I BN idiots are really smart.
    We are stupid.
    Les go to the polls and find out.
    Tell your Lords...Mahathir & Najib to declare 13th GE date la.
    Why keep talking cock so much?

  15. Anonymous8:43 am

    We know who is the devil which we are friendly all this years. Are we still want to be a friend of the devil which we know it is devil and still a devil which cannot be change. The perfect answer is a change in due course so as we will not be a friend of a devil. Keep that in mind always. Let us hpe for the best as we know the worst. Do you agree.