Sunday, January 06, 2013

Anwar's coordinator allegedly nabbed in Pakatan's latest scandal

Our anti-graft boys nabbed on-the-spot an aide to a Penang exco member as he was paying off a sexual harassment victim RM30k hush money. Read the Star's report h e r e. Blogger Syed Akbar Ali seems pretty sure that "The Coordinator" is going to be left off the hook by the Pakatan folks. That's because ..
Pooi: The only head that rolled in DAP's mega botch-up

  • The PKR can cheat in their party elections its ok. 
  • The DAP can 'adjust' their election results, its ok. 
  • They can deal in billion Ringgit land scams (Selangor Darul Talam) thats ok too. 
  • They can sapu 10,500 acres of timber land - thats ok too. 
  • They can get caught buck naked (or butt naked) on tape with girls - thats ok too. 
  • Their wakil rakyat lawyers can get caught preparing false statutory declarations - all ok. 
  • Muka tin sadin says vote for me and you will go to heaven. Thats ok too.

OutSyed The Box wants you to add to the list. If you'd oblige him, read more and leave a comment  H E R E .


  1. Anonymous1:27 pm

    ha ha ha
    Good one rocky. Those bastard in PR think that they are above the law.The states that they rule all in shambles. Now they want to take putrajaya.Are they not shame?
    tak dak kemaluan betul cina DAP bongok tu! Zairil cina DAP tu pun dia org tak reti beza! clueless DAP.
    btw. anuwar mana ada coordinator. itu semua tipu tipu tipu! SPR salah kira kot!

  2. Anonymous1:54 pm

    baguslah MACC tangkap kaki korup di PR.....tapi kaki korup di UMNO/BN pon kena tangkap jugak !!

    bila nak tangkap siasat Madey, Raja Ropiah, Shahrizat, Najib , Hamidi dan sebagainya ??

  3. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Ah, you are now playing judge!

    And you ALWAYS forgot the LONGER LIST of those on the other side.

    How to see your point when you are not neutral?

    What else are you planning Dato?


  4. Anonymous4:59 pm

    How about the NFC, PKFZ and the Deepak land deal? These are deals worth billions which make the Pakatan's corruption negligible and can be forgotten. Pakatan may not be saint but they are the better of the bad apples. We have no choice but to vote pakatan. To vote for BN is to make Malaysian a doom country as BN will consistently syphon BILLIONS of ringgit from rakyat to cronies.

  5. Have one incident exposed ...Rocky will add in few more...rubbing again shows his skills in luring voters for Najib.
    I wonder how many votes have Rocky capture for Najib with so much non stop efforts.

  6. Anyone offering bribes must be arrested.
    This incident involves a bribe for private matters...hurting no one.
    Billions stolen...countless bribes made by Najib openly....MACC dare not act.
    MACC is very efficient towards PR politicians and openly allow big big crooks from UMNO b go...scotch free.
    Let 13th GE settle everything.
    People Power is in control.

  7. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Dear rocky, lets be frank here...while we applaud macc for this quick action BEFORE this issue even got a chance to be revealed,nevermind the sum or which party he's from, we are still not convinced macc is not biased as proven by so many big time scandals revealed but not acted equally fast - 40 mil party donation, cowgate 250 mil,airgate 150mil,depak sd2 mother of all accusations,recent amno 130 mil landgate gone wrong etc. Dont you honestly think this 30K corruption and dap internal wrong vote calculation is peanuts?Pls call a spade a spade and stop misleading the simple folks like all msm papers.Already those kiasu guys across the causeway are laughing at us simple minds, pls dont make us all clowns.

  8. Anonymous10:42 pm

    No surprise when there is a clown in PAS, there is a stupid and careless whistleblower in PKR, and lastly there is a cocky,arrogant and tokong in DAP.There goes my vote for PR.Once bitten twice shy.Always boasting of road to Putrajaya,wonder how they are going to defend seats won in 2008.It is easier to win than defending.To those here who made wild accusations,do please produce hard evidences and let the court decide.Then you say the judges are partial lot but how come DSAI and LGE won their cases.But if you brought cases with half cocked evidences like that whistle blower,above how do you aspect the judgement will be favourable to you.

  9. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Obviously an opportunity to tar the opposition. No surprise if the investigation will drag on to keep them covered in dirt and suspicions and the UMNO bloggs can pile the mud.

  10. Anonymous2:35 am

    Anon 10.08pm

    Yeah yeah 30k and 10,500 acrea are peanuts. So dont include in your DAP list ok?

    Hey guys, next time you want to be corrupt, dont spend more then 30k ok. And make sure you tell police that you are DAP member ok. Coz 30k by DAP member collupted collupted collupted is blessed by Tokong Lim.

    10,500 acres? Aaah no comment! I no hipokleet maa

  11. Anonymous2:45 am

    Monsterball: anyone offering bribes must be arrested.

    Haha lu bikin lawak bodoh la monsterball. You once admitted in Susan Loone's blog that you had bribed policemen before. Now you talk co*k about moral. Tunaseng lu apek hipokrit.

    Apek, tomolow lu pigi itu polis balai sana Setapak, lu pigi mengaku sama sarjan lu ada kasi kopi wang sama polis dulu. Polis nanti tamkap sama lu apek.

    Itu DAP election Tokong Lim, lu jangan lupa bawa sama apek. Itu 2nd counting pun ada silap juga, mau tipu lua kali itu tokong, mana bole, haiya.

    Lu tadi mengaku "lu sweating like a pig is better than rats...bla bla bla". Gua ingat lu bukan sweating maa, lu memang pigmentation maa

  12. Anonymous8:12 am

    can MACC nab on fish bigger than cow-condo case? can't ? don't talk bullshit and foaming on the mouth..

    I'm not impressed.... only shows that it is better for Penang to have PR as state government because the MACC will help nab even those who corrupt even less than 2% of what cow-condo-gate is.

  13. Anonymous9:15 am

    Mengapa tidak siasat dengan terperinci mengenai skandal rasuah dan salah guna wang dilakukan oleh pihak B End dan siarkan keputusan siasatan yang dilakukan. Sanggupkah kita rakyat 1Malayia sejak dari dahulu dan sekarang dan mungkinkah buat selama-lamanya akan berlaku demikian jika tidak ada perubahan. Kita ubah sebelum terlambat dan ini pun sudah lambat dang jangan kita tunggu lama-lama nanti diambil orang. Kita ambil sekarang juga. Ubah jangan tidak.

  14. Raja Popiaah2:49 pm

    RM250,000,000 + RM130,000,000 can Buy Off just about anyone anything!

    Malaysia apa pun Boleh cow tim one!!!

  15. bNationalFeed&LOOTcorp2:54 pm

    MaC Clown can only count RM2000 and possibly up to RM30,000 only...

    RM130,000,000 and above... lost count !!!

  16. Wave339:56 am

    Latuk Locky,

    Siapa kata "OK", kalau benar bersalah. Tangkap dan hukum.

    What are you waiting, Latuk, please support by providing enough evidence to prosecute them.

    It is NOT OK! Crime must be punish.

    At the same time, please do your best to provide photos of Mongolian Woman with our leaders in Malaysia. If you have important details on NFC, please do not keep in your safe deposit box. If you have details of Rosie spending list, please do not keep under your pillow.

    All whom has done wrong, must be punish. Didn't LGE said that?

    So, it is OK that UMNO corruption is not posted in your blog, right?

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