Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AES, full speed ahead (but within speed limits, of course)

For two consecutive weeks, the Cabinet spent a great deal of time discussing the AES. The "review" sessions followed threats by some political extremists to vandalise surveillance cameras aimed at deterring traffic criminals and offenders, some legal doubts and other technicalities.

I have been told by reliable sources that the Cabinet was satisfied that the AES has shown to be a highly effective deterrent, indeed. The number of traffic offences caught on existing cameras have gone down by as much as 80 per cent!

"That, by any standard, is remarkable," said the source.

The Cabinet agreed that new element should be added to the AES, especially now that Malaysians are greatly more aware and generally not averse it (because the system does not affect those who drive according to the traffic laws and regulations).

These elements have been described as "more humane/considerate/Rakyat-friendly/caring.

For details, please wait for an official statement.

So to those who were celebrating the demise of the AES yesterday, too bad. Like I have said, the system is internationally tried and tested and it is good for road users in general, so why fix it? More than 16,000 people have paid their fines and they - together with others who have been issues summonses - are not likely to make the same mistakes. Those rempits are actually stopping when the light turns red!

A lot of things can be improved, of course. Some people expect the JPJ and the operators to get everything right from the word GO. How can? In the UK, where there are said to be some 1.8 million surveillance cameras, the authorities are still being challenged. It will take a little while before the system can be perfected, but the important thing is to get it going full speed ahead and not allowing those extremists to stop or delay it for their cheap political gains.


  1. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Spin spin spin, soon AES will be scrapped and billions paid to the Ali Baba consortium in compensation. Satu lagi project barisan national. Janji ditepati.

  2. The Axe Man5:12 pm

    The anti AES groups major complain seems to be, why must it be privatised? Why can't JPJ manage it. Good question. Government, please tell us why.

    Can't the government pay compensation ( a fair amount pleaaaaase)to this two companies and revert the authority to JPJ?

    Dear Government, please listen to us if you wan't our vote.

  3. Mat Bon5:50 pm

    Dear Rocky, on principle, I support the rational of having AES. Rather than torturing Policemen to be pak pacak behind exSikap, might as well we put up robots. So these smart cameras work 24x7 rain or shine. If there is truly a case of 'saya tak salah' - tell that lah when you get the summon. It is the same process you would do if you ever been summoned by a human police officer anyway.

    BUT, i just want to rebute your point 'of seeing 80% drop in traffic offense'. Mestilah. Dulu i tak tahu ada robot di situ. I rembat. Sekarang dah ditanda dalam Google Map pun - mestilah i slow - on that very stretch. Ha ha.

  4. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Rempit ...poooodah.
    Mana ada mat rempit kena tangkap dengan AES.

    The biggest road accident is motorbike....
    The most fatal accident are bus and lorry.

    What is the target for AES.. car.

    Otak letak kat kepala lutut bila kata AES is reducing road accident.

  5. Anonymous12:11 am

    Dato', mintak tolong kaji, samada boleh ke 18% dari wang saman itu. masuk ke syarikat yang kendali sistem AES. ada ke undang2 begitu.

    2, kenapa harga saman serendah rm300. biasanya kan rm150. kalau lambat bayar dalam masa sebulan barulah dia naik rm300. bilakah undang2 sudah tukar?

    3, apakah syarat2 yang diterima oleh kerajaan bersama2 dengan syarikat pengendali AES.

    4, Bank Negara tidak ada campur tangan ke?

  6. Anonymous3:00 am

    Don't speak through your nostrils.These are the mistakes of your political masters.

  7. anti-kroni3:06 am

    Bru,are you an Ameno kroni,eh.I thought so,too.Hehehe.

  8. Anonymous7:32 am

    I support AES!

    I think it's time Malaysians, Indons,Banglas, Singaporeans and all other expats be taught a lesson that Malaysian roads are not racing track and neither the traffic lights, speed limit and road signs decorative items.

    I will be sorely angry if Govt did a flip flop on this. Just fix the teething problem of AES!

  9. Anonymous10:09 am

    AES is okay. Its good. Its just the implementation and communication needs to be clearer. Unlike CTOS, another one of gomen outsourced service provider. Why do CTOS able to "blacklist" names but cannot un"blacklist" them? Irresponsible la tu. Kalau masukkan nama pakcik kat kampung, mana dia tahu mcm mana nak keluarkan. For the rest of his life dia susah hidup. Anak nak hantar duit pun kena hantar cash. Gomen tak tahu ke this are the small things that makes ppl reject BN.


    1. Anonymous10:53 pm

      Bro, don't about CTOS if you know nothing about it.

    2. Anonymous9:44 am

      I agree especially on cTOS...thinking about it, maybe I should just vote PR if they can do something about CTOS..

  10. Anonymous10:34 am

    aiyaa.. locky.. what can you expect from Chinese DAP?
    they will provoke the PKR and PAS malays and make it a conspiracy theory.
    then they will make it a PRU13 issues.
    of course malays in PKR and PAS will 'mati syahid' for DAP chinese.
    btw. there is no malays in DAP except for the names.

  11. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Mr Flip Flop Najib will be Flipflopping Again!

    Aduhai Kalahkan Dolah Bedouin!

  12. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Walaupun AES ditunda...kroni akan terus dibayar oleh UMNO gomen jugak !! yg rugi rakyat-lah !!

    'Sapu Satu Malaysia', hidup Najib , hidup Rocky, !!

  13. Anonymous10:59 pm

    There are many things wrong with the gomen. But they are not enough to warrant a change of gomen. No gomen is perfect. Anyway, I dont trust the PKR kepala, the dirtiest finance minister in malaysian hiistory. He was involved in massive corrupt dealings and had cronies all over town. No wonder he goes round the country expertly talking about corruption. He dumped his old friends when he found new ones and made them his cronies. 24 hours before he was sacked he was bashing dap and pas. But the moment he was kicked out he jumped into the kelambu with them. What a shameless hipocrite. He should have resigned if he believed that umno is corrupted. But he didnt. If he had not been kicked out he would still be in umno continuing with his corrupt practises. And ignorant supporters worship him. A man who cheats his wife. Says he has back pain but no problem in bed having fun with china doll. Pity them. The blind and ignorant supporters.

  14. Anonymous12:34 pm

    I support AES but the govt. should consider that the punishment is not aim at collecting revenue, but more to educate the people and reckless drivers. The Govt. also should ensure that the offenders from across the causeway should not get away without punishment. least the govt. with all the fuss will not become a mockery and reflect the ineffiency of the govt. or JPJ. In view of the stiff fine handed down i.e RM300 for an offense, its tuppence to the rich but it will create a big hole in the pocket to the wage earners, so if there are remorse felt by the drivers who are wage earners, the Govt. or BN should be prepared to have some backleash from them in the next 13th GE. The govt. should look into this and I am not the least supprised y the issue was exploited by DAP.

  15. Anonymous1:53 pm

    so how much have the transport minister cronies paid u to satisfy your fix for some pork to go with high end whisky, rocky?

  16. 17% for police is better6:06 pm

    it is better that the 17% be given to the traffic policemen who do the summon manually. Increase their standard of living and reduce foreign exchange.

    The people are not stupid anymore for JPJ to klentong. The deaths are more motorcyclists not motorists.

    JPJ was just looking at the profitability only.

    If UMNO want to save lives they should haramkan motosikal.
    Do we have to change the Gomen just to change the JPJ DG?

  17. Anonymous8:24 pm

    go 2 hell with AES!!!!!

  18. The Axe Man1:12 am

    78For reasons best known to me, I became an PR (aka Pondan Raksasa) for 2 months period. Than God, I dah bertaubat.

    To those who still mendewakan Anwar PM (Pintu Belakang) who still think the back side F****r as our future PM, please make available KY at home as he will visiting you soon.

  19. if the government say that AES is not for profit gain and fleecing the rakyat but just for punishment to obey the law. i dare them not to use money as a punishment but instead use license revocation. 3 offences and you are stripped of your license for let say 2 years. 5 years if involved fatality to other road users. that could be harsher than cash fines and no one can accuse the gov of taking advantage of rakyat. but i suspect if this is the case the gov would predictably lose interest to proceed with this AES project.

    1. Anonymous8:10 pm

      Yep, 3 strikes and license suspended. Guilty of causing death, license revoked. But then there's no money to steal if these were the punishment. Ask Rocky Bru. He's a champion of punishment - cash only.

  20. Anonymous2:08 pm

    of course lah drivers will slowdown when they know the AES camera is there. IT is for you to slow down ...duh.. unless tarak takut kena saman. So what is so bizarre/funny about this??? Msians can be dumb in the way they look at things . 100% certified.

  21. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Good , I love AES. It saves lives. But, I still have not paid my fine for the AES. I 'll pay tomorrow. Hahahaha

  22. do something with motor bike and low engine capacity vehicles , either they are too slow ,or drive beyond their engine capacity

  23. If DAP so call provoking makes voters angry with BN...then DAP must keep on provoking.
    What do you think Rocky is doing?

  24. Anonymous12:13 am


    es i agree that the most accident are by the motorcyclist. But the reason behind it always is the motorist. Often the accident because the mtrcylist was hit by the idiot motorist who drive like they are in a race track, dont know how to use signal, changing lane without looking at side mirror, using and driving fast at emergency lane, running of red light. This are the common cause for motorcyclist accident. The malaysian motorist has no respect at all at motorcyclist. i hope AES and other method that JPJ find suitable to implement can change the attitude of malaysian driver.

  25. Anonymous8:06 pm

    I come back to Malaysia once a year, and this time around - for the first time ever - it was more pleasurable to drive on Malaysian roads, especially where AES exist. My jaw dropped seeing malaysian obeying traffic law.

    To those anti-AES (esp blind PR supporter), ask yourself - if your issue with AES is that cronies are making money, which one is the bitter pill to swallow - malaysian dying on the road or a crony company making money. My answer is the first one - AES help to prevent this and thus it has my support. If we are not happy with the agreement, change it when you have power, but never rubbish out something that work solely for political agenda.

    Day-by-day I'm starting to believe than BN and PR are actually the same people...