Thursday, December 13, 2012

From Lynas to Khalwat for non-Muslims

If the latest editorial in Sin Chew is anything to go by, PAS-for-All proponents have something to think hard about: non-Muslims' sentiment towards the arrest of four non-Muslims in Kelantan recently for "indecent behavior" has reached toxic levels; in fact, it is mentioned in the same breath - almost - with Lynas! That had been unthinkable before this. And then there's that ruling about who can cut whose hair in Pakatan's more Islamic territories ...

Read the editorial Cakap Yang Tak Boleh Dipercayai (Lynas and Khalwat for non-Muslims).


  1. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Rocky,your next posting pls...

    From 'husband & wife' to murder of non muslim mongolian girl name Altantuya.

  2. Angelina YumYum2:42 pm

    MCA YY encourages Khalwat and Extra-Affairs, just like the TaikorTai!

  3. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Yeahh for Rocky from FLOM to NFC!
    Rocky's Fan Club for Rosmah and Shahrizat's Cows.

    Now the Altantuya Saga is at Last Unfolding starting with Rosmah's Denial and Rebuttal by her Indian Toyboy!

  4. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Sorry Dato, it won't work. The non Malay especially Chinese had more or less make up their mind to vote out the MCA and MIC by giving them a ZERO. Even what you said is true, it is just a very small price to pay consider that the BN especially the UMNO had robbed the rakyat for years to enrich their cronies. It is time to stop all these even though we may have a remote risk being ruled by Taliban

  5. As a NON MUSLIM myself of whom generally would be seen as more of a PAKATAN RAKYAT supporter rather than a BN supporter, I find it absurdly "DISGUSTING, OFFENSIVE & yet FOOLISH" towards the steps taken by PAS in the recent 'Hair Salon saga'.

    Does PAS really think they could rule the country by enforcing OSAMA BIN LADEN kind of rules??? The ironic thing is that its' so-called 'adik angkat' (DAP) seems too COWARD to even make a stand on it & I wonder how would the country be governed should PAKATAN RAKYAT take over Putrajaya. I foresee the country would then be filled with mess & dissatisfaction.

    The marriage of PAS-DAP-PKR is an obvious DISASTER. They might be able to fool & cheat 'the rakyat' by discrediting BN but I'm very sure they would NOT be able to work together as 1 should they be given the mandate to rule. PAS will convert Malaysia into Afghanistan, while, DAP will try to concert Malaysia into a mini HONG KONG. PKR wise would be too weak to even pull PAS & DAP apart for the simple sake of PEACE.

    Hell....I've made up my mind!!! I still want chics to cut my hair, I still want to eat BAK KUT TEH, I still want to try my luck on TOTO & 4D, I still want to visit Genting Casino & I still want to booze my weekends away watching EPL......

    Thus, BN I will vote for!!!

  6. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Election mode is normal.MSM and TV use to frightened the non muslims.We need to see the the smoke from the fire.What are the real issues here?Corruption and good governance.We must not be fooled.


  7. To all doggone writers please read this and never stoop so low just to please your political master...

  8. Freedom of association6:03 pm

    This is not just about the Chinese or Indians. It is about Malays freedom of association.

    Why must Malays practice khalwat laws which is neither an Islamic requirement as peeping on neighbours and exposing others private parts are against islam.

    Only misguided Malays seems preoccupied with peeping on courting couple. This is invasion of privacy and the Govt should not peep on the genitals of the society.

  9. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Lyans is a grave yaard for BN in Pahang.

    Khalawat for non muslim is not an issue Rocky.

    People make up their mindvthey want a change in Putrajaya.

  10. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Yestday singapore Parliment resign from PAP,from Parliment because of sex scandal.

    In Malaysia Choi Soo lek still remain as MCA president.

    What a joke.

    1. Anonymous1:56 pm

      Anwar Ibrahim??????

  11. Anonymous11:07 pm

    I really think this is happening because PAS supporters are accusing their leaders of pandering TOO MUCH to DAP's wants.

    So we have Hadi as PM instead of anwar. PAS supporters are voicing their disgust at the mushrooming of massage saloons, open cuddling, improper attire, sexy concert entertainers etc etc

    So to convince the conservatives, they have to drama the Hudud implementations to fish for votes.

    DAP meanwhile has lost much support for not taming the taleban leaders in PAS.

    As for the chameleon omega cinadoll family - they have self-destructed themselves for all the gaffs and bloopers they committed as a direct result of PAS prayers for the TRUTH to prevail.

    Amin .....

  12. Anonymous11:08 pm

    to mr trooper "soul" ~ the lost soul..
    this blog suppose to be advertising free....go to MK or FMT and let yr retard species enjoy their daily diet...(shit)

  13. Anonymous12:08 am


    you are dead wrong, the non-muslim like us don't care about khalwat but our rice bowl. We will defintely vote UMNO out in the election.

  14. Anonymous4:41 am

    This is a good example of governance by PAS, one of the three parties in the so called PR(some pact, they don't even have a unified front and logo).
    Now what you need is to expose their corruption.
    Especially for DAP, everyone knows already Anwar has been to prison for abuse of power.

  15. Anonymous8:26 am

    Yestday singapore Parliment resign from PAP,from Parliment because of sex scandal.

    In Malaysia ANUwar still remain as Pakatan president.

    What a joke.

  16. MalaysiaCheekopekAssociation1:00 pm

    Berita Seks Harian...
    Unisex Salon, Public Seks Khalwat, terkini... Sexy Getai Singers!

    STAR... The Miang People's Paper

  17. Anonymous10:07 am

    Well done PAS!! You just shot yourself in your foot!! Lucky for BN, UMNO can say that it has nothing to do with sex happening when people line up to pay for groceries in Kota Bharu supermarkets, have their hair cut or walk holding hands with their lawful wives, etc. See if non-Malays dare vote for PAS now, Stupido! In English it is called "own goal".