Monday, December 24, 2012

Something about Christmas (Merry Xmas, Malaysians)


I love Christmas, did I tell you? The tree, the snow, Santa, the Christmas movies and the Xmas albums. My favourite for 2012 is Christina Perri's Something About December. She even does Lennon's "So This is Christmas (The War is Over)"!

The tree at Smokehouse, Bangsar
Enjoying Christmas and celebrating it don't make me feel like going to Church or less a Muslim that the Muslim that I am. But wishing you, my dear Readers, a Merry Christmas gets me in a great holiday mood. Holiday from bigots and hypocrites and fools ...

Here's hoping that "our" war will be over soon. Merry Christmas, everybody.


  1. Charles F Moreira10:52 pm

    Hi Dao' Rocky,

    Thanks. We need more people with your outlook.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Anonymous12:41 am

    ish ish ish,

    rocky wishing 'merry xmas'?



  3. People like Charles F Moreira is that condascending type, we Malays, like Rocky are in the majority actually don't have to tell us that we are the people with that "outlook"!

  4. Do not patronise us you pseudo-Christian Indian and Chinese, we Malays have alwasy been the liberal type with broader outlooks on life, Muslim as I am I have been celebrating X'mas long before you ugly embraced the Christian religion as you think you know it!

  5. Salam bro... Hebat Blog bro... Mohon dapat dipautkan Blog teman ke blog bro... TQ Bro....

  6. charleskiwi8:02 am

    Yes indeed it is time to keep the bigots, hypocrites and fools from this country, in fact it is about time to keep the scumbags and parasites away from this country forever !

  7. Merry X-mas and Happy New Year to all Rocky's Christian visitors.
    He is more inward looking one side than outward looking at the full picture.
    I think 2013 will be a historical year for Malaysians.

    1. Anonymous1:02 pm

      yea ur right...2013 will be a historical year for the people of Malaysia. I wonder why bloggers are so silent about the rm44b? $hock€d?

  8. Andrew Gopal11:17 am

    Merry Christmas bro.

  9. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Yeah Christmas had always been a cheerful and magical season.

    But lately the christian chinese from biaDAP had tarnished my impression of christmas and christians

  10. Thank you, Charles. We are many. :-)
    Merry Xmas to you, enjoy the rest of 2012!

  11. Dear Andrew,

    Merry Xmas bro.

  12. Thanks Anon 12.41am. If there's one thing good about Pakatan, it is getting PAS to suppress its more extreme urges. When PAS did not need to work with non-Muslims in DAP and PKR (and the less extreme non-PAS Malays in PKR, it was very aggressive. Now the party does not make too much noise about the new cinema in Shah Alam, J Lo swinging her ass in front of thousands appreciative Malaysians during her recent concert, and it is OK now to wish Merry Xmas or Deepavali or CNY.


  13. Merry Christmas ~ Have a nice day~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  14. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Tell Najib,let the Christian use the word Allah.

    1. You ask vatican use allah then we we allow that

  15. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Datuk Rocky,
    I have critical, not of you, but of your views, in the past. I am glad that you have publicly wished all christians Merry Christmas. You took the risk, knowing full well, that some people may not like what you did, but you went ahead anyway. I respect you for this, and take off my hats to you.
    Many may not fully understand the risk that you took,but I do, and for that, I salute you.

  16. Anonymous6:08 am

  17. charleskiwi8:12 am

    Some of you, the Malays particularly, are claiming to be the majority but conveniently forgot to mention this majority came about as a result of millions of illegal muslims immigrants to justify that claim.
    Why do the need to that ? I wonder, especially when million Malaysian born and tax paying pendatangs are kept waiting for decades and some will not even give to hear from the incompetent civil servants after they die. Even the tortoises and worms move faster without legs. How come the civil servants supposed to have two legs take decades to vet an application.
    Is these how and why you become the majority ?
    Don't you feel ashamed of the tactics used to achieve that ? Just like how the land of Orang Asli (original people) were taken away from them ? Do you all know the meaning of original people and who called them Orang Asli.
    Worst of all naming their home land as Malaya and the people pseudo Malay,just because of the political dominance you have. Therefore please never forget that.

    1. Anonymous7:31 pm

      adoi...charlie....the orang asli in Oz aka as the "abo" aren't ruling the land down under because they're not capable of doing so with likes of the chinese, indians or even the orang asli in Malaysia. We Malays are proven to be more intelligent and hard working people. After all we beat the chinese and indians in obtaining ruling powers politically and also have a full blown bumiputera owned Fortune 500 company. To make it short and easy..."drool" and "envy"! Yes, do not leave this country chinese and indians. I personally see the other races in this country regress in the coming years and have no choice but to go back to blue collar work.(where they belong in the first place in the1940's). Finally, i admit Malays are also divided to a certain extent in UMNO but nevertheless as brothers, we will be there to assist them to achieve national aspirations.

      Mohyideen Yaackop.

  18. Anonymous3:23 pm

    haiya charleskiwi

    the non-Malays are TOO focused on making money that they have no time to make millions of babies

  19. I think many thousand Malays love buying cars than making babies. Rocky and I have enough babies.

  20. Anonymous11:16 am

    dap corruption scandals opening up one by one. Clean? Bullshit! pot blacker than the kettle.

  21. Anonymous3:30 pm

    What a hypocrite blogger. Playing with Christmas greetings. Next will be Taipusam, Deepavali and Chinese New Year. GE coming is it? Previous years got same warm greetings, ke? Only blind fools believe hypocrites and claiming to be liberal Malays in thinking. What crass!

  22. Anonymous6:33 pm


    A pendatang cannot and should not complain. Not satisfied here? GO BACK. Anyone forcing you to stay here?

    1. Anonymous12:23 pm

      Hello bro...maybe we Malays should look at it from another angle. We would be benefactors if we encouraged them non muslims to stay instead of leave. Our race already controls more than 50% of the country's economic pie. Our government has under declared our stake (malays 20%) in it for political expediency. Everything you see is already in Malay economic grasp. The 20% of Malay economic pie currently reported does not include Malay owned GLC' Tabung Haji PNB etc. So by right the figure of 50% Malay dominance in the economy is an is more!
      I suggest that we Malays have got more to benefit if we use them non-malays to contribute further to our already huge Malay dominance in the economy. Just like Mohyideen (a reply to some charles kiwi) has said that to encourage the pendatangs to contribute to the blue collar segment. Well i have to say he is spot on with regards to the pendatangs. Think about it when they shrink further economically...u can start to hire some beautiful local chinese gal as domestic help in your home or get them to do anything for us Malays for the cheapest. So we Malays just have to sit back relax and watch the fun unfold in the coming years.

      J Hameedi.

  23. Anonymous1:35 am

    Happy belated birthday, my dear ex editor :)

  24. Anonymous1:43 am

    Happy belated birthday, my dear ex editor :)

  25. Anonymous9:13 am

    charleskiwi is overstaying his welcome and he is definitely living in his own isolated area in a tucked away part of Malaysia

    hehehe one day he wakes up to the reality of the majority of middle-class progressive Malay Muslims

    who are no longer push-overs for the british, the hindraf hindus and definitely never for the cinapek sepet sengkelet

    eat your heart out

  26. You history illiterate immigrants cannot deny history that Malays and so-called Orang Asli have co-inhabited the Malay Peninsular for thousands of years.Malays were also konwn as Orang Laut seafarers while the inland Orang Asli were called by their tribal names Senoi, Temiar, Semai etc. The term Orang Asli was coined during British Malaya to discern the Coastal Malays from the inland Orang Ulu tribes. Malaya and Malay Archipelago were once a single entity. No question of Malays from other islands being migrants during that time. Just like a Hongki or Hainanese who moved to Shanghai or Beijing is considered Chinese then. Same goes for a southern Indian who shifted to Delhi. We tolerate and accepts migrants but just don't be kurang ajar and treat us as if we are idiots.

  27. You history illiterate immigrants cannot deny history that Malays and so-called Orang Asli have co-inhabited the Malay Peninsular for thousands of years.Malays were also konwn as Orang Laut seafarers while the inland Orang Asli were called by their tribal names Senoi, Temiar, Semai etc. The term Orang Asli was coined during British Malaya to discern the Coastal Malays from the inland Orang Ulu tribes. Malaya and Malay Archipelago were once a single entity. No question of Malays from other islands being migrants during that time. Just like a Hongki or Hainanese who moved to Shanghai or Beijing is considered Chinese then. Same goes for a southern Indian who shifted to Delhi. We tolerate and accepts migrants but just don't be kurang ajar and treat us as if we are idiots.

  28. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Semantically the kalimah "Allah" does not EQUATE to the Holy Ghost, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

    In Malay, God is accurately translated to Tuhan.

    Tokong is just exploiting christianity and christians for political mileage.

    He just a cheap and irresponsible politician wannabe.

  29. Anonymous10:39 pm

    It sounds like Red Indians talking about Obama?

  30. If Bishop Paul Tan is to meet Rocky face to face...Rocky's balls will shrink and face turn yellow.

  31. Jasper Bloodstone5:07 pm

    Wow!Herr M Yaackop seems to have his own unique interpretation of history.

    It doesn't explain how the Brits came and "bungkused" everybody into the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States. Remember the "unadulterated" history we used to study in English-medium schools back in the day?

    It will definitely be news to China and India that they will be relegated to the status of irrelevant states, as will their citizens, economies and companies.

    I am sure that Malaysian Chinese and Indians are cognizant of the wider opportunities out there. With fluency in English, Mandarin and, maybe Hindi or Spanish, as added plus points.

    It's a pity that Herr Yaackop just doesn't get it. No surprises there.

    1. Anonymous2:43 pm

      what Yaackop has commented makes a lot of sense...unlike Jasper. I think it is you that dont get it or ur just plain stupid. Well this country needs ur type to contribute to this country because everyone with the likes of your kind do have a place in society. And just in case you dont know the name of the company thats 68th position in the Fortune 500...its called Petronas. Happy New Year...and its 2013 Jasper.

    2. Anonymous3:03 pm

      Yaackop was talking about Malaysia lah bodoh...not China ataupun India. Jangan lagak pandai when you are not Jasper. Nak pakai fancy words like cognizant....pakai la "aware" instead. Using fancy words won't make u look smarter here to the eyes of readers eventhough it makes you feel so.

    3. Anonymous1:23 am

      jasper is a fucktard...people talking about something else but he is talking about history. well i think he deserves to be screwed here. i agree la...he is not that smart tapi lagak pandai kuat. anyway happy 2013 jasper. your new year resolution should be think before u post a comment.

  32. Merry Christmas to you too Bru. Hope you do have a blessed New Year too.

  33. Selamat tuan baru ....Rocky boy.
    You are old but young at heart.
    I am much older than you.. but still walking like Johnny Walker....waiting for BERSIH 4.
    2013 will be JUDGEMENT YEAR!!
    All balls carrying judges will be retired or transfered to judge traffic offenders and divorces....salaries reduced drastically.

  34. Anonymous8:41 am

    Merry Christmas to all

    Not so merry to Pasquale!

  35. Anonymous10:11 am


    Finally the truth was revealed. This site is enliven by old, has been farts (probably failed ones, from the postings, not very snart too), and still wishing their lives could have been better. Or maybe they used to be "somebody" but nobody cares about them anymore. The www is their only avenue left to air their views to the world.

    So, we can't really take the views posted here as barometers for the real world outside. Good for lough though, better than Maharaja Lawak.

    Dato' keep up the good work. Love your postings.

  36. Anonymous10:37 am


    care to comment on this view ... hehehe

    1. Anonymous1:32 am

      eh dont waste ur time with bloodystone lar asking him to comment. he will probably give u another inaccurate account of malaysia singapore history and with the use of some fancy words to impress i dont know who. well i got one fancy word to describe bloodystone....its called fucktard! hapoy 2013.

  37. najib manaukau4:11 pm

    To all those who are still asleep and living on handouts !

    You can keep denying that you took this land from the Orang Asli is just like saying that the Brits and the Europeans are the natives of Australia and U.S..
    For your information the Brits came to Australia, to look for a place to house their criminals in a place from from Britons. To begin with Australia wasn't even called Australia then, just like Malaya, There wasn't even a Malaya until the overwhelming numbers of Indonesian immigrated to Malaya to look for refuge, the land wasn't even named Malaya until these immigrants took control of the political scene of this land and then named it Malaya and themselves as Malays to justify the Malays are the sons of this land. Then to further justify the
    injustice done to the Orang Asli the so called Malays even called the Orang Asli pseudo Malays. These Orang Asli are even protesting to day of that and many of them are not muslims.
    Why ? Just look around you why are there so many protest of the abuses they are going through these days ?

    Just the way the Brits named Australia, but the real natives of Malaya and Australia are the Orang Asli and the Aboriginals.These are history and facts and well documented all over the world, except the twisted facts and real history of Malaya. How come ? Again it is because the Malays now have the political power to twist and lie about the truth within Malaysia. Even your half breed former P.M. has admitted openly that because of the political control the Malays are able to do the things that are happening in the country. You can become wealthy because the wealthy pendatang professionals by the millions have immigrated. Why are the present watchdogs pleading for them to return to serve the country with cash and added cash incentives to return to serve the country ? The country is in deep trouble without the professional pendatang the watchdogs are well aware of the true situation that the country is in heavy debt and above all about to go bankrupt .
    But the political scene is about to change soon Just like every party will have to come to an end.
    Especially this one that has gone on for 55 years !

  38. Anonymous4:46 pm

    And hope you had a good new year, Datuk Rock. May 2013 be good to you.


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