Monday, December 24, 2012

Land for Ngeh proves cronyism is alive and kicking

Nik Aziz (pic by Mkini)
Both Nik Aziz, the PAS spiritual king, and YB Ngeh, the Perak DAP boss, have denied allegations that the 10,000-plus ha land in Kelantan valued at over RM30 million had been "given" to Ngeh in 2008 to "buy" his consent for the appointment of a PAS Menteri Besar for Perak. Ngeh described the accusation "a blatant lie" [Malaysian Insider] and Nik Aziz says land for Ngeh was "not a bribe" [Malaysiakini]. 

We can expect a slew of multi-million ringgit lawsuits to follow, of course, which makes any attempt to dig deeper into the issue very unattractive for bloggers like us. Nevertheless, do read the Malaysiakini's "explanation" carefully. I find that for all the talk against cronyism and nepotism etc, our friends in Pakatan are comfortable giving it to friends and people they know. They may have another name for it but call it what you like, that's CRONYISM.

As for whether YB Nizar's seat was worth the RM30 million, I shall leave it to you dear readers and the already busy courts! But for context, do read

Excerpts from Malaysiakini's article in defence of Nik Aziz and Ngeh & Nga:
The duo, who are cousins, have reportedly denied the allegation but refused to confirm whether they are owners or directors of Upayapadu Plantation. 
Land given to Kelantan Islamic Foundation
In the statement today, Ahmad Fadhli explained that the land located in Relai forest reserve in Gua Musang had been given to the Kelantan Islamic Foundation by the state government on Sept 13, 2000, to be used as a resource to fund the foundation’s operations.
After failing to develop the land through a joint-venture with a company in 2000, the foundation took back the land and cancelled the development, he said.
In May 2006, the foundation leased the land to Upayapadu Plantation, which was then chaired by Wong Yeon Chai, for 50 years at an annual rental of RM100 per acre for rubber plantation and RM150 per acre oil palm plantation.
Ahmad Fadhli said the change of directors and shareholders to Ngeh had been conveyed to the foundation in May this year ...


  1. hi Rocky..ku chakap politic non stop.
    Tarok la..satu post wishing all Christians Merry X'mas.
    Ku ada wish Muslims Selamat Hari Raya.
    Lian2 rakyat Ugama ...sumua tal laku ka?
    Why like that?


  3. Anonymous5:35 pm


    And you will continue to deny that there is no cronyism in the Selangor water issue?

    Bagus lah you Datuk.


  4. Anonymous5:46 pm

    you understand what is cronyism? writing lies again?
    razaleigh terms it prostitution of profession. well, the pay is good aint it?

  5. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Both these OLD EXPIRED GOAT and CHINESE ULTRA have to go. All the support for PR because BN is practising "CRONYISM" is a lie. They are the same or worse.

    God help us if the win the PRU13!

  6. It was rather fast for pro BN boggers to jump straight away to a conclusion that the land was "gift" to return a favour. However, what is rather clear, there is political connection involved.

    The Ngeh-Nga scandal further proved what has been revealed by Kickdfella before. The MO to apply for timber concession in Kelantan, one has to apply for agriculture land, thus lower premium or lower rent in this particular case, and of course bigger profit margin for the concessionaires. State government is always on the losing side, HOWEVER, certain percentage of dollars involved must be donated to the party.

    Yup, that's right, it is happening in a state in which the leaders claimed to be Islamic. The state PAS leaderships have long been enjoying the privilege having Nik Aziz as an MB who knew nothing. Windows of opportunity is always wide open to serve their greed. Their misappropriation can easily be covered by Nik Aziz's religious smokescreen.

    And, who the hell is this Ahmad Fadhli, he was just recently selected as Nik Aziz's press secretary. When the Ngeh-Nga transaction was done, Ahmad Fadhli was just a dumb kid playing guli.

  7. Do you really think people do go into politics simply becos they sincerely wanna help the country & its' people??? "GET REAL, will ya!!!". This only happens in fairy tales & NOT reality. Politics is one's pathway to prosperity, power & status. This applies to both BN & PR politicians.

    DAP's NGEH & NGA are 2 unfortunate bonkers who are being caught & I'm damn sure plenty more politicians regardless from DAP, PAS & PKR had been doing similar things. It's just that they haven't been caught & exposed yet.

    Take a look at the 'Datukship' on NGEH's behalf & it's obvious to already see 'self greed' had been knocking on the door. However, I don't blame NGEH & NGA for such doing becos it involves $$$ of which is essential for political survival.

    When comes the election comes, $$$ will play an important role. Buying votes, campaign funds & campaign materials & so on require lots & lots of $$$. NGEH & NGA are just building up their funds to tighten their positions at the top. If you give these 2 bonkers further chances, they would 'makan' more than they could for the simple sake of 'gila duit' for the purpose of 'gila kuasa'.

    Let us NOT trust PR politicians sweet talking of UBAH SINI & UBAH SANA becos if we fall for their sweet talks, then, we will just be CHEATED sini & CHEATED sana. They will laugh their way to the bank, while, we (the voters) will regret over our choice for voting them thinking PR politicians are different from those of BN.

    Get real...politicians will be politicians!!!

  8. Anonymous8:36 pm

    merry Christmas nik aziz.
    may lord Jesus bless you for all the good things you did for our community.
    praise the lord. may nik aziz be in Jesus arms forever. Ameen.

  9. Bukti lagi menunjukan Bangsa Melayu PR ada lah bangsa yang tidal bermoral, kampung halaman di jual kepada China chauvinist. Ini ada lah petanda jika PR memerintah negara banyak lagi yang akan di agih kan kepada DAP...kalau kau bangsa yang tidak juga mahu sedarkan diri Tuhan pun tidak boleh menolong...amin!

  10. tebing tinggi9:34 pm

    They screamed at every ceramah that none others are doing good except them ,but it's look like they just scream so that people are only looking on the other side and never at them.
    Political technic of distraction .

  11. Anonymous11:28 pm

    This is about 10% of the total value of Cow-Condo-gate
    .... aiya small case lah!

  12. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Datuk Rocky

    Look at this NSTP's Dec 20th, 1992 news.

    Very interesting lah about this Tengku Wong.,3842370

    Nicky Sixx

  13. Anonymous2:42 am

    PAS must be a bunch of idiots, because DAP could never get to become MB of Perak anyway.

  14. Anonymous4:25 am

    terseNGEH seNGEH kaup harta orang Melayu

  15. Anonymous8:12 am

    Anwar was the dirtiest finance minister in malaysian history. The most corrupted. No wonder he goes round the country expertly talking about it. Its all about $$$. Not about fairness, justice or malaysian malysia. To hell with the people. Under pakatan it will be plundering the nation's cash cows like petronas and felda. Clean pakatan? Bullshit. One by one everything is being revealed. Dont call others corrupted when Anwar is the mother of corruption. And the poor supporters. Foolish and ignorant. Silly and stupid. They believe Anwar is so innocent!! Back pain! The video proves otherwise. He is the biggest liar in town.

  16. Anonymous9:45 am


    The so-called Ngeh-Nga scandal is nothing compared to those scandals committed by UMNO. A lot of exposes on scandals committed by UMNO are in the Internet but some people pretend not to see them.

  17. I've written an article in 2008 saying that PRU12 is a blessing in disguise.... I still believe in it.

  18. Anonymous10:18 am

    CINA 17

    INDIA 3

    MELAYU 0




  19. Anonymous12:49 pm

    DAP slogan - kasi hancur melayu!

  20. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Anonymous said...
    This is about 10% of the total value of Cow-Condo-gate
    .... aiya small case lah!

    11:28 PM


    The magnitude of the misappropriation is not the issue, but rather principle. PR has been promising good and clean governance, but proven beyond any doubt they are also corrupt. And worst still, in Kelantan the corrupt practices are still hidden behind the religious smokescreen.

    The 10% is only the tip of the iceberg, when the smokescreen is unveiled, mountainous figures will appear.

    A matter of principle, two wrongs do not make it right. You must be an idiot, absolutely.

  21. Anonymous1:52 pm

    kalau undi DAP

    Malaysia akan jadi greater singapore

    dimana Bahasa Kebangsaan hilang ditelan speak mandarin campaign

    tanah orang Melayu dirampas untuk "pembangunan"

    cinapek sepet sengkelet jadi towkay kaya raya curi tanah Melayu

  22. Anonymous2:22 pm

    11:28 - Big or small does not matter. You are saying UMNO is dirty. So are YOU. Only on term. Already many scandals.

    Agree with 1:51.

  23. Anonymous2:27 pm


    So you are saying it is okay to have a small scandal? And you go round town saying how good and clean pr is? Have you no shame? You are involved in a scandal yourself and you say others are bad?

  24. Pasquale hantu kerchil...ambil bodek Mahathir sungot pandai...tuan2 tak tukar philkilan...otak monyet.

  25. monsterball is bodoh7:28 pm

    monsterball, hari demi hari kau memang semakin bodoh kan.

  26. You hit the wrong button again Rocky, thanks for your expose', coz now Awang Adek has got to answer, can you believe that, OUCH!!!

    Projek tanah Upayapadu: Umno diminta tanya Awang Adek

    BTW, has anyone anyone got RM 36.8 millions, the land is now for sale by Upayapadu. Pssssst...just you and me...the land has still got more than 9000 acres of logs, no kidding, we both can be tokey balak, guaranteed.

    Gua Musang, RM 36,800,000

    Ngeh and Nga are now going for easy money after being granted the land by Yayasan Islam Kelantan. Hail Nik Aziz Nik Mat!!!

    Obviously, YIK is suckling pigs, no offence.

  27. Anonymous10:18 am

    Itu semua bukan rasuah atau kronisma la rocky.
    Itu ialah pembahagian ghanimah dari kemenangan jihad.
    Ini fatwa ularalamak parti ajaran sesat.
    Kalau tatau apa makna nya aku pun tatau pasal memang sengaje nak keliru kan semua orang .
    Belajar dari ularalamak.

  28. Helen Ang Ang Kah Cheng12:29 pm

    RM30,000,000 is chicken feed compared to RM500,000,000 + RM250,000,000...
    Malaysia apa pun Boleh cow tim one !!!

  29. Pakatan Pembangkang mission will not accomplished. PAS, DAP and Keadilan have their biggest own agenda respectively. Think about that.

  30. Anonymous11:01 am

    Kah Cheng

    Small or big still corruption! Dont call others dirty if you are dirty yourself. So now we know pkr is dirty. Shame on you. Supporting a party who calls others corrupted but itself as corrupted. Not in power yet already corrupted. What if in power?

  31. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Saya masih lagi tidak faham kenape rakyaat Kelantan masih lagi taksub kepada Nik Aziz. Ini lah yang dikatekan menyalah gunakan kuasa ssehingga sangup mengadaikan negeri kepada puak kapir laknat, dan org kelantan yang amat setia boleh dijual oleh tok guru dengan hanye harga 30juta. Dulu tok guru nie njuga yang nak menunaikan haji dengan dibiayai oleh sebuat syarikat yang telah diberi pertimbangan oleh kerajaan PAS Kelantan untk mwmbekal sesuatu. Lantas bila perkara ini ditimbulkan Tok Guru Nik Aziz telah menolaknya wal hal sebelum dilapurkan dalam akhbar beliau telah menerima rasuah tersebut. Jadi saya pon tak faham kenape lah rakyaat kelantan ini boleh dipermainkan dengan bagitu senang oleh pemimpin PAS yang amat rasuah. Kenapa mereka sangup merane dan menderita diKelantan dan terpaksa berhijrah ke Kuala Lumpur untuk mencari nafkah? Kenape anak anak kelantan tidak sedar mereka boleh mengubah nasib mereka untuk same same membangun dengan negeri negeri lain dibumi Malaysia ini. Ade kah kerana Hj Hadi Awang dan Nik Aziz telah menjanjikan mereke syurga...adekah mereka ini setaraf dengan Nabi Mohammah kekasih ALLAH yang akan membantu umatnya apabila dihisap dipadang mahshar nanti..Sedarlah anak anak kelantan mereka ini manusia biase sahaja, dan dengan mengunakan Agame utk kepentingan politik didunia fana ini, mereka mempunyai banyak masaalah untk menjawab Akhirat nanti. Oleh kerana mereka ini mengaku ulamak mereka akan diperhitung lebeh dasyat lagi daripada kita yang mempunyai cetik pengetahuan ugama inyang hanye sekadar melaksanakan ape yang wajib sahaje..So saya perpandangan pintu taubat sentiase terbuka, kalau bersala memecahkan umah itu, taubatlah secepat mungkin sebelom pintu taubat tertutup..Hadi Awang dengan Amanatnya banyak perlu dijawab beliau di akhirat nanti. . Diduniawi ini pon banyak perkara yang tak baik telah dikemukan
    kan akibat amanat yang songsang ini...nauzubillah..

  32. Raja Kopiah10:22 am

    Saya lagi masih gila-gila tidak faham kenape rakyat Malaysia tarak bising-bising pasal tu apa Raja Popiaah dapat rezeki durian runtuh RM130,000,000 hasil jualan tanah ATM Bukit Raja???

  33. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Helen Ang AH Kachang, whoever u are, the culture of iving bribes are sinoname to the chinese people, they survice by giving bribes, and even though the malays are not proud to be receivers of bribe..the givers are more sinner then those who receive..they are the cause and the roots of all evil thats corupting the malaysia society..Give a thought to that..