Friday, December 14, 2012

For some, when experts say Right things, they got to be wrong!

SPOOKED BY ANALYSTS' COMMENTS. If Khalid Ibrahim hadn't made such a big fuss over JP Morgan's latest take on the Malaysian economy, particularly the allegedly pro-BN comments made by the its Equity Director, Mr Mak Hoy Kit, I'm certain most of us would have missed this story in the Star:

Mr Spooked

As expected, Mr Mak became the target of typical hate comments in pro-Pakatan news portals following Khalid's protest here. But as the Star's article pointed out, JP and Mak aren't the only analysts who hold such a view. Last month, another expert was attributed saying these:

I count FOUR analyst firms saying more or less the same thing but expect Khalid to get his friends to come up with their own views to counter the equity experts' opinions. The Selangor is known to do such things, eg calling in KPMG to rule that Selangor's controversial Talam deal was "above board".


  1. Tan SiL Ly12:44 pm

    Orang gila pangkat "Datoship"!

  2. ANALyst12:46 pm

    Otak Udang!

  3. Warren Buffet Jr12:48 pm

    With this kind of idiotic CONsultant running the show, JPM is definitely DOOM, just like Bear and Salomon!

    Better fold tent and move to Singapurapura!!!

  4. Mamak yang PERKASA12:50 pm

    Never Trust American... just like Soros and Avatar, all fakers!!!2872

  5. Rosmamah12:51 pm

    RM500,000,000 sure can Buy Off many Assassins and Birkins!!!

  6. MalaysiaCrooksAssociation12:56 pm

    Its not the End of the World lah, Idiot!

  7. Anonymous2:30 pm

    I think that when the elections are over, many will be surprised by the change. For the time being its ok for all to have their say!

    AA, yes you are pro Putrajaya and BN that does not mean rest of us unhotaare ignorant and dont notice things. Arrogance is always the driver to failure!

  8. Anonymous2:42 pm


    JP Morgan private banking has many BN clients and they are fighting tooth and nail with UBS and HSBC for the management of ill-gotten funds. Of course they want the malaise to continue. It's good for business. When pakatan comes to power, the only good business is the construction of jails for the criminals that rape and pillage this country.


  9. Anonymous2:49 pm


    check out the projection by the economist..

  10. Anonymous2:55 pm

    sebuah lagi 'Jenaka' dari Rockybru !!

    Rocky ni bermati-mati kata UMNO/BN bagus....kalau bagus apa pasal rakyat hidup sengsara manakala UMNO putera semuanya kaya-raya seperti anak-anak Madey ??

  11. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Looks like in Bolehland foreign firms can only give good comments about BN withoug being accused of trying to control the country and BN being a stooge to foreigners. If such firms give good comments to Pakatan Rakyat, I bet you tomorrow Perkasa will hold demonstration accusing Pakatan of agents of Jews lah, US interests lah who are trying to run Malaysia and all that crap

  12. I'm not a true fan of PAKATAN RAKYAT & neither am I a true fan of BN. Regardless, I do agree with what MAK HOY KIT said becos it make sense for foreign investors to doubt the country should there be a change of government. It will perhaps take easily 5-6 years for these foreign investors to build some sense of confident towards the new government or maybe never pending on the performance of the said new government.

    Well, it might be impossible to see the future. What we could only do is to forecast & forecast is a mere hallucination. What's important is we have to look at issue as of today (not yesterday...not tomorrow). Would BN be able to steer the country back to progress despite all the mistakes it had committed in the past? & would PR component parties be able to work as 1 for the sake of the people?

    Signs of PR breaking down is already obvious. PR have abundance of problems with each other especially relating PAS vs DAP. This is viewed as harmful & destructive. There seems to be no respect & compromise towards each other.

    BN on the other hand is changing & for the better. Najib seems to be doing well despite all the slanders aimed at him & wife. All components parties within BN seems cooperative & have respect of each other. This is a better sign compared to PR.

    Who would I vote? BN!!!!

  13. Anonymous3:57 pm

    A standard reply from Pakatan's spin doctors,

    " All those analysts are UMNO's agents".

  14. Anonymous4:28 pm

    what he said maybe true but it mainly affects the BN cronies. Once the BN especially UMNO is voted out, a lot of the corruption leakage can be fixed and rakyat actually may enjoy a better life quality.

  15. Anonymous5:05 pm

    marah betul mereka... orang marah macamni yang nak jaga ekonomi.. punah...

    - papago version 2.0 -

  16. Anonymous5:52 pm

    khalid cant even take care of his hair and he's financially risky

  17. Bro, you might apply a little caution giving currency to JP Morgan. A $12 billion bailed out company not too long ago. When they could not even predict their own fate weeks before the bail out was sought, what really can they claim to tell of Malaysia?

  18. Anonymous12:50 am

    I agree, vote for BN means vote for continued corruption rakyat's monies being used to feed BN cronies including Rocky, poor governance & public institutions, failing education system, etc.

  19. Anonymous12:53 am

    It is good if Fuckatan Rakyat win the GE13. Share price will drop and it is a good time to pick up.

  20. Anonymous12:53 am

    i am neither a fan of BN nor Pakatan but i will still vote for Pakatan because of all the injustices that has been perpetrated under the BN government.

  21. Anonymous8:27 am

    congrats anon 4:28 PM, your comment has been awarded the joke of the century!!

  22. Anonymous8:32 am

    Kuala Lumpur, Dec 3: International finance management consulting firm, Nomura International (Hong Kong) Ltd is predicting the ruling Barisan Nasional government to be returned to power in the upcoming 13th General Election widely expected to be held in March next year.

  23. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Says a lot on what analysts think of Pakatan's economic plan which is full of shit.

  24. I suppose a PM, Home Minister, AG, Cabinet and IGP, who after 4 years have not nailed the person who ordered the murder of Altantuya, will not spook investors, but those who promise to clean up when in power, will!

    No wonder the USA and European econimies are sinking faster than you can say "untested Scorepenis submarine in tropical warm waters!"

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  25. bn is no saint, r u sure pr is not the devil?11:55 am

    Bodoh betul pro pr.apa sj yg against mereka terus dicop salah,tipu,rasuah,etc.they think too highly of themselves and their beloved cult leaders.just imagine what will happen if these people come to pretty sure they will have their own cases of kugan,beng hock,but more of ali,ahmad and abu.

  26. Anonymous6:20 pm

    keh keh keh,

    If the consultant give good review to PKR, they will fight nail and tooth to uphold the consultant integrity and transparency.. if the other way around, all will jump the wagon to ridicule the consultant...typical chingkies maaa....

    You know something bro,

    There is a trend now for the non malay working in GLC attitude. They will wallop all the money they can gain during their time there and move on...the looser is the GLC..

  27. Anonymous11:10 am

    Hahaha...Latuk you know why all the private bankers are making a beeline for Bolehland....we now have the silver medal for the worst outflow of illicit funds after China. US$285 billion estimated to have left our shores from 2001 to 2010.

    No wonder all the private bankers are singing the praises for Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Ya Allah handsomenye khalid gagap dengan rambut yang mengerbangngerbang