Friday, December 14, 2012

PsST .. it's him again!

Syed Mokhtar hires over 100 CEOs
Puncak Semangat Technology (PST). The five years that Pak Lah was PM, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary missed quite a bit of clear chances. Because he was "Dr M's crony". One or two projects that were already in the bag had to be given back, also. Nobody complained. SMAB decided to take his name elsewhere where he could compete on merits again. Then Najib Razak became Prime Minister and Syed came back. He competed for every project. When he loses, as in the case of the multi-billion ringgit Bestari (won by YTL Corp), it's ok. When he wins, ah, they get very upset.

Like how unhappy they are now about PST being one of the 8 companies awarded a piece of the 4G cake.

But psst .. here's the thing: PST did not win the thing with PST, which emerged a major winner of the country's 4G spectrum, is not because it was supposed to be linked to SMAB but because it has experts who have a sound plan that will add value to the whole spectrum.

Big Dog has the story, Added Value Beauty Contest.
DAP's Tony Pua is very unhappy H E R E


  1. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Stop Writing more Crap

    We want to know what happened to Najib Rosmah Altantuya Case!!

    Deepak has made his call why Najib Rosmah masuk lobang and hid themselves from public accountability!

    All Malaysians wants to know why Najib Rosmah fabricated 2nd SD!

    1. Anonymous5:13 pm

      Who's WE? Are you sure???

  2. Anonymous6:14 pm

    This guy is fantastic.He controls virtually all kind of businesses in Malaysia. If he is really a crony let's hope he wont end up like Halim Saad or Tajuddin Ramly or all those that fell by the roadside of the crony wagon. A 97 financial crisis may not happen but a change of government in Putrajaya might.Hope that wont cause his empire to crumble.I guess if he is that good he can survive whoever is the government and whatever the environment.


  3. Anonymous6:15 pm

    dia bukan lagi kroni,tapi macam naza tolong simpan duit rafidah aziz,sued moktar tolong simpan duit mahathir..
    kita orang bukan bahlol bro !

  4. Anonymous7:05 pm

    please don't quote 'Bigdog' again in your posting...don't you have your own mind ?? 'Bigdog' write rubbish day in day out man !!

    buat apa Rocky hari-hari buat promotion watak-watak jahat di Malaysia ?? Nak rakyat terus sokong pada orang jahat ke ?? tak dengar cerita ke macam mana bukhari dan muyhiddin buat projek kelentong rakyat di Johor !!

  5. Anonymous7:38 pm

    come on guys he is running a business and he has done a lot for everybody. why don't you sit and ponder if the empire crumples thousands will be out of jobs. he has done alot not in Malysia alone but all over the world.

  6. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Definitely a bailout in the making.

  7. Anonymous9:21 pm

    a bunch of monkey up there really upset with your posting bro...
    in their it's ok if the project goes to other race besides than Malay...
    but if goes to Malay, they're acting like monkey, jumping all around and shouting all around with stupid comments and accusations...

    it's ok lah..because they are stupid like monkey, just ignore their comments..

    Kudos to SMAB..long live SMAB..
    As long as ths guy say same "Syahadah" as mine, I'll cheer for his achievement.

    Only those who're not said "Syahadah" or Qaffir will oppose the achievement of this Muslim.

    1. Anonymous5:54 pm

      Wow, stop using the word "Malay". Syed mokhtar is keralan indian pendatang. Same as mamakthir. Nor yakcop, shahreezat, zamry - all Indians, so don't be too quick to call them Malays. Use "Muslim" if you must.

  8. Anonymous10:52 pm

    MCMC should give all the spectrum to just two guys: Francis Yeo and Tony Fernandez.

    These are the only guys who are smart enough, who can fool all Malaysians all the time.

  9. Anonymous12:40 am

    Self claim pundit like Tony Pua and others DAP guys are apparently a new breed of monkey. They are really busuk hati and busuk kaki.

  10. Anonymous1:10 am

    bagi kat cina tak kecoh la.
    bagi kat melayu. cina kecoh. melayu lap bontot cina lagi kecoh.

  11. Datuk,

    Hakikatnya, Syed Mokhtar ialah usahawan Melayu paling berwibawa. Beliau mampu bersaing dlm industri & pasaran yg dikuasai org Cina & buktikan kemampuan.

    Kontrak K’jaan hanyalah permulaan utk SMAB bertapak & mula bersaing. Baca biografi dia. Kaji setiap kes yg dipaparkan dlm buku tu sepanjang 40 tahun SMAB berniaga.

    Secara automatiknya, kejayaan luar biasa SMAB merupakan ‘musuh’ masyarakat peniaga Cina, terutama dlm industri & pasaran yg kartel mereka kawal & kuasai.

    Itu sebab bila usahawan Cina seperti YTL dapat projek mega seperti atau Lim Kang Hoo dapat Danga Bay dan sekarang ni hampir mengaut separuh projek lumayan dalam Iskandar Malaysia, org Cina samada golongan peniaga, aktivis maupun Pembangkang tak bising sikit pun.

    Cina Pulau Pinang tak bantah pun Ivory Properties dapat Bayan Mutiara, walaupun penuh korupsi & penipuan. Tapi bila PTP nak swastakan Penang Port, segala rupa Cina melenting!

    SMAB sebenarnya bukan individu, tapi institiusi Melayu. Lebih berjaya banding dgn JCorp. Beliau sama strategik macam PNB. Tu yg ramai org Cina irihati!

    Tu lom ceta sedekah/amal jariah SMAB lagi. Lebih baik banding dgn Baitul Mal, dihimpun sekali.

  12. damansaraman6:07 am

    Dear Rocky

    TS Syed Mokhtar success in turning MMC, Pernas and DRB-Hicom into successful Integrated Conglomerate should have been perceived as one of Malaysian Success Story

    His willingness to inject his already successful businesses into those mentioned entities to ensure strategic corporate restructuring process proved his lethal commitment

    His success in giving Singapore Port a run for their money should have been seen as a National Hero status

    Unfortunately, he is clearly not a Chinese

    In Malaysia, you must be a Chinese to become a National Business Hero.

    If you are not, then cronyism, nepotism, and corruption must have taken place

    Should our fellow Chinese brother is the one that managed to turn-around MMC, Pernas and DRB-Hicom, then the story would changed its tone into 'How Business Should Be Left Into Only The Chinese Hands, and All Dying GLCs Should Be Given To Them As A Move To Better The Country, plus How Heroic Was The Actions Taken By That Guy '


  13. Anonymous10:57 am

    If the name is Sai Moh Tar , Tony Pua will sleep tight.

  14. Anonymous11:16 am

    anon 6:14 PM

    Ya ya ya and we also want to know where is the 3 billion anwar siphoned off

  15. Anonymous11:22 am

    amazing the level of trash in the brains of anti-UMNO buffoons

    they guzzle down deceit, fabrication, falsehood, slander, pure unadulterated lies, like a glutton swallowing junk food

  16. Anonymous1:33 pm

    The cina babi parasites will only be happy once they sapu all..

    They already have economic power, and if someone who is not from the babi race does well economically they will all start wailing ching chong ching chong and foaming in the mouth like SARS infected pigs.

    But these pigs are insatiable, they want to sapu all. Not enough with the largest economic pie, they want to sapu all.. political power, wealth, resource. Suck everything dry and willing to screw anything that comes in between.

    They creep upon you with their pungent smelling bodies, and evil slit eyes, scheming amongst the other babis in their global network to achieve their goal.

    They will stop at nothing.
    They are like a virus. The only way that we solved the JI virus before this was to cull those pigs.

  17. Anonymous8:21 pm

    I see lots of comment that subscribe to " bodoh gila babi punya syndrom". If you dont know Syed Mokhtar, his work, his charity etc, then keep your bloody mouth shut up!. He is the only Malay that has stand 2 crushing crisis. Tu pun nak benam sama sama Melayu ke?

  18. Majlis perlu bubar SKMM12:24 am

    Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu perlu bubarkan SKMM

    Raja-Raja Melayu mempunyai kuasa keatas tanah jajahanya dan segala sumber alam
    yang ada.

    Sumber alam selain dari air dan tanah adalah gelombang mikro yang terhad
    di sesuatu negeri.

    Oleh demikian pemberian gelombang mikro yang dibuat baru-baru ini untuk 2.6GHz
    dan Wimax sebelum ini adalah mencabul hak negeri-negeri Melayu.

    Seperti tanah dan air, negeri-negeri berhak mendapat cukai atau royalti ke atas penggunaan
    sumber alam.

    Perbuatan Suruhan Jaya Komunikasi Malaysia memberi secara percuma tanpa
    timbal balas kepada negeri-negeri adalah satu tindakan yang tidak berasas.

    Kedua, tindakan SKMM memberi gelombang mikero ini kepada syarikat-syarikat bukan Melayu mencabul
    perlembagaan yang memberi hak istimewa kepada orang Melayu.

    Bagi 2.6 GHz ini syarikat-syarikat Cina Redtont, Yeoh Tiong Lay, Vincet Tan
    (judi Toto) Syed Mokhtar (India Muslim) Digi (Cina) adalah satu rompakan
    ke atas hak Melayu yang ditetapkan oleh Perlembagaan.

    Negeri Melayu berhak menerima royalti atau cukai keatas sumber alam Gelombang Mikero ini.

    Jika SKMM dan UMNO gagal memperbaiki keadaan ini maka perlulah Majlis Raja-Raja
    Melayu membubarkan SKMM satu badan persekutuan.

  19. The KLSE would not/could not recover after the 1997-8 Asian Financial Crisis, until Dr.M and Daim bit the bullet in 2000/2001, and Khazanah bailed out Halim Saad's Renong /Time Dot Com/PLUS Group which had debts in excess of $10 billion.

    Halim and Renong had a finger in every pie, and muscled competition out through their political connections.

    Today SMB has a finger in so many pies where the combined debt exceeds $20 billlion. Many waffle about the debts being tied to specific companies and projects, as though that is some magcal financial planning that will isolate aand protect SMB's Group, should the global economy take a turn for the worse and our banks take a massive hit, as USA and UK banks did a couple of years ago, and now in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland!

    Believe me, when the shit hits the fan, our banks will sink faster than a stone in water. What ever happened to Bank Negara's guideline to commercial banks about 'single borrower exposure limits'?

    It won't happen in Bolihland, with national debt just having exceeded 55% of GDP, and more to come should government guarantees materialise as further debt?

    Dream on!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  20. Anonymous1:22 am

    yup bro..

    The issues is Syed Mokhtar is Malay... no issue if he is chinese or issue if he is LIm Kang HO or Tony fernandez..

    see who is the real racist here.


  21. Anonymous1:23 am

    yup bro..

    The issues is Syed Mokhtar is Malay... no issue if he is chinese or issue if he is LIm Kang HO or Tony fernandez..

    see who is the real racist here.


  22. Anonymous5:02 am

    SMAB has done a lot helping and giving scholarships to many impoverished muslims all over the world. tu yang cina kafir marah tu..

  23. Anonymous7:05 am

    Go to hell DAP racist-org Melayu x blh kaya, hanya cina boleh kaya....DAP mmg sangat racist

  24. Prometheus1:13 pm

    Anon 10:52 PM

    Very droll, dude.

    How many businesses and jobs have you created, eh?

    Sheesh.....sometimes the Malaysian mentality is a source for wonder.

    And not in a good way!

  25. Anonymous1:34 pm

    This guy has a company named tradewinds translate to malay should literally means berniaga angin or angin niaga or berniaga atas angin.....

    My daughter once asked what does irony means and i am not if this is suitable.

  26. Anonymous3:19 pm

    If your debts are equal to your assets anything can happen.

  27. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Hello !, Abang can write whatever he wants! its his blog and its a democratic process!

    Similarly you and I have a right not to believe!

    Personally I would add that it a whole load of cod's wallop (polite way of say BS)

  28. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Got lots of monkeys here bru.. This monkeys will scream their lungs out if ever malay businessman succeed and accuse of crony but if a chinese businessman succeed they will say its his ability... bullshit.. Please tell me who give more jobs to malays and trust them at top level management? YTL?BERJAYA?ANANDA? GENTING? Will you buggers list down how many non-malay public listed control give chances to a malay professional in top management decision making level?? To this monkeys malay only place is at the bottom as a kuli.. thats why all the vacancy advert by a chinese company including this public listed company always requires a ability to speak and write chinese.. WTF..

  29. Anonymous6:07 pm

    You mean a keralan Indian masquerading with a Yemeni name is now the richest melayu ? What happened to the real melayus ? Anybody here ?

  30. Anonymous12:20 am

    yeay....semuga beliau ada wawasan klo tak seratus peratus baba tun m....500 peratus pun tak aper...amin......semangat semangat...

  31. Anonymous2:56 am

    dpp from the caste system says, "Believe me, when the shit hits the fan ..."

    why should any sensible person worth his weight in gold, believe this descendant from the untouchables culture

  32. Anonymous11:20 am

    Agreed totally with Anon 4:44.

    The kafirs will have no mercy, can chase you out of your home as they please. It had happened in Singapura, happened in Pulau Pinang and will happen in Selagor soon.

    Melayu sila bangun dari tidurmu.

  33. Jasper Bloodstone4:23 pm

    Anon 4:44 PM

    So, you don't believe in "meritocracy", do you?

    Why am I not surprised?

    The concept of employing the best person for the job, regardless of race/religion/gender, must be totally alien to your thought processes.

    Now please go and sulk under your coconut shell or whatever, while the rest of us less-privileged folks get on with trying to make an honest living in an increasingly competitive and globalised world.

    And if that means working for YTL, Genting, Astro, DBS Bank, IBM, Microsoft or Google, then so be it.

  34. Anonymous4:43 pm

    This is unique case why MCMC award license to Puncak Semangat.I don't feel they're not capable.Because they enough resources.If the license give to other,anyone will voice?So,LTE is just ordinary technology,they just to buy the technology,not developing the technology.If the rest telcos feel treaten,then they should solve drop called and malicious services in their network.The hackers easily to penetrate this kind of network/the vendors easily to steal information from telcos.Don't worry,they getting smart..

  35. Anonymous3:01 am

    Beratus ratus ribu anak melayu berkerja dgn syarikat syed mokhtar. Semua bangsa dapat business dgn dia. Bangsa lain dapat kita mintak kerja jadi jaga pun belum tentu dapat. Kerajaan perlu melahirkan lebih ramai lagi orang seperti dia barulah adil kepada semua bangsa. Anuar memang dajal bermata satu yang mengajar orang lain jadi kurang ajar meyerang syed mokhtar.